180 People Who Won Halloween

When the spookiest night of the year is dawning upon you, there’s always this feeling that every cool costume has been done before. Coming up with some seriously mad idea is never easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock an original look.

Just take a look at the ingenious people who nailed Halloween like it was a walk in the park in the list below. The magic formula (probably) doesn’t exist, but thinking outside the box, picking up fun cultural references everyone can relate to, and getting your thread and needle working may do the job.

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From the assistant to the Regional Manager to the “this is fine” meme, the award for the best Halloween costume goes to…

#1 Elton John

Image credits: User69069

#2 Since Dragoncon Was Canceled This Year, I Present To You My Lara Croft Cosplay

Image credits: Ninety9Balloons

#3 Happy Halloween?

Image credits: amlarson1111

#4 Both Photos Are Me, Two Years And 220 Pounds Lighter. Luigi-Time!

Image credits: Kureiton84

#5 Our First Time Dressing Up For Halloween

Image credits: Brick Built Apparel

#6 I Have To Wear This Outfit Everyday For Work. Today Is Especially Fun. Already Been Asked 5 Times By Strangers “What Would You Do If I Killed Your Dog?”

Image credits: kleverone

#7 Probably The Best Halloween Costume This Year

Image credits: tweedyone

#8 Still In The Delivery Room With These Two When I Planned This

Image credits: Jeezitgf

#9 Oh Scary

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Image credits: knuckleheadtj

#10 You’ve Got A Lot To Learn About This Town, Sweetie. I Channeled My Inner Phyllis For A Halloween Event Last Weekend

Image credits: lizzyleigh

#11 I’m The Only Person In My Entire Office Of 30 People Who Dressed Up Today And I’m In A Full Body Banana Suit

Image credits: Srob87

#12 Happy Halloween! This Is Fine

Image credits: ripplesinthewater

#13 Stupid Sexy Flanders

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#14 Blursed Halloween Costumes

Image credits: emrerich

#15 There’s No Crying In Baseball

Image credits: OTBaseballPhoto

#16 My Assistant To The Regional Manager

Image credits: mh923

#17 My Wife And I Made Our First Annual Halloween Card! “American Pandemic, 2020”

Image credits: Punting_Daisies

#18 He Wins Halloween

Image credits: dude0no

#19 This May Be My Sweetest Halloween Costume Yet

Image credits: phenomenon1995

#20 I Am Groot

Image credits: joshsundquist

#21 Our Son Was Born At 25 Weeks Almost 2 Months Ago. His Nurse Made Him This Epic Costume

Image credits: mowntandoo

#22 I Am… The Casting Couch

Image credits: thatszamora

#23 Felt Cute, Might Betray My Entire Character Arc And Burn Innocents Alive For No Reason Later

Image credits: thursday010

#24 Heavy Metal Rock Band

Image credits: mapetitechoux

#25 My Sweet Boy Rats Helped Me Make My Halloween Costume A Bit More Realistic

Image credits: pussyforpresident

#26 For My Son’s First Halloween, We Were The Addams Family

Image credits: aiptruss

#27 Alien Abduction Costume

Image credits: mrtanaka1

#28 Costume Of The Year

Image credits: crystalm7495

#29 My Niece Is Obsessed With Rbg And I Think She Nailed Her Halloween Costume

Image credits: spencurai

#30 The Math Department At My Former High School Decided To Dress As Dominoes For Halloween

Image credits: sammifarnsi

#31 My Son’s Hand Made Halloween Costume. He’s Been Working On It Since April

Image credits: jackjr68

#32 My Mom Is 2020 For Halloween

Image credits: breeezyychrist

#33 My Son Wanted To Be The “Coffin Dance Guys” For His Halloween Costume

Image credits: TheGuestDJ

#34 “What Are You Supposed To Be?” “Nun Of Your Business”

Image credits: Piratebutt

#35 My 3year Old Nephew As A Cowboy Today! Only Did Trick Or Treat At My House But Still Dressed Up

Image credits: Lovveen

#36 Never Gonna Give You Up

Image credits: May-o-Nayz

#37 Halloween 2020

Image credits: hilernothitler

#38 Halloween Costume

Image credits: binarythis

#39 Dressed Up As My Teacher For Halloween

Image credits: Malachi_L

#40 This Is How Halloween Went For Me And My Identical Twin A Few Years Ago

Image credits: WyronBang

#41 Updated My Tinder In The Spirit Of Halloween

Image credits: aflongkong

#42 As A Professional Social Media Manager, I Am Required By Law To Make This My Halloween Costume

Image credits: StrikerObi

#43 Someone Suggested I Post My Halloween Costume Here

Image credits: zoegirl319

#44 This Year, My 10-Year-Old Finally Let Me Make His Costume

Image credits: WYOmomming

#45 My Wife Finally Let Me Pick Out The Outfits This Year

Image credits: Reddajb

#46 I Grew My Hair Out For Over A Year To Be Bob Ross For Halloween. My Wife Was A Happy Little Tree

Image credits: WoodenPayload

#47 Musclebob Buffpants (Spongebob With Anchor Arms)

Image credits: josiemarcellino

#48 Matilda

Image credits: BeefRulez847

#49 I Scared Off A Number Of Trick-Or-Treaters With The Sign

Image credits: bshep86

#50 Jamaica Bobsled Team Costume

Image credits: beaverkc

#51 My Daughter, The Bat

For the last year, my daughter has told me she wants to be a “spooky, scary, bloody bat” for Halloween. So I made a pattern, bought some fabrics, and made it happen! The blood will be added before Trick or Treating.

Image credits: kittenspaday

#52 Our 6 Year Old As His Favorite Character Flick For Halloween. My Sister Made This Costume By Hand And The Mask Is A Modded Jurassic Park Raptor

Image credits: SeaBassCanKissMyAss

#53 When All Your Co-Workers Agree To Dress Up As Smurfs This Year, But You’re The Only One To Go Through With It

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#54 Ghost Busters?

Image credits: TBTEee

#55 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Image credits: BrothersBearPodcast

#56 Raising Him Right- Son’s Choice Of Costume This Year

Image credits: mjk3

#57 Today Was Our Halloween Party At Work. That Was Really, Really Good Timing

Image credits: SeeingShadows23

#58 Everyone Thought We Were Teletubbies But I Know Y’all Will Get It

Image credits: ColdFajitas

#59 After My Family Refused To Help Me Convince My Dad To Wear A Pickle Costume For Halloween, I Bought One And Sent It To Him Anyway. Reddit, Meet My Dad, Rick

Image credits: Purple_Drank

#60 Edna Mode And Baby Jack Jack

Image credits: bretmanrock

#61 Steve Harvey

Image credits: quenblackwell

#62 I Found Out My Goddaughter Was Was Going As Sonic For Halloween, But Was Sad She Couldn’t Go Anywhere. So I Made An Eggman Costume And Drove To Her House For A Mini Party

Image credits: Elainamain

#63 My Boy Was Freddie Mercury For Halloween

Image credits: pjhill930

#64 My Halloween Costume!! I’m A Gamer Grill!

Image credits: the_mess_express

#65 My Daughter And Husband As Toph And The Boulder. She Filled Up Her Appa With So Much Candies From Last Night’s Trick Or Treating

Image credits: huniebee24

#66 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Mayor Of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot

Image credits: Justin M. Hoskin

#67 Halloween Costume

Image credits: whatthechel__

#68 Buddy At Work Nailed It

Image credits: incertcre8ivesn

#69 She Wanted To Dress As The Trunchbull So I Was Matilda

Image credits: WhiteTrashWarlock

#70 Ok Internet, We Did The Thing. Here’s My Twins As Slinky Dog

Image credits: AshRT

#71 My Buddy Is An Elementary Art Teacher, This Is How He Integrated A Mask Into His Halloween Costume

Image credits: Jeromiewhalen

#72 My Sister And Her Husband Casually Dominating The Costume Game A Few Years Back

Image credits: Stellaheystella

#73 My Handmade Halloween Costume

Image credits: biologer

#74 I Was Ahead Of The Game On This One… My Halloween Costume 2 Years Ago

Image credits: OlHucklebuck

#75 19 Years Ago Today, On Halloween, This Is How I Announced To My Students And Colleagues That I Was Pregnant

Image credits: nonnahinnor

#76 Happy Halloween

Image credits: takethatkevin

#77 Te Fiti

I was going to do the moss wig, I’d make the heart with some green flowers. I even grabbed some green body makeup to make it really come to life. My goal was to make it happen on a budget, so I spent months hunting down all the pieces we’d need to pull it off. Here’s one of my inspo pictures above. I was excited because Emilia was so excited.

Image credits: marriedwithstyle

#78 My Math Teacher’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: elliotekstrom

#79 My Mom Nailed The Mad Hatter Look This Year With Her Thrift Store Costume

Image credits: Maf1c

#80 Harry And Marv Walked Into A Halloween Party I Was At. Perfection

Image credits: B1tN1nja

#81 I Finished Making My Son’s Halloween Costume And I Think It Turned Out Pretty Cool

Image credits: MostFlavorfulBond

#82 My Halloween Costume Ft. My Pug, Chuck

Image credits: TheLittleWinner2

#83 I Made My Three Year Old A Godzilla Costume

Image credits: johannasburg

#84 Handmade Artsy Style Cosplay Based On Kiki’s Delivery Service 

I made everything except for the jewelry and shoes from scratch! I wanted to go for a Kiki in college vibe for this! Sidenote: this broom is handmade by branches that fell into my yard during a land hurricane which is apparently a thing.

Image credits: ellepastelle

#85 DIY Venom Mask

Image credits: Zompoko

#86 Prison Dr. Evil And Mini Me

Image credits: BrothersBearPodcast

#87 When Your Dog Has Spots…

Image credits: Queenpwb

#88 I Just Saw This Cute Mario Family

Image credits: cheapass312

#89 Kif, I Have Made A Halloween Costume, Inform The Men

Image credits: Schwingset

#90 My Niece As The Crocodile Hunter, Isn’t She A Beaut?!?

Image credits: Epstein-ddntkllhmslf

#91 I Went As Rosa Diaz From Brooklyn Nine Nine This Halloween!

Image credits: ShiaDovahkiin

#92 We Will Talk About This In The Van

Image credits: emmyrez

#93 Society Is Never Gonna Make Any Progress Until We All Learn To Pretend To Like Each Other

Image credits: karinarunner

#94 Chonky Velma

It took forever to find the matching orange shirt and socks. Everything bought from Amazon. The skirt actually has shorts under it!

Image credits: bearsandgravy

#95 Tardigrade Costume

Image credits: OffGeneric

#96 This Is 2020

Image credits: shearself

#97 $2 Black Thrift Store Pajamas And Some White Acrylic Paint! I Think I Did A Pretty Good Job

Image credits: DougWeaverArt

#98 My Friend Had An Incredible Grace Jones Costume For Halloween

Image credits: NYCgallerydirector

#99 I Don’t Know If You Know This, But Dolphins Ain’t Fish. They Is Like Us, They Is Mammaries

Image credits: stopwifingdotcom

#100 Selena Gomez

Image credits: justmartindale

#101 My Friends And I Dressed Up As Our ‘Gang Beasts’ Characters For Halloween

Image credits: wormywils

#102 My Halloween Costume

Image credits: its4ngelnichole

#103 Happy Halloween From Me And Chewie

Image credits: cullingofwolves

#104 A Little Late, But Here’s My Little Chewbacca And My Girlfriend For Halloween

Image credits: bl240

#105 Ollo Citizens Of Metrocity

Image credits: PlaneBodyLord

#106 My Sister (10) Wanted To Be Prison Mike For Halloween

Image credits: KingOfToasters1768

#107 Spaceballs The Halloween Costume

Image credits: wife2ezmoney

#108 This Is My NCR Ranger Halloween Costume

Image credits: Vitamin_D123

#109 I Wanted To Show Off My Halloween Costume Since I Like Validation

Image credits: Ashlikespineapples

#110 Any “Trailer Park Boys” Fans? This Is My Gender Bender Bubbles Cosplay. The Local Dispensary Is Doing Costume Contest Giveaway, Can I Get A “Decent”?

Image credits: sw33tpetite

#111 Halloween Costume Entry: Global Pandamic

Start with a panda onesie: I got mine off nextdoor as someone sold it off for $15 used. Go to craft store and buy a $0.99 bag of pipe cleaners, shape them into Ts or sharp end clovers and pierce the panda fabric. Pretty cheap and easily removed. Grab a globe, stuff it with same pipe cleaners and be the best pun you can be for 2020. I’m also going to go grab a world map and make a flag out of it, but I’m not sure if I want to ruin a map for this.

Image credits: PandAnomoly

#112 My Son’s Full Body Crochet Slenderman Costume

Image credits: Crochetverse

#113 My Wife Did An Amazing Cosplay Of Edward Scissorhands Today For Halloween

Image credits: EZRocker

#114 My Wife’s Custome For A Quarentined Halloween

Image credits: ProudAccident

#115 My Families Big Lebowski Halloween!

Image credits: Jdphotopdx

#116 My Halloween Michael Myers Costume From Last Year

Image credits: matthewgdick

#117 Homemade Oogie Boogie Costume

Image credits: kreagen666

#118 Last Year I Dressed Up As A Bottle Of Purell For Halloween. Who Knew How Ahead Of The Times I Would Be

Image credits: xochrissyjayy

#119 I Made This Barn Owl Costume For Halloween

Image credits: kelseyisacannibal

#120 Hand Sanitizer

Image credits: emma_okelly

#121 My 2018 Halloween Costume Was An Omen For 2020

Image credits: undecidednewjob

#122 Nighttime Costumes In The Hansa Park Germany

Image credits: Daybreaker202

#123 Dwight Pumpkin Costume (Yes I Carved Out A Real Pumpkin) What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: RuthlessFapper

#124 My Twin Daughter’s Halloween Costumes Paying Homage To The 90s Classic “Clueless”

Image credits: USCplaya

#125 Work From Home Barbie Costume I Threw Together For A Costume Competition At Work

Image credits: so-lou

#126 My Wife & I Dressed As Refugee Tea Shop Workers

Image credits: reximilian

#127 Halloween Costume

Image credits: Staysh__

#128 Thought You Guys Might Like My Boyfriend And Mines Halloween Costumes We Made

Image credits: Guadawn02

#129 This Year’s Duo Costume With My Dog Was Inspired By The Great Tp Shortage Of 2020

Image credits: ambermaec

#130 She Wanted To Be Forky. We Went With It

Image credits: muffin812

#131 Oh, Yeah!

Image credits: onekoolkat94

#132 My Halloween Costume From A Couple Years Ago. Don’t Know How I’ll Top This

Image credits: someguyonthisthing

#133 Had Hip Surgery On Wednesday So Great Timing For A Nancy Kerrigan Costume

Image credits: ho_grammer

#134 I’m Pretty Happy With Our Couple Costume This Year

Image credits: randyrhodes22

#135 Tusken Raider

Image credits: happyboat1

#136 Do You Have Your Car Insured? We Have You Covered

Image credits: talktomefuckingnice

#137 My Daughter Nailed Her Minister Of Silly Walks Costume

Image credits: TheKnotStore

#138 My Dad’s Halloween Costume Of ‘78

Image credits: Emerducks

#139 My Cousins At Their Halloween Party

Image credits: Zanzalore

#140 Just A Genie In A Bottle, Baby

Image credits: schnazy7712

#141 Halloween 1998 When I Thought Dressing As A Giant Milkbone Would Make Dogs Like Me

Image credits: fantasticmrfox323

#142 Figured This Sub Might Appreciate My Halloween Costume From Last Year

Image credits: coyoteuprising

#143 Trying Out Halloween Looks

Image credits: yunoookumura

#144 Miss Trunchbull From Matilda

Image credits: NetflixSpooks

#145 A Medic From TF2 Costume My Dad Made For Me Back In 5th Grade

Image credits: Hop_Scott

#146 My Friends DIY Costume

Image credits: Harliethedogg

#147 Quarantined With A 3D Printer And Needed A Mask For Halloween… Only One Solution… Predator!

Image credits: bnd0407

#148 Full Body Crocheted Five Nights At Freddy’s Costume For My Son! He’s So Happy! Pit Bonnie

Image credits: Crochetverse

#149 My Girlfriend’s Wendigo Costume She Made, With A Working Jaw In The Mask When She Talks

Image credits: SeductiveCheerio

#150 I Saw A Magazine Cover From 1895 And I Was Obsessed With The Witch Costume On The Front, So I Decided To Make It

Image credits: sewing_magic

#151 My Wifey Killed It With Her Costume

Image credits: aarondavidson1

#152 Fiancé And I Made Our Own Costumes

Image credits: Cutethulhu66

#153 My 6-Month-Old’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: grossgraves

#154 I’m 24 And Have Never Missed A Night Of Trick Or Treating, This Is This Year’s Costume (Everything But The Mask Was Hand Made By Me)

Image credits: ToiletSheriff

#155 My Husband Finished Our Kids’ Halloween Costumes This Week. A Swat Officer & An Alien Abduction

Image credits: keely_bee

#156 Steampunk Plague Doctor

Halloween costume is complete! There’s still some stuff I’d like to add, but due to time constraints, are going to have to wait for another time. Overall, very happy with the result.

Image credits: Zoingo2

#157 Halloween Costumes Last Year. Husband And Me. No One Wanted To Talk To Me

Image credits: Beanersoup

#158 Last Year I Was Roasted. The Brunt Of The Insults Inspired My Will Byers Halloween Costume

Image credits: AutumnLeaves1939

#159 Me And My Friends For The School Halloween Competition! We Won Best Group

Image credits: Supernova0405

#160 Finished My Swedish Chef Costume Today. Bork!

Image credits: coffeehandler

#161 My Lemongrab Costume From Halloween Last Year

Image credits: yeahnahl0l5

#162 We Named Our Newborn Lincoln For The Very Purpose Of Using Link As A Nickname. So Of Course His First Halloween Costume Was A No Brainer

Image credits: Obstacle_Illusion

#163 “I’m Here To Scare You Straight!” Prison Mike And Dementor Costume

Image credits: Aswingkido

#164 Was On A Budget For My Halloween Costume So I Decided To Be The Legend Himself

Image credits: SpaceC0wb0y86

#165 Trying Out A New Halloween Makeup Idea

Image credits: Rajpar

#166 We Finally Got My Father-In-Law To Play Along With Us For Halloween

Image credits: tdburd02

#167 I’m A School Bus Driver. I Had To Do It

Image credits: live_in_person

#168 “More Like Chel Dorado”

Image credits: headswilltroll

#169 My Father Made This Halloween Costume For Me When I Was Younger And I Wanted To Share

Image credits: Cerulean225

#170 My Son’s Handmade Skull Kid Costume

Image credits: goat_eating_sundews

#171 My Son Wanted To Be Old Gregg So I Assembled This Costume And Made The Wig From Fake Seaweed And A Wig Cap

Image credits: marygracewasalreadytaken

#172 Kuzco And Yzma!

Image credits: Boshika

#173 I’m Old Greeeeeegg

Image credits: CheddarDreams

#174 We Are… The People’s Champ

Image credits: honestlyjustno

#175 I’m Your Number One Fan

Image credits: VonInMpls

#176 I Dressed Up As Craig Jones From Friday For My Halloween Costume

Image credits: AsylumOfCerberus

#177 Our City Councillor And His Daughter Dressed As Him

Image credits: i_never_ever_learn

#178 For Your Costume Consideration… Handsome Squidward

Image credits: CoachC15

#179 I Had To Share My Costume

Image credits: wawsatx

#180 My Son Went As Pennywise This Year

Image credits: hydeiamsticky

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