$1,700 Electric Jeep From Alibaba

That is way too cheap for a vehicle. It turns out that Alibaba has an electric vehicle catalog, with low-cost vehicles that are relatively usable. But is it worth the purchase? Electrek shares the experience of one of its readers regarding their purchase of a $1,700 electric mini-Jeep: 

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This isn’t someelectric Powerwheels toy – it can fit a couple of adults shoulder to shoulder. It’s more closely comparable to a golf cart in size and power, yet reaches a decent speed of 25 mph (40 km/h).

It’s also much cheaper than golf carts, which cost around $7,000 in the US.

Amazingly, this mini-Jeep is quite affordably priced at a mere $1,280.

But based on my conversations earlier this year with the Chinese factory, the final price shipped to a US port seemed to put it closer to $1,700.

That’s actually pretty close to what Electrek reader Kyle Day found when he set out to order his own electric Jeep.

He originally told me several months ago that he planned to buy one and have it sent to the US. I offered him my customs broker’s contact info (I have a problem and it’s called “buying too much weird stuff from overseas”) and I asked him to keep me updated about how the process went.

Check the full interview with Kyle Day here to learn more! 

Image credit: Alibaba via Electrek 

Source: neatorama

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