182 Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Pet In Their Lives (New Pics)

Dad logic is one heck of a tricky business. Ask them anything and they are likely to find a way to go about it—convincing your mom to pay your rent until you turn 35 is alright, but just try mentioning a pet and you’ve just served yourself a rant. ‘Cause dads don’t wanna see any of those filthy paws in da house until they actually get one.

You see, there are a whole bunch of jokes surfing around the internet about just how much dads adore their new pets and how easily they forget that “never ever” that they swore, like, a day ago.

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Bored Panda has compiled a list, or rather solid evidence, that busted the dads who shouted the loudest but now love their little furballs more than they love their kids. And no, don’t try telling your parents that’s how it works. Part of the magic is that any dad would ever dare to accept it.

#1 Caught Him Hugging The Giant Dog He Didn’t Want, He Was Also Singing The Dog His Own Personal Song

Image credits: mischkazelenyy

#2 No Matter How Much I Begged, My Dad Never Let Me Have A Pet When I Was Younger. This Is Him Dragging My Cat In A Box (Which He Named The “Kitty Express”) While Making Train Noises, And Laughing Like A Child

Image credits: emmawiiwiiwii

#3 He’s Never Been A Dog Person. Ever. And Now My Dad Takes Yuki Sailing And Talks To Her Wherever They Go

“Shall we garden today? Ooh let’s dig a hole. Where shall we dig it? Over there! That’s good digging. Would you like a carrot? Some water? Shall we get the paper and do the crossword?”.

Image credits: anniewolfe

It turns out, the emotional connection between middle-aged men and pets is not just in our heads. Bored Panda spoke to Chris Blazina, a psychologist and professor at New Mexico State University College of Education, who researches the emotional and psychological connection between men and dogs.

He is also the author of two books: “When Man Meets Dog,” which was recognized with the National Indie Excellence Book Award in the Men’s Health category, and “Men And Their Dogs: A New Understanding of Man’s Best Friend.”

Chris told us that in Western culture, “there is a very rigid approach to what is considered ‘masculine’; these include being stoic, tough, and denying a need to emotionally bond with others.”

This results in a complex issue because for “all the rigid rules, men are still social creatures that are hardwired to make and sustain emotional bonds with others.” It explains why, in popular culture, depictions of “masculine” men bonding with cute little pets are so rare.

#4 “He’s Only Going To Be In The Way, I’ll Step On Him”

Image credits: llaisney

#5 Dad: “No Animal Allowed In This House!”. Also Dad:

Image credits: meoconus

#6 Dad: We Are Not Feeding That Feral Cat. Also Dad: I Set Up A Heated Cat House In The Backyard And Put A Camera So We Can Make Sure She’s Home Safe Every Night

Image credits: Missburr

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However, in reality, as men age, “their bond with their animal companions can take on a more complex and central role,” explained Chris.

He also added that it happens due to men’s social networks that are usually smaller. “As males age, they shrink to the size of a postage stamp—a romantic partner and if they are lucky, an animal companion,” said the professor. Hence, emotional support is dependent on very few connections.

#7 No Dogs!

Image credits: yagirlyarelli

#8 My Dad Dressed “The Dog He Didn’t Want” In My Childhood Dress He Kept For His First Grand Daughter

Image credits: pleasecreatemyacc

#9 My Dad (79) Went From “I Don’t Want That Dang Cat” To Carrying Her To “Her Room” For Bed Each Night

Image credits: laurieatari

If your dad appears to love the new family pet more than his kids, it may just be so. “In one study, 45% of middle-aged men were more likely to turn to their dogs in times of emotional support than any other connection—parents, friends, siblings, and adult children; the only bond that rivaled the one with a dog was their significant other,” said Chris.

What makes the matter even more difficult is that the research suggests that males tend to “mask and underreport their emotional behaviors and feelings for their dogs; for fear of being thought less manly.” This sense of convert intimacy is what many onlookers do not fully understand from the outside.

#10 It Took 3 Years To Convince Him Since “He’s More Of A Cat Person.” He Finally Agreed As Long As The Pup Wasn’t Allowed On The Bed Or Furniture. This Is Now What I Wake Up To Every Morning

Image credits: ebrambles

#11 Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. Dad And The Dog:

Image credits: milleepthesheep

#12 Dad Went From “You’re Taking Him With You When You Leave.” To “Are You Really Gonna Take Him With You??”

Image credits: DragonpaladinAlaine

#13 Dad: “If We Get A Tortoise I’m Not Looking After It” Also Dad: “Get Comfy, Hector, And Let Me Show You Pictures Of Your Brethren”

Image credits: MadAL96

#14 “We Can’t Keep It” – My Dad 10 Months Ago

Image credits: pinche_whey

#15 My Dad: I Don’t Want Dogs In This House. Also My Dad:

Image credits: Mireyadaa

#16 He Was A Firm Opponent Of The Hairless Cat But Skin To Skin Is The Best Way To Connect

Image credits: literallyironic11

#17 My Dad Who Did Not Want Pets Comforting A Scared Pup On His First Vet Trip

Image credits: LZRoo2

#18 My Boyfriend Who Thought All Cats Were Evil Is Now Doing Indoor Rock Climbing To Reach Her. Why? Cause He Wanted To Kiss Her Forehead

Image credits: Doctorspiper

#19 “That Brown Dog” Became “Brown Dog” Became “Mr. Brown” Became “Doc Brown Wants To Stay With Me When You Move Out.” Doc Brown Did Move Out With Us, This Is Their First Reunion After About 6 Months

Image credits: ikebrofloski

#20 Dad – “I Dont Want A Dog!” Also Dad – “Gaston Need Is Own Bed And Night Table”

Image credits: Shamancito

#21 I Present To You, My Dad Who Didn’t Want Another Dog

Image credits: manicandflood

#22 Hubs Was Never A Cat Person. Now He Tells Me How They Individually Like To Be Pet, And They All Behave And Don’t Fight When Sitting By Daddy. I Don’t Know Who Trained Who

Image credits: OllyPolly

#23 My Dad’s Officially Part Of The Club. He Told We Would Not Be Taking A Dog Home Today. This Is Him Hours Later

Image credits: onehashbrown

#24 If Your Dad Didn’t Say “We Are Not Keeping The Cat” And Then Bond With Her And Love Her The Most Is He Even Your Dad?

Image credits: lily_r_g

#25 Here’s Another One Of Nico And My Dad, Caught Red Handed

Image credits: petaltothemetal36

#26 Apparently My Dad Now Plays Guitar Every Night For The Cats He Never Wanted To Adopt

Image credits: xOscarO

#27 My Dad 18 Years Ago: “I Don’t Want A Cat, He Has To Live In The Garage.” My Dad Today:

Image credits: meowpal33

#28 My Husband “Doesn’t Like Cats” And Refused To Let Me Get A Kitty For The Longest Time. He Now Gives The Kitten A Dab Of Cream Cheese Every Morning And Naps With Him On The Couch… But Maintains That He Doesn’t Like The Little Dude

Image credits: kipperkins

#29 My Dad Complains That Remus Lays In His Lap Anytime He Sits Down. This Is The Smile I Got After Saying How Jealous I Am

Image credits: pootykitten

#30 My Dad: No, We’re Not Getting Another Dog!! Also My Dad:

Image credits: doesamulletmakeaman

#31 Update, Over A Year After Dad Finally Said Ok To Our (His) Cat, Here Is Big Mechanic Dad Enjoying The Fall Fire With His Little Boy

Image credits: kerrycooper

#32 In 7 Months We’ve Progressed From “We’re Not Getting A Dog. Period.” To This

Image credits: princejoopie

#33 Dad: I Don’t Want A Pet, So Stop Pestering Me About It. Also Dad: Please Go On Vacation So I Can Hang Out With My Grandson Again

Image credits: aggressivepassion

#34 “If You Get A New Puppy, I Won’t Want Anything To Do With It. I Won’t Let It Out. I Won’t Touch It. I Won’t Feed It. You’re Fully Responsible. I Want Nothing To Do It With. Deal?”

Image credits: K19081985

#35 My Dad Always Talks Smack About My Cat And I Come Into The Living Room To Find This

Image credits: kassiebby1124

#36 My Dad Didn’t Want A Second Dog. Now They Have Matching PJs

Image credits: hayden_cathey

#37 My Father, Who Used To Hate Cats, And Linus, My Cat

Image credits: EuqirnehBR97

#38 My Dad After He Said “Keep The Damn Cat Off The Bed”

Image credits: psychedelic666

#39 “I’m A Cat Person,” He Said. Now, “Where’s Penny?! I Need Penny! I Can’t Sleep Without My Doggy!”

Image credits: CharmingtheCobra

#40 My Dad And The Cat “He Hates”. He Calls Her The Ice Queen

Image credits: kpoppers92

#41 My Dad: Can We Return It??? If We Keep It, It Can’t Go On The Furniture And I Want Nothing To Do With It. My Dad, Out Loud, More Days Later: “Let’s Move This Pillow To Give You More Room. Are You Comfy? Do You Want Some Pets? Let’s Read Together”

Image credits: grapefruitmaven

#42 My Husband, The Life Long Cat Hater. He Found Crookshanks Abandoned On A Job And Offered Some Token Resistance When I Wanted To Bring Him Home. Six Months In And While They’ve Been Tight Since Day 1, He Often Remarks That Crook Is The Weirdest Dog He’s Ever Had

Image credits: southernfriedcrazy

#43 “We Are Never Getting A Cat” – My Husband

Image credits: kariiann

#44 My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. I Watched Him Cry At The Shelter When This Guy Sat On His Lap. I Knew It Was All Over. Welcome Home Beni

Image credits: smtreger

#45 He Never Wanted A Dog. Four Days After They Met, She Helped Him To Recover From A Stroke

Image credits: DreamersEyesOpen

#46 My Grumpy Dad When He Holds Up The Cat So She Can Look Out The Window

Image credits: EricSaysHey

#47 “We Don’t Need Another Damn Cat”

Image credits: hughjackmansbiceps

#48 “Dont You Dare Get A Cat, I Hate Cats”

Image credits: DontTreadOnStingrays

#49 We Begged For A Dog For 13 Years. This Was After Another Attempt A Year Ago. “Nice Try, Why Would We Get A Dog?” Then He Met Her And Look At His Face! He Already Loved Her

Image credits: Svit_kona

#50 My Dad Rocking The Cat Who Wasn’t Allowed In “His Chair” That He Said He Did Not Want In His Chair Looking Pleased As A Peach

Image credits: carlycalamity

#51 My Dad Claims He Doesn’t Love Our Dog, But He Built This End Table With A Little Hut For Her. If That’s Not Love, I Don’t Know What Is

Image credits: agentoftheotherside

#52 Part 2 Of “If You Get Another Dog I’m Moving Out” — Still Here

Image credits: peppy10

#53 “A Dog Will Never Be Allowed In My Car Or On My Bed” – My Dad

Image credits: queen_Maz

#54 “I Will Kick Any Damn Dog You Get Out Of My House!” 2 Months Later And Louie (Dog) Only Sleeps In My Dad’s Bed

Image credits: If_It_Fitz

#55 He Still Calls Him “Stupid Cat”

Image credits: ned883

#56 My Dad Said No Dogs Ever Again After Our Last One Passed Several Years Ago. My Mom Has Always Wanted A Dachshund, But They Both Agreed To Wait Until Retirement. But He Recently Realized That “Life Is Too Short Not To Try To Make Her Smile Every Day”

Image credits: therealmissfrizzle

#57 From A Dad Who Did Not Want A Pet To A Pet Who Does Not Want A Dad

Image credits: MuppetAway

#58 “The Only Good Cat Is A Dead Cat” – My Dad, Who Then Claimed My Rescue Kitten A Few Hours After He Arrived And Renamed Him George. They’re Now Inseparable

Image credits: eniretakia

#59 I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When My Sister Sent Me This. I Have 16 Years Age Gap With My Sister And I Couldn’t Have Any Pets When I Was A Kid

Image credits: msc1

#60 Um Can We Get Some Privacy Please?

Image credits: jellylien

#61 My Dad: I Want Nothing To Do With That Pile Of Hair. Also My Dad: Let Me Build Him His Dog House With My Own Two Hands, Complete With Stairs And A Dog Door Leading Into The House So He Can Have His Own Room And His Own Bathroom

Image credits: NaynaRawks

#62 Took A Lot Of Convincing To Get One Cat, Let Alone Two. Cat #2 And Dad Are Now Best Buds Who Make Pancakes Together

Image credits: Xerces_Blue

#63 My Uncle, Who Absolutely Thinks Pets Are A Waste Of Time And Money

Image credits: L00katTheAww

#64 From Calling Him “The Big Black Thing” To “I Can’t Get Up Yet, He’s Using My Arm As A Pillow”

Image credits: cwolf116

#65 “I Hate Cats” “They’re Evil” “He Has No Concept Of Boundaries” “Did Anyone Get The Salmon For The Cats? They Don’t Like The Roast Beef One Anymore”

Image credits: Wafflesattiffanies

#66 The Photos My Dad Sends Me Of The New Kitten He Doesn’t Want

Image credits: EjPetersondotcom

#67 Dad Never Wanted A Dog

Image credits: becauseimsandy

#68 Classic Case Of “We Aren’t Keeping The Cat” – Dad

Image credits: zannacw

#69 “We Aren’t Getting A Damn Dog.”- Husband, One Year Ago. “Awww, She Keeps Crying, Can’t She Just Sleep With Us?” – Husband, Two Days After We Acquired This Little Squirt

Image credits: HippoZeZippo

#70 “We’re Not Getting A Dog!” Says The Man Who Now Matches His Suspenders And The Dog’s Collar

Image credits: NotYetAutomated

#71 This Dog Is Not Only In His House, But In His Heart Now

Image credits: lizbeeetthh

#72 Dad Two Years Ago: “Why Would You Want To Get A Dog? They’re All Work And Responsibility And Very Little Play”

Image credits: didntwantadog

#73 My Dad Didn’t Even Want The “Damn Dog”

Image credits: imgur.com

#74 Now Dad Gets Mad Whenever Anyone Calls Him Bad Dog Bc He’s A Sensitive Breed

Image credits: alxmrphy

#75 I Wasn’t Keen On Getting Cats ( I Can’t Even Pet Them), I Now Watch Videos For Cats With Luna At Least Once A Day

Image credits: SmyleGuy

#76 “She Can Stay For 2 Weeks,” Turned Into Him Telling Her It Hurts When She Doesn’t Hug Him On Christmas

Image credits: Raudonis

#77 He Didn’t Want “The Little Bastard” To Get His Feet Cold

Image credits: Jennapanty

#78 My Sister Told Me I Should Post Our Dad Here. Our Dad Is The Stereotypical Mexican Dad. He Used To Always Say “Yo No Quiero Animales En Esta Casa!”. I Just Received This Picture. Also, He Told My Mom That The Dogs Are His

Image credits: 2lame2comeupwaname

#79 “It’ll Last Two Weeks” – My Dad 5 Years Ago

Image credits: tgejesse

#80 My Dad Who “Didn’t Want A Cat” Showing Lucas Every Item Of The Weekly Shop Because “He Wants To See What We’ve Got”

Image credits: roobeekeane

#81 This Is My Dad Who Didn’t Want One Dog Let Alone 2 And Most Certainly Did Not Want A Cat

Image credits: snowdropx

#82 He Regularly Makes Fires Specifically For The Cat Because She Likes To Sleep In Front Of Them In This Chair

Image credits: gingersnap30

#83 Little Photo Shoot

Image credits: dmbcnvs

#84 “You Can Get A New Cat But Keep That Filthy Animal Away From Me” Yeah Ok Dad

Image credits: scupdoodleydoo

#85 1 Year Later

Image credits: KoroHoro

#86 Didn’t Want A Dog. Not Really A Dog Person. Daughter Wanted A Dog. And Here We Are

Image credits: CrivensAndShips

#87 Dad Who Did Not Want A Cat Tearing Up In Joy Because The Cats On His Lap

Image credits: SteventheWizardCat

#88 My Dad Went From Not Wanting A Cat To Watching Basketball With Simba

Image credits: ilurvbears

#89 My Dad 10 Years Ago: I Don’t Want Any Animals In This House! My Dad Today:

Image credits: versung

#90 The Purest Love Is The One Between Grumpy Dads And The Pets They Said They Didn’t Want

Image credits: lightsabert00thtiger

#91 My Dad Said He Didn’t Want Another Dog… Okay Dad

Image credits: salpalxx

#92 My Dad Says He “Doesn’t Like Animals” Including Hammie

Image credits: mediocre_milk

#93 Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From All The Dads Who Didn’t Want To Get A Dog

Image credits: persiepanthercat

#94 Dad 5 Years Ago: No Dogs. Dad Now: “He Was Cold”

Image credits: jt61097

#95 1,5 Years Ago Dad: We Are Not Getting A Dog. 2 Weeks Ago Dad: We Are Not Getting Another Dog

Image credits: laulmaun

#96 Boyfriend ‘Didn’t Want A Cat’ And We Were Told She ‘Isn’t A Lap Cat’… This Was The Result 24 Hours After Minnie Came To Her Forever Home

Image credits: itsmescarlett

#97 I Don’t Want A Kitten. He’ll Destroy The Sofa

Image credits: Ice_Ice_Goose

#98 “Cats Aren’t Even Good For Anything. Absolutley The Worst Pet We Could Get”

Image credits: RealQatoGG

#99 “Alright, Lets Go…” Says The Grumpy Old Man To The “Stupid Dog” For Their Nightly Beer In The Backyard

Image credits: localtouristgr

#100 From “Please Tell Me You Aren’t Serious” To “Mac’s Helping Me” Within A Week

Image credits: sunflowerdynasty

#101 Pupdate: My Dad Now Swaddles/Cuddles Louie (Dog) When There Is A Thunderstorm

Image credits: If_It_Fitz

#102 “It’s Too Hot To Have This Dog Sitting On Me Like This…” I Offered To Call Him Over To Me But No It’s Ok… Big Joe With Pablo

Image credits: PoodlePopXX

#103 When My Mum First Met My Dad He Had Never Had Cats And Was Not A Fan – 17 Years Of Marriage And 6 Cats Later This Is Where He’s At

Image credits: _purplesaturn_

#104 From Swearing He Would Never Have An Animal In The House To Feeding Her Pizza From The Table

Image credits: WilloftheArbiter

#105 Another Dad Who Didn’t Want A Dog

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#106 3 Months After Saying He Didn’t Want A Dog

Image credits: madub4

#107 My Dad: “I Don’t Want A Dog”

Image credits: Mowgs23

#108 From “The Dogs Are Not Coming Up On The Bed” To “We Need To Get A King Size Bed So They Can Sleep Next To Us”

Image credits: forspanish_press2

#109 My Mexican Dad Who Said She Could Stay For One Week. It’s Been Ten Years Now

Image credits: abiicee

#110 “Fine, But You’re Taking Care Of It”

Image credits: might-as-well

#111 Husband Was Not Happy About Rescuing This Feral Cat

Image credits: moistestsandwich

#112 My Dad Told Us He Never Wanted Another Dog… But Then Allowed Us To Get Two Puppies From The Same Litter. This Is The Seating Arrangement Every Night

Image credits: atomicseason

#113 From “We Are Not Keeping Her, I’m Taking Her To The Pound Tomorrow” To Rubbing Her Belly And Putting His Face Against Hers

Image credits: petaltothemetal36

#114 Against My Dad’s Wishes (And Allergies) I Brought A Cat Home 2 Years Ago. Here He Is Laying Down Fishing Out Cat Toys From Under The Fridge With Said Cat

Image credits: K8astrophe-

#115 I Think Dads Say They Don’t Want Pets Because They Can’t Handle The Bond They Form

Image credits: corruptrevolutionary

#116 My Dad 4 Years Ago: “No Hamsters In This House!” My Dad Now:

Image credits: heidiblooms

#117 My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. Now He Hangs Up Both Their Coats To Dry After It Rains

Image credits: PeppermintPhatty

#118 My Dad “Didn’t Want A Dog” Yet This Is His Snapchat Story Today

Image credits: gr4c3ry4n

#119 Dad And The Dog He Didn’t Want

Image credits: mandiejanee

#120 My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. Now She’s His Favorite Little Girl

Image credits: Ragnar_The-Red90

#121 Dad Didn’t Want A New Dog. And Then He Stumbled Upon This OG (Original Golden). Meet Nigel (Dog, Not Dad)

Image credits: DancingintheRayn

#122 My Dad Hates Cats

Image credits: nnklove

#123 My Dad Always Says He Doesn’t Care About Our Cat. A Few Days Ago He Asked My Mom To Take This Picture

Image credits: eicere

#124 Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog

Image credits: marylynweatherly229

#125 Five Years Ago My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog. Here’s Their Sunday Afternoon Together

Image credits: Enelli23

#126 Dad: “You Will Not Bring A Dog Here.” Also Dad: “Quick! Take Our Picture”

Image credits: lampshade121

#127 Hates ‘Em

Image credits: Willowhoney1

#128 This Dad Didn’t Want Any Part Of Getting A Dog

Image credits: dovesondoves

#129 “I Don’t Want More Dogs” Now They’re Taking Selfies After Doing Yoga

Image credits: moon_cake_x

#130 “She Can Sleep In The Garage, But There’s No Way She’s Allowed Inside The House”

Image credits: Mr_Eman25

#131 Me: I Don’t Want A New Bird, They Only Bond To You And Want Nothing To Do With Me! New Bird:

Image credits: zaphod_beeble_bro

#132 Used To Hate Cats. Now He “Doesn’t Want To Mistreat Them By Getting Up”

Image credits: kittykait2

#133 He Spent 20 Years Refusing To Get A Dog, Now They Play Until They Both Fall Over

Image credits: EvieMoon

#134 “We Are Not Getting A Cat.” (They Now Have Two And He Comes To My House Regularly To “Check On” My Two Who Lived With Them For A While)

Image credits: katybetts

#135 He Keeps Threatening To “Put Him Back [ In The Alley] Where He Found Him”

Image credits: vonLudolf

#136 My Dad “Animals Are For Eating, Not For Pets”

Image credits: babynamehelpneeded

#137 “I Hate Cats. If You Get A Cat, I’m Not Going To Visit.” Now He Comes With Us On Walks And Lures Her Over With Treats

Image credits: Lockshala

#138 “We Don’t Need 2 Eighty Pound Monsters Running Around The House And Getting All Over The Couch” Now Bambi Is Dads Go-To Couch Buddy

Image credits: Lymnica

#139 Do Grandpas Count? He Went From “Don’t You Dare Bring This Disease Ridden Stray Inside” To “She Likes It Best When I Scratch Her Behind The Ears”

Image credits: Phoenix_girl1911

#140 “He Is Not Allowed In The House, On The New Carpet, Upstairs And Definitely Not On The Sofa!”

Image credits: Rogerthedragon

#141 “We Have Enough Cats In This House, I’m Not Getting Another” – Dad, 2 Weeks Before Getting A Li’l Kitten

Image credits: EquestrianShadow

#142 Mr. “We Don’t Need Another Cat”

Image credits: Tee-maree

#143 My Dad: “I Don’t Want Any Filthy Cat On My Couch”. Also Dad: “Don’t Sit There, It’s My Son Spot“. Yeah, Gustavo The Cat Is The Favorite Son

Image credits: DiabelAtreyu

#144 “I Want Nothing To Do With This Damn Dog. He’s Your Responsibility”

Image credits: drobthebagqueen

#145 “I’m Pretty Sure I’m Allergic To Dogs” To “Look At The Halo! She’s Like An Angel Sent From Heaven”

Image credits: zcecsyc

#146 Dad & The Neighbor’s Cat He Doesn’t Like Having Inside

Image credits: send_cats_pls

#147 My Dad, After One Week When He Said “No Cats In This House”

Image credits: bananaycoco22

#148 My Dad, Who Was “Allergic To Cats” And “Didn’t Want Another Animal In The House” (We Already Have 2 Dogs)

Image credits: Xyvren

#149 From “Never Again” To Hand Fed

Image credits: posi_posi_time

#150 Dad: “I Don’t Want A Cat”

Image credits: alisonarbucklee

#151 “I Don’t Want Another Dog, You Guys Are Crazy” – My Grumpy Dad Feat Our Second Puppy The Day We Brought Her Home

Image credits: ashmariex

#152 Parents Came Over To See Our New Place. Dad Left Living Room And Was Gone A Long Time. Found Him In Our Pet Room

Image credits: lilycats13

#153 Here’s My Favourite Pic Of My Dad And Our Dog, Sid. Not Quite Sure What He’s Got In His Mouth Haha

Image credits: Fox-Tyler

#154 He Didn’t Want Either Of Them And Is Now Begging Me For A Third, Our Daughter Aproves Haha

Image credits: colorfulisa

#155 She Is Too Tired To Walk

Image credits: gsarobot

#156 Update: Dad Finally Gave In And Let Her Have The Pillow

Image credits: kels2021

#157 My Dad Doesn’t Want A Cat But The Cat Definitely Wants My Dad

Image credits: jeremy33x

#158 My Dad, Who Hates Cats

Image credits: DaviDaTopera

#159 He Tells People He’s Not Much Of An Animal Person But The Second He Gets Home He’s Wanting Cuddles And Making Sure Our Fur Baby Is Happy And Cozy

Image credits: nikkib243

#160 My Dad “A Dog That Small Isn’t A Dog It’s A Rodent!!” Also Him “I Got Him Two New Winter Coats So He’s Not Cold But Make Sure He Eats The Lunch I Made Him Before He Goes Out”

Image credits: lastresponder96

#161 Me: “Hey Dad, I Am Going To Bring My Dog With Me For Christmas” Dad: “I Don’t Want To Have To Deal With A Dog In The House, I Just Had Knee Surgery.” Also Dad:

Image credits: SomewhereDownSouth

#162 Pit Bulls Are Dangerous He Said

Image credits: elizebethdylan

#163 My Dad Three Years Ago: “I Can’t Believe You Brought Another Dog Into This House”. My Dad Now

Image credits: dwyfen

#164 My Fiancé Did Not Want Another Cat. Here He Is 3 Years Later

Image credits: jafast92

#165 “He Looked Bored At Home, So We Went Swimming” My Dad 4 Years Later

Image credits: drk311

#166 “Why Do We Need So Many Cats!?” We’re Now At Four

Image credits: bonechompsky

#167 The Answer Was No, You Don’t Need A Cat. You See Who Won That Debate. Yup, The Cat Was The Winner. He Was One Of My Better Ideas

Image credits: tlpooh

#168 Said He Was Allergic And Hated Cats. He Spoils This Cat And Made Our Spare Room A Cat Wonderland For Her With Multiple Cat Trees. Also They Have A Routine For Night Time. Dad To My 4,5-Year-Old

Image credits: angel13molly

#169 My Dad Now Refers To Himself As “Grandpa”

Image credits: chinadoll34

#170 We Wanted A Tuxedo Cat For My Son And The One He Liked Was Bonded With This Cutie. Dad Said No To Two Cats But I Didn’t Listen. Dad Quickly Changed His Mind. They Snuggle Like This Every Day

Image credits: shemagra

#171 Dad Had Always Said No Pets, Until My Sister Adopted One Behind His Back. This Was Their First Encounter

Image credits: DoradosEV

#172 Dad’s Christmas Present, Didn’t Want It Till He Had It

Image credits: ZackGear

#173 Caught My Boyfriend With The Dog. He’s Apparently “Not A Pet Person”

Image credits: bookwithnowords

#174 I’ve Been Dying To Catch Mr. “I Don’t Want A Dog, Don’t You Dare Bring Home Another Dog, I Can’t Believe You Guys Are Doing This I Never Said I Wanted Another Dog” In A Position Like This

Image credits: slemke24

#175 Can You Believe He Didn’t Want A Dog? Me Neither

Image credits: buddy_yorkie_mulder

#176 My Stepdad Didn’t Want A Cat. Safe To Say Oscar Changed His Mind

Image credits: tajones1992

#177 My Dad Who “Didn’t Want A Dog”

Image credits: GevsHD

#178 My Dad Hated Cats And Was Pissed When I Brought Her Home, But Now, 3 Years Later, He’s Showing Her Cat Videos While She Sits In His Lap. She Also Sleeps With Him Every Night

Image credits: powdog

#179 No Pets For 32 Years, I Begged The Last 2,5 For A Cat, He Said “I Just Dont Know”. Not Even A Week Here, Such A Daddys Boy Already

Image credits: asfifi

#180 I Left Shmoo With My Parents While I Took A Short Term Job. He Appears To Have Adopted My Father, Who Previously Claimed He “Isn’t A Cat Person.” They Now Share A Pillow At Night

Image credits: VirginWhales

#181 My Dad, Who Hates Cats, Built Bunkbeds For My Boys

Image credits: herinitialsspellher

#182 I’m Finally The Dad That Didn’t Want The Dog

Image credits: uptheantechrist

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