172 Adorable Fox Photos That Prove They’re Wonderful Animals

They’re fluffy. They’re foxy. And we’re not entirely sure how to describe the sounds they make. Can you guess what they are? That’s right—foxes! We believe that these gorgeous animals don’t get enough of our attention. Sure, dogs and cats are amazing but there’s a certain nous ne savons quoi that foxes bring to the table.

We want to make your week awesome and to fill you up with positive vibes. That’s why our animal-loving Bored Panda team has collected this wholesome list of full of photos of foxes being all funny and cute. Scroll down, upvote your faves, and share which pics you liked the most in the comments. Oh, and be sure to let everyone know if you figured out what foxes actually do say (we’re still a bit lost even after Ylvis’ song!). If you still need some wholesome foxy goodness, check out other posts about baby foxes and artistic fox photos.

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Bored Panda reached out to the team at Help Wildlife, a British charity-run advice website dedicated to helping the public know what to do when faced with a wild animal that may need help, to learn more about foxes. “Foxes are very smart, probably a similar level of ‘smartness’ to dogs. They’re not, despite the common perception, especially cunning though. Like dogs, they’re really playful and can often be seen playing with random objects much like a dog plays with toys,” founder Sarah told us. Scroll down for our full interview with her!

#1 Baby Foxes Showed Up To Say Hi At My Grandmother’s House

Image credits: Vechrotex

#2 Baby Foxes Found In An NJ Backyard

Image credits: Philip Wang

#3 Planted Fox

Image credits: _helendale

“If you spot a fox in the wild, the best thing is just to consider yourself blessed and admire them from a distance. It’s never a good idea to try and pet or tame a wild animal,” Sarah from Help Wildlife warned us. “It’s ok to put a little food out sometimes but it’s best not to let them associate people with food or to feed them so much or so often that they become dependent on you.”

Sarah also spoke to us about the possibility of catching some icky disease when being around wildlife: “With any animal there will be a certain amount of crossover between diseases they can get and diseases humans can get. What really determines the level of risk is how much contact you have with them, since any disease needs close proximity to be transmitted really.”

She continued: “So as long as you treat foxes as the wild animals they are and leave them alone, there is virtually no risk of you catching anything from them.”

#4 I Think Someone Has A Crush On My Christmas Light Decoration

Image credits: cyyclist

#5 Planted Fox-Tails On The Patio This Year; They’re Doing Well

Image credits: Llandryn

#6 Found This Fox Chilling In The Backyard

Image credits: ltc_ir1

Let’s get to know foxes even better, shall we? For example, if you want to leave an impression on your friends, the next time you’re outside and you spot a group of foxes, you can tell ‘em, “Hey, that’s a skulk (or a leash) of foxes watching us right there.” +5 easy points to your favorite Hogwarts house, guaranteed.

Our foxy friends have whiskers on their faces, that’s no secret. But something that might just blow your mind is the fact they also have whiskers on their legs! Foxes use ‘em to navigate and find their way in tall grass.

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There’s no doubt that foxes tails are beautiful but they’re not just for show. They’re multifunctional. Their tails help them keep their balance when they’re chasing down their dinner. What’s more, foxes use their tails to communicate with other cute foxes. Though we don’t know what they talk about for sure, we’d like to imagine that they compliment each others tails with their tails. And they wrap themselves up in their floofy tails to stay warm while sleeping. How cute is that? Very!

#7 This Fox Came Up To My Brother And I While I Was Walking My Dog. Wasn’t Hostile At All

Image credits: kachigga75

#8 Ssh, Don’t Want To Wake Him Up

Image credits: Danjjs

#9 Security Light Went Off At 1 Am. This Little Guy Found My Dog’s Ball

Image credits: scaredoftheman

Foxes can climb trees and sometimes settle in their lower branches. They also have night vision like cats do. Furthermore, their hearing is excellent: red foxes have been reported to hear watches ticking from 40 yards (36.6 meters) away. That’s always useful for city-dwelling foxes to keep the time and to hear if any hoomans are getting close to them.

These animals have a varied diet that changes depending on their environment. However, red foxes are omnivores, as a rule. So they’ll gobble up everything that’s in their way, from roots and fruits to rodents, ribbety froggos, and even fish.

#10 I’ve Got A Family Of Foxes Living In The Bush At The End Of Our Garden. The Mum Is Particularly Sneaky

Image credits: nuttallp

#11 Woke Up Early To Find These Feisty Little Fox Cubs Scrabbling At The Back Door! Think They Must Be Confused By Seeing Their Reflection In The Glass

Image credits: elainestocks

#12 Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate The Sweetest Lil Fox Sleeping On A Tree Stump In My Parent’s Backyard

Image credits: Sara Ryan

#13 Caught This Fox Napping In My Garden

Image credits: HoydenCaulfield

#14 Fox Taking A Nap In A Flowerpot

Image credits: WishOnSpaceHardware

#15 Foxes Sleeping On Friend’s Upstairs Deck. Last Year There Was Only One

Image credits: QuaratineWithPets

#16 Went Kayaking Down A River And This Little Guy Joined Us When We Stopped For Lunch! Who Knew Foxes Were So Friendly

Image credits: Chorleywood

#17 My Friend Passed Out At A Leyton Bus Stop And Woke Up To This

Image credits: bowlerhatbear

#18 Baby Foxes Keeping Warm And Dry On A Cold And Rainy Day In Michigan

Image credits: MichGirl07

#19 Jethro, My Fox Friend. He Said Hello Every Morning While We Rented A Cabin In The Mountains

Image credits: cr316647

#20 A Cute Fox Fell Asleep On My Pool Cover

Image credits: shyphon

#21 Babysitting A Baby Grey Fox. Named Oscar. What More Do You People Want

Image credits: Nhpm

#22 Foxes Of Zao Fox Village Are Very Friendly

Image credits: yasaka_amam

#23 Visited Miyagi Zao Fox Village In Japan

Image credits: OscarOscarNovemberAlpha

#24 If It Fits I Sits

Image credits: francespanderson111

#25 This Arctic Fox That Smiled At Me, At The Quebec City Aquarium

Image credits: brandond67

#26 3,5 Week Old Red Fox That Came In For Rehab. He’ll Be Raised With Others And Released In The Fall

Image credits: PrettyMundane

#27 Baby Fox With A Broken Leg Gets Rescued And Visits The Vet For His Cast

Image credits: taunshaft

#28 One Of The Fox Pups That Lives In Our Backyard. We Call Him Jasper

Image credits: n1cen1cholas

#29 A Baby Fox Was Brought To Our Local Vet. Looks Almost Like CGI On This Pic

Image credits: teo_sk

#30 I Thought, “Hmm, Those Are Not The Cat’s Ears”, And I Turned The Light On To Look At What Was In The Cat’s Bed – And It Was A Fox

Image credits: Meloney Blayze

#31 Pudding The Fox Knows How To Pose For A Photograph

Image credits: nationalfoxwelfaresociety4200

#32 The Way Foxes Sleep Against Their Tail

Image credits: GallowBoob

#33 McDonald The Tame Fox Who Resides At My Local Wildlife Rescue. I Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Him Yesterday

Image credits: tartancat

#34 A Young Fox Found Napping By My House This Morning

Image credits: mr627990

#35 This Fox I Encountered On My School’s Campus While Going For A Walk Last Night

Image credits: myroommateisgarbage

#36 A Cub Snuck Into Our Chicken Pen And Fell Asleep, Without Harming Any Of Our Chickens

Image credits: cdftbt

#37 When Your Too Hungover To Drive So Your Fox Got Your Back

Image credits: IneedToBuildAPc1249

#38 This Little Guy Snuck Up And Let Me Know He Was There While I Was Taking Pictures Of Other Foxes

Image credits: bxiii

#39 Malachi Fox Being A Goof

Image credits: saveafox_rescue

#40 We’ve Been Getting Almost Daily Visits From This Wild Fox Over The Course Of The Past Couple Of Months. My Wife Shot This Photo Of The Two Of Us In Today’s Sunset

Image credits: maxadrums

#41 Woke Up To See These, A Fox And His Cubs Playing In My Garden

Image credits: ChrisLeFevre

#42 Foxy Local We Met While Hiking High Tatras

Found him/her next to the mountain hut, where a retired mountaineer resides and sells travelers hot wine. One of very few places for hikers to stop and rest, therefore strategically good spot for the fox to collect snacks.

Image credits: kuosa

#43 My Friend Has Some Fox Kits Living Under Her Shed

Image credits: Mcaylah

#44 Christmas Came Early At The Zoo My Girlfriend Works At, And One Fox Couldn’t Be Happier

Image credits: Daytman

#45 Nala The Baby Fox Telling Me A Secret

Image credits: jadenhamiltonmusic

#46 Local Fox Decided My Backyard Shed Was The Right Place To Raise Her Kits

Image credits: therealvertical

#47 Fox Right Outside My Backdoor

Image credits: tessa-grey

#48 This Fox Chilling On My Roof

Image credits: ThatSwolGuy

#49 Rare ‘Silver Fox’ At My House Today

Image credits: FlopAtop

#50 Beyond Adorable

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 This Little Guy Walked Right Up And Posed For Me

Image credits: seyscape

#52 5 Seconds Till Mischief

Image credits: who-ee-ta

#53 Our Furry Backyard Friend

Image credits: formidablelegend

#54 Local Vet Patched Up A Baby Fox With An Injured Leg

Image credits: CreeDorofl

#55 Derpy Little Fox Puppy, Caught Behind My House

Image credits: demc7

#56 Joon Goes For A Ride. She Loves Moose So Much That She Cuddles With Him The Entire Time. She Doesn’t Even Get Mad When He Sits On Her

Image credits: juniperfoxx

#57 Dixie Do Fox

Image credits: saveafox_rescue

#58 Serious Cute! 4 Baby Foxes Snuggling On The Beach

Image credits: interior

#59 A Skulk Of Foxes

Image credits: KaaraRaven

#60 And The Winner In The Nomination The Most Amazing Smile Becomes Goldy

Image credits: save_a_fox

#61 December Came To The Yard

Image credits: thor_the_fox

#62 Day 14 Rescue So Presumably He Is 6 Weeks Old. Growing Fast And Cheekier By The Day. Already Prowling, Jumping Higher And Making Sneaky Attacks The Wild Style

Image credits: flufferdafox

#63 This Fox Was Found Sleeping Inside A Parked City Bus In My Hometown

Image credits: throwawaycanadian

#64 I Heard We Were Doing Foxes On Decks

Image credits: 3nc3ladu5

#65 Since You Guys Like Seem To Like Foxes, Here Is My Arctic Fox Aurora

Image credits: Fatalphenom1

#66 How About Foxes On Front Porches?

Image credits: bsa218

#67 Another Image Of The Foxes In My Friends Garden

Image credits: HarleyyR

#68 Found This Fox Den Today While Fishing; It May Be The Luckiest Picture Of My Life

Image credits: Chris_Nash

#69 3 Days Ago My Trail Camera Got A Picture Of A Fox Exactly When It Was About To Do It’s Business

Image credits: GodMesh

#70 Baby Fox’s Having A Catnap

Image credits: Canadian19801

#71 A Fox And Its Cub

Image credits: EmbarrassedGiraffe8

#72 This Proud Chap In Tooting, London

Image credits: stophel

#73 Little Fox Trio

Image credits: wild1210

#74 Every Morning Grandma Has A Visitor

Image credits: hyperboledown

#75 Baby Fox Dazzled By The Sun In My School’s Park

Image credits: LuckySfortunato

#76 This Lil’ Guy Comes To Hang Around In My Front Garden Sometimes. He’s Getting Quite Friendly

Image credits: tdavidagarim

#77 I Got To Meet A Fox This Weekend! This Is Miko The Grey Fox

Image credits: immafoxx

#78 Meet My Fox Piper, Such A Happy Little Guy

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 Sun’s Out, Tongues Out

Image credits: saveafox_rescue

#80 Hai

Image credits: ibsanv

#81 The Adorable Canadian Marble Fox

Image credits: greaseballheaven

#82 If This Image Concerns You, You Probably Shouldn’t Be Friends With A Fox

Image credits: cuppiekate2

#83 Cute Alert! These 2 Cuddly Fox Kits Were Spotted In Acadia National Park

Image credits: Interior

#84 Smol Fox

Image credits: milesfox

#85 Just A Little Backyard Fox Quality Time

Image credits: kmore_reddit

#86 I Found This Kit Lying In My Garden. What Could I Have Done Better?

Image credits: iLike-Guns

#87 Fox Cubs On My Front Porch

Image credits: cranrob

#88 Banner Year For Red Foxes (Herndon, VA)

Image credits: kazzmere

#89 He Thinks He’s A Sphinx

Image credits: cyclingaviator

#90 Happy Mother’s Day

Image credits: _katy.did.it_

#91 The Cutest Thing Ever (Albino Fox)

Image credits: nitynight

#92 Toothies

#93 The Little Prince

Image credits: david_and_his_animals

#94 This Fox Just Chilling On My Roof

Image credits: Toonage9

#95 Sleepy Fox Cubs

Image credits: zanyboi2

#96 So I Got To Play With An Arctic Fox A Few Weeks Ago In Norway

Image credits: canowoopass

#97 This Fox Came Up To The Window At My Work

Image credits: Hughesjam

#98 Waiting To Start Work This Morning, And Received This Friendly Visitor (Australia)

Image credits: cipher124

#99 Baby Red Foxes At Play

Image credits: iSynthesize

#100 Pretty Black Boy A Friend Of Mine Spotted In Wyoming

Image credits: StillJamesonsMom

#101 Red Fox Kits Sleeping In The Front Yard Of A Neighbor’s House

Image credits: miniscant

#102 Saw A Lil Guy Pop His Head Out Of His Den On My Walk Today

Image credits: ActuallySquirtle

#103 Sleepy Fox Friend Dozing In Our Leafy Garden This Afternoon

Image credits: the-non-wonder-dog

#104 I Met This Wonderful Fox At Petergof Palace In St. Petersburg Russia

Image credits: cunninglinguist666

#105 Found A Little Fox On The Way Home From The Pub, Gave Him Some Kebab

Image credits: lukas_maximus

#106 Meet Wolfgang, This Enormous Fox That Likes To Sleep On Our Back Deck In Central London

Image credits: gravity_squirrel

#107 Fox In Bunhill Row Graveyard, City Of London

Image credits: flankie2

#108 Our Back Deck Fox Now Has A Foxlet

Image credits: gravity_squirrel

#109 Fox Family In My Mom’s Yard This Morning. Blep

Image credits: jadiseoc

#110 This Fox Hanging Out On A Roof

Image credits: proudlyfreckled

#111 Why Would You Need A Dog?

Image credits: laavryk

#112 One Of The True Signs Of Being Home Is The Inevitable Run In With A Fox

The difference is though (to most urban experiences of wildlife) the foxes often pose and don’t mind being seen. These two (one far left) are often to be found in the same spot on Queens Rd. I genuinely feel more home when I see any fox, but these ones are almost routinely there.

Image credits: seanpage82

#113 Quarantine Diary/Week 7. Fox. Well, To Be Fair, This Guy Is Here All The Time, Lockdown Or Not

Image credits: marierouillon

#114 This Is Wolfgang, The Fox Who Likes To Sleep On Our Back Deck

Image credits: gravity_squirrel

#115 This Baby Fox

Image credits: myfoxfamily.ru

#116 We Live Where The Foxes Say Good Night

Image credits: tierparadies.schabenreith

#117 I Captured This Beautiful “Warrior” Fox At Zao Fox Village In Japan

Image credits: DJ780

#118 A Car Surfing Urban Fox

Image credits: AbbRaza

#119 Saw This Guy On A Way To A Hike Today. He Wasn’t Shy At All

Image credits: zawai

#120 The Gray Fox Hasn’t Been Seen In SF’s Presidio Since 2004. Park Biologist Caught A Picture Of One This Weekend, Hiding In A Tree From A Coyote Prowling Below

Image credits: duppyconquerer

#121 This Friendly Fox At My Work Area Today

Image credits: TheOlliepolo

#122 Five Fox Kits Playing Near Their Den On Our Farm

Image credits: BreezyRiver

#123 A Fox In Our Garden

Image credits: Steven1958

#124 Red Fox Cub (One Of A Litter Of Four) In A West London Back Garden

Image credits: extenderpretender

#125 Stare Down. This Fox Likes To Walk Around The House. He’s Come Within 10 Ft Of Us Plenty Of Times. And No, We Don’t Feed Him

Image credits: sh1be

#126 Curious Urban Fox Saying Hello In Broad Daylight

Image credits: Talinn558

#127 Say Hello To My Daily Visitor For The Last Two Years

His favorite treat is strawberry jam sandwich which he eats immediately. Anything else I give him like dog treats etc he takes to his wife and two cubs.

Image credits: Rauca

#128 Little Fox Resting On Our Back Deck

Image credits: _wildfire_

#129 In My Garden

Image credits: 2win-masks

#130 A Member Of A Vixen Fox Family Living In My Backyard

Image credits: cachonpics

#131 This Young Fox Was Wandering Around My Garden Hiding In Bushes

Image credits: Furryxian

#132 This Little Family Resides In My Backyard

Image credits: RunawayTrey

#133 The Car In Front Of Me Hit A Fox Cub Last Night. I Thought He Wasn’t Going To Make It, But I Was Happily Wrong

Image credits: PicklesTheCatfish

#134 My Bil Had This Little One Sneak In His Car While Out Delivering Pizzas

Image credits: UrkelTouchedMyPenis

#135 Gorgeous Fox Hunting In The Rain In My Yard Yesterday

Image credits: poopymosey

#136 Feargal Fox Waiting By The Window For A Snack

Image credits: robsaint72

#137 Foxy Treats

Image credits: lousmithphoto

#138 Smug Dreams About Nibbling My Toe

Image credits: flufferdafox

#139 A Shiny Mlem. A Rare Black Silver Fox Hanging Out In Dublin

Image credits: Burtanization

#140 So Cute

Image credits: olivier_picco

#141 Hamper Fox Is Watching You

#142 Saw An Urban Fox Taking A Break In A Car Park Near Notting Hill

Image credits: TheEntasis

#143 Fox Looking Into My Lounge

Image credits: sfindlay90

#144 This Baby Fox We Found At The Beach

Image credits: Paulmunkotv

#145 With A Pair Of Binoculars And A Phone, I Snagged This Photo Of A Momma Fox Hanging Out On Our Farmstead

Image credits: thedudesterrr

#146 Cutie On My Deck

Image credits: BiggusDickus2

#147 Today I Met This Gorgeous Fox

Image credits: DrowninginPidgey

#148 Saw This Cute Sight In My Backyard This Morning

Image credits: formidablelegend

#149 Wild Fox That Showed Up At My Door At 6:30 Am

Image credits: crafty5999

#150 A Brave Fox On My Walk To Work

Image credits: Snoop_ping_gas_usual

#151 There’s A Family With 7 Babies Living Under The Wood Shop Next Door. They Are So Fun To Watch From My Window While I Drink My Coffee

Image credits: DoxieMonstre

#152 This Sleeping Fox In My Neighbor’s Garden

Image credits: AdhesiveHagfish

#153 Pretty Fox At My Work Today

Image credits: Radwaymm

#154 Dog Sitting For The Day And Our Resident Fox Isn’t Too Happy About It

Image credits: RosieEmily

#155 Friendly White Fox I Just Saw, Not Sure If Way Too Gray Or Albino

Image credits: raspberrytrufflelips

#156 My Dog’s Trainer Rescued This Baby Fox, Maybe I’ll Adopt It After Learning A Bit About Them

Image credits: EllieSakeMaki

#157 My Friend Got Visited By A Lil Baby Fox During Work Today

Image credits: suced

#158 Fox Came And Sat On My Patio

Image credits: Murrdog9000

#159 A Fox Family Moved Into My Front Yard

Image credits: bmccarr

#160 I’ve Been Going To The Beach In Maryland For Years. I Never Knew There Were Foxes In The Dunes

Image credits: Arohbe

#161 Just A Picture Of A Fox Chilling On A Garage In The City Of Denver

Image credits: willputh

#162 First Time I’ve Seen A Fox In My Neighborhood Long Enough To Get A Photo

Image credits: mharti_mcdonalds

#163 This Girl Came Right Up To Me While I Was Out For A Walk The Other Day

Image credits: SetAllTheZippersFree

#164 2 Baby Foxes, Posing For The Camera

Image credits: notTomHanx

#165 Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Bird This Is??

Image credits: OhNoItsBees

#166 Young Fox, Wanted A Stroke After I Fed Him Some Apples

Image credits: morebucks23

#167 Greeted By The Neighborhood Crack Fox On My Way Home From Work

Image credits: loppington

#168 Two Foxes Have Decided To Take Advantage Of The UK Lockdown And Use My Friends Garden To Raise Their Cubs

Image credits: greyson21

#169 Saw My First Fox Tonight While Driving Around A Car Park In Liverpool

Image credits: glynny91

#170 Got Three Fox Cubs Living In Our Garden

Image credits: TrickyOneTwo

#171 I Took A Picture Of A Fox Outside Of My Apartment Building

Image credits: ManBearPitt

#172 Just A Fox Lounging My Garden, In Broad Day Light

Image credits: antspitfire333

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