171 Of The Cutest Hamster Pics The Internet Has To Offer

Don’t you just love it when a hamster is in the room? It radiates such amazing energy and joy! These cute little creatures are so full of life and have a way of catching your attention. Needless to say, they’re not just fun pets. They’re also the perfect subjects to photograph! No wonder we see people posting hamster pictures on the internet (not as much as cats and dogs, but hamsters are still pretty high in the Favorite Pets ranking).

Do you know that a hamster once earned a Guinness World Record? In 1974, a hamster in Louisiana gave birth to 26 baby hamsters. The average number is 8 babies per litter. And since we’re talking about awards, hamsters hands down win the “Cutest Animal Ever Award”. Ok, it’s not an official award, but don’t dare tell us they don’t deserve it. Maybe it’s because their tiny little bodies are like marshmallows. Maybe it’s because they have such sweet faces and small paws. Or maybe it’s because they move around so quickly, it’s as if they know you want to wrap your hands around them, but they make sure you can’t catch them. Whatever the reason, we think these cute hamster pictures show they may be small, but they have big personalities. Warning: cuteness overload ahead!

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#1 Tired Hamster

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 I Think Biscuit Likes His New Hamster Bed

Image credits: PrinceLeigh

#3 Hamsters Doing A Snooze

Image credits: cogainho

#4 It’s Biscuit’s Birthday Today! She Got A Birthday Hat, Her Favourite Vegetable And A New Climbing Frame

Image credits: EmmaLou112

#5 This Is Toast. He Just Finished Running Laps Behind The Couch Cushions. He’s One Ecstatic Hamster

Image credits: moriahjasper

#6 The King Of Cuteness

Image credits: milo_96

#7 Tiny Hamster Butt

Image credits: saeko66475526

#8 Little Fellow Broke His Arm

Image credits: GeorgeOnee

#9 Hamster Preaching To His People

Image credits: reddit.com

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#10 I’ve Just Moved Into A New House After A Nasty Divorce, So I’ve Bought Something To Cheer Myself Up. Everyone, Meet Piglet

Image credits: IDontKnowWhatYeetIs

#11 It Took Us 1984 Hours To Create This Miniature Town For Hamsters

Image credits:

#12 Just A Little Hamster Enjoying Some Snacks In Their Tiny Clay Cup

Image credits: unnaturalorder

#13 So My Friends Hamster Thinks He’s The Don

Image credits: KylBlndn

#14 Bruce, My Hamster, Is Weird. Here’s He Sleeping

Image credits: blofeldd

#15 My Hamster, Bao Bao, In This Tiny Little IKEA Bag I Got

Image credits: GaveYourMomAIDS

#16 Life Is Hard

Image credits: Skash282

#17 Quarantine, Day 14. Me And My Boyfriend Spent The Whole Day Setting Up An Art Gallery For Our Gerbil

Image credits: mariannabe

#18 A Tiny Vegetable Gym For Hamsters Who Hate Exercise

Image credits:

#19 Chubber Butt Joining Us “Properly” At The Dinner Table. This Time He Got Some Green Beans On His Very Own Plate

Image credits: Gaiaphage20

#20 I Gave My Pea A Grain Stick And He Immediately Hugged It Like It Was His Treasure

Image credits: tunglinh1994

#21 Fire The Cannon

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 Made Him A Small Beanie For His Birthday

Image credits: zieeeha

#23 Baby Hamster With A Punk Hairdo

#24 Say Cheese

Image credits: New_Confusion19

#25 My Granny Knitted A Sombrero For My Hamster

Image credits: Purple_PickleCat

#26 He Fell Asleep With His Head On His Treat

Image credits: HelloThereAniWan

#27 Mango Enjoying His Sunday Morning Charcuterie

Image credits: gogglehyena

#28 Hazel Likes To Watch Me Play Video Games

Image credits: HiGuysImChris

#29 I Think My Hamster Spends Too Much Time On His Exercise Wheel

Image credits: treebird9

#30 Rescued From A Glue Trap: Day 1- Day 22

Image credits: eggyallanpoe

#31 Little Hamster Bartenders Serving Tiny Food And Drinks

Image credits: kawanabesatou

#32 I Make Hats For My Hamster, Piggly

Image credits: KassieKai

#33 Stuck

#34 Just My GF’s Hamster Trying To Escape While My Dog Sleeps

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 My Hamster Has An Arrow On Its Forehead

Image credits: dvm_art

#36 I Think I’ve Hit Rock Bottom. Eating Macaroni And Cheese With My Hamster

Image credits: bulletcurtain

#37 Dollhouse-Photoshoot With Sherman Escalated Very Quickly

Image credits: OffendedMulberry

#38 Apparently This Is How We Drink Water Now

Image credits: Aggressive_Lemon_101

#39 Hamster On Foot

Image credits: 14Wemaj

#40 My New Hamster Made A Little Den For Herself And Fell Asleep

Image credits: fosterkittiesarecute

#41 Woman Creates Tiny Lockdown Scenes With Her Pet Hamsters And It’s Too Adorable

Image credits: Harcourt Hammies

#42 Ham Kardashian

Image credits: mocomo2co2

#43 Adorable Hamster Butt

Image credits: pasha_hamster

#44 Me Watching A Scary Movie

Image credits: Johnathan-Reaper

#45 My Cousin’s Hamster After Eating A Ton Of Popcorn

Image credits: Morty_Im_A_Pickle

#46 Very Hamsome

Image credits: natteulven

#47 The Utterly Disappointed Look The Hamster Gave Me When We Took Too Long To Find The Lid For Her Ball

Image credits: sorelj

#48 None Of My Mates Seem To Appreciate How Cute This Photo Is, So Am Posting Here For The First Time To Get The Acknowledgement It Deserves

Image credits: pkns5

#49 I Was Making Masks And My Hamster Decided It Was His Hammock. Meet My Baby, Dexter

Image credits: Crippled-and-vibing

#50 She’s 90 In Hamster Years. She Hasn’t Been Moving Much, So I’ve Been Bottle Feeding Her Along With Her Water Bottle. She Loves Baby Food

Image credits: Prismatic33

#51 This Is Kira. She Still Hates Me And Bites My Nose Everytime I Try To Kiss Her, But I Love Her Lots

Image credits: ilomilo30

#52 Girl Dresses Hamster Up In Cute Cardboard Costumes

Image credits: mythsandfabrications

#53 Dwarf Hamster

#54 My GF’s Hamster Wants To Say Hello

Image credits: seoreswandor

#55 Baby Hamster

Image credits: SmileyFace-_-

#56 Went Out To Buy Noodles. Came Back With A Hamster. Everyone, This Is Noodles

Image credits: shaky2236

#57 Sleeping Hamsters With The King On Top

Image credits: luistimmy

#58 In Vienna, Austria, Is Cemetery Full Of Wild Hamsters. Like, Tons Of Them. Here Are Some Of My Dad’s Photos

Image credits: halfblood_god

#59 Who Am I

Image credits: geumnae

#60 A Hamster Butt

#61 My Current Hammie Boi

Image credits: jessterrr

#62 My Blueberry Dwarf Hamster Looks So Noble

Image credits: CookedKraken

#63 Hamster Cooling Down In Summer

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 My Hamster When She Wakes Up

Image credits: Aekicy

#65 My Daughters New Hamster Noodles, Looks Like Hes Got Some Serious Stories To Tell

Image credits: Ed_ED209_Eddy

#66 Tofu Learned That She Doesn’t Have To Get Out Of Bed To Get A Drink

Image credits: Ennviious

#67 So Yesterday My Hamster Escaped From His Cage And Somehow Ended Up Inside My Computer. My PC No Longer Works

Image credits: Trocopolo

#68 I Made My Hamster A Market Stall

Image credits: atinylemon

#69 When Your Daughter Wants You To Take Birthday Portraits Of Her Hamster, You Take Birthday Portraits Of Her Hamster

Image credits: ideserveagoldstar

#70 Pancake, Our Library’s Hamster, Working Hard

Image credits: asskickinlibrarian

#71 Sir, Are You Aware That You Are A Hamster

Image credits: shimmlight

#72 Waiting For Santa Like

Image credits: tofutofuor

#73 Sleeping Hamster

Image credits: Norecanplay

#74 How Hamsters Sleep Under Their Plastic Igloo

Image credits: DunkeysPizzaChan

#75 My Friend’s Hamster Looks Like He’s Plotting To Take Over The World

Image credits: clydethechicken

#76 My Little Prodigy

Image credits: momentaryphase

#77 Seraphina And My Dad Were Vibing Last Night. She Sat On His Stomach Without Moving Until Dad Had To Leave

Image credits: WiddleDumpling

#78 Hamster With A Hoodie

Image credits: -N3ptun3-

#79 My Big Dangerous Rottweiler With My Baby Hamster

Image credits: necele

#80 My Daughter’s Hamster Always Climbs On Me When I’m Painting. Closest Thing To A Hype Man I’ll Ever Have

Image credits: Johnbob-John

#81 Her Name Is Quicksilver And She Looks A Bit Funny

Image credits: thrawayb

#82 My Fiance’ Taking Our Hamster Outside For The First Time

Image credits: muffinman129

#83 I Work At A Pet Store, And We Gave The Baby Hamsters A Truck

Image credits: guriido_

#84 My Little Sister Put Sunglasses On Her Hamster

Image credits: GlitterChipmunk

#85 Here Is My Special Boi, His Name Is Sloth, And He Has No Teeth So His Tongue Always Hangs Out

Image credits: IamHamLord

#86 Tiger

Image credits: Lil044

#87 Sonic

Image credits: joycee97

#88 That Sad Moment When All You Wanted Was Another Bite

Image credits: Kates_M

#89 Digging Box And Floof Hamster Bum For Size Reference

Image credits: lehamsterina

#90 My Friend Got A New Hamster

Image credits: deweezy

#91 Meet My Hamster Scarlett Johamster

Image credits: u4icjaj

#92 No Paparazzi Please

Image credits: Starry_Eyez

#93 Caught In The Act

Image credits: micjiao

#94 Hamster With A Pencil

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 The Grocery Store Thinks They Can Get Away With Selling Me Just One Egg

Image credits: seokirby

#96 Nino Noticed The Humans Laughing At Him Sitting Like A Prawn

Image credits: swagmcbadass

#97 My Dad Brought A 3D Printed Gift For Tony To Thanksgiving Dinner

Image credits: papayaslice

#98 I Made A Pokémon Leaf Green/Fire Red Style House For My Hamster. And She Loves It

Image credits: TheHamMazeAdv

#99 A Dog, 8 Birds And Cute Hamster Best Friends Ever

Image credits: ninjago24

#100 Tiny Hamster Enjoying A Tiny Nutritious Lunch

#101 Chonky Hamster

#102 My Temmie Is An Absolute Unit Of A Hamster! She Looks Like A Little Ball

Image credits: littlegenius666

#103 My Dwarf Hamster At The Vet Today

Image credits: donnlee

#104 Meet The Tiniest Hamster In Your Life

Image credits: lol10900hey

#105 My Hamster Is Chillin’ After Hard Work Day

Image credits: qbranchmaster

#106 Showed Homunculus Today In A Hamster Show Put On By The California Hamster Association

Image credits: appledeers

#107 Excuse Me, I Found An Angel In My Scarf

Image credits: WiddleDumpling

#108 The Ears. The Delicate Paws. The Snub Tail. The Bubblegum Nose

Image credits: WiddleDumpling

#109 This Sleepy Nugget Is My New Reason To Live

Image credits: Pepsi_Cola64

#110 Holding Hands

Image credits: betsybean

#111 Very Rarely Does Coco Pose For A Picture

Image credits: OMW_2-FYB

#112 Kissing Booth

Image credits: MyCatNeedsShoes

#113 Magic Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Cutest One Of All

Image credits: wimyzi

#114 Someone Spilled Their Hamster On The Couch

Image credits: alegna713

#115 A Cup O’ Hamster With A Dash Of Noodle

Image credits: VinceS22

#116 Made My Hamster A Little Tea Party And Toast Today

Image credits: burgicon

#117 Butterfly On A Hamster

Image credits: stellalalalalalala

#118 She Thicc

Image credits: ayeitschelsay

#119 Innocent Face

Image credits: ShifferKotov

#120 Does The Jury Believe Theo Is Guilty On The Charges Of Vandalizing A Plant

Image credits: CauliflowerRat11214

#121 Prof. Chaos Office Hours Start Now

Image credits: EhmtotheJay

#122 My IKEA Desk Came With A Built-In Hamster Holder! (Hamster Not Included)

Image credits: bheighkeigh

#123 My Daughter’s Hamster Fell Asleep In Her Doll’s Cat Bed

Image credits: Harasblas

#124 Found My Hamster Taking A Nap After Eating Too Much

Image credits: DomicaOsu

#125 My Dwarf Hamster Is Resting Her Lil Paw On My Finger

Image credits: YetAnotherWeeb

#126 Say Hi To Eugene

Image credits: adopt_a_hamster

#127 His Ears Can Go Up, Down, Guinea Pig, And Seal

Image credits: volvolt

#128 Hamsters Who Sit Like This Have A 100% Chance Of Stealing Your Girl

Image credits: Naofumiaboy

#129 The Cutest Co-Worker Ever

Image credits: HeyItsNotMeIPromise

#130 Thought You Might Enjoy Some Sleepy Sherman Pics

Image credits: OffendedMulberry

#131 I Made This House/Toy For My Hamster

Image credits: ihateu3

#132 This Is My Hamster I Hope You Like Him

Image credits: beast-master69420

#133 Got My First Hamster, Gordon Hamsay, Last Week. He’s An Adorable Fluffball

Image credits: ForTheLoveOfCreeps

#134 Couldn’t Find Anyone To Watch My Hamster Over Thanksgiving Break, So He Stayed With Me At The Hotel. He Even Got His Own Bed

Image credits: laskoriff

#135 My Hamster Tofu Loves To Gnaw On Spaghetti

Image credits: Tofu_and_Miso

#136 My GF’s Russian Dwarf Hamster, Chewie

Image credits: andysaur

#137 Ringo Has A Hut But He Chooses To Sleep Like This Instead

Image credits: rodentqueen94

#138 The Meatball

Image credits: swanny2021

#139 I Gave My Stormy A Tennis Ball And This Is All He Does Now

Image credits: koter_mutt

#140 Every Now And Then My Hamster Rides My Corgi. He Doesn’t Know What To Do

Image credits: Harmon1986

#141 My Hamster Pablo In His Little House

Image credits: thatgalcal

#142 Meet Basil The Hamster

Image credits: judeinlondon

#143 I Tried Taking A Cute Picture Of Beans But Instead It Looks Like He’s Kung Fu Fighting

Image credits: annikawrr

#144 Abandoned Hairless Hamster Gets A Tiny Sweater To Protect From Cold

Image credits: OregonHumane

#145 My Hamster Fell Asleep On The Floor

Image credits: WaffleFriday

#146 My Hamster Is Plotting Something

Image credits: beckabeck21

#147 Don’t Tell My Roommate, But I Gave His Hamster A Little But Of My Pancake

Image credits: BengalToothbrush

#148 Meet This Little Confused Fluffball, My Roborovski Hamster

Image credits: hburger

#149 I Took Seraphina For A Check Up At The Vet. This Is The Photo They Managed To Take For Their Records

Image credits: WiddleDumpling

#150 Partners In Crime

Image credits: WiddleDumpling

#151 Really Milking It Trynna Be Adopted

Image credits: Apprehensive-Web-145

#152 Chubber Butt Joining Us At The Dinner Table. He Got Some Broccoli To Munch On

Image credits: Gaiaphage20

#153 Rhubarb In A Tree

Image credits: cockneyjosh

#154 Mabel Really Likes To Test My Nerves

Image credits: stellarnovao

#155 When You’re A Hamster But Everyone Thinks You’re A Rat

Image credits: kjellboob

#156 Hi, This Is My Best Friend. I Hope He Makes You Smile As Much As He Does For Me

Image credits: gfaust

#157 I Couldn’t See Bluey This Morning, Then All Of A Sudden She Just Popped Her Head Up

Image credits: Dead-pixel89

#158 My Hamster Hammond Died And Now Lives On As An Emote In My Schools Esports Discord Server

Image credits: ossojake

#159 My Friend’s Hamster Named Tolkien

Image credits: AshantiClan

#160 Cute Hamster In A Sweater

Image credits: khang2

#161 Hamster Got A Pool Ring

Image credits: mike_pants

#162 Hamster Heiney

Image credits: hexeambrella

#163 This Is What My Hamster Does When She’s Mad At Me For Cleaning Her Cage And Throwing Out Her Food Stash

Image credits: nrrrdgrrl

#164 This Baby Hamster At Petco Really Wanted To Be In The Picture

Image credits: Wyvernican

#165 Today I Give Thanks To My Family – Big And Small

Image credits: WiddleDumpling

#166 Is Name Is Mr. Chicken Nugget

Image credits: AmphoraR

#167 Went To Put My Drink Down, Realized This Cupholder Was Already Taken

Image credits: sweet-illusion

#168 Morning Meditation

Image credits: greyleef

#169 Many Of You Might Remember This Photo. Meatball Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge Last Night, And I Am Heartbroken

Image credits: SpikyMeatball

#170 My Illegal Dorm Hamster

Image credits: floren_z_a

#171 Meet Peaches

Image credits: jfralick100

#172 Hiding Hamster

Image credits: keef2000

#173 My Hamster Out For A Walk

Image credits: DoesItMatter_Now

#174 Munching A Pea

Image credits: shimmlight

#175 It’s A Little Family Of Hamsters

Image credits: Turd111

#176 This Is Snacc, One Of My Two Girls

Image credits: ConfuzzedPanda

#177 Leopold Isn’t A Fan Of The Foam Bath Treatment

Image credits: okodysseus

#178 She Doesn’t Protect, She Doesn’t Attack, She’s Only Here For The Snack

Image credits: MindlessEggs

#179 I Raise You A Shoulder Gerbil

Image credits: GenderMHNurse

#180 What Penelope The Gerbil Does For 20 Hours Of The Day

Image credits: bheighkeigh

#181 Brownie

Image credits: BlueStripe8

#182 My New Hamster, Mark Fluffalo

Image credits: girl–almighty

Source: boredpanda.com

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