18 People Share The Weird Reasons That They “Deserved” To Get Bullied For

We’ve all done strange things when we were younger that we’re not proud of. Those are the same embarrassing things that our brains remind us of just as we’re trying to fall asleep. Remember how you used to dress in N-th grade? What about that bizarre habit everybody would cringe away from? The horror!

Well, Twitter user Missyungdoll created a viral thread about the wrong things that people did for which they “deserved to get bullied,” in her words. Obviously, she said this for comedic effect, dear Pandas. We’re sure that Missyungdoll is aware that bullying is a serious problem and nobody deserves to be harassed for who they are or for being ‘different.’

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However, some people were far from impressed that the Twitter user used to bring their pet fish to school and thought that this bordered on animal abuse. It also raised the issue that parents ought to do more to teach their kids about how to take care of animals properly so that similar situations don’t happen again. The Twitter user’s thread got more than 181.6k likes and was retweeted more than 8.6k times. Scroll down, have a look, and let us know what bizarre things you’ve done when you were young, dear Readers.

Disclaimer: nobody “deserves” to be bullied, no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

Some people didn’t like how Missyungdoll abused her pet fish


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Scientists have found proof that the stereotype that children who are different from their friends have a higher chance to get bullied is correct.

“Experience of teasing/bullying did not differ according to race, physical maturity or height, but was more likely among children who were less physically attractive, overweight, had a disability such as a sight, hearing or speech problem, and performed poorly at school. These factors were not only significant regardless of sex and social class, but also independent and thus additive in their effects,” said the authors of one research paper.


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Meanwhile, Very Well Family points out that there are a variety of reasons why bullies might latch onto someone at school. The fact is, anyone can become a victim of bullying: from successful overachievers and creative kids to those who have a different religion or might be ill.

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At the end of the day, the responsibility for bullying falls onto the bullies’ shoulders—you can’t blame the victims. However, bullies are human beings too and they might be lashing out because of serious issues at school or at home, too.

Talking things out honestly and getting support from parents and teachers can help both sides put their differences aside and, hopefully, put an end to bullying others for the strange things they did. Even if those things were really, really weird.


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