174 Moments When Horses Were Captured In All Their Power And Beauty

A couple of years ago I happened to work on a filming set with a group of horse handlers. Of course, I had seen horses before and even been in close contact with them, but it was these three weeks of working together that made me fully appreciate how amazing these animals are. 

No doubt, everybody knows that there are various horse breeds. But did you know that each horse has its own character? Some of them are very active and curious; others can be shy and keep to themselves. Usually, each breed has its specific characteristics that define the horse’s color, height, and other things about its appearance, but sometimes nature decides to play a game, giving us some never-seen-before, unique horses. And ponies are a whole different story! Some people think it’s just one breed, but in fact, ponies have a great number of their own breeds.  

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People domesticated horses a very long time ago. First, they were helpers in the household, doing heavy chores. But as humankind progressed and survival was not the only thing on our mind, people started appreciating the beauty and incredible intelligence horses have. Today most horse owners pay huge attention to the way their horses look. They even started organizing exhibitions where they would showcase gorgeous and sometimes downright exotic horses. 

If you ask horse specialists or just people who love horses which breed is the most beautiful horse in the world, the answers will greatly vary. This is understandable as it is just a matter of taste, and in reality, every horse is a beautiful horse.

Whether you are a horse enthusiast, a professional, or simply love them, we hope you enjoy this collection of pictures of beautiful horses we have compiled for you.

#1 My Friend’s Horse Showing Off His New Plushy. He Is Very Proud Of It

Image credits: lfdaily5

#2 Frederik The Great

Image credits: Frederik the Great

#3 The Golden Horse Of Turkmenistan

Image credits: Pascal Mouawad

#4 He’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die

This handsome boy came looking for snuggles on my recent trip to Iceland! He’s a full sized horse; not a pony and these guys are only fluffy in winter!

Image credits: mightymousejen

#5 My Cousin Told Her Horse To Smile

Image credits: HadleyFeathers

#6 Ísafold, One Of Our Icelandic Foals Born This Summer

Image credits: sigurveig94

#7 My Brother’s Horse Amigo Joe Drinking At Sunrise In The Mountains Of Montana

Image credits: isaacsjohnston

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#8 Could She Be Any More Perfect?

Image credits: thatEquineNerd

#9 Beautiful Horse

Image credits: doctoraanalazaro

#10 Anya And I Watched Our Last Sunset Together Yesterday. My Heart Is Shattered

Image credits: Mcmoonwich

#11 Wallace And I Enjoyed The Perfect Evening Together

There’s something special about sitting in a pasture full of horses, listening to them eat, and watching the sun go down.

Image credits: freespiritedshadow

#12 Icelandic Horse

Image credits: michter1993

#13 Neighbor’s Horse Always Comes To Greet Me When He Sees Me

Image credits: wacdonalds

#14 Cute Picture I Took A While Ago Of Two Loving Horses

Image credits: Dialmin

#15 This Horse Has Beautiful Hair

Image credits: dardashian

#16 The Spotted Wonder! My New (Hopefully) Polo Pony, Horse For My Daughter

Image credits: Brego_KingEternal

#17 One Of The Best Photos I’ve Ever Taken. A Friend Riding Our Horse Lucy

Image credits: moral_aphrodesiac

#18 My Two Black Beauties

Image credits: Charlottecello

#19 Good Morning Jameson! Friesian Stallion

Image credits: kopjansenfriesianhorses

#20 He’s So Handsome

Image credits: Yourenodaisy08

#21 My Handsome Man Turns 24 Today! He’ll Definitely Get Some Extra Carrots Later

Image credits: Damadamas

#22 Want To Play?

Image credits: ponyparadies_kochertal

#23 My Pretty Eyed Girl. She Basically Poses For Every Photo I Take Of Her

Image credits: laceAnnn

#24 It Was A Foggy But Beautiful Morning And We Decided To Have A Photo Shoot

Image credits: lajokrr

#25 Those Soft Eyes, I’m So In Love With

Image credits: frank_and_coop

#26 Did I Learn To Crochet Just So I Could Make A Purple Beanie For My Horse? Definitely

Image credits: Emmully

#27 Are Ponies Allowed? These Are My Family’s Foals This Year: Marie, Maxim, Merida And Memphis

Image credits: LittleMissBonnie

#28 Sometimes He Looks Unreal

Image credits: Luxtos2194

#29 Spotted This Beauty In The Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland

Image credits: visionKid

#30 Rocco, Our New Welsh Stallion

Image credits: nycklee

#31 After Losing Myself, I Found Freedom In Horses

Image credits: Carina Maiwald

#32 Glamour Shot Of This Beauty Sales Horse

Image credits: Bittz

#33 Horse In The Sunset

Image credits: stallionofcinnabon

#34 My Favourite Photo Ever. Sunshine With Her Baby, Bonnie

Image credits: LittleMissBonnie

#35 Curly-Haired Horse

#36 I Took A Picture Of A Horse Running Wild In Mexico

Image credits: CarravaggioMerisi

#37 She Is Such A Model When There Is A Camera Around

Image credits: eponita

#38 This Is Pearly. It’s Been Four Years Since She’s Gone And I Miss Her More Than Anything In This World

Image credits: thepearlygates

#39 I Enjoy Taking Photographs Of The Friesian Year Round In All Weather

Image credits: Brian Musson

#40 Patch Long Reining, He Loves His Work

Having him from 5 months old and training him, watching him grow has truly been the best experience.

Image credits: H0rseyGirl18

#41 Horses Living In Extreme Iceland Conditions

Image credits: Drew Doggett

#42 Finally My Boy Agreed To A Nice Picture With Ears Forward! He Doesn’t Look Close To 23, I Think. Anyone Else With Appys?

Image credits: Damadamas

#43 Sodak

Image credits: horsefun

#44 My Pretty Lease Girl Caramel

Image credits: FusRoDahMa

#45 My Pretty Boy

Image credits: three_golden_geldings

#46 Superstar Tesoro

Tesoro RW is ready for his new job and new person to love him!! Tesoro is ready to take care of his new kid in the 3ft hunters. Send us a message if your looking for a great Hunter to lease!

Image credits: stalwilten

#47 Tinker Teddy

Image credits: tinker_teddy

#48 I Took A Picture Of A Horse In Ecuador

Image credits: juanyboy

#49 13hh Giantess At 7 Months

Image credits: Bearschoke

#50 My Beautiful Horses Posing For A Picture

Image credits: Crystal_Kitten123

#51 Happy Valentine’s Day In The Grand Tetons

Image credits: kee-mosabe

#52 Yesterday Before Our Trail Ride, Looking Cute As Always

Image credits: Lissiva

#53 Accidentally Caught This Awesome Pic. Feels Like The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse On A Steam Roll

Image credits: authorjahyde

#54 His Color Right Now – In The Fall He’s Always White Dotted But This Is The First Time He Is So Yellowish On Ours

Image credits: stolplyckansunder

#55 The Boys Satisfied With Their Grooming Service

Image credits: frank_and_coop

#56 My 19 Year Old Arabian Gelding

Image credits: pinkhorse1

#57 3rd Day In The World

Image credits: bravelion99

#58 I Have The Honor Of Cutting The Fjord Manes At Work

Image credits: Dinosaurs_and_stuff

#59 In The Summer Garden

Image credits: SmokeBCBuDZ

#60 Fella Fenomenal

Image credits: centraldoquartodemilha

#61 I Could Not Have Asked For A More Beautiful Day To Test My New Phone Cam

Image credits: zoubstance

#62 Beverly

Image credits: haflinger_beverly

#63 Every Girl Has That One Special Horse

Image credits: spookyspotty.eq

#64 Nero Happily Providing Shade For His Little Friend

Image credits: vintagemap

#65 Pretending To Be A Majestic Beast!

Image credits: Croftmhor

#66 Thoughts On My Horse

Image credits: Embarrassed_Neat_448

#67 First Trotting In Our New Boarding House And We Discovered New Paths Again

Image credits: agathetangka

#68 Flash – Our 10yo Clydesdale Who Was Our First Horse And We Backed Him Ourselves

Image credits: clanjenkson

#69 My Second Baby

Image credits: petulinkafilova

#70 Love Is In The Air…

Image credits: dougies_dapplediaries

#71 My King

Image credits: lucky_boy_des_weppes

#72 This Is My Horse Oreo

Image credits: Embarrassed_Neat_448

#73 The Horse Is William Wallace, And The Dog Is Milo

Image credits: freespiritedshadow

#74 My Horse Wants To Say Hi

Image credits: showmeeverythingyouvegot

#75 My Beautiful Girl, Tana

Image credits: feryooday

#76 The Most Beautiful Mare

Image credits: Dauntless_117

#77 My Big Dude And His Dapples

Image credits: FloofySamoyed

#78 She Loves Him! My Mare With Her First Foal

Image credits: MilleniaRage

#79 My Boy And His Favorite Tree

Image credits: MetzieJessie

#80 Just Got A Surprise Birthday Present

Image credits: MissCarli

#81 My 28 Year Old Gelding Proving You’re Never Too Old To Fall In Love With The Girl Next Door

Image credits: Solarithia

#82 My Handsome Sunset Boy

Image credits: squirrelessence

#83 So Much Love For This Great Guy

Image credits: noristrupper

#84 Baby Potrillo

Image credits: harasdongasparcuartodemilla

#85 Not Many Horses On Here, So Here’s My 16.3 Hand Arabian-Saddlebred Mare

Image credits: leileihanna

#86 Horses

So, I’m out on a farm working yesterday, and the farmer tells me to make sure to keep the gates chained so the horses don’t get out. Didn’t see any horses on my way in, but as I was finishing up and walked out of the shop, they they were waiting for me right outside the door. Weren’t terribly interested in pats, more interested in trying to nibble on my hands and coat. Then they helped me put my tools away and ran off over the hill.

Image credits: HandsomePenguin

#87 Me Trotting Away From The Friend Request The Human Sent Me On Facebook

Image credits: theemotionalpony

#88 My Wife’s Favorite Shot Of Rayito

Image credits: austinlambert03

#89 6 Year Old Irish Gelding Posing For His Saddle Shoot

Image credits: jamesdunne11

#90 My Best Friend And Her Golden Boy, Flying Through Our Local Valley

Image credits: Mousepad1990

#91 When You Want To Take Snow Pictures But Your Horse Decides She’s A Llama Now

Image credits: Muetzengott

#92 Beau Likes To Pose

Image credits: HahUCLA

#93 The Apple Doesnt Fall Far From The Tree

Image credits: gah900

#94 My Girl Turned 20 Years Old This Year

Image credits: kerses1

#95 My Dog Saying Hello To The Grasspuppy

Image credits: OrchidsnBullets

#96 This Trot Excites Me For The Future – 15 Months Old Filly

Image credits: Bearschoke

#97 Out For An Evening Walk

Image credits: SmokeBCBuDZ

#98 My Horse Fáraó

Image credits: lena.erdei_

#99 A Little Bit Of This One Today

Image credits: nordsvenskenfalko

#100 These Two Are So Sweet Together. It’s A Lot Easier When You Can Play With Them At The Same Time

Image credits: bridleless_jo_

#101 Finally, The Two Of Them Together Again

Image credits: niommi_who

#102 Blondie

Image credits: haflinger_beverly

#103 Handsome Boys

Image credits: tobiano.stories

#104 Me: Luna Can You Pose For A Second? Luna: Like Thiiiiis?

Image credits: sh.luzdeluna

#105 Baby Dixon

Image credits: Goddamtoad

#106 Testing My New Phone Camera With The Most Gorgeous Model

Image credits: PrincessConsuela62

#107 Beautiful Horse

Image credits: lisemariealen1337

#108 Our Newest Pack Member

Image credits: horsesarejustbigdogs

#109 My Beautiful Neigh-Bor

Image credits: dogdoc57

#110 Huck Enjoying This Bitter Cold Day Before Spring Turns Our Corner

Image credits: PintoPoint

#111 Windy Amongst The Queen Anne’s Lace

Image credits: jackcreekappaloosas

#112 Today We Rode A Total Of 8.5 Kilometers, After That He Was Allowed To Splash Around A Bit And Was Allowed To Spend The Rest Of The Day On The Meadow

Image credits: rabea_u_nissan_skyline

#113 Fernie Posing With The Double Rainbows This Morning

Image credits: winmarshall

#114 Took Some Photos For A Friend Yesterday. I Thought This One Was The Best

Image credits: THET0WNDRUNK

#115 A Couple Days Ago I Shared A Picture Of My Mom Before Her First Endurance Ride. Here She Is Having The Time Of Her Life

Image credits: kelseyisacannibal

#116 Just Had To Get This Cute Picture In The Meadow Near Our Yard During Our Early Morning Hack

Image credits: sarahsazzles

#117 Moose Is Looking So Shiny

Image credits: artwithapulse

#118 One Of My Favorite Pictures Of My Boy

Image credits: Athina87

#119 Beautiful Picture I Got Yesterday Of My Favorite Horse Zipper

Image credits: Void_44

#120 Vacation Is Over For My Two Diamonds And Soon Also For Me… Tomorrow I’m Back At Work, With A Heavy Feeling

Image credits: theicelandics

#121 Hello

Image credits: team_supertrue

#122 We Are Back Flying Solo Again For The First Time Since Our Little Ordeal Last Thursday

And I can gladly say it all went well! We even went back to the canter and puddle where it all went wrong and successfully completed it together this time! I’m relieved to say none of it seems to have of affected him and he was his usual perky forward going self! We did do a handful of jumps too but I literally mean 3 on the way home. Again he was a good boy! And we even saw our first little lambs of the season! Spring is definitely on its way!

Image credits: chelsea_and_chance

#123 An Appreciation Post For Dobi’s Beautiful Brown Eyes

Image credits: demmka

#124 Momma Is About Ready To Pop

Image credits: diffydaffy

#125 We Got To Celebrate Our 27th Birthday This Year! Yogi And I First Met When We Were 6. I’m So Grateful To Know Him!

Image credits: medicalmystery1395

#126 My Girl, Filly From Philly Got Here Wednesday And I Am Over The Moon

Image credits: reddit.com

#127 Graduated From Purdue And Brought The Pon With Me

Image credits: ss0qH13

#128 We Bought Our First Pony, Meet Midnight May

Image credits: catsandbooksand

#129 She’s Such A Good Mother

Image credits: alannagh7

#130 She Looks So Pretty In Pink

Image credits: I_Miss_Tropius

#131 Gunner Was Not A Fan Of The Pink Bow

Image credits: gruelgirl

#132 Summer Vibes

Image credits: pfairdeliebe

#133 My Little Boy Picasso

Image credits: noristrupper

#134 Time To Stretch His Legs And Play

Image credits: barrels.poles.perfection

#135 Today I Worked Hero From The Ground And At The Same Time Tried To Figure Out My Pivo

Image credits: jaghetermyy

#136 A Horse Cow Announcing That The Session Should Already Be Over And Rewarding Its Participation With A Pile Of Carrots. Immediately

Image credits: td.tinker.star

#137 Completely Bareback And Bitless. We Even Trotted A Bit! Practice A Lot With The Neckrope Today. Got On Him Via Trampoline

Image credits: equestriankasiabukowska

#138 My Parents Have A Black Horse With A White Face And Bright Blue Eyes

Image credits: MarqueeOfStars

#139 My Horses Running To Me For Breakfast

Image credits: StonedLeopard

#140 Grace Just Ultrasounded Perfectly! They Said It’s Big And Healthy And Very Active

Image credits: artwithapulse

#141 The Sweetest Of Arabians. My Lovely Ponyta

Image credits: Gorgoroth_the_Black

#142 Icelandic Pony… These Horses Are Seriously So Friendly And Come Right Up To You

Image credits: alta4life

#143 My Husband And I Volunteer With A Horse Rescue In Va And This Special Girl Is Available For Adoption. I Captured Her Running With A Few Of Her Friends – Isn’t She Gorgeous?

Image credits: mary_publichealth

#144 Snack After Hard Workout

Image credits: NorthernEve

#145 A Fall Picture From Last Year. She’s A Little Sweaty After A Good Run

Image credits: SmokeBCBuDZ

#146 My Girl Aila, North Swedish Draft

Image credits: Maaagnhild

#147 What A Handsome Man

Image credits: cannoli2425

#148 My Boy

Image credits: TigerplaysMinecraft

#149 Moose Hanging Out In Camp – Taken On An Old Film Camera

Image credits: artwithapulse

#150 Mayday Mayday Red Girl Comin’ In Hot

Image credits: Bearschoke

#151 Sweetheart

Image credits: cuddly_gang

#152 I Need Summer Back So Miss Kuma Can Show That Beautiful Summer Coat

Image credits: barrels.poles.perfection

#153 Okay! Here She Is! She Is A 12 Year Old Appaloosa Mare

She’s supposed to be a project horse, but gosh do I love her already and she is just sooooo gorgeous. The plan is to break her and maybe see how she does with barrels.

Image credits: barrels.poles.perfection

#154 Yesterday Our Young Gypsy Cob Boy Dante Went To His New Home

Image credits: tinkerjohnnyenglish

#155 This One Is Beautiful In Everything

Image credits: lena.gawroszowka.horses

#156 Today We Had To Ride

Image credits: aj_bst

#157 New Place And New Routines, But We Like It Here

Image credits: tamma_n_mamma

#158 Gave My Boy A Grooming Session

Image credits: Hamodaslife

#159 My Egyptian Arabians Saint And Dante Soaking Up The Summer Sun

Image credits: graeigh

#160 My Mom’s Gorgeous Arabian Mare

Image credits: RileECoyote

#161 Heart Horse

Image credits: terrikuu

#162 Horse Hat

Image credits: MoepMoepMoepMoepMoep

#163 Polleke

Image credits: lisemariealen1337

#164 Photos Of My Almost 7 Month Old Weanling Daisy

Image credits: AmalgamationOfBeasts

#165 Be Quiet. The Dragon Is Sleeping

Image credits: reddit.com

#166 Today Would Have Been His 15th Birthday. I Miss Him So Much

Image credits: horsefun

#167 My Pretty Girl On A Pretty Fall Day

Image credits: coalitions

#168 21hh Giant Teddy Bear

Image credits: kate_a_tron

#169 What Color Would Look Good On Her?

Image credits: Worth-Rip6608

#170 Sometimes You Gotta Paint Your Horse Like A Native American War Horse

Image credits: barrels.poles.perfection

#171 Hair In The Wind. Here We Have A Storm With Hail And Wind. Fortunately, My Accomplices Have A Large, Comfortable Shelter And Plenty Of Hay

Image credits: ode.de.reve

#172 The Lovely Se Arabian – Absolutely Spooked At A Tarp 0.5 Seconds After This Photo

Image credits: LilRosie31

#173 Appreciation Post For My Girl

Image credits: mixed-colorz

#174 I Decided That Gus And I Should Match Hair Color

Image credits: bearxfoo

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