183 Times Restaurant Customers Acted Like Complete Jerks And Got Shamed Online

It’s no news that working in the food service industry is a tough and thankless job. Yet, the most difficult part may not even be the long hours, low pay, or cruel bosses. For many of the employees, it’s the nightmarish customers who feel entitled to treat other human beings like garbage.

Whether these people are physically assaulting servers, stealing tips, or letting their kids run around like it’s their playground—they deserve to be publicly shamed for acting like complete jerks.

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Bored Panda compiled a list full of the most horrible clients that ever set foot in a restaurant. In fact, some of these pictures are so bad, you can’t help but scratch your head and think what on earth is going on. Scroll down below to check them out, and don’t forget to upvote the most unbelievable ones.

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#1 Customers Assaulted Me With Drinks And Food. My Back Is Bruised By How Hard A Grown Man Threw His Drinks At Me. Can I Press Charges?

Image credits: Ciaoanaxoxo

#2 Letting Your Kid Watch A Movie On Full Volume In A Restaurant

Image credits: ___________f

#3 Restaurant Customer Caught Taking An Upskirt Picture Of Underage Host

Image credits: Sofa__King__Cool

#4 This Mother

Image credits: Huykaty

#5 Just Chillin At The Coffee Shop

Image credits: geekaz01d

#6 Instagram Is Killing Food

Image credits: growupdan

#7 Woman Gives Bad Review Because She Didn’t Get Hired

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Entitled Military Spouse Demands Free Meals

Image credits: VerySlump

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#9 If You Do This Because “Someone Is Paid To Clean It Up” Frick You

Image credits: heatherledge

#10 This Lady Has Been On The Phone Since She Sat Down, While Her Kid Is Running Around Doing This To The Salt Shakers

Image credits: Dog-On-The-Moon

#11 Nice Restaurant- Kid Watching Cartoons On Volume 100

Image credits: 5krunner

#12 This Grown Man Throwing His Candy Wrappers For Me To Sweep Up During Work

Image credits: turtlesurvivalclub

#13 This Is What Someone Left At A Buffet Because They Were Mad They Found 2 Dirty Plates And Were Asked To Wear A Mask

Image credits: shinn315

#14 At My Local Chinese Buffet’s Restoom, Why Are People This Way

Image credits: BigDee823

#15 Watched This Family Put These Trays Full Of Food On The Ground Instead Of Cleaning It Up. I Only Cleaned It Up After I Watched Someone Trip Over It

Image credits: Muuuuuuuuuuurph

#16 The Shade

Image credits: Southernboyj

#17 Food Fight In Public

Image credits: hareppas

#18 Way To Put Essential Workers’ Families At Risk Right Before The Holiday Season

Image credits: somnifacientsawyer

#19 What A Disgusting Way To Not Tip

Image credits: Btm24

#20 Leaving This As A Tip

Image credits: catherine_zetascarn

#21 I’m A Waitress. I Gave This Table Everything They Needed, Quickly, And Get This Lovely Tip

Image credits: emilyunderscoremarie

#22 Letting Your 9 Year Old Kids Eat The Watermelon In The Salad Put It Back. They Were Also Poking The Fruit

Image credits: lex_1c0n

#23 This Family Let Their Kid Crawl All Over The Restaurant Floor, Nearly Tripping Several Servers

Image credits: langleywaters

#24 I Was Waiting For My Order At Pizza Hut When This Girl Comes Out Of The Bathroom With A Roll Of Toilet Paper. Needless To Say, She Left The Restaurant With It

Image credits: elitegamer312

#25 She Demanded A Child Seat And The Confused Waiter Brought One

Image credits: HairySquid68

#26 Make Yourself At Home, But In A Public Starbucks

Image credits: lapinatanegra

#27 All You Can Drink

Image credits: imguriwantthat

#28 He Found The One Good Seat

Image credits: dastardlymustardly

#29 The Nerve Of This Lady

Image credits: CheerioPi1

#30 The Friend Said “I’ll Take The Kids To The Car While You Clean”. The Mother Looked At It Said “Not My Problem” And Left

Image credits: tamanui1202

#31 Trashy And Just Plain Stupid

Image credits: netengnerd

#32 Smoking In A Non-Smoking Restaurant Because You Do What You Have To

Image credits: cahabaham

#33 Squatting On A Restaurant Table For A Picture

Image credits: Spritzzy

#34 Said She Doesn’t Come To The Mexican Restaurant For The Food, It’s For The Free WiFi

Image credits: Chucknbob

#35 Gender Reveal In A Restaurant? Why Not I Guess

Image credits: fibbybob

#36 Seriously

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#37 Dog Owners Who Think This Is OK In A Restaurant

Image credits: thepoincianatree

#38 This Racist Note Left At A Thai Restaurant In My City

Image credits: codywaderandall

#39 He Took The Fan That Was Blowing Cool Air Throughout The Whole Café, And Turned It So It Only Pointed Onto Himself

Image credits: phelyan

#40 This Is My Home Town

Image credits: TheVilleGirl

#41 If You’re A Parent, Do Not Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This

Image credits: dillonconnerty

#42 Yelper Is Mad Because Restaurant Didn’t Give Them Free Meal In Exchange For Potential Ig Exposure

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 Free Wine Samples And Cheese Pop Up Shop In New York Mall, Lady In The Blue Complained About The Lack Of Variety

Image credits: dellamella

#44 Couple Prioritizes Their Food Over A Dying Man

Shoutout to the most selfish couple. Someone was having a heart attack at Roma’s and while the server was helping the man out, this couple started complaining about their food not being served to them immediately.

Image credits: elijah.rucker.5

#45 So My Co-Worker Got This Today

Image credits: blueisntalwayblue

#46 They Continue To Sit At Their Table Hours After Closing Time, Totally Indifferent To The Fact You Have To Wait Around For Them To Leave So You Can Close Up

Image credits: jewkakasaurus

#47 A Customer Left A Used Needle On Their Table

Image credits: NuclearKnives

#48 This Person Who Thought It Was OK To Put The Dog On The Counter Where People Eat

Image credits: thejunketjourneyer

#49 A Customer Today Wanted To Return Some Produce Because “It Was Too Ripe”, I Asked Him If He Had Already Tried Eating It In Anyway. He Said “Does It Look Like I Touched It?”

Image credits: imgur.com

#50 A Nice Family Dinner

Image credits: subnucleate

#51 This Server, Who Served This Iconic Line

Image credits: kenn_ahh

#52 Welcome To Oklahoma, Where Bringing Your AR15 To A Restaurant Is Normal

Image credits: VolosThanatos

#53 From My Cousin’s Snap Story: What Is Wrong With People, Why Are They So Entitled To Treat People This Way?

Image credits: KadenceEcker

#54 Classy

Image credits: DannyProvolone_

#55 Nothing Wrong With Resting My Filthy Shoes And Disgusting Feet On The Table People Eat Off Of

Image credits: get-msol

#56 Treating A Server Like This Is Trashy (Facepalm)

Image credits: _clever_reference_

#57 The Absolute State That People Have Left This KFC In

Image credits: Derpston_P_Derp

#58 This Guy Decided To Change His Kid’s Diaper In The Middle Of A Restaurant

Image credits: After-Fun

#59 Using A Restaurant Booth As Your Office During The Lunch Rush

Image credits: an_onanist

#60 Yeah, I Gonna Ask You To Not Do That On Our Cafe Tables

Image credits: buterbetterbater

#61 Pregnant Server Wouldn’t Serve Daughter Alcohol Without Seeing Her Id And The Mother Left This

Image credits: theforgottenupvote

#62 Today This Lady Sat Down And Started Having A Facetime Call. She Then Asked The Cashier If He Could Turn Down The Music A Bit And That It Was Too Loud

Image credits: RutilantTrout

#63 Visited Miami Zoo And Saw A Woman Changing A Diaper On A Table At An Outdoor Restaurant While There’s A Bathroom 6 Feet Away

Image credits: hannah_cannibal

#64 Nothing Says “Classy” Like Letting Your Kid Tap-Dance On The Table While You’re Eating Lunch At B-Dubs

Image credits: SuperDeuxd

#65 2nd Time At Local Smoothie King

Image credits: Whoelsebutlicia

#66 My Cousin Just Posted This On Facebook. She Is A Waitress At Outback And This Was Left Behind

Image credits: Adda717

#67 Don’t Be A Religious Bastard

Image credits: Panaboon

#68 The Dumbest Wedding Guest In Malaysia

Image credits: Faqihh_94

#69 Restaurant Trashed & Cashier Punched By Drunk Customers During Saturday’s Santacon Pub Crawl

Image credits: deboraktvu

#70 Lady Applying Foot Powder To Her Feet At The Restaurant

Image credits: SaiFromSd

#71 The Guy In Red “Claimed” The Table We Tried To Sit At By Pouring A Glass Of Water And Then Sitting With His Friends At Another Table

Image credits: Bonza1t

#72 Waitress Told ‘Tips Are Only For Normal Looking People’

Image credits: madbubers

#73 “I’m Just Giving The Employees Work So They’re Not Bored Ahah”

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 Here’s A Tip, It’s Trashy As Hell To Leave Fake Money As A Tip That Advertises Your Candidate

Image credits: HomesteadHER

#75 The Customers In This Restaurant Are Savages

Image credits: dagolicious

#76 I Work In A Buffet. Had 3 Guests Take All This Food As Soon As We Opened, Only Ate A Couple Bites, Then Bounced. Didn’t Even Tip Their Server

Image credits: WillTheStarWarsMann

#77 Someone Just Made This Mess, Dropped A Few Napkins On It, And Left The Store

Image credits: illicitz

#78 Throwing Fortunes Into The Restaurant Fountain

Image credits: Poearia

#79 Giving A Small, Family-Owned Restaurant A One Star Review, Because You Want One Of The Employees To Be Promoted

Image credits: Jones641

#80 People Who Hang Out In Your Restaurant With No Self-Awareness Over 30 Minutes After You’ve Closed And Continue To Despite Being Told Multiple Times That We’re Closed

Image credits: llcooljacob_

#81 They’re Watching Videos On Her Phone At Full Volume In The Middle Of This Restaurant

Image credits: bunkerbash

#82 Customer Left A Pretty Crappy Tip, Quite Literally

Image credits: dylanciaga

#83 My Sister Got This While Waiting Tables

Image credits: RekNepZ

#84 Just About The Peculiar Habit Of Littering In Cafes

Image credits: zen.yandex.ru

#85 Lady Next To Us At Olive Garden

Image credits: PossiblyEthereal

#86 I’m A Waiter And This Is The Best Tip I’ve Ever Gotten

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 Not Trying To Create Another Argument Over Tips. I’m Sure $140 Could Have Gotten You And Your Kids A Week Worth Of Groceries, But Instead You Spend It One One Meal?

Image credits: PhoenixSongFawkes

#88 That’s Naaaaasty

Image credits: bwise0713

#89 Woman In Red Cut Pickup Line Because She Said (While Yelling To He Husband) “We Ordered A Whole Pizza, We’re More Important!”

Image credits: CalifornianKIng

#90 Just Casually Taking A Nap Across A Restaurant Table After A Drunken Night In Hillcrest

Image credits: angeliquieee

#91 Walking Barefoot Around A Restaurant After Your Pedicure

Image credits: MyFuckingJam

#92 Potted Plant Outside The Local Cafe In My Small Home Town. Thought We Were Above This Y’all

Image credits: CosplayingWreck

#93 Dude Sitting In Our School’s Restaurant With His Feet On The Table

Image credits: LimeExploits

#94 Piece Of S**t Parent Leaves A Piece Of S**t After Dining At A Restaurant

Image credits: TRASHMASTER3000

#95 My Friend Found This On The Ground And Wanted To Leave It As A Tip, So She Did This

Image credits: msmarisock

#96 I Hate People That Do This In Restaurants

Image credits: mjhahn74

#97 Saw This Group Of Friends Having, What Seems To Be A Hard Time, 5am Last Night At Burger King

Image credits: Nissie

#98 Drunks In A College Town Being Such A Problem The Local Doughnut Shop Has To Close The Lobby During Bar Hours

Image credits: grizzlyzach

#99 Absolute Trash

Image credits: EllethOfGondolin

#100 I Think We Can All Agree That, Kid Or Not, This Is Unacceptable Dinner-Time Behavior

Image credits: imgur.com

#101 This Woman Taking Up Two Tables At A Packed Starbucks

Image credits: InItsTeeth

#102 Bad Tip

Image credits: ayefoodie

#103 And Then This Person Who Doesn’t Understand How Things Work Left. An Inverse Amount Of Their Meal’s Cost

Image credits: imgur.com

#104 I Work At Waffle House. This Is A Tip I Got Last Night On The Graveyard Shift

Image credits: znat

#105 Don’t Let You Kids Walk On The Table At A Restaurant

Image credits: egriffith5

#106 Y’all Ever Go To San Francisco Just To Steal Stuff From Restaurants? At Least She Admits To Being Trashy

Image credits: sylveonstarr

#107 The Absolute Worst Way To Leave A Tip For Anyone

Image credits: reddit.com

#108 White Family Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Come To The Chinese Restaurant With These Outfits

Image credits: jcepiano

#109 Someone Ordered And Paid For A Medium Pizza At Our Work And Asked Us To Make It A Large In The Notes

Image credits: harpuasam

#110 Messing Up Someone’s Hard Work

Image credits: lurkle1

#111 Somebody Shot Up My Local McDonalds

Image credits: King-KJ-

#112 Parents Bragging On Facebook About Their Kid’s Awful Behavior While Out To Dinner At A Restaurant

Image credits: PrncssPumpkinMuffin

#113 This Happened In My Town At A Local Restaurant, So Disrespectful To The Server

Image credits: mulderufo13

#114 This Guy At The Coffee Shop Took His Shoes Off And Put His Feet On The Coffee Table

Image credits: Kommando87

#115 Found These Under A Table At My Restaurant Just Now

Image credits: brettrubin

#116 This Is A Restaurant

Image credits: skippyist

#117 Local Restaurant Stays Open Late To Serve Great Food To Customer After Hours, Has Audacity To Be Out Of Fries, Receives One-Star Review

Image credits: Tmbistroolyme

#118 Nugget Hunting At A Restaurant

Image credits: Kreusader

#119 I’m At My University’s Café, A Lady In Front Of Me Was Scratching Her Head And Left Her Dandruff All Over Her Table

Image credits: Nightstar95

#120 Taking His Shoes Off In The Restaurant And Taking Up Free Seats

Image credits: hurbson

#121 Trying To Enjoy My Lunch

Image credits: McGNerdFace

#122 Vaping While Ordering

Image credits: MinerJA3

#123 How Does It Get This Bad?

Image credits: nemofish3

#124 This Tip I Received As A Pizza Delivery Driver

Image credits: uhhhhlauren

#125 Trashy Customer

Image credits: hathahuss

#126 Taking Your Shoes Off At A Restaurant

Image credits: girlyass

#127 The Way This Table Left A Tip For Me

Image credits: lukelovesu

#128 Displaying Your Bare Feet In A Restaurant

Image credits: boozinBanthony

#129 Two Moms And Three Kids Left The Restaurant Like This After Lunch. Side Note: They Had A Bunch Of Margaritas

Image credits: goon_c137

#130 Three Signs Needed In A Local Restaurants Bathroom To Tell People Not To Spit Chew In The Urinals

Image credits: jacavo7

#131 Wearing This Around Kids At Buffalo Wild Wings

Image credits: AleAlexa

#132 Someone Decided A Great Place To Stick Their Used Gum Was On The Front Of The Bench At A Restaurant. I Was The Lucky Lady That Got To Find It

Image credits: rnc1119

#133 Someone Brought A Doll And Alcohol To A Bachelorette Party At 12:30 Pm On A Friday In A Jimmy John’s

Image credits: baeology

#134 Co-Worker Got This “Tip” On His First Day As A Waiter

Image credits: Leviperseusmaxx

#135 What Would You Do?

Image credits: server_life

#136 This Family Letting Their 5-Year-Old Daughter Smash A Ketchup Covered Corn Dog All Over The Window Of This Restaurant Over And Over Again

Image credits: TheBestPieIsAllPie

#137 Guy Left A Negative Tip To Subtract From The Total After Calling The Restaurant While Inside To Rush His Order

Image credits: Kanye-Westicle

#138 A Customer Decided To Tip Their Server Like This

Image credits: RainbowDash118

#139 No Tip Because He Needs To Buy Cigarettes. Cool

Image credits: spicybhole123

#140 Leaving Your Lunch Table Like This For Someone Else To Clean

Image credits: shoedogodo

#141 Entitled SoCal Moms Paying No Attention To Their Barefoot Children Crowding The Entrance To A Nice Restaurant

Image credits: Boba_BeefJerky

#142 When Customers Leave The Table Like This When They’re Less Than Ten Feet Away From A Trash Can

Image credits: drinkthe8balljuice

#143 You Totally Showed Them

Image credits: Darkknight101

#144 Bunch Of Teens Trashed And Left A Mess At McDonald’s At 1:30am

Image credits: BeastmuthINFNTY

#145 This Was At A Kids Fair, I Have No Words

Image credits: pootanka2

#146 I Don’t Know What The Manager Did, But It Shouldn’t Be Taken Out On The Waitress

Image credits: cjrocks1231

#147 Parents If Your Child Makes A Mess At A Restaurant Be Nice And Clean Up After Them

Image credits: robbjk

#148 I Work At An Asian Dessert Place And Some Customer Tips Us With 75% Of A Dollar

Image credits: akumamoloch

#149 Next Time You Eat At A Restaurant

Image credits: Jaysickle

#150 Leaving Dirty Diapers At Your Table After Leaving A Restaurant Is Pretty Trashy

Image credits: x19DALTRON91x

#151 Is It Weird That These People Were Sleeping In A Restaurant?

Image credits: timmyvee

#152 This Person Who Told The Bad Tipper’s Parents

Image credits: methell_5

#153 Classy

Image credits: Nise1981

#154 Dying Inside When You Have To Clean A Table Like This

Image credits: FetusGoddess

#155 Never Give Up

Image credits: badtips

#156 Customer Leaves Dirty Diaper On Restaurant Table For The Waitress To Clean

Image credits: thirdcoastgirlll

#157 People Who Leave Fast Food Places Like This

Image credits: OnionScooper

#158 A Note Found In A Restaurant Bathroom

Image credits: Coracle64

#159 Drying His Socks By The Fireplace In A Coffee Shop

Image credits: Dekesdaddy

#160 Here’s A Picture

Image credits: Juneauite

#161 Changing A Babies Diaper On A Restaurant Table

Image credits: darkchihuahua85

#162 Sticking These To Restaurant Tables In A Japanese Restaurant

Image credits: YungStaebell

#163 This Woman Turned The High Chair Upside Down In Order To Raise The Baby’s Car Seat

Image credits: pubicarrots

#164 Someone Wiped Their Makeup Off And Just Left It In The Bathroom Of This Restaurant

Image credits: jellyclaws

#165 The People Who Sat Across From Us Left Their Booth Like This At The Restaurant We Were At

Image credits: DanniWho

#166 I Don’t Care Who You Are, How Often You Get To Go Out To Eat, How Many Kids You’ve Got Or How Bad Your Day Has Been

Image credits: Spotted: Colchester

#167 They Where Going To Tip Me In Change. Don’t Be Like These People. Tip Your Server

Image credits: noncertifiedloverboy

#168 Iced Up Customers Doing Their Thing

Image credits: jat236

#169 Spotted: This Is What You Don’t Want To See Over Morning Brunch

Image credits: imgur.com

#170 At A Family Restaurant

Image credits: moorei82

#171 This Guy Putting His Dirty Shoes On Top Of A Restaurant’s Table

Image credits: dashkrippykush

#172 Please Do Not Attempt To Clog The Toilet With Paper Towels In Protest Of Being Out Of Toilet Paper. Just Let Wait Staff Know About The Problem

Image credits: DarthSquirts

#173 Guy Enters Cafe, Leaves His Two Unleashed Dogs In Front Of The Entrance. At One Point A Woman Had To Physically Move One Of The Dogs (She Was Gentle) To Get Inside

Image credits: SkoomaPumaaaaa

#174 Changing Your Daughter’s Diaper In A McDonald’s

Image credits: nerdygamer2299

#175 The Trashy Family That Let Their Kids Run Wild And Then Left This Awful Mess At A Mexican Restaurant In Ga

Image credits: PrecisionPoppy

#176 I Work At A Restaurant, And If You Do This Yo Gonna Be Shamed

Image credits: old.reddit.com

#177 When Restaurant Customers Leave Their Dining Space Like This

Image credits: Aloeofthevera

#178 Spread Out, Shoes Off And Under Table, Asleep At Starbucks

Image credits: shawnawilsonbear

#179 Change Diaper In Restaurant

Image credits: szenkx

#180 Tip Your Server. Be A Good Human

Image credits: imgur.com

#181 Inconsiderate Douche At Coffee Shop Who Thinks It Is Ok To Put Feet Up On A Table Where People Eat

Image credits: SameerNYC

#182 Take Your Dog Up To The Buffet

Image credits: Verdantgreen

#183 Upside Down Child Seats At Restaurants Can Be Used To Hold Baby Carriers

Image credits: theonetimeitslupus

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