170 Wholesome Christmas Posts To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The winter holidays are the perfect time to share some happiness and put ourselves aside to shower others with our love, caring, and attention. And we’ve got something that will help wash away those post-Xmas blues and pump you full of optimism for the New Year.

We wanted to show the very best, brightest side of humankind, so the hard-working elves at Bored Panda have put together this list of the most wholesome Christmas posts. We hope they’ll restore your faith in humanity, make you smile as wide as the year was long, and inspire you to support your family, friends, and neighbors in 2021.

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Dear Pandas, don’t forget to upvote the most heartwarming photos and let us know all about the nicest things that happened to you around Christmas in the comments. When you’re all done enjoying this list, we invite you to savor our post right here about the most surprising Xmas gifts that people got.

#1 Our School Lunch Lady Made This Christmas Display By Hand

Image credits: Kwilos

#2 Didn’t Get Any Gifts For Christmas Except From My Landlord. Has No Idea I’ve Been Struggling Lately

Image credits: Neogalik

#3 My Father Has Alzheimer’s. I Brought My New Dog Home For Christmas, And He Said, “I Know I’m Going To Forget A Lot, But I’m Going To Remember This Dog For A Long Time”

Image credits: constipated_giraffe

Earlier, Bored Panda spoke about the spirit of giving and altruism with priest and psychologist Dr. Fraser Watts, as well as with Vanessa King, the Head of Psychology at ‘Action for Happiness.’

Dr. Watts highlighted that we should put ourselves in the shoes of our loved ones if we ever receive a gift that we’re not entirely satisfied with. Imagining their perspective and what made them choose a particular gift for you will make you appreciate the spirit in which they gave it to you. The effort and love they put into the gift are usually worth far, far more than the physical thing hiding behind the Santa-spangled wrapping paper.

Meanwhile, King, from ‘Action for Happiness,’ explained that we keep ourselves happy by going out of our way to help others. Altruism has an evolutionary basis, too.

#4 For Christmas This Year I Made 25 Homeless Backpack Care Kits

Image credits: whysocereus

#5 My Abusive Ex Hated Anything Festive. I Left Him This Year With Our Son. The Pandemic, On Top Of Starting A Whole New Life, Has Been Wild But I Was Determined To Make Christmas Special

I’m sitting here admiring our tree this morning. This first tree I’ve had in 9 years.

Image credits: smilingshiba

#6 93-Year-Old Toy Maker Makes 300 Wooden Trucks For Kids At Christmas

Image credits: PSPTroopBPIO

Since we’re a social species and we live in groups, doing things for each other (and with each other) helps keep our relationships strong and builds trust. Our bodies reward us for being social and helpful. “When we do things for others, it activates the reward center in the brain, so when we give a gift, it feels the same as receiving a gift,” King said to Bored Panda.

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What’s more, even tiny altruistic actions, if done every day, can turn into lifetime habits. So if you feel like you haven’t done enough for others this year, fear not—small shifts in your behavior can turn you into a more caring person that your community will adore.

#7 My Niece Loves Santa Claus. My Dad Loves My Niece. Dad’s Been Growing That Beard Since May

Image credits: Mitsananikone

#8 Delivery Driver Got My Son His Own UPS Truck For Christmas. My Kiddo Has Autism And Is Obsessed With Them So This Small Act Meant So Much To Him

Back story. My son is in Washington visiting his mothers side and the UPS man had to deliver some packages a couple Fay’s before Christmas. Well my son seeing a UPS truck outside the house wanted to go look at it. The driver actually took the time to talk to him and ask him his name and show him around and asked my sons mom about autism. They talked for a bit and he left. My son super happy because he got to see one up close for a longer period of time. The day before Christmas the UPS man came again but delivery a present with just my sons name on it and not his own and left. He opened it Christmas and found that inside. I don’t have the drivers name but would love to find out. Seriously it made my sons Christmas.

Image credits: eli809

#9 Last Year, I Spent Christmas With A Gun In My Mouth. This Year, We Grilled Steaks And Played Catch. She Has Given Me My Life Back

This is my service dog, Emma, on the night I met her (about a month ago). I am a veteran and she helps me with my PTSD to keep me grounded.

Image credits: wampus514

#10 A UPS Driver Delivered Nearly 200 Packages A Day Through Lockdowns And The Holiday Season. This Week, Hundreds Of Neighbors Came Out To Give Him A Hero’s Salute

He went above-and-beyond this year!

Image credits: screenshotofdispair

#11 Last Dose Of Chemo Done Just In Time For Christmas! It’s Been A Looong Six Months

Image credits: carabea293

#12 If My ICU Patients Forget For Just A Few Minutes That They’re Stuck In ICU Over Christmas, Then It Was All Worth It

Image credits: tessellating

#13 In 2017 We Escaped My Ex Husband After 8 Years Of Abuse. Charlie Has Been By My Side As I Have Fought Through Difficulties And Illnesses

I have fought through C-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression And The Year, Working As An ICU Nurse During This Pandemic.

This year we got pics for our 1st Christmas card. It may not seem like much, but I’m so excited!

Image credits: RN4237

#14 My Daughter Beat Cancer Today. Best Xmas Gift Ever

Image credits: xx_katie

#15 We Didn’t Know If My Dad Would Make It Home From The Hospital For Christmas Or At All. This Is My Parents Slow Dancing To “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” On Christmas Day

Image credits: king12807

#16 We Spent All Our Christmas Tree Money On Adopting This Guy Instead

Image credits: LuckyJalyt

#17 A Homeless Woman Caught Someone Stealing My Bike So I Had Her And Her Son Over For Christmas

A couple months ago I came outside and found a homeless woman named Ann on my stoop next to where I park my Vespa. We talked for a bit and I told her that there is a child with special needs in the building and I would appreciate it if she didn’t hang out there. She totally understood. Whenever I’d see her on my neighbor’s stoop she says hi. A few nights later when she was asleep on my neighbor’s stoop she caught a guy trying to steal my Vespa. She chased the dude off and called the cops.

Ann is a single mother who lost her home to medical debt. Her son has been in foster care while she sleeps on the street so that she can finish her treatment.

So I was surprised last week when she told me they were getting off the streets and into a new apartment. I asked her what I could get her for her unfurnished apartment. She said, “Nothing for me, I just wish I could give my son a real Christmas.” I didn’t know what to do so I told her, “Have your son write a letter to Santa. I’ll make sure he gets it.”

I won’t be able to see my family this Christmas and I was sad about it. But thinking about this gave me something to smile about. I knew that whatever I got for my family could go well or not. But that if I got the kid anything it would be better than what I knew he’d get (nothing).

He wrote: “Dear santa if u can save mommy and don’t let her die I don’t want any gifts. That’s what I want most. After that I want clothing and food for me and mamma. A scooter, tv, video games for learning, hatchimal, gloves scarf and hat set and mommy to get off her meds and never have to feel sick or sad again.”

How could I not get a scooter for the guy whose mom saved mine from getting stolen?

Merry Christmas, Anthony. You’ll be able to start the New Year with your mom and help her get better. Santa is furnishing your new apartment. I hope you like Star Wars sheets and don’t mind eating mac and cheese a couple nights a week. Thanks for being tough for your mamma. Tough guys ride tough bikes.

Image credits: BrendanJaySullivan

#18 I Planned A Christmas Surprise For My Parents, It Went Better Than I Could Have Hoped

Image credits: mostly_waffulls

#19 My Grandma And Her Brother Have Sent Each Other The Same Christmas Card Back And Forth For 63 Years

My great uncle Wallace bought the card and sent it to my grandma in 1953 but forgot to write inside – so she kept hold of it and sent it back to him the following year, the tradition went from there!

Image credits: llanfairpwll789

#20 First Christmas As A Single Dad. I Did My Best And She Enjoyed Herself, I Think

Image credits: tokyo_swan

#21 My Daughter Was Hospitalized Over Christmas Three Years Ago. Since Then, Every Year She Collects Toy Donations For Kids Who Won’t Be Home For Christmas

I’m proud of her. Merry Christmas! Over 150 toys this year!

Image credits: Adm5087

#22 From A 7-11 In Allen, TX

Image credits: JediWithAnM4

#23 This Is What I Woke Up To On Christmas After I Broke Down & Told My Brother That I Couldn’t Afford To Buy Big Presents This Year Since I Could Barely Feed Myself

Image credits: Psychlvr

#24 After Two Years Of Depression, I Got My First Tree As A Single Person. Merry Christmas To All

Image credits: roblee8908

#25 The True Spirit Of Christmas

Image credits: meetanddeep

#26 I’m Really Crying Right Now. I Thought I Was Calling My Mom. But I Had The Wrong Number And

#27 Every Christmas, I Have To Buy The Exact Same Toy Truck For My Brother

My brother, Max, is 25 years old and mentally about a 5 year old. He’s mentally and physically disabled and the only thing he wants for Christmas is a Blue Police Hummer truck, made in 2000.

Part of his Hummer convoy, decorated for their own Thanksgiving parade. All my brother is asking for Christmas is a blue Tonka Hummer truck. Which would be a lot easier if they weren’t produced in 2000. And if we hadn’t bought every other one on eBay for the last 17 years. He plays with them for hours daily, so a lot of them have broken down and been used for parts over the years.

This specific model has levers on the back to adjust the winch and to move it forwards and backwards. It’s also slow enough for him to keep up with.

He hates the rubber tires, so they come off immediately. It needs to have a metal hook. I’ve tried making him resin cast copies over the years, but he only likes the metal ones. I’ve tried painting the orange or red ones blue, but he can tell the difference.

It is mission impossible to find one of these trucks, but thanks to the internet Max got his new truck for Christmas!

Image credits: aishavoya

#28 After Being Married For 6 Years And Being Dirt Poor For 5 Of Them, My Wife And I Bought Our First Christmas Tree

It’s a small accomplishment, but a welcome one.

Image credits: twwitterr

#29 I’m A Beekeeper, And This Is Our Christmas Card This Year

Image credits: Wolfie305

#30 My 88 Year Old Grandma Donates The Majority Of Cookies Baked By Her To The Christmas Market From The Local Disability Home Each Year

Image credits: 000vicky000

#31 My Wife Snapped A Photo Of The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Last Night & Accidentally Captured A Marriage Proposal

Image credits: ihlaking

#32 My Dog Likes To Watch Me Zoom Visit With Kids All Over The World

Image credits: clumzyproofreader

#33 I Live In The Hood. Got A Text From The Elderly Lady Downstairs Asking If She Could Decorate My Door For Christmas. Came Home To This. Not Even Mad

Image credits: Cromulus

#34 My Brother, With Down Syndrome, Holding His Newborn Great Niece On Christmas

Image credits: Liznobbie

#35 This Is Cyrus, My Girlfriend And I Adopted Her Today. She Was Surrendered The Day After Christmas For Being “Too Much Dog”

We took our new pup to a park for 30 minutes and played some tug-of-war, and she’s been like this for over an hour. Guess she’s the right amount of dog for us.

Image credits: Mad_Jax77

#36 I Made This Charcoal Portrait Drawing For My Grandma. My Grandpa Unexpectedly Passed Away In November So I Wanted To Surprise Her For Christmas

Image credits: throwaway27593767

#37 When My Neighbor Found Out We Were Covid Positive This Week, She Rushed Out And Got Us A Little Live Tree With Lights So We’d Have A Bit Of Christmas Cheer

This small gesture meant so much to me and my husband.

Image credits: SkootchDown

#38 Bought My Dad A LEGO Porsche This Christmas, He’s Been Busy Building Ever Since

Image credits: Galahad1998

#39 My Little One Having A Nice Breakfast With Her Dad Who’s Finally Home From The Hospital After A Week. Just In Time For Christmas

Image credits: 24pregnantBC

#40 Neighborhood Kids Were Using This Lady’s Yard For Sledding Without Asking. She Responded By Blasting Xmas Music Out Her Window, Putting On A Santa Hat With A Beard And Joining Them

Image credits: ffdmc

#41 Dog Waits 8 Months To Find A Home, Gets Adopted By Caretaker On Christmas

Image credits: Meems138

#42 My Wife And I Got Married Over Thanksgiving. Her Grandma Immediately Got To Work On My Christmas Stocking. She Just Finished It

Image credits: too_Far_west

#43 Today A Got A Present From My Aunt That Is A Pillow Made From My Deceased Grandpa’s Clothes

Image credits: Slip-SnapIsBacc

#44 A Highlight Of My Christmas – 5 Generation Photo – Ages 93, 72, 50, 28, 0.5

Image credits: Jsessink

#45 Becoming A Mom At 17, I Haven’t Always Been Able To Afford My Daughter’s Christmas Wish-List. This Year, I’ve Worked Hard And Surprised The Hell Out Of Her

I’ve worked 12-hour shifts since September and was able to surprise the hell out of her. Seeing her cry tears of happiness today completely melted me. She absolutely deserved it.

Image credits: Cronchy_Tacos

#46 Meet Koda, The Great Dane. My Daughter’s Dream Dog And Christmas Present. I’ve Been Saying “No” For Years. I Caved

Image credits: yojvek82

#47 Dr. Fauci Is Taking Care Of Santa Claus This Christmas

Image credits: ryanstruyk

#48 A Toddler Decorated A Christmas Tree, It’s As Cute As You’re Imagining

Image credits: adhdBoomeringue

#49 Grandpa Had Professional Pictures Taken Of Himself For His Christmas Cards

Image credits: kaylakristii

#50 Grandma Gifts Last 7 Christmas Plates Left, After 30 Year Lasting Tradition, To Her 7 Grandchildren

“For 30 years, my grandmother used the same plastic plates for Christmas. After last year she only had 7 left, so she framed them and gave one to each of her 7 grandkids. Best present I got this year.”

Image credits: jbarron81

#51 I Told My Daughter That Santa Comes To My Work But She Didn’t Believe Me So I Asked A Regular For A Picture

I made his day because he told me he usually does Christmas events as Santa but doesn’t get to this year so he was happy he still got to do a “Santa” picture.

Image credits: Sirraw11

#52 The Story Of How A Mysterious “Prowler” Saved His Family’s Christmas Nearly 40 Years Ago

Image credits: drakiedoodle

#53 Best Way To Decorate A Christmas Tree

Image credits: JayHillary

#54 Made Our Own Christmas Tree Where We Are Deployed

Image credits: jerm1820

#55 Our 1st Christmas Together And Our 14th Christmas Together

Image credits: _psa115_

#56 My Grandma, Who Is A Medical Worker, Just Stood Outside In The Pouring Rain And Wind In Just To Have Christmas Eve Dinner With Our Family

This was her choice, not ours. She was feeling sick and she was trying to be cautious. It was a weird experience, and I can’t wait for the next time that she can give me a hug. I love my grandma, and my entire family does too. It was unfortunate that things had to work out the way they did, but I am still glad that she was able to find a way to see us.

Image credits: jzstarburzt

#57 This Guy Buys Clearance Santa Hats After Christmas Every Year So He Can Donate Them To Children’s Hospitals Next Christmas

Image credits: banginbowties

#58 Omg That Face

Image credits: jjmontaldo

#59 My Dad Was Nick Park’s Animation Tutor. When Nick Found Out About My Dads Recent Diagnosis Of ALS, He Delivered This Christmas Present

Image credits: conversationchanger

#60 Our 6-Years-Old Learned About Toys For Tots. She Packed Up All Of Her Own Toys For Donation On Christmas Day. This Marine Was Very Moved

On finding out how many kids don’t get toys for Christmas she told us she didn’t want anything this year except toys to give to Toys for Tots.

Image credits: CatNamedShithawk

#61 I Moved In With My Grandparents And Decided We Would Be Sending Out Christmas Cards This Year. We Make The Perfect Team

I love them. I do the heavy lifting, technology and driving. Grandpa gets the mail and grandma does literally everything else.

Image credits: jillhatesducks

#62 My 12-Year-Old Son Used The $50 He Got For Christmas To Buy Our Old Hound A New Bed

Image credits: sjrem

#63 My Mum Made My Girls A Pom-Pom Rug Each. Took 80 Hours, 320 Pom-Poms And They Chose Their Favourite Colours

Just missed Christmas, but they are ecstatic never the less.

Image credits: Ebs707

#64 A Message From The World’s Greatest Postal Worker, On The Last Saturday Before Christmas

Image credits: Evan_dood

#65 My Rescue Dog Usually Doesn’t Like Strangers, But When My Grandma Came Over For Christmas My Dog Loves Her

Image credits: Wandering-Nomad2002

#66 I Don’t Have Room In My Place For A Christmas Tree, So My Mom Made Me This Wreath With Built-In Lights And All The Ornaments From When I Was A Kid

Image credits: LasagnaCena

#67 13 Years Ago Today We Found Her Hiding Under A Christmas Tree At Lowe’s. We Decided To Take Her Home “Just For The Night” To Feed And Warm Her

She’s been lying about not being fed ever since.

Image credits: oohzooey

#68 Colorado Animal Shelter Staff’s Celebrates Inside Empty Cages After All Its Dogs Are Adopted In Time For Christmas

Image credits: Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

#69 My Dad Has Run A Car Wash For Over 30 Years. He Found This In The Mailbox The Day After Christmas

Image credits: HellsBellsBetsyRoss

#70 My Dad Was A Police Officer Who Worked And Spent The Day At Major Crash Where 2 Children Had Died. I Was 3-Years-Old On Christmas Day

I only found this out today.

Image credits: AussieDefect

#71 My 11-Month-Old Son Just Came Off His Ventilator This Morning Following A Ruptured Brain Aneurysm 12 Days Ago. He’s Going To Make It To His First Birthday On Christmas Eve

Image credits: Spudguy

#72 My 82 Year Old Grandma Painted This For Me And Gave It To Me For Christmas

Image credits: MoistPinkyFinger

#73 On Wednesday My Autistic Son Performed His Christmas Concert On Stage And Sung Like A Champ

In 2013 he wrote “I like dad” on father’s day and was the first time he’d called me dad.

Image credits: EFCFrost

#74 My Mother-In-Law Sewed This Beautiful Stocking For Me For Christmas. I Feel That All This Love And Hard Work Needs To Be Shared

Image credits: lezullee

#75 I’m A Nurse And Have Had A Crap Year So I Got Myself A Kitten For Christmas. This Is Crab

Image credits: fishbutt

#76 Just A Santa Wannabe Out Delivering Packages For The USPS. Merry Christmas

Image credits: bobby2768

#77 Meet Hiccup, We’ve Given Him A Home For Christmas

Image credits: AidenAsh15

#78 My Dog Goes To Work With Me Every Day And My Bosses Gave Him A Christmas Bonus

Image credits: deltagibbs

#79 My 2020 Christmas Ornament – An Empty Vial I Saved After A Day Of Giving Covid-19 Vaccines

Image credits: junobee

#80 I’m Traveling Through Europe Alone From America And Just Met The Nicest Family In London. They Invited Me To Christmas Dinner

Image credits: _very_stable_genius_

#81 Death Star Fire Pit My Grandpa Made Us For Christmas

Image credits: Bandia5309

#82 Just A Wholesome Picture Of My 95-Year-Old Grandmother Baking Cinnamon Buns For Christmas

Image credits: McCullyQuinn

#83 Most Of My Family Has Moved Away, So This Year I’m Spending My Entire Christmas With These Bananas

We just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas as well.

Image credits: Ramphastid556

#84 My Wife With No Dogs, Who Loves Dogs, Gets To Watch Family’s Dogs Over The Holidays. Merry Christmas Baby

Image credits: kesmoli

#85 The Janitor At My Mom’s Work Doesn’t Make Much At All But Since He And My Mom Are Such Good Friends He Bought Her A Fancy Christmas Ornament With This Written On The Box

Image credits: lucador

#86 Christmas Miracle In Canada

Image credits: CalciumStix

#87 Today I Got An Email Saying My Package Was Delivered. So I Was Pretty Upset When I Didn’t See Anything On My Porch But Then I Say This On My Door

UPS is the real MVP this Christmas.

Image credits: allseeingeye420

#88 On Friday, Days Before Christmas, Tom Hanks Surprises Fans At In-N-Out Burger And Buys Them Lunch

Image credits: bookcauldron13

#89 I Posted About My Son Being Diagnosed With Leukemia On Christmas Day Asking For People To Subscribe To His Silly Little Videos On Youtube To Help Make Him Smile

He went from 11 to 15,000 in one day! He is so happy to read the encouragement they leave on his post!

Image credits: nicoleschock

#90 This Young Tradie Noticed This Lovely Lady With Her Groceries And Said “Happy Christmas. I’m Not Going To Let You Pay For That” Because He Misses His Nan

Here she is thanking him again before leaving.

Image credits: Sawathingonce

#91 Finished Off A 14 Hour Shift Today At UPS It Felt Pretty Amazing Ending The Day With An Empty 747 Jumbo

Hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas.

Image credits: Delusions0fGrandeur

#92 I Got The Best Christmas Present Ever Today: My Charlie Boy Was Declared Cancer-Free

Image credits: chezzietaylor

#93 Nicest Christmas Tree I’ve Seen Yet

Image credits: ugga_mugga_bitches

#94 I’m A 38-Year-Old Man Having My Best Christmas Ever Because I Finally Got A Baby Polar Bear. Say Hi To Nala

Image credits: imbignate

#95 Random Stranger Saw My Dog In The Car, Asked To Pet Him, Then Said Merry Christmas And Handed Him A Newly Bought Toy From His Own Groceries

Best show of holiday spirit I’ve ever seen.

Image credits: conderic

#96 My Aunt Does This Every Year During Holiday Time

Image credits: 808sandheartmakes

#97 My Grandpa Covering My Puppy’s Ears When Christmas Dinner Set Off The Smoke Alarms

Image credits: Justaladyperson

#98 My Parents Let Some Beekeepers Keep Hives In Their Field For Free. In Exchange, The Beekeepers Put Together Nice Christmas Packages For Them

Image credits: sibandaud

#99 The Brother Of A Girl I Have Been Dating Is Very Much On The Spectrum. I Asked Him To Help Me Decorate The Christmas Tree I Bought

He’s never spoken to me much, unless I spent 3 hours doing jigsaws. After a Christmas jigsaw this happened. I’m the one with beard. Goals. Merry Christmas!

Image credits: MethodicallyCurious

#100 My Girlfriend Has Been In The ICU Since Thursday, And We Weren’t Sure If She Would Make It To Christmas. Today, She Gets To Come Home

Image credits: msfrizzlesbum

#101 I Sketched My Fiancé With The Charcoal Pencils He Bought Me For Christmas. First Time With Charcoals As An Adult. Thought It Looked Neat And Wanted To Share

Image credits: Al713

#102 In 2019 I Got Way Too Drunk At The Office Christmas Party & Bet My Coworker That I Would Spend 2020 Getting Fit

I kept my promise and won the bet. I am proud!

Image credits: Asalami_Laykum

#103 I Work For A Japanese Company. I Invited Some Of The Japanese Expat Engineers Over For Christmas With My Family. We Had A Blast

Image credits: timbillyosu

#104 My First Christmas Tree In My First Home That I’ve Ever Owned. It’s Not Much, But I Love It

Image credits: meowpal33

#105 Grandmother (On My Step-Father’s Side) Called Him And Told Him He Was Cut From The Will Because He Was Spending Too Much Time With Grandchildren That “Weren’t His Real Family”

He then hung up on her and started building my daughter a stage for Christmas.

Image credits: NatBrake7

#106 My Girlfriend’s 93-Year-Old Grandfather Was One Of The Early Animators For Disney. Every Year He Sends Out Hand Drawn Christmas Cards To The Family. Here Is This Year’s

Image credits: RememberWhenEye

#107 My Daughter Has Been Begging Us For A Kitten For Months. We’ve Told Her That In No Way We Are Getting A Kitten. This Is What Awaits Her On Christmas Morning

Image credits: baxterrocky

#108 My Mother-In-Law Knitted My Wife’s Snake A Christmas Sweater

Image credits: mlkey11

#109 My Retired In-Laws Love Christmas, And Love Decorating Their Home. Two Weeks Ago, A Vandal Came Around And Slashed All Their Lawn Inflatables

After they filed the police report, the officer went and purchased new decorations for them out of his own pocket.

Image credits: noodlepartipoodle

#110 Mike Sullivan And His Wife, Sierra, Have Been Married For Fifty Years. Ten Years Ago, They Built A Small Woodworking Shop In Their Home And Started Making Toys As A Hobby

This Christmas, they’ve given away 1,400 free toys to kids across America.

Image credits: Goodable

#111 Every Year A Small Town I Grew Up In Have A Christmas Celebration For People Who Don’t Have Anywhere Else To Go

Anyone is welcome and everyone is loved.

My dad is the mayor of that small town. I’m so proud of who he is.

Image credits: WhoreOfBabbleOn

#112 My 6-Year-Old Ready To Make Her (Our) Christmas Gift Donation. Biggest Year Yet, 115 Gifts

Image credits: Charlie00134

#113 My Daughter Found A Fossil In Our Yard And Wrapped It For Me As A Christmas Present

Image credits: MrPennywhistle

#114 I Had To Work On Christmas Eve For Straight Pay. My Boss Got Everyone A Christmas Card With A Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

This saved Christmas at the last minute. I still can’t believe my eyes. I’m literally shaking.

Image credits: fleshflavoredgum

#115 I’m Single And Decided To Celebrate The Holidays By Bringing This Guy Home Today. Merry Christmas. They Put Him In A Christmas Adoption Sweater

Image credits: DefinitelyAFemale

#116 My Wife Makes Christmas Stockings For Every Member Of Our Family. This Year, Murphy Joined The Crew

Image credits: docbak

#117 I Got This Text From My Mom While She And My Dad Were Out Doing Some Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Image credits: reddit.com

#118 Made An Apple Pie For Christmas, Wanted Someone To See It

Image credits: forgot_my_name_crap

#119 This Is The First Christmas That I’ve Had A Job And I Just Wanted To Share The First Time I Can Buy My Mom A Present With Yall. Merry Christmas

Image credits: ItsHatCat

#120 My Ten-Year-Old Didn’t Have Paper, So She LEGO Wrapped My Christmas Gift

Image credits: courtines

#121 Boyfriend Took This Photo Of Me And My Cat Sleeping On The Couch. This Is My First Christmas Away From A Neglectful And Abusive Severe Hoarding Situation

Our tree might not light up all the way and we might have a very tiny fireplace but it’s the first time I feel safe. Happy holidays everyone!

Image credits: SoftballNDrawing

#122 After 2 Years Of Living Alone, I Finally Afforded A Christmas Tree And Decorations. Doesn’t Seem Like Much But I’m Proud Of Me

Image credits: lknei

#123 This Was My Dad’s Christmas Cactus. My Dad Passed Away 2 Months Ago So I Brought It Home With Me. It Wasn’t Doing Too Well So I Transplanted It, Gave It Some Love And I Was Rewarded With This

I’m so happy about it.

Image credits: Jacagain

#124 An Awesome Project To Make His Son Happy

Image credits: MandyStarlight

#125 I Got Me A Fiancée This Christmas

Image credits: Aarondc7

#126 My Stepdad Very Suddenly Passed Away Wednesday Evening, This Morning We Found A Christmas Present For My Kitty Addressed From “Santa” (Aka My Stepdad)

He bought her a new collar. Made us all smile.

Image credits: Megelizwys

#127 Around Christmas Time, I Gave Out Jars Of Homemade Apple Butter (UK Based, No Apple Butter). I Gave One To The Postman As Well, Who Really Goes Above And Beyond

Today, even though I had no mail, he brought my jar back, and it was filled with homemade marmalade from his wife!

Image credits: WastingMyLifePlz

#128 Picked This Wee Babe Up Off The Side Of The Road In The Country. Looks Like We Have A New Christmas Kitten

Image credits: rapidbubbles

#129 Friends Got Together To Get Her A Kitchenaid Mixer She’s Wanted For Years

Image credits: murphherder

#130 We Are In A Very Tight Financial Situation Currently, And My Wife Took Our Daughters To Trader Joe’s To Use A Christmas Gift Card On Groceries

It’s not much, but it meant a lot to us today. Thanks, TJ’s manager.

Image credits: CorySellsDaHouse

#131 Our Church Reverse Tithed $50,000 To Everyone Over 3 In The Congregation After The Sale Of Some Property. Everyone Got $242. Ryker Chose To Buy Gifts For Kids Who Would Otherwise Not Have Them For Christmas

It was so fun unleashing him on the toy aisle.

Image credits: jcat47

#132 Little Girl Who Survived A Fatal Fire Who Just Wanted Christmas Cards Gets Her Wish Fulfilled By Reddit Community

Image credits: Chrisortiz

#133 Had To Postpone Our Wedding Due To Covid. So Work Decided To Throw Us One

Image credits: p3rrydice

#134 I Am Quarantining For Christmas This Year But My Mom Just Dropped Off A Christmas Dinner On My Porch

Image credits: WeinerInspector

#135 I Made Steaks And Veggies For A Christmas Dinner With My Boy

Image credits: jawzee23

#136 Years Ago My Mother Gave Me A Binder With Nothing In It Titled Home Recipes. I Gave It Back To Her And Said It’s Missing The Most Important Thing – Your Recipes

This just came to me for Christmas this year, and I couldn’t be happier!

Image credits: mistaJsmith

#137 For Christmas My Grandpa Gave Each Of His Grandkids One Of His Army Medals From WWII

Image credits: MarkJM92

#138 Told My Family I Didn’t Want Any Presents This Year, Just An Older Dog From The Pound That Needed Someone To Love Him. Merry Christmas

Image credits: BroChieftain

#139 After Wanting A Cat My Whole Life, I Took In This Little Guy And I Present You Oreo’s First Christmas

Image credits: tunaaa12

#140 My 8-Year-Old Daughter Had The Idea To Sell Hot Chocolate For Donations To The Poor

She has made $395 in 3 nights (our neighborhood gets packed with cars looking at Christmas lights). She’s donating it all to one person in need. Proud of my neighborhood and proud as dad moment.

Image credits: pamplemoose81

#141 Every Christmas My Mom Goes Out And Hands Out Envelopes With $20 Cash In Them To Random Strangers In Our Town

Image credits: notaboutcommenting

#142 My SO And I Are In An Interfaith Relationship, This Holiday Season I Got My First Christmas Tree And She Baked Some Dope Homemade Challah For The First Time

Image credits: dcbucketlister

#143 My 71-Year-Old Dad Has Alzheimer’s. Today, These Handpainted Christmas Cards Turned Up In The Post For His Grandsons

It might take his memories but it will be a while before it takes his devotion to his family.

Image credits: Amygdali_lama

#144 Money Is Tight But I Made A Cardboard Tree And Wrapped The Few Small Presents I Got My Partner So She Feels The Spirit. This Is Our First Christmas In The Same House And Without Her Family

Image credits: ianmarvin

#145 The Happiest Moment Of My Life Happened Christmas ’96

Image credits: s_b_11

#146 89 Years Old And Just Beat Covid- Had To Surprise Him With A Christmas Breakfast My Grams Used To Make

Image credits: onlinesadfriend

#147 I Haven’t Seen My Parents For Over A Year, So I Decided To Surprise Them For Christmas By Dressing Up As Santa And Coming Over

This is my mother’s face when she realized that Santa was me.

Image credits: whateverlollllll

#148 My Mom Loves Holding My Bunny So I Brought Her Over For Christmas

Image credits: Vitamixfusion

#149 Every Night After My Girls Are Asleep, I Back The Car Out Of The Garage And Spend My Evenings Building Their Christmas Present

Image credits: SaraSmiles13

#150 I Carved This For My Son When He Was 3 And Gave It To Him For Christmas. We Were Broke At The Time And I Felt So Bad For Not Being Able To Get Him More Stuff

It is one of the only toys he still has from that time and he refuses to let his friends be rough with it.

Image credits: weird_shit-happens

#151 Pretty Sad That You Would Want To Steal A Boxed Up Christmas Tree, But I Thought The Response From Other People In My Building Was Pretty Great

Image credits: shogun1989

#152 My Friend Is Terrible At Flirting. She Asked This Guy If He Liked Bread As An Opener And A Year Later They Are Together And He Made This For Her Christmas Gift

Image credits: Mistresscain

#153 Daughter Had 3DS Stolen Over Christmas. Online Community User Sends 3DSXL And More Than 10 Games To Put A Smile On Her Face

Image credits: jlunatic

#154 Every Year After Christmas My Grandpa Says He Doesn’t Want To Take The Tree Down, And Every Year I Tell Him To Leave It Up And Decorate It For Each Holiday

It took over 30 years, but he finally listened to me.

Image credits: SweetPrism

#155 My Father Found My Baby Blanket And Gave It To Me For Christmas

Image credits: Zeehammer

#156 Working On Christmas Wasn’t Too Bad

Image credits: Travie707

#157 My 3-Year-Old Asked For A Kitten For Christmas. They Became Instant Best Friends And Are Inseparable Now

Image credits: K-bear28

#158 After Being Delivered To A Completely Wrong Address 2 Days Ago, The Recipient Dropped Off My Engagement Ring On Christmas Day! It’s A Christmas Miracle

Image credits: weerock4ammy

#159 I Emailed Porsche During Christmas Asking Them For A Free Porsche Cayenne As Xmas Gift With Full Confidence My Email Will Get Ignored. But They Sent Me This Instead

Image credits: Heimcrabs

#160 This Was Taped To Our Door As I Was Leaving For Work This Morning. Sure Brightened My Christmas Day Shift

Image credits: pinklunch

#161 My Friend’s Dad Grows His Beard, Dyes It And Hands Out Presents To Kids In Hospital On Christmas Day. My Friend Dresses Up To Help

Image credits: moocoo1

#162 When A Neighbor Told My Mom They Couldn’t Afford To Buy Their Kids Christmas Presents She Created A Charity To Anonymously Adopt Them

Pictured is my husband delivering the last of the gifts.

Image credits: schuma73

#163 My Neighbor’s Grandson Surprises His Grandmother With A Fire Truck For Christmas

Image credits: dumm_o

#164 A Secret Santa Left Gift-Filled Christmas Stockings On All Of The Semi-Trucks At This Georgia Truck Stop

Image credits: scoobertscooby

#165 A Family Friend Is Bringing His Kids Over Christmas Eve, So I Pulled Out My Old LEGO Collection. Can’t Wait To See Their Faces

Image credits: CptGurney

#166 My Boyfriend And I Got Each Other The Same Book For Christmas

Image credits: gggvuv7bubuvu

#167 This Twitch Streamer Making A Kid’s Christmas

Image credits: morganmonoxide

#168 Working On Christmas. A Young Lady Came In With Plates Of Food In Ziploc Bags, Said Her Grandma Was Here Earlier, And She Felt Bad We Had To Work On Christmas

It made a miserable shift so much better.

Image credits: dastarlos

#169 Pub Is Offering Their Last Spaces For Free To Lonely Elderly People For Christmas Dinner

Image credits: runningmarechelmsford

#170 I Haven’t Had A Proper Christmas Tree In Over 10 Years Due To Life Circumstances. 2020 Is Bad But This Made Me Happy

Image credits: rammsteinfuerimmer

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