174 Times People Spotted Nightmarish Things In Nature And Just Had To Share It Online (New Pics)

Mother Nature continues to amaze us every day, even when we fail to treat her with the love and respect she deserves. There are too many dreamy landscapes and mind-boggling animals that exist right outside our urban surroundings, just waiting to be appreciated. But be careful though — if you get too close, things can go from mesmerizing to straight-up terrifying in mere seconds.

You see, not all wildlife surprises are pleasant. They sometimes crawl into the comfort of our homes to remind us that nature is not to be messed with. In fact, there are plenty of horrified poor souls that have experienced these unsettling terrors firsthand. Before running to the hills, they managed to snap a photo and share their horror stories with everyone online.

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We at Bored Panda scoured the internet and found plenty of cases where nature provided our world with alien-like creatures to scare the heck out of everyone who crosses them. Continue scrolling and let us know which ones made you say ‘nope’ the loudest! And if by some chance you think you can handle even more creepy and spooky examples, check out our earlier compilations of this feature here, here, and here.

#1 This Is A Wasp Nest That Has Grown Around The Floodlights On A Garage

Image credits: John Sharp

#2 Went Into My Attic Looking For A Water Leak Coming Into My Living Room And It Appears That I’m Also In Quarantine With This Whatever Monstrosity Left This Behind

It’s soft to the touch so I’m assuming it’s still around.

Image credits: lvnwk

To learn more about our fear of the natural world, especially insects, we reached out to Robert Bixler, emeritus associate professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Clemson University. He told Bored Panda that if we were to grab several hundred children’s books right now, we would find invertebrates such as butterflies, ladybugs, and snails disproportionately used there.

“People who hate bugs love butterflies. Butterflies are insects but are perceived differently from all other insects and small invertebrates,” he said. This does beg the question, why do we respond positively to the story-like creatures yet feel annoyance and disgust when it comes to the creepy-crawly ones?

#3 Man Finds Huge Spider Hiding Inside Ear Muffs After Feeling Tickle In His Ear

Image credits: olsta05

#4 Was Playing Video Games When I Heard Sounds To My Left. Looked Over And Saw This

Image credits: JulesGirth

The professor explained that people often look at insects in fear because some of them use us as a source of food. “Mosquitoes, horse flies, and gnats, along with pest beetles and moths that get into our food. These insects come around repeatedly to feed on us and annoy us. These repetitive and annoying experiences convince us that we hate bugs,” he added.

Another factor to take in is the startle effect. “A vast majority of the million-plus species of insects stay hidden to avoid being eaten. We have never seen them and are surprised when we actually do see these strange creatures” Bixler continued. “[Insects] are perceptually so different than vertebrate animals. They move differently, they make unmusical vibration-like sounds to communicate (e.g., cicadas and katydids all summer long in trees), and eye contact is difficult. From a threat potential perspective, we know that some are harmful and stinging. Yet we know nothing about the other million species. Better to assume the worst,” he said.

#5 Well There Is A Water Snake Living In My Toilet Somehow

Image credits: TheEerieZeroQueen

#6 Remember To Check Your VR Headset For Spiders

Image credits: markiplier

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Jeffrey A. Lockwood, professor of Natural Sciences and Humanities at the University of Wyoming and author of The Infested Mind, told us that at least 6 percent of Americans suffer from entomophobia (fear of insects). “Some studies report that as many as one-in-five women experience this condition in any given year. Conservatively, 20 million people live with an irrational fear of insects and their kin,” he added.

“Fear is the heart-pounding response to present danger and anxiety is the disquiet that comes with anticipating danger. In clinical terms, the patient experiencing fear is highly aroused and seeks to escape the situation,” Lockwood said. “On the other hand, the anxious patient is worried and focuses attention on possible sources of impending harm.”

#7 Started Work This Morning, Put My Headset On, Felt Something Furry In My Ear, Looked And There Is A Bat In My Headset

Image credits: soulhacler

#8 Dead Man Fingers Fungus

Image credits: northwalesmushrooms

#9 The Creatonotos Gangis Moth Unfurling Its “Hair-Pencils” To Spread Pheromones

Image credits: BoredPanda26

Lockwood mentioned another study of more than 1000 households that revealed that 38 percent of the respondents disliked arthropods in their yards, and 84 percent didn’t want them in their homes: “So an aversion toward insects, if not full-blown entomophobia, is extremely common in our society.”

The strong dislike of insects is rooted in six “fear-evoking perceptual properties”, Lockwood said. According to him, insects can:

  • Invade our homes and bodies,
  • Evade us via quick, unpredictable movements, to which it might be added that the furtive skittering of a cockroach, for example, with its head lowered as if slinking out of the room, evokes a sense that the creature is guilty or ashamed,
  • Undergo rapid population growth and reach staggeringly large numbers which threaten our sense of individuality,
  • Harm us both directly (bite and sting) and indirectly (transmit disease, as well as destroy woodwork, carpets, book bindings, electrical wiring, and food stores),
  • Instill a disturbing sense of otherness via their alien bodies — they are real-world monsters associated with madness (e.g., Going Bugs by James Hillman),
  • Defy our will and control via a kind of radical, mindless or amoral autonomy. 

#10 Coconut Crabs Are Attracted To The Smell Of Food

Image credits: diarioinstante

#11 Infested Spider Tent

Image credits: AKE.Theeranan

#12 Ceiling Snake

Image credits: madethisjustforpewds

According to Lockwood, researchers have found three mechanisms through which early experiences can spawn phobias: “Direct experience (e.g., a cockroach runs up a kid’s pant leg), modeling (e.g., a kid sees his mother scream in terror at cockroaches), and instruction (a kid’s father tells her a story about cockroaches burrowing into children’s ears).”

Although most of us developed negative feelings towards these sci-fi-like creatures we call insects, some people find them fascinating. “[They] can become an interest for children and adults. The late Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson has often remarked that children had a ‘bug period’ and that I never got over mine,” Robert Bixler told us.

#13 Found This In My Apartment While Living In Japan. They Are Fast

Image credits: Saucy_Lemur

#14 Stygian Owl Is Known For The Red Reflection Of Their Eyes That Are Often Associated With The Devil

Image credits: massimo_bragi

#15 I Share A New Jaguar Photo With You, Earlier Than I Wanted. Hopefully, You Will Like This Striking Image

Image credits: brookimage

“[We] probably share childhood experiences of playing outside a lot in wild and semi-wild locations. Children have great eyesight and find, observe and play with lots of different insects that adults otherwise would miss,” Bixler added. “Some local nature centers that have the job of helping people develop an interest in nearby nature are starting to create BUGket Lists — 90 insects every kid needs to find before they reach the age of 12.”

#16 Found In A Harpy Eagle’s Nest

Image credits: Jack Hoopia

#17 Small Tick Sucking On A Big One

Image credits: MahiTehCoon

#18 The Most Metal Eel Ever

Image credits: NeverShortedNoWhore

Even those alarmed by the strange and terrifying power insects have can fight their fear of the natural world by identifying the creatures they see. “People who are frightened by insects and spiders can find web pages showing the common stinging, biting insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates (centipedes) found in their area,” Bixler explained.

Another way would be to learn about their weird shapes and colorations. To be fair, we often fail to grasp the reason for all those horns and spines and long jaws. Bixler said that, for example, the female ichneumon wasp has what looks like a two to four-inch-long stinger. “Scares the hell out of people when they first see it. [But it] cannot sting at all. That ‘stinger’ is an egg-laying device (ovipositor) she inserts into tunnels made by beetles to lay eggs on the beetle larva,” he explained.

#19 Hickory Horned Devil. Largest Caterpillar In The World. Turns Into A Regal Moth. Can Grow 6 Inches Long And Is Completely Harmless Except Visually Terrifying

Image credits: Berdarien

#20 Angler Fish Washed Ashore

Image credits: Ben Estes

#21 Australian Problems

Image credits: Christine Jones

“Once people get over their fear of insects, going on an insect safari can be full of fascinating surprises. Going out to look for ant lions and tiger beetles in your neighboring parks is much cheaper than a wildlife safari to some distant continent to see lions and tigers. The incredible variety of shapes, behaviors, and colorations of insects make them an excellent focus for nature photographers — you simply need to go looking for them in the right places — they will not come to you,” Bixler concluded.

#22 This Looks Like A Scene From A Movie. Six Waterspouts Simultaneously In The Gulf Of Mexico

Image credits: frank.leday

#23 This Moray Tried To Swallow A Pufferfish. Said Puffer Took Her With Him

Image credits: Dr-David-XIII

#24 Heron Likes A Bit Of Crocodilian Dinner

Image credits: ArtofFlaneur

#25 All The Brown You Can See Is Spiders

Image credits: aloofwatermelon

#26 These Button Plants (Conophytum Wittebergense) Look Like Creepy Bloodshot Eyes

Image credits: sunny_spot_mayo

#27 An Old Friend

Image credits: R3XT

#28 This Root System Of My Calathea Plant. These Root Nodules Mean It’s Very Healthy, But It’s Unnerving To Look At

Image credits: touchinbutt2butt

#29 Due To The Low Temperature, Lake Michigan Shattered Into Countless Pieces Of Ice

Image credits: bissell2300

#30 This Cluster Of Fossilised Creatures Look Like They Came From Another Planet

Image credits: AeliosZero

#31 Mother Nature Doesn’t Care About Mother’s Day

Image credits: Painteveryday

#32 Just Here To Ruin Your Day

Image credits: D0NW0N

#33 I Have Been Losing My Mind Over How My Work Shoes Are Always Spotless In The Morning After Being Out On My Porch Overnight

I wore different shoes to work last night and I found out why when I came home. There were about 50 and they only exist because of flour on my shoes.

Image credits: megawaveoven

#34 Snapdragon Seed Pods Are Kind Of Creepy

Image credits: Jub_Jub710

#35 For All The Naysayers Who Think The Rest Of Us Are Paranoid

Image credits: xtremixtprime

#36 The Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis Looks Like Something That Crawled Out Of Hell

Image credits: bugsandnaturethings

#37 Moose In Fog

Image credits: Coral Cartwright

#38 Sigh. This Is My Bathroom Ceiling, That Is A Brush-Tailed Possum Foot

Image credits: Sabrina Raven

#39 This Is How My Morning Started

Image credits: FuzzyTwiguh92

#40 Caught This Storm Above A Bowing Field Of Sunflowers

Image credits: Valuablegemphoto

#41 This Harmless Snail

Image credits: Maxs Exotic Pet Garden

#42 Mouth Of A Emerald Boa

Image credits: Ultimategrid

#43 Deep Sea Eel

Image credits: rfedortsov_official_account

#44 Hawk Making His Way Through Town Devouring Every Pigeon He Can. The Total Is Up In The Double Digits So Far

Image credits: Awwkneppwtf

#45 The Foot Of A Kangaroo

Image credits: mati98

#46 Apparently, A Species Of Guarana Plant Looks Like A Large Cluster Of Eyeballs

Image credits: Babayagamyalgia

#47 This Is A Wolf Eel, Pure Oceanic Nightmare Fuel

Image credits: Nate Ethan Iszac

#48 Brown Snake Squeezing Out Of The Shower Grid

Image credits: Snake Catchers Adelaide

#49 Who’s That Pokémon?

Image credits: nightexcision

#50 Moth Infected With Cordyceps Fungus

Image credits: HandsomeDynamite

#51 Who’s The Fun Guy? (Fungi Xylaria Polymorpha Aka Man’s Toes Fungus)

Image credits: SendMePeonies

#52 These Things

Image credits: LifeofSteven

#53 A Huge Banana Spider (Argiope Aurantia) Caught A Townsend’s Big-Eared Bat In Its Web Outside A Home In Poteet, Texas

Image credits: Annette Alaniz Guajardo

#54 Damn Nature, You Scary

Image credits: Paul Nicklen Photography

#55 The Wallago Attu Catfish

Image credits: otp1144

#56 Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Puppy This Is?

Image credits: caudata

#57 Hatchling Eastern Brown Thought It Was A Nice Day For A Swim In Mawson Lakes Today

Image credits: SnakeCatchersAdelaide

#58 You Never Know You’ll Find When You Open A Data Logger Box On The Prairie

Image credits: konzadirector

#59 The Upper Jaw Of A Cachalot (Sockets To Fit Their Lower Teeth Into)

Image credits: Julian.ilcheff

#60 Microburst In Phoenix

Image credits: chopperguyhd

#61 Got A Complaint At Work About “Very Loud Crickets” In The Bathroom

Image credits: cedarvan

#62 The Way These Caterpillars Are Eating This Leaf

Image credits: pandaphile69

#63 Was Going To Paint And Found Some Wasps In The Outlet

Image credits: christmasskids

#64 It’s The Legs For Me

Image credits: gynoceros

#65 A Melanistic & Albino Alligator

Image credits: snakebytestv

#66 This Cloud Formation Appeared In The Skies Above Portugal In 2016. It Has Been Dubbed The “Hand Of God”

Image credits: Rogerio Pacheco

#67 A Huntsman Spider Stealing My Cousin’s Bacon

Image credits: Maerdoch

#68 Open Wide, Image Of A Port Jackson Shark, One Of Our Loveable Critters Found At Montague Island, NSW

Image credits: matttworkowski

#69 Bees Show Up Here Every Year. Stay For A Few Hours And Leave. No Hive

Image credits: redditbot7000

#70 Sometimes Mother Nature Can Be Creepy (Chesaning, MI)

Image credits: crinnoire

#71 The Morning Shoe Check (Before We Put Them On) Saved My Wife A Bit Of Pain Today

Image credits: ozmatterhorn

#72 These Creepy Looking Clouds Are Called Scud Clouds

Image credits: Ed Piotrowski WPDE

#73 An Alligator Snapping Turtle Hibernating Under A Sheet Of Ice

Image credits: Chris Binky Launius

#74 Found This Li’l Cutie On My Bed

Image credits: duncan_johnson

#75 I Touched This While Removing The Fallen Leaves Off My Plant. I’m Calling It A Day

Image credits: Albi3alYamin

#76 In This Period Of The End Of The Year When The Temperatures Rise, We Sometimes Observe Thunderstorms. So Here Are My Very First Images Ever Of This Phenomenon

Image credits: grossetwilliam

#77 Prehistoric Parasites. One Of The Most Interesting Crustacea We Find Along The South African Coastline Has To Be The Tongue-Eating Louse

Image credits: ocean_ecstasea

#78 Found Out Why The Roomba Quit Working

Image credits: mrmcgeek

#79 I Open The Door Yesterday To Find This Hanging From The Doorknob

Image credits: Joselito76

#80 Butterflies Often Feed From Decaying Animals, Rotten Fruits, Blood, Animal Feces And Urine

#81 A Snapping Turtle Grabs Hold Of A Duck’s Foot While It Was Swimming On The Surface Of A Pond And Then Drags It Down To The Depths

Image credits: Yakona Film

#82 Camera Flash Made The Sheep Look Like Zombies

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 Frost Pattern In The Hollow Of A Rock

Image credits: LeighPughPhotography

#84 Is It An Alien? No. It’s A Dutch Lobster Moth Caterpillar

Image credits: _-Marley-_

#85 Crazy Looking Hole Punch Clouds Over Central Florida

Image credits: deadhalo

#86 Acanthacorydalis Fruhstorferi Or Giant Chinese Dobson Fly

Image credits: arthropodian

#87 I Took The Picture In Sindh, Pakistan In December 2010. It Shows Trees Cocooned In Spider And Caterpillar Moth Webs After The Extreme Flooding

Image credits: russellphoto

#88 Woke Up For Some Water. Thank God I Turned On The Light Before Taking A Sip

Image credits: NoYellowFlowers

#89 Essex, UK. It’s Not A Mating Pair, The Cephalothoraces Are Completely Fused. I Thought It Was A Mismolt, But All Sixteen Legs Move Independently

Image credits: Sassenacho

#90 My Driveway Today

Image credits: Sweatyrando

#91 Long, Black, Slippery Freshwater Eels

Image credits: crinnoire

#92 Found This Thing On The Bottom Of My Pool

Image credits: Mouldyrabbit7

#93 Local Servo Snake

Image credits: T_Raite

#94 This Centipede Thing

Image credits: Sharkitty

#95 I Freaked Out A Little When I Met This While Cross Country Skiing

Image credits: Dronas

#96 Jelly Ear. My First Time Finding One

Image credits: Earthchildpentwyn4

#97 Underworld Is Leaking

Image credits: Spacegirl98

#98 Had A Praying Mantis Nest Hatch By My Front Door

Image credits: emoats83

#99 Seagull Swallows A Whole Rabbit On Welsh Island

Image credits: skomer_island

#100 Classic Australia

Image credits: jasperise

#101 Moss Zombie

Image credits: TheCatAteMyGymsuit

#102 Female Anglerfish With Male Attached

Image credits: jpb0009

#103 This Spider With A Body In The Shape Of A Hellhound’s Head

Image credits: Andreas Kay

#104 The Inside Of A Goose’s Mouth Is Pretty Scary

Image credits: the_russian_mafia_7

#105 Laccaria Masoniae In South Island, New Zealand

Image credits: Noah Siegel

#106 Inside Out III Zoological Museum Of Kaunas

Image credits: becariademoda

#107 This Guy Says Hi. He’s Mr. Tapeworm And He Had His Photo Taken With A Microscope. Look At That Toothy Smile

Image credits: dmentia66

#108 Monday Morning Before A Coffee

Image credits: manueluribe_photo

#109 For Weeks We Couldn’t Find The Source Of The Horrible Smell In My Daughter’s Toybox Until She Asked Me To Untangle Moana’s Hair. I Guess It Got Tangled Up And Passed Away

Image credits: mizzlepizzle

#110 Found This Hiking Trail In The Grey County, Ontario, Summer 2019. Not Sure What Animal, Probably A Deer? Decent Length And Had A Pelvis Attached

Image credits: skeptikay

#111 This 5-Inch Moth We Found In Our House Yard Today

Image credits: Peppatree

#112 Found This In The Filling Of The Tube I Bought For The Chinchilla. Mommy And Babies Were All Dead

Image credits: loopy_markvan

#113 Severe Warned Storm Near Traverse City Michigan On September 7, 2021

Image credits: Tracey.Gubert

#114 Tornado Over Dallas TX Last Night

Image credits: themoochiest

#115 Saw This Baby Lizard Being Eaten And Carried Away By Ants

Image credits: KrabbyPraddy

#116 This Tree I Found Has Eyes

Image credits: Cr0fter

#117 Earthworm With Two Tails

Image credits: claspasp

#118 A Rattlesnake That Went Down Fighting Against California Wildfires

Image credits: dndavis0ne

#119 I Found This Intact Elk Rack Along The Continental Divide Trail Near Yellowstone Last Summer. It Was Way Too Heavy To Pack Out

Image credits: TheLostAlaskan

#120 This Yam That Looks Like A Human Hand

Image credits: pm_me_ur_bussy

#121 My Newborn Kitten Was Born 3 Eyed

Image credits: boostme253

#122 Opened Up A Tin Of Peas

Image credits: ID6WU

#123 Got Home Late Last Night And Fortunately I Saw This Before I Tried To Unlock My Door

Image credits: CyborgStranger

#124 Very Very Tiny Creature I Felt Crawling On Me

Image credits: minnesotafrozen

#125 Man Catches Australian “Sea Monster” With No Eyes And A Mouth Full Of Sharp Teeth

Image credits: outbackboathire

#126 A Thousand Black Like Worms At My Doorstep Anyone Know What They Are?

Image credits: wholesomevibeso

#127 It’s A Sea Of So Called “Portuguese Man O’ War”. Extremely Venomous. If You Ever See One, Stay Away, Don’t Touch

Image credits: White Wake Sailing

#128 Hydrosaurus Philippine Sailfin Lizard

Image credits: PC_Cuuhhrriiss

#129 Wild-Caught Spotted Wolffish

Image credits: aminor.as

#130 Mantis. Let’s All Take A Minute And Be Thankful That Bugs Aren’t The Same Size As Us

Image credits: lopshire_photography

#131 This Flew Into My Ear And Got Stuck A Bit, Wife Had To Use Tweezers To Get It Out. I Felt It Wiggle The Entire Time

Image credits: chompytown

#132 A Lizard Has Been Ingested By My Carnivorous Pitcher Plant. Plant:1 Lizard:0

Image credits: Sharpblades1

#133 A Hollow Tree With Branches On The Inside

Image credits: rucksacksepp

#134 Orca Stranded After The 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake In Southeast Alaska

Image credits: neilson_tara

#135 Alligator Gar Skull I Found While Hiking Today

Image credits: Scarfan9

#136 I Put These Bug Traps Down 2 Days Ago. Just Wanted To Check In Before I Burn The House Down

Image credits: Sutuh

#137 Caiman With An Unusual Tail

Image credits: Juan José Scarpetta

#138 Vultures Keep Circling This House In My Neighborhood. Should We Call Someone?

Image credits: perublanket39

#139 A Wasp Carrying A Huntsman Spider

Image credits: RuffledFeathers411

#140 “Fungeye” Natures Expression Of Human Body Parts

Image credits: heretolearn20

#141 Izmir, Turkey. Huge Huntsman Spider. Haven’t Seen Her Since This Encounter In The Bathroom

Image credits: dtcardillo99

#142 There Was A Black Widow In My Grapes Today. I Live In Washington

Image credits: Tall_idi0t

#143 Scary Spider. Massive And Almost Walked Into It

Image credits: Objective_Ad8411

#144 Assassin Bug Babies On A Death March Out Of Their Egg Clutch. Scary

Image credits: Lord_Jair

#145 Tree In The Napa Wildfire, Taken By My Buddy

Image credits: ickolas

#146 Recent Photograph Made Me Search My Photo Archive For This Impressive Caecilia Abitaguae

Image credits: santiak

#147 These Blue Dragons Seriously Look Like Aliens To Me

Such a weird-looking creature but the best thing about them is that they eat bluebottles, so we need a lot more of these blue warriors to get rid of bluebottles.

Image credits: kristianlainephotography

#148 In My Dream, I Was Being Tickled By A Feather. On My Cheek. Ended Up Finding This In My Sheets In The Morning

Needless to say, I changed my bedsheets. Absolutely hate centipedes.

Image credits: DarthArterius

#149 Update To Track The New Level Of Bugs In My Dad’s Shop Microwave Display (They’re Drawn To The Clock’s Backlight)

Image credits: ralmama

#150 Went To Grab A Paper Towel Roll

Image credits: mykidzRbad

#151 This Spider Changed His Skin Several Times In The Same Spot

Image credits: reshilongo

#152 Wasp Hive

Image credits: Sarkani

#153 View From Inside The Eyewall Of Hurricane Dorian. Given To Me By A Hope Town Survivor We Evacuated From The Bahamas

Image credits: bporl

#154 This Fish Caught In N. Carolina (More Pics)

Image credits: jennettespierobx

#155 In 2020 One Of My Biggest Photographic Dreams Come True, Some Real Close-Close-Close-Up Pictures Of An Active Volcano

Image credits: adrianrohnfelder

#156 My Mom’s Neighbor Has A Wasp Nest That Has Grown Around The Flood Lights On Their Garage. Sleep Tight

#157 It’s A Sweet Potato Sea Cucumber. Seagulls Were Eating The Insides And It Looked Bloody

Image credits: joelywiggo

#158 Not A Good Day To Be This Bee

Image credits: Cloaked_man

#159 Found This While Digging Around In My Parent’s Attic

Image credits: The_Mesh

#160 I Found This In My Crawlspace

Image credits: gratefulfred63

#161 I Took A Picture Of A Sheep Heard At Night And It Turned Out Pretty Scary

Image credits: iHainoon

#162 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: bel_ray

#163 I’ve Just Found Out That Horseshoe Crabs Have Five Eyes On The Top Of Their “Helmet”. They Also Have Light Sensors And Photoreceptors On Their Tail

Image credits: _discover_creation

#164 Giant Praying Mantis Paid Us A Little Visit Today In Grant Park

Image credits: goingindry127

#165 A Skittle Of Cactus Bugs, Is What I’m Choosing To Call This Aggregation

Image credits: Myrmecos

#166 Hairy Lychee And A Blueberry

Image credits: PetuniasFromMagrathea

#167 Grandpa’s Attic

Image credits: Ilikeeatingcheezitz

#168 Spider And Ant Share A Delicious Grasshopper. Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Image credits: Anonymous_Otters

#169 The Trees Are Waking Up

Image credits: Harlett_O_Scara

#170 I Found A Creepy Face Looking Growth On A Tree In Upstate NY

Image credits: MrOwlBeback24

#171 Apple That Was Eaten By Wasps And Hornets

Image credits: BeardLessYeti

#172 Demon Lemons From My Yard

Image credits: 666ratlord666

#173 My New Flat Is At The End Of This Road. Pray For Me

Image credits: Props1701

#174 This Zombie-Esque Tree I Found While Stuck In Traffic

Image credits: chzNcrackers

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