180 Times People Found The Most Unexpected Things (New Pics)

Life is full of surprises. Of course, we can’t pick and choose; one day they come in the form of an arrowhead in a dried up stream, the next it’s a death mask under the bedroom floor. We just have to keep our eyes open. That’s the only thing in our power, really.

Luckily, the subreddit r/MildlyInteresting has plenty of perfect examples that good things happen when we do. Many of its 19 million members have shared photos of unexpected finds they came across pretty much everywhere you can imagine.

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Continue scrolling to check out the ones that have impressed us at Bored Panda the most and fire up our earlier publication for more astonishing discoveries.

#1 Found This On A Bench In Margate UK This Weekend

“Dedicated to – HAYDEN KAYS. Forever missed by his friends and family. – He’s not dead yet. He’s just become increasingly anti-social.”

Image credits: lookthatwayplease

#2 Found Amethyst Pieces In A New Gravel Driveway

Image credits: fluffmcstuffins

#3 We Found A Missile While Out Blueberry Picking

Image credits: Halfkid

#4 Found While Out Deer Hunting In The Middle Of Nowhere

Image credits: TakenAHike

#5 My Mom And Uncle Found A USAF Target Drone On The Beach

Image credits: coolmanjack

#6 This Massive Bald Eagle Feather I Found

Image credits: Gone333

#7 Worth It

Image credits: daisandconfused

#8 My Dog Found A Huge Bone At The Beach Today

Image credits: stellar6388

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#9 Clam Covered Mannequin Head That Washed Up On Shore

Image credits: reddit.com

#10 You Never Know What You Will Find When You Pick Up A Shell At Honeymoon Beach, Florida. Little Dude Was Put Safely Back In The Water

Image credits: crinnoire

#11 Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster On Sesame Street

Image credits: holyfruits

#12 This Morning I Found A Bat Sleeping In My Window… Inside The Screen

Image credits: mugglesport

#13 A Cast Iron Cauldron I Found Buried In My Forest

Image credits: BoosterSqueak

#14 This Giant Dandelion I Found On My Walk Today

Image credits: blood_omen

#15 Found An Unopened PS1 In My Grandfather’s Attic

Image credits: ydntkme

#16 I Came Across These Theropod Tracks While Fly Fishing In Leander, Texas

Image credits: Pondernautics

#17 I Found A Box Of My Dads 30-35 – Year – Old Sodas There Are Probably 50 In There And I Thought It Would Be Cool To Share

Image credits: mitmatgamesyt

#18 This Rattlesnake Was Found Bathing In The Puddle Created From A Cow Hoofprint

Image credits: zherper

#19 Found This ‘Veiled Lady’ Mushroom On A Hike This Morning Near Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: Spudnut

#20 Gifted A Bonsai Tree, Found An Egg Near The Trunk – This Little One Hatched From It Today

Image credits: krohner5

#21 Older Roman Mosaic Under A Layer Of Less Older Roman Mosaic – Found In Greece

Image credits: IASIPxIASIP

#22 Friend Bought A N64 Game, Found This Inside

For those of you wondering, he was taking this game apart to use the back on his JP copy of Mario Kart so he could take it to a friend’s house with unmodded N64’s. As to why he didn’t hear the pills loose shaking around, they were stuck to the sides with double-sided tape. You can see that in the image. The tape itself also looks old. He bought the game a year or so ago, but the game itself was made in the late 90s so who knows how long this has been sitting in there.

Image credits: goodpeopleskills

#23 Surreal Moment Today. I Went To Oaks, PA “Too Many Games” Expo. Found My Gameboy From Early 2000’s

Image credits: 2scott2handle

#24 Found An Arrowhead In A Dried Up Stream

Image credits: awkwardlytallguy

#25 A Gold Bar With Mint Marks, Recovered From The Spanish Treasure Ship ‘Atocha’ Which Sank In 1622

Image credits: GaGator43

#26 This Pixelated Leaf I Found

Image credits: ThumYorky

#27 A Plane Crash I Hiked To In North Carolina

Image credits: L3N1B

#28 “McSpoon” That Was Banned In 1979 Turned Up In My Yard

Image credits: UrsidaeClay

#29 This Strawberry I Found Is Shaped Like A Perfect Flower

Image credits: marti_628

#30 Woman Finds Sunken Message In Bottle From 1926 Addressed To One George Morrow, The Internet Helps Find Surviving Relatives

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#31 My Mom’s Purse Was Stolen In The 80s At A Hiking Trailhead. Today Someone Messenged Her That They Found It Deep In The Woods. The Leather Was All Destroyed

Image credits: CanisPecuarius

#32 I Came In My Kitchen To Find A Lizard Using A Sponge As A Raft In The Sink (I Live In New Mexico)

Image credits: bassmansrc

#33 This Little Door I Found In The Trunk Of A Tree While Walking In Lowell

Image credits: noffxpring

#34 Found Some Old Newspapers In My Grandpa’s Basement

Image credits: Iteration-k

#35 Found A Piece Of Rock That Looks Like A Steak

Image credits: Weidelberg

#36 A Roman Road Discovered While Excavating For A New McDonald’s In Marino, Italy. They Incorporated A Glass Floor In The Restaurant After Excavations Were Complete

Image credits: jacklsd

#37 Water Levels At Lake Powell Are So Low You Can Find Old Wrecks Out Of The Water

Image credits: mowikn

#38 My Friend Was Cleaning Out Her Grandma’s Belongings And Found This Old School Kit From The 70s

Image credits: hmoonves

#39 My Sister And Brother-In-Law Moved Into A New House Today, Found This Safe In The Floor And Can’t Open It. Yet

Image credits: mitch359

#40 Coworker Found A “Motion Picture Use” $100 On Our Construction Site

Image credits: JayBeeGlassworks

#41 I Found This Plant Growing Out Of The Concrete

Image credits: superchargedautism

#42 Came Across This Spine And Pelvic Bone Hanging From A Tree Limb During My Hike Yesterday

Image credits: dog_lover_az

#43 This Gravestone I Found In The Woods

Image credits: SirSulo

#44 I Found A Pile Of Walnuts In My Car Engine

Image credits: Yguy2000

#45 Found This Outside. Someone’s Day Will Be Ruined

Image credits: Fay_B

#46 A 130-Year-Old Crypt Found While Renovating A Church In Sc, They Put A Glass Window On It So You Could See The Face

Image credits: Dullahen

#47 This Purple Mushroom I Found

Image credits: grobnerual

#48 Old Cars Becoming The River Bank

Image credits: Smartyandfarty

#49 It Has Been Family Lore That My Grandmother Had A Pet Raccoon Named Smokey. I Didn’t Believe It Until I Found Photographic Evidence. Late 40’s Or Early 50’s

Image credits: Neville1989

#50 I Found A Diamond In My Shoe While Working Out

Image credits: Fassbenderr

#51 This Caterpillar I Found

Image credits: KittyKarin

#52 I Found This Leaf With Only Its ‘Veins’ Remaining

Image credits: spechlfriedrice

#53 I Found A Bomb While On A Hike

Image credits: Papasfritasporfavor

#54 Found This Rock With Odd-Shaped Hole

Image credits: fiveho11

#55 Found An E Than Survived The Recycling Process On The Cardboard We Use At Work

Image credits: GodNasua

#56 Bought A “Brand New” Jacket Online. Found This Inside The Pocket

Image credits: Nylokken

#57 Today I Found An Unexploded WWII Bomb

Image credits: umberto_pagano

#58 In 1945 My Great Grandmother Wrote Her Name In A Sidewalk. We Found It Again. She Is 93

Image credits: ChemEngecca

#59 My Son Found This At Goodwill And It Really Takes Me Back

Image credits: ShakeYouLikeHaiti

#60 I Found This In My Basement. I’m Pretty Sure It’s A Spider, But I Don’t Know How He Got Like That

Image credits: gratefulfred63

#61 I Found Plane Wreckage While Hiking In A State Park This Weekend

Image credits: poopsmitherson

#62 I Found A Letter From Richard Nixon From 1955 In My Grandfathers Stuff In Guatemala

Image credits: chopari

#63 Cleaning Out An Old Apartment And Found A 1982 Coca Cola Screwdriver Set

Image credits: BouncingJigglingJugs

#64 Went On A Walk, Fogged Up My Glasses, And Found This

Image credits: CoryClears

#65 The Note I Found In This Second-Hand Book

Image credits: holdmeturin

#66 I Found This Locked Suitcase In The Back Of A Storage Closet At The Hotel Where I Work. I Pried It Open And It’s A Little Time Capsule

Image credits: LoachLounge

#67 Friend’s Family Owned A Pharmacy. They Found This In The Basement Secret Corner That Collapsed In A Flood

Image credits: Travbuc1

#68 I’m Going To Need A Loan To Pay The Late Fees For This Tape I Found In My Basement

Image credits: jdiben1

#69 I Found A Stack Of 10 Uncirculated Australian $1 Notes. These Were Discontinued By 1984

Image credits: hybridbirdman

#70 I Found A Dollar Bill With A Rotationally Symmetric Serial Number

Image credits: rraattbbooyy

#71 Found A Tiny Greenhouse In The Woods

Image credits: A_Fungus_Chungus

#72 Ball Of Salt That I Took Out Of The Dead Sea

Image credits: afunnywold

#73 We Found A Death Mask Under Our Bedroom Floor. Now What?

Image credits: claraclara000

#74 We Found War Ration Books From 1944 Inside An Old Purse In The Basement

Image credits: Cachafaz2000

#75 This Flat Fire Extinguisher I Found

Image credits: anagitatedarsonist

#76 Found This Thing On The Bottom Of My Pool

Image credits: Mouldyrabbit7

#77 My Sister Got A Mini Starfish In Her Mussels

Image credits: MacaronCats

#78 This Mushroom I Found 5 Years Ago

Image credits: BlekIgel

#79 These Old Shaving Kits That I Found

Image credits: Kyleforshort

#80 A Pay Stub We Found While Renovating Our Home

Image credits: Jennlprice

#81 Found Some Old Containers For Transporting Eyeballs

Image credits: zoelord

#82 A Strange Mural Found After Removing The Paint In My Aunt’s New House

Image credits: CliffordTDog

#83 I Just Found 8 Four-Leaf Clovers In One Patch

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 We Found A Bud Inside A Bag Of Yarn We Bought At The Thrift Store

Image credits: Ashtronica2

#85 We Just Found Kittens In The Bushes Near Our House

Image credits: ATimeHoody

#86 This Long And Rectangular River Rock I Found

Image credits: Jack120Red

#87 Found A Newspaper From 1998 And A Phone From The Same Era Left Alone On A Bench

Image credits: highcoloredits

#88 Found A Dinosaur Footprint On Our Hike In Utah

Image credits: jasonseannn

#89 Megalodon Teeth I Found Diving In 90 FSW Off The Coast Of North Carolina

Image credits: weelittleplatypus

#90 Every Vauxhall Car Built Since 2004 Have A Hidden Shark Somewhere In The Car. Found Mine In The Glove Box

Image credits: darkdetective

#91 When Ripping Out My Ceiling Drywall I Found A Report Card From 1957 A Kid Must Have Hid Up There. Someone Failed The 8th Grade

Image credits: Zoltanu

#92 A Receipt Found In A Book From 1992. Not A Vegetable In Sight

Image credits: Dabmasterrick

#93 I’ve Found This Heart Shaped Potato In My Garden

Image credits: larg04

#94 Found Out Why The Roomba Quit Working

Image credits: mrmcgeek

#95 Old 3ds Found With Erosion And Barnacles Found While Diving

Image credits: Dori_toes

#96 These Spring Shoes I Found At A Thrift Store Many Years Ago

Image credits: AvrilAvril

#97 This 1890-91 Colt 45 I Found Digging In My Yard

Image credits: gracieangel420

#98 I Found This Stick And It Looks Like A Katana In The Shadows

Image credits: Icyray8

#99 I Found $10 While Scooping Sludge At My Wastewater Treatment Plant

Image credits: mvdonkey

#100 Chrome Blue Wasp I Found In My Backyard

Image credits: Jeeptesla

#101 So This Is A Newly Discovered Ancient City Built 3000 Years Ago. West Old Thebes, Egypt

Image credits: Auxxit

#102 A Wildfire Ripped Through Waterton Lakes National Park In 2017. Found This Burn Pattern On A Tree There Last Month

Image credits: ladyc426

#103 I Stumbled Across This Car That’s Painted Half Black And Half White

Image credits: AndrewDSo

#104 I Found A Bird’s Nest In A Tree Trunk While Taking A Walk

Image credits: Eyekosaeder

#105 My Friend Works In Mines And Found A Mummified Mountain Lion

Image credits: Castlewaller

#106 I Found Jewish Ghetto Coin From 1943

Image credits: Mackelowsky

#107 I Found A Frozen Snake

Image credits: TysonGoesOutside

#108 Found This Steel Plate In My Papa John’s

Image credits: Peekatew

#109 Megalodon Tooth I Found In A Dirty Florida Creek

Image credits: GCsurfstar

#110 Found In An Old Book

From the 1940s. Not sure if they’re paycheques, or what, but $8.92 doesn’t seem like a lot these days! 


The weirdest thing (besides the fact that they survived this long) is, they’re from Nebraska, and here I am on the east coast of Canada!

Image credits: drawnbyjohn

#111 This Silver Pin I Found Metal Detecting Is Called A Luckenbooth Brooch. Scottish Tradition But Likely Traded With Native Americans 300 Years Ago

Image credits: silverwinged

#112 My Mum Found This Bird Skull In Our Plant Pot

Image credits: rocknroll237

#113 My Friend Found This Guy At Work

Image credits: SpeakEasyChef

#114 Found My Kid’s Watch He Lost 3 Months Ago

Image credits: penguinhardowski

#115 I Found A Pile Of Snail Shells In My Car Engine

Image credits: jessijojo

#116 Found A Doll’s Head While Diving In An Adirondack Lake. Left It In The Freezer To Surprise The Next Visitors To Our Timeshare

Image credits: nopenguins2kayak

#117 Dug Up A Very Old Orange Crush Can In My Garden Yesterday

Image credits: Klabble

#118 I Found My Doppelganger. On A Thrifted T-Shirt, 2,700 Miles Away

Image credits: NiceStrings

#119 Jar Of Ash From Mountain St Helen. Found In My Sister-In-Law’s Garage

Image credits: Grimase

#120 Looked Through A Patch Of Clovers Before Mowing The Lawn, I Found 16 Four-Leaf Clovers

Image credits: IMFacepie

#121 A Pay Phone! In The Middle Of Muir Woods, San Francisco Bay Area

Image credits: outsidelandowner

#122 1866 Penny Found In Wall Of My Old House During Renovation

Image credits: jimfromcopper

#123 This 7-Leaf Clover I Just Found


#124 New House Find, Do You Think It’ll Play Crysis? It Doesn’t Seem To Have Any Problems Playing Rust

Image credits: ThrowDoughBaggoutz

#125 A Family Member Found This In His Father’s Things He Saved From The War

Image credits: Zero7CO

#126 A Triumph Motor Stuck In A Tree I Found While Walking

Image credits: Jellofobia

#127 Found Over 30 Vapes And A Bunch Of Other Trash While Diving With My Best Friend

Image credits: Merman_Mike

#128 I Found An Unopened Can Of Beer From 1954 At A Job Today

Image credits: It_Digiorno

#129 This Useless Staircase I Found In The Wild

Image credits: yaboyroy61

#130 Found Some Unopened Pokémon Cards From 20 Years Ago While Going Through My Grandparents Stuff

Image credits: swingingfloob

#131 Found My Dad’s Old Phone

Image credits: gotdatfeeling

#132 Found This Cool Moss Covered Shoe In The Woods

Image credits: redditm2397

#133 Approximately 167 – Year – Old Garlic I Found Under The Floor Of My Half-Timbered House

Image credits: schubl

#134 Found A Hundred And Thirty Year Old Recipe Book While Cleaning Out Grandmas House

Image credits: KimJongsDongUnMyFace

#135 Remodeling My 1918 Home And Found This Battery In The Wall

Image credits: Snaefellsjokul

#136 Found This In Garbage. This Is A Postcard That Is About 100 Years Old, With Mark That Originates In A Country Which Existed For 2 Years. I Find This Very Interesting

Image credits: that-bass-guy

#137 I Found This Perfectly Mummyfied/Dried Frog On A Hike

Image credits: pierre-ordinaire

#138 Found A Check From 1879 For $105 In My Dresser That I Inherited From My Grandfather

Image credits: Spaloonbabagoon

#139 Cleaned Out My Closet And Found My Unopened Star Wars Trilogy VHS That I Bought In 1995

Image credits: Oopy-soup

#140 Woke Up This Morning To Find An Interesting (Natural) Ice Sculpture In The Garden

Image credits: pixeljuggle

#141 My Husband Found A Pre-WWII Globe At Goodwill

Image credits: laurasmithj2000

#142 I Found A Weirdly Bent Banana

Image credits: Jim_and_Nic

#143 Found This Old Memory Module At Work Today

Image credits: MIlobran

#144 My Girlfriend Found This Rock That Looks Like A Moustache

Image credits: samuel1410

#145 Found In A Crystal Shop In Sedona, AZ

Image credits: roadbingo

#146 My Friend Found This Paystub From 1949 For A Machinist. $1.17/Hour, 2021 Inflation: $13.13/Hour

Image credits: gravytrain2112

#147 Found This 1829 Silver Half-Dime In The Woods. Nickels Weren’t Invented Yet

Image credits: RedParrot94

#148 I Was Cleaning And Found This Ancient Relic Under My TV Stand

Image credits: S4lam1

#149 Found An Overdue Rental At My Mom’s House From 1994

Image credits: StcStasi

#150 Found A WWII Nazi Spoon At Goodwill

Image credits: dxwoodward

#151 Found An Original Glass Bottle Of Crystal Pepsi, With Foam Label, While Cleaning Out My Mother-In-Law’s Place

Image credits: woofiegrrl

#152 There Were (Literally) Whole Grains In My Son’s Cheerios

Image credits: RunsLikeAnAntelope

#153 Things I Find In Printers As A Printer Technician

Image credits: Venusmannen

#154 This Oddly Shaped Rock I Found At A Lake

Image credits: xxoxox33

#155 Found Another Crotal (Or Scrotal) Bell

Image credits: Canadiandetectorist

#156 Pocket Watch Found Amongst My Late Husband’s Things

Image credits: PotterFan

#157 This Movie Prop Money I Found On The Street

Image credits: PobBrobert

#158 Found A Lil Wasp Nest

Image credits: benign_said

#159 Was Flipping Through A Review Book In The Condo We’re Renting And Came Across This Drawing

Image credits: Ucranium

#160 Found Lizard Milk For The First Time In Years

Image credits: Usual-Childhood

#161 Found This Little Old Globe That Has The USSR

Image credits: Tyrant2033

#162 Finding This Japanese Condiment Jar Washed Up On The Oregon Coast

Image credits: west_coast_lover

#163 A Rock My Brother And I Found That Looks Like It Was Struck By Lightning

Image credits: gweebah

#164 Found A Four-Leaf Clover In An Old Book Of Poetry From 1889

Image credits: andretwothousand999

#165 I Found An Exactly 23-Year-Old Newspaper Sitting On A Park Bench Yesterday

Image credits: James_Fennell

#166 Found On Beach In Seaside, Oregon

Image credits: Anxietylife4

#167 Grandfather’s Odds And Ends Tin Full Of Vintage Packages (And Hardware)

Image credits: JHunterthe2nd

#168 This Shark Tooth I Found On The Beach

Image credits: TinkTink3

#169 This Almost Perfectly Egg-Shaped Stone I Found In My Garden

Image credits: Maspital

#170 This Twin Rose I Found While Gardening

Image credits: Normaly-abnormal

#171 This 70-Year-Old Japanese Picture I Found At A Estate Sale

Image credits: AutomatonVigor

#172 A Bottle Of 1970s Aftershave, Found Buried In My Backyard

Image credits: stonk_detective

#173 Dentures Found Inside An Abandoned Asylum

Image credits: StaticSpaces

#174 Found Some Weimar Hyper-Inflation Banknotes While Going Through An Old Trunk

Image credits: Salmonman4

#175 The Birds By My House Line Their Nests With Fur From My Great Pyrenees

Image credits: jonesryan98

#176 We’re Cleaning Out My Late Stepmom’s Storage Unit And Found Some Crayons From Before I Was Born

Image credits: idreamoffreddy

#177 This Weirdly Shaped Strawberry I Found In My Garden Today

Image credits: _danielis_reddit

#178 My 4-Year-Old Found Three 4-Leaf Clovers

Image credits: SackSauce69

#179 Cleaning Out My Parents Basement And I Found Bottles Of Water They Saved During Y2K

Image credits: InItsTeeth

#180 This Tiny Pickle I Found At The Bottom Of The Jar

Image credits: KryptumOne

Source: boredpanda.com

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