185 Pictures In Which Goats Were Caught Being Unexpectedly Cute Or Funny

Goats are funny. Goats are cute. And we could end it here, but they’re literally the most adorable little thing on the planet, and we decided they deserve some more space on Bored Panda. This is the part of the article where we’re supposed to back our claim up with an explanation, some combination of goat physiology, psychology, and cuteness science that explains why they are so endearing. But we won’t. We just find them cute, and we assume you do too, or you wouldn’t have clicked on this article.

They’re not only one of the cleanest animals but are also very intelligent, social, and curious. Have you ever seen them wandering around and exploring any unfamiliar thing they see? Priceless. Lately, goats are getting more recognition thanks to social media. That famous video of baby goats jumping around and annoying each other to no end is still one of our favorite things on the internet. Here’s a collection of some of the cutest goat pictures we could find, for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome!

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#1 The Only Girl Who Can Pull Of Duck Lips

Image credits: coronaboi78

#2 It’s My Son’s First Kidding Season. I Think He Is Going To Be A Great Goat Farmer

Image credits: K8terSan

#3 Smuckers The Baby Goat

Image credits: bergerdani

#4 Here’s A Baby Goat With Ryan Reynolds

Image credits: vancityreynolds

#5 A Goat Followed My Friend Home From Work

Image credits: Fuzzie8

#6 This Cute Goat Baby

Image credits: Banana_language

#7 My Girlfriend’s Family Bought A Goat A While Back, Not Realising It Was Pregnant, Meet Oreo Born Last Night

Image credits: TheScatha

#8 Baby Goats Do What They Want

Image credits: arsonity

#9 Polly Is A 6 Month Old Goat With Separation Anxiety, Taken In By Charity Goats Of Anarchy. She Is Only Calm When She’s Wearing Her Duck Costume

Image credits: _Ryanite_

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#10 Update On The Goat, He’s In Pajamas Now

Image credits: Km2red

#11 My Coworker Brought Her Baby Goat To Work. She Fell Asleep In My Arms

Image credits: dolan146

#12 Police In The Netherlands Had To Return This Baby Goat To The Petting Zoo It Escaped From

Image credits: imgur.com

#13 This White Baby Goat Licking His Lips

Image credits: GalaxyScout

#14 Here Is A Goat On Top Of A Goat

Image credits: jedbob

#15 Say Hello To Dandy

Image credits: harshwords83

#16 My Friend’s Goat Looks Like A Kindly Wizard

Image credits: formypony

#17 My Aunts Goat Thinks It’s A Dog. It Wont Associate With The Other Goats And Only Hangs Out With The Dogs

Image credits: Nukemm33

#18 I Can’t Stop Laughing At His Sleeping Face

Image credits: big-eyed-cartoons

#19 Frostie The Adorable Baby Goat Takes First Steps With Tiny Wheelchair

Image credits: vimeo.com

#20 My Fiancé Befriended An Overly Photogenic 9 Day Old Baby Goat

Image credits: SJWequals1984

#21 Meet My Pet Goat And His Pet Rabbit

Image credits: AskMeAboutMyAnimals

#22 Look At This Baby Goat

Image credits: Kronyzx

#23 I Hired 20 Goats To Help Clear Some Ivy In My Backyard. This Is One Of The Sweetest/Derpiest Of Them All

Image credits: sudde004

#24 3 Newborn Goats Get Tiny Hand-Knit Sweaters To Stay Warm

Image credits: Sunflower Farm

#25 This Baby Goat With A Rainbow Behind It

Image credits: Xcelsblade

#26 Josie Knows How Cute She Is. Striking Poses

Image credits: Dogs_Without_Horses_

#27 First Time We’ve Seen Snow In Years! Snow Goat And It’s Model

Image credits: Snuffle-Bug

#28 There’s A Goat In My Coat!

Image credits: baroness_of_ripley

#29 A Goat Boy And His Best Friend

Image credits: snickles1977

#30 I Gots A Leaf!

Image credits: goatsonthings

#31 Woody Is A Great At Being A Baby Goat, But Makes For A Terrible Secretary

Image credits: Twiddly_twat

#32 Absolutely Adorable Dwarfs

Image credits: FreelancerKE

#33 Woman Quits Stressful City Job To Raise Special Needs Baby Goats, Loves Every Minute Of It

Image credits: GoatsofAnarchy

#34 A Queen

Image credits: crazyboergoatlady

#35 Goat Morning

Image credits: Amandaville

#36 A Girl And Her Goat. Gunther Goes To The Bus Stop Every Day To Pick Her Up. He Doesn’t Even Need A Leash Anymore

Image credits: souobixo

#37 Proud New Mama Goat Shows Off Her Kid

Image credits: CliffordFeltham

#38 A Goat With Attitude

Image credits: livet_pa_landet

#39 My Funny Face

Image credits: caramel.goat

#40 Just Thought Y’all Would Enjoy My Goat Dressed As A Tractor

Image credits: 0_GG_0

#41 This Is My Boy Bilbo Not Knowing What’s Going On Ever

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 Coat Goat

Image credits: anneofalltrades

#43 Is It Me Or Is He Smiling

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 New Baby

Image credits: cmoore3105

#45 Sooo… Our Goat Had Babies Yesterday

Image credits: N8Widdler

#46 Newborn Baby Today, He Drank A Lot Of Milk And Then Fell Asleep Shortly After

Image credits: zwcal

#47 Born 90 Minutes Ago. Already Hogging The Heater

Image credits: purdinpopo

#48 My Best Smile Just For You

Image credits: caramel.goat

#49 Derpy Kid

Image credits: caramel.goat

#50 So My Family Has A Pet Goat And, Well, She Isn’t Fond Of Others

Image credits: SRFG1595

#51 Son Shares Heartwarming Pictures Of His Dad Holding A 3 Weeks Old Baby Goat, And It’s Priceless

Image credits: orkenbjorken

#52 Ever Wondered If Goats Can Smile? Well Wonder No More

Image credits: TheGuvnor247

#53 My UPS Guy Was Running Late And Looked Stressed So I Made Him Hold Dempsey. He Said It Was The Best Part Of His Day

Image credits: originalgoatyoga

#54 Ahh Yes, Couch Time

Image credits: aokesta

#55 When Your Little Princess Knows That She Is The Little Princess

Image credits: DanielleMarie13

#56 Fluffy Face

Image credits: livet_pa_landet

#57 My Bull Seems To Think The Baby Goats Are His

Image credits: boogarbutt

#58 One Of Our Newborns

Image credits: ChinkyJew2RedNeck

#59 Went Back To Where I Worked 5 Years Ago, And He Immediately Recognized Me

Image credits: DocMcFortuite

#60 Tiny Goat, Guinea Pig For Scale

Image credits: QAoA

#61 The Gang’s All Here! Introducing Vincent Van Goat, Savannah, Gypsy, And Cookie

Image credits: dill.farm

#62 Happy Little Kid

Image credits: livet_pa_landet

#63 Helping Take Care Of The Sassiest New Born At Work

Image credits: Elegant_Fun_4702

#64 Is 15 Weeks Still A “Baby”? Hildy’s Got Enough Attitude For The Whole Herd

Image credits: Dogs_Without_Horses_

#65 A Picture Of My Pygmy Goat

Image credits: Cool-dude-69

#66 Fine! I’ll Eat The Notice Then!

Image credits: UniverseGuyD

#67 Baby Goat Conquers Human

Image credits: desslok

#68 Small Blep

Image credits: Sunflower Farm

#69 Putting Pool Noodles On A Goat Who Won’t Stop Head Butting

Image credits: LittleDank

#70 My Favourite Fall Pic Of Lenny

Image credits: canehdianchick

#71 My Name Is Pinto Bean. I’m A Day Old And Have A Nose Shaped Like A Heart

Image credits: kirstenchew

#72 We Got A New Baby Boy To Replace A Buck We Unexpectedly Lost This Week. Edward (White Buck) Was Alone For 3 Days And Getting Depressed. Looks Like He’s Feeling Better And They’re Going To Be Best Buds

Image credits: kerigirly77

#73 My Beautiful Baby And Her Mom

Image credits: Sansa_goaty

#74 This Is Brownie. I Still Don’t Know Where That Pizza Came From

Image credits: Mcmoonwich

#75 True Love

Image credits: livet_pa_landet

#76 We’ve Had Our Hands Full Over Here With 4 New Kids

Image credits: sunnyviewlane

#77 Swingin By To Say Haaay

Image credits: HTD_Bros

#78 Baby Goat

Image credits: alfaridpygmygoats

#79 My Sisters Baby Goat Showing Off His New Scarf

Image credits: Lucasfelton9461

#80 My Friend Took This Picture Of A Goat At The Weekend And Sent It Me With The Caption “Oh Man, I Am So High Right Now.”

Image credits: ron_manager

#81 Yes, I Would Like A Baby Goat Loaf, Please

Image credits: goatsonthings

#82 Goats In Bucket

Image credits: MayaPendixx

#83 Smallest Goat Of The Season. 4 Lbs Now

Image credits: fsacb3

#84 Asked A Goat Lawn Care Service If I Could Come Hug A Goat And So I Got To Play With 70 Goats

Image credits: GummyDinoo

#85 It’s 28 Outside So Sunshine Is Having His Hay In The Dining Room Today

Image credits: novafern

#86 Took My Niece To The Zoo Today. At This Very Moment, She Was Looking For The Goats. They Got’er Good

Image credits: roach_xo

#87 Most Of The Babies This Year Have Been Black And White. This Little Girl Has Her Moms Blue Eyes

Image credits: boogarbutt

#88 1lb 6oz Nigerian Doeling Born Last Night, Tiny Baby

Image credits: gotsthegoaties

#89 Took My Pup To A Farm To Learn How To Herd & Met This Super Cute Little Girl! Dang, That’s A Cute Kid

Image credits: chloemarissaj

#90 2 Hrs Old, Never Had Ears Stand Up So Soon

Image credits: dolly01022018

#91 My Daughter Chooses To Celebrate Her Birthday Every Year At The Memorial Day Goat Show. My Wife Always Does Up Her Favorite Goat For The Occassion

Image credits: Sunstoned1

#92 Little Jam Hat Update… We Still Have No Regrets

Image credits: canehdianchick

#93 Billy Is Awfully Proud Of Himself For Putting Himself In Bed

Image credits: shesagoatgirl

#94 I Am A New Goat Mom, Meet Mikka

Image credits: myohmya

#95 Nap Time

Image credits: Amandaville

#96 Valkyrie Is Quite The Cutie

Image credits: ApplebeeAcres

#97 Here’s My Aunts Baby Goat That Was Born Today. Meet Tip

Image credits: Ketchup110

#98 He Stares At You From The Other Side Of The Room

Image credits: QAoA

#99 Baby Goats

Image credits: PoopAndSunshine

#100 What Should We Name Her?

Image credits: Sim0001

#101 Snuggle Buddy

Image credits: youandmeandrainbows

#102 Resting Cutie

Image credits: itsagoatlife

#103 Cuteness Level 100

Image credits: livet_pa_landet

#104 Happy Goat

Image credits: livet_pa_landet

#105 Give My Some Milk

Image credits: caramel.goat

#106 Smile

Image credits: caramel.goat

#107 An Angry Goat

Image credits: sunquestdairygoats

#108 They See Me Rollin

Image credits: snoop_goat_

#109 Friend Just Had Baby Goats, And He Got Sweaters For Them

Image credits: ttremble

#110 Baby Fynn

Image credits: bucktail_haven_farm

#111 My Sister Holding A Baby Goat In Northern India

Image credits: Michizzo

#112 My Sister Got A Baby Goat

Image credits: whereamitho

#113 Goat Yoga Anyone?

Image credits: Sunflower Farm

#114 Baby Goat Rejected By His Mom Becomes Best Friends With A Human

Image credits: Benjamin the Pygmy Goat

#115 I Hope This Picture My Son Took Brings A Smile To Your Face Like It Did Me

Image credits: jenlyn05

#116 Forget The Leaf Blower And Get A Leaf Eater

Image credits: reddit.com

#117 Had A Surprise Baby Goat Yesterday! Didn’t Know That A Goat We Had Recently Bought Was Pregnant

Image credits: Trustme_ima_doctor12

#118 Had To Do Senior Pictures But Wanted To Spice Them Up A Bit

Image credits: reddit.com

#119 Our First Kid Born On The Farm! Could Goats Get Any Cuter

Image credits: GelBirds

#120 Picked Up My First Two Goats Today! The Adventure Begins!

Image credits: boofthegirl

#121 Gentle Giant Where I Work

Image credits: Katherine9009

#122 This Is Beavis! He Grew Quite The Hairdo Last Winter

Image credits: kayyleidoscope

#123 Here Are All The Shots Of Me Taking A Detour On My Way To The Alter

Image credits: canehdianchick

#124 Baby Goat Loving Life

Image credits: Special_Blueberry636

#125 2 Day Old Goat Kids In The Wild Flowers

Image credits: Goldenchicks

#126 This Goat Baby’s Face

Image credits: Katherine9009

#127 Mabel Here To Sweeten Your Feed

Image credits: lightnin_lyssie

#128 “Mocha” Was Born Yesterday, She’s Already A Little Heart Breaker

Image credits: 392rooster

#129 And This Is Why He’s My Favorite

Image credits: Dogs_Without_Horses_

#130 She Just Learned About Lettuce, And Now She Yells At Me When I Walk By The Lettuce Patch. I’ve Created A Monster

Image credits: Squidhugs

#131 The Only Thing Cuter Than A Baby Goat Sleeping In A Feed Bucket Is Two Baby Goats Sleeping In A Feed Bucket! The Little Sisters Are Snuggled Up For Another Chilly Night

Image credits: dill.farm

#132 You Smell Weird

Image credits: dill.farm

#133 The Joys That Spring Brings

Image credits: mainegoatlady

#134 Sleepy Baby

Image credits: caramel.goat

#135 Day Dreaming

Image credits: caramel.goat

#136 Like A Snowflake

Image credits: alfaridpygmygoats

#137 Bottle Babies Mean Dress Up

Image credits: calleybeth

#138 This One Was Born Yesterday

Image credits: EasyOil7

#139 How Do You Like My Sister’s Baby Goats?

Image credits: pleasurable

#140 Babushka Rosie

Image credits: txhorserescue

#141 Who Gave Tenzin The Right To Grow These Bangs?

Image credits: queen-of-quartz

#142 Sweater Weather

Image credits: KristenVW

#143 Meet Beans

Image credits: Jwkd

#144 This Is My Baby Girl Jane Doe

Image credits: Nicole_Ravens

#145 This Is My Hermione Girl Born In April This Picture Was Taken In June. I Have 8 Lovely Goaties

Image credits: Apprehensive_Pie_399

#146 One Day Old, Soaking In The Sun

Image credits: bansheeroars

#147 Stan The Man Likes To Smile

Image credits: DumpMyBlues

#148 Little Smile

Image credits: bsybees

#149 Moochelle Is Not Sure About You

Image credits: HessionSession

#150 This Goat And I Are Looking Like We’re About To Drop Some Serious Tunes

Image credits: OllieOllyOli

#151 My Sweet Nubians Were Born Monday. Meet Dipper & Mabel

Image credits: lightnin_lyssie

#152 Mr. Coco, 1 Week Old

Image credits: lovingitinthe51

#153 3 Of This Year’s Babies

Image credits: EricaofGoats

#154 My Goats First Halloween

Image credits: xboxoned

#155 All The Single Ladies

Image credits: Vegetable-Sundae-557

#156 Here’s A Baby Goat To Brighten Your Day

Image credits: Sweetpotatoesandgreens19

#157 Hooked Up With This Kid At A Bar On Nye

Image credits: jerkhole

#158 Bruuce Says What’s Up Guys?!

Image credits: legend35997

#159 My Man Larry!

Image credits: legend35997

#160 She’s Cute And Smart

Image credits: dill.farm

#161 First Family Portrait

Image credits: dill.farm

#162 Goat Snoozing On My Lap

Image credits: dill.farm

#163 Oliver Martin: The Little Goat

Image credits: communitycarecollege.edu

#164 My Little Goat Reba Fell And Hurt Her Head. My Vet Said She’ll Be Just Fine. She Looks Like A Dr Seuss Cartoon

Image credits: Practical-Egg794

#165 Triplets Born Last Night

Image credits: denab31

#166 This Is What Heaven Looks Like

Image credits: originalgoatyoga

#167 This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Image credits: Practical-Egg794

#168 Mojo Lives For Watermelon. I Live For Mojo

Image credits: trexkisses

#169 Babies Are Getting Photogenic

Image credits: XxPyralisxX

#170 Blep

Image credits: livet_pa_landet

#171 More Neck Scratches Please

Image credits: caramel.goat

#172 Baby Goat

Image credits: DogofManyColors

#173 A New Kind Of Animal Rescue: Check Out These Cute Goats

Image credits: Shepherd’s Rest Goat and Sheep Rescue

#174 My Buddies Coffee And Coco

Image credits: lovingitinthe51

#175 Say Hello To Paisley And Cami

Image credits: dill.farm

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