186 Halloween-Themed Foods That Are Too Spooky To Eat

Hey, hey, do you know why the skeleton didn’t go to the party? Because he had nobody to go with!

OK, now that we got that out of the way, you might have already guessed that Halloween is fast approaching, and that means one thing—Halloween goodness on Bored Panda.

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This time around, we bring you some of the most mesmerizing snacks, cakes, and foods in general from all around the internet that commemorate the very creepily fun holiday that is Halloween.

Scroll down to feast your eyes on our spooky curated list, and while you’re down there, upvote and comment on the submissions you enjoyed the most!

#1 Tried My Hand At Those Red-Dyed Rice Krispy Treats For Halloween. Got The Trays From The Butchers, Made The Labels Myself

When I made them I just kept giggling to myself. My brain knew they were fake, but my eyes wouldn’t stop lying to me

Image credits: whalecat_of_the_sea

#2 My Girlfriend Made These For Work To Celebrate Halloween And They’re Seriously Freaking Me Out

Image credits: Katbot22

#3 Spooky Eyeball Cookies, Courtesy Of My Friend’s Parents

Image credits: BonSorbo

If for any reason you have no idea what Halloween is, it’s the day everyone turns on spooky mode for one night, sporting scary costumes and going door-to-door to score some sugary goodness.

At least that’s the pop culture version of the celebration. Originally, it’s a religious celebration, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. The more you know!

#4 Made A Spooky Croissant

Image credits: input36

#5 Apple Pie

Image credits: crystalshannonm

#6 My Mom Made This Jelly For Halloween

Image credits: Rapioros

#7 My Halloween Cakes

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Akitiki

Speaking of Halloween snacks, the sky’s the limit when it comes to food ideas. Mostly, it’s the sweets that get spookified: zombie finger cakes, human-toothed donuts, ominous Illuminati cookies—you name it, the internet has done it.

#8 Oreo Halloween Cake

Image credits: interrupting_MOO_cow

#9 Spooky Charcuterie Board

Image credits: Sikside

#10 Made A Charcuterie Board For The Office Potluck Today

Image credits: imgur.com

#11 I Baked Planchette Cookies With Homemade Jam And Buttercream

Image credits: OpusEp19

#12 Smoked Ribs & Sausage – Halloween Style

Image credits: araneus777

But besides that, there are also salty and savory foods as well, like the bacon goat head, bacon skeleton, that turkey-crab-octopus thing (if you feel inspired, come up with a name for it)—it’s amazing to see just how wild the internet can get with these designs.

#13 Bread Got Squished On The Way Home From The Store. Now We Are Having Garlic Ghosts

Image credits: Wonder0486

#14 “The Shining” Themed Birthday Cake For A Halloween Party This Past Weekend

Image credits: lambeeta

#15 In The Spirit Of Halloween… Here’s Our Monster Cake Creation

Image credits: LusterPeaks

#16 Zombie Cake

Image credits: thewickedestwhisk

#17 My Friend Made Halloween Themed Artisan Loaves

Image credits: GonzoVeritas

Bored Panda has covered Halloween numerous times. There were times when people refused to let their disabilities get in the way of making the perfect costume; there were painting redesigns; there were epic house decorations. You get the drift.

#18 Spooky Black Velvet Halloween Cake

Image credits: Ihavenofriends_exe

#19 Halloween Meatloaf Made By My Mum. Happy Halloween

Image credits: felicityHmuffman

#20 Halloween Sushi

Image credits: ashakilee

#21 Hidden Monster Cake For Halloween

Image credits: megpi

#22 My First Time Making Edible Art. Arachnid Cake

Image credits: RewRiteart

#23 Halloween Turkstrocity (Octopus, Turkey And Snow Crab)

Image credits: Smoke_Trails

#24 Halloween Cupcakes

Image credits: dancer15

#25 Vegan Chocolate Cake Filled With Marshmallow Cream, Topped With Chocolate Glaze, Cookie Moss And Edible Extremities

Image credits: darkhearthshoppe

And if you want to dive deep into Halloween this year, check out everything Bored Panda has done on Halloween by clicking here.

But before you go, let us know your thoughts on Halloween. What’s your costume going to be this year? Share with our lovely community in the comment section below!

#26 Cake I Made. I Love Spooky Season

Image credits: Ctown1979

#27 Apples And Cinnamon Halloween Macarons

Image credits: VentressXI

#28 It Didn’t Come Out Nearly As Pretty As The Original “Pinspiration” But, Out Of The Halloween Spirit, This Is My Pumpkin Shaped Cake And I Am Proud Of It

Image credits: toloveawallflower

#29 Spooky, Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine. My Sunday Snacks Have Got A Little Spookier And I’m Into It

Image credits: theworryingwitch

#30 Spooky Morning Coffee

Image credits: theearthgoddess

#31 Happy Halloween! Might Be A Point Of Contention If Jack Is More Christmas Than Halloween, But I Love Him Anyways

Image credits: yoshibabi

#32 Just One Of Many Cakes I’ve Made At Work! This One Is My Favorite Among The Flock Of Ravens I Made

Image credits: Akitiki

#33 Made A Monster Cake For Halloween

Image credits: crispyplants

#34 Halloween Cakes Are Always My Favorites (Chocolate Cake, Cherry Filling, All Edible Except The Wire Balloon Strings)

Image credits: nobleland_mermaid

#35 These Halloween Spider Cookies Are A Really Fun And Easy Halloween Bake For Kids To Do

Image credits: cooking_with_my_kids

#36 Halloween Themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 Chocolate Fudge Brain Cake With Marshmallow Fondant Detail And Strawberry Jam Glaze. Ready For Halloween

Image credits: Iwantsprinkles

#38 Made Some Halloween Stuffed Peppers

Image credits: bkeyton

#39 I Was The Soup Guy At A High-End Restaurant, On Halloween The Chef Let Me Send All Of Them Out Like This (Carrot Ginger Soup, Cardamon Cream, Black Sesame Seeds)

Image credits: Dvart

#40 This Mini Coffin One Is My Absolute Favorite

Image credits: thisstrangemama

#41 I’ve Baked Some Ghost Cookies

Image credits: SuccessfulRegister25

#42 Halloween Themed Chocolate Pralines

Image credits: SoundOfTheRainforest

#43 My Dad Made This Cake

Image credits: think_green2810

#44 Some Festive Sushi For Halloween

Image credits: nizjiz

#45 Halloween Themed Sugar Cookies

Image credits: AdoroDesserts

#46 Halloween Treats

Image credits: lueskye

#47 I Make A “Cheese Ball Head” Every Year For Halloween. Last Year Was Creamy Smoked Gouda Covered With Prosciutto

Image credits: maybe_spooks

#48 My Wife Made A Halloween Candy “Charcuterie” Board For A Pumpkin Carving Party

Image credits: Feenix77

#49 Homemade Halloween Cake

Image credits: nataloodle

#50 Halloween Smoked Ribs, Pulled Pork, And Smokies

Image credits: Gerbille

#51 Who’s Doing Some Spooky Baking This Weekend?

Image credits: foodmagazinesw

#52 I Made Ghost Meringues For Halloween

Image credits: canberrastreets

#53 Cake Popsicles- Halloween Edition

Image credits: rayofsunshine4

#54 Hocus Pocus Treats For A Freaky Friday

Image credits: magicalkimchi

#55 I Baked Some Halloween Treats

Image credits: ChristineHMcConnell

#56 Halloween Pizza

Image credits: mahonpointshopping

#57 Made Some Lava Cookies With A Spooky Twist. Orange, Green And Purple Inside

Image credits: MangoDewd

#58 I Baked Spooky Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes With Salted Caramel Buttercream And Handmade Fondant Decorations

Image credits: llamagirl1996

#59 Made Some Spooky Witch Finger Cookies

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 Mashed-O’-Lanterns And Feetloaf For Dinner Tonight. Happy Halloween

Image credits: lawyersgunznmoney90

#61 They Have Halloween Pasta At Aldi This Week And I Bought So Many Bags… So Many

Image credits: banana_plague

#62 I Baked These Spooky Treats

Image credits: dojakat904

#63 Halloween Themed Mirror Glaze Over A Cookie Dough Mousse Cake

Image credits: VentressXI

#64 I Made A Cake For My Friend’s Halloween Party

Image credits: RenegadeJane

#65 Happy Halloween. Mascarpone Cream Cake With Fresh Blueberries

Image credits: svens_hexe_chrissy

#66 Scary Cake

Image credits: mrpumpkin815772

#67 Halloween Jello With Skeletons And Worms

Image credits: TFALokiwriter

#68 My Husband And I Decided To Throw Our First Halloween Party With A Few Close Family Members Last Year. Here’s Some Of The Food And Drinks We Had

Image credits: _mscl_

#69 Here’s A Little Something We Made Earlier

Image credits: patricianiven

#70 Slime Cake. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Halloween

Image credits: tiancakes_kotileipomo

#71 Seems Appropriate For Me To Attempt This Tonight

Image credits: TedDansonWithMyself

#72 Charcuterie The 13th

Image credits: Golden5StarMan

#73 Halloween Cheese Cake

Image credits: kikiyul

#74 Halloween Sugar Cookies

Image credits: bmakingcake

#75 Nothing Too Fancy. Just A Little Oogie Boogie Cake I Did At Work For Fun

Image credits: michonne_impossible

#76 My Mom Is Paying Me To Make A Cute Spooky Cake For Her To Bring To Work On Halloween So I’m Practicing. Pretty Happy With The Outcome

Image credits: b_csgxo

#77 Spooky Times Call For Spooky Cupcakes

Image credits: Coligan33

#78 My Kids And I Made A Halloween Ghost Cake!

Image credits: spread_happiness0

#79 Halloween Cookies

Image credits: gumwhales

#80 Halloween Macarons

Image credits: kikiyul

#81 Quick And Simple Halloween Party Food

Image credits: feathersoft

#82 Throwback To That Time I Made Axe-Murderer Cupcakes For Coworkers Around Halloween

Image credits: violent_sinema

#83 Why Not Have Some Fun Creating A Spooky Açaí Bowl Like This One

Image credits: sambazonuk

#84 Halloween Cupcakes I Made Tonight

Image credits: SkullsandBeauty

#85 I’ll Put A Spell On You With This Cake I Made From Hocus Pocus

Image credits: offthepiecharts

#86 Finally Made My Dream Halloween Cake

Image credits: Difficult-Event-5306

#87 Spooky Sugar Cookies

Image credits: NYTAreddits

#88 Halloween

Image credits: 7singirl

#89 Found The Perfect Snack At Tonight’s Halloween Party

Image credits: andreayang18

#90 Spooky Bake Time

Image credits: cupcakesandcoasters

#91 My Annual Halloween Cake – “Flesh Wound” Cinnamon Roll Cake

Image credits: iliketocookstuff

#92 Made A Ouija Board Cake At Work

Image credits: ieakcakes31

#93 Made A Halloween Pizza For Work. One Of The Busiest Delivery Days Of The Year

Image credits: pizzageek

#94 Mirror Glazed Halloween Chocolate Cake

Image credits: Justjustbaked

#95 Halloween Sugar Cookies

Image credits: dorona

#96 Hygienic Halloween Snack. Wtf

Image credits: bamsgirl

#97 Gingerbread Yummy Mummies

Image credits: sherryscribbles

#98 Tombstone Cake

Image credits: hartsofstur

#99 This Necronomicon Ex-Mortis Cake Our Friends Made For Last Year’s Halloween Party

Image credits: rocketsauze

#100 Since We’ve Been Living In Japan For The Past Year I’ve Tried To Make A Halloween Inspired Lunch Box

Image credits: MJelM

#101 Here’s A Devil’s Velvet Cake I Baked This Week To Welcome The Spooky Season! Let Me Know What You All Think

Image credits: BrandonsGotCakes

#102 Halloween Brownies

Image credits: reddit.com

#103 Halloween Treats For My Family

Image credits: retirednightshift

#104 My 3-Year-Old Is Super Proud Of His “Michael Myers” Pie

For the record, he’s never actually seen any of the Halloween movies but he’s super obsessed with Halloween and all things ‘spooky’.

Image credits: bcardea

#105 Blueberry And Blackberry Ricotta Waffles With Roasted Almond Maple Syrup

Image credits: KungPowChicken23

#106 Halloween Cake

Image credits: whyweworkout

#107 Black Halloween Cupcakes

Image credits: iruuru

#108 Skull Cakes For My 1st Cake Day

Image credits: redheadedtechie

#109 Happy Halloween. Halloween Buffalo Chicken Dip

Image credits: sgarner0407

#110 Oreo Cookie Dough Halloween Cheesecake

Image credits: Josh_Elkin

#111 Halloween Themed Vanilla Cupcakes

Image credits: BrutusMK2

#112 Doing “Spooky” Dinners Each Night. Tonight’s Meal: Chicken Pot Pie With Crawling Hands

Image credits: Redmer67

#113 Halloween’s Eve Dinner Is Always Witch’s Hair Pasta With Meatball Eyes And Pizza Skulls. Happy Halloween Everyone

Image credits: beachcover

#114 Hocus Pocus Cookie

Image credits: crissierobertsx

#115 Lunchables 2.0

Image credits: sailscall

#116 Halloween Ramen

Image credits: Ikigairamen

#117 Quarantine Has Given Me All The Time I Needed To Get Back Into Baking And I’m Enjoying Every Minute Of It

Image credits: theecarolinareaper

#118 Day Of The Dead Cake I Made For Halloween

Image credits: Rcrowley32

#119 Charcuterie Board. Happy Halloween Everyone

Image credits: raphruck

#120 Halloween Lunch My Wife Made For Our Kids

Image credits: DmagnusV

#121 Halloween Chocolate And Buttercream Cupcakes

Image credits: callysse

#122 My Husband Had This Surprise Cake Made For Me For Our Halloween Wedding

Image credits: cmarie22345

#123 Chicken Pot Pie For A Halloween Pot Luck

Image credits: Jmanh12

#124 Decided To Try My Hand At Those Apple Cider Skull Donuts. Almost Called Them “Skullnuts”, But I Decided Against It

Image credits: BackOfTheHearse

#125 Adorable Halloween Oreos

Image credits: cupcakediariesblog

#126 First Attempt At Making Some Halloween Themed Cupcakes. Everything Went Better Than Expected

Image credits: 20andcounting

#127 Halloween Candy Corn Ombre Cake With Ghost Meringues. It’s A Pumpkin Spice Cake With Maple Cream Cheese Buttercream

Image credits: cloudberry14

#128 Dark Chocolate + Almonds

Image credits: battytabby

#129 It Is Biscuit Week In The Tent This Week So I Thought I’d Share My Shrunken Heads Gingerbread

Image credits: helenagarciafp

#130 We’re Seriously Contemplating Just Being A Halloween Bakery Over Here

Image credits: fullmoonrisingbakery

#131 This Year I Made These Ghost Chocolate Cupcakes For Halloween. So Cute And So Fun

Image credits: sweettreatsbymalin

#132 Halloween Strawberries

Image credits: malory1012

#133 Halloween Meat Buffet

Image credits: onemantwohands

#134 Halloween Witch Cupcakes

Image credits: KlaranBinx

#135 My Halloween Skin Patch Cake

Image credits: Queen-Ham

#136 For Halloween, I Baked An Among Us Cake. First Time Doing Mirror Glaze

Image credits: stellachuu

#137 My Wife’s Work

Image credits: lordlionhunter

#138 Another Successful Year Of Spooky Baking

Image credits: michelleleeclark

#139 My 3-Year-Old Loves Halloween, So This Is Some Of His Lunch For Tomorrow, I Hope He Will Love It

Image credits: koehlebaahks

#140 Instead Of Caramel Apples This Halloween, Melt Jolly Ranchers In A 250 Degree Oven For Around 5 Minutes, Then Pour Over Your Apples. Add Edible Glitter For The Space Effect

Image credits: thalonelydonkeykong

#141 Halloween Sugar Cookies

Image credits: GothicChick0005

#142 Halloween Pumpkin Pie

Image credits: KittFurlong

#143 Halloween Treats

Image credits: EatMyCookie7

#144 The Bride Of Frankenstein Chocolate Cupcake

Image credits: helenagarciafp

#145 A Lil Spooky Is A Must

Image credits: weird.mother

#146 Halloween Baking Time For Work

Image credits: manxandvizsla

#147 These Guys (My Boo-Nies) Make Me Laugh Every Time I Look At Them

Image credits: jennybrownlees

#148 Spooky Eats

Image credits: yardmagic

#149 Swedish Halloween Cookies “Spöken” (Ghosts)

Image credits: aamop

#150 Red Hellvet Cake

Image credits: sodapop_incest

#151 Made Some Spooky Cupcakes And Cookies For My Birthday

Image credits: reddit.com

#152 I Baked A Giant Oreo Cookie For Halloween

Image credits: sabbbulina

#153 I’m A Baker, And Yesterday I Got To Do My First Spookier Cake Of The Season

Image credits: swphotoaz

#154 Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Image credits: ccpktl

#155 First Halloween Cake Of The Season

Image credits: sagee127

#156 Tricks & Treats With My Sweet Babysitting Kiddos

Image credits: caitlin_fp

#157 Halloween Themed Donuts From Dunkin Donuts In Korea

Image credits: chelsealikethehotel

#158 Halloween Gelatin Ring

Image credits: lemonylederhosen

#159 Midnight Munchies But Make It Spooky

Image credits: macabre_bunny

#160 First Time Making Cake Pops. I Think These Spooky Boys Came Out Ok

Image credits: The0Goblin0Queen

#161 I Made These Tombstone Brownies For A Family Party Today

Image credits: SundayGirl232

#162 Made Some Halloween Pancakes Can’t Wait For Halloween

Image credits: d2thewight67

#163 Halloween Cookies

Image credits: LurkerMcLurkerton

#164 My Eyeball Truffles For Halloween

Image credits: banoona

#165 Halloween Biscuits I Made With My GF Featuring A Spooky Kirby

Image credits: Nibblet420

#166 Halloween Meringues- Ghosts, Bones And Pumpkins

Image credits: sapofmi

#167 Halloween Themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries And Oreo Cake Pops

Image credits: beijinhos

#168 White Chocolate Halloween Hot Chocolate Bombs

Image credits: AlecWallace

#169 Halloween Sugar Cookies

Image credits: smacetylene

#170 First Time Making Cupcakes From Scratch. Pumpkin Cake With Vanilla Buttercream

Image credits: NoireRabbit

#171 My Mom Was Super Proud Of These Spooky Cookies She Made Today

Image credits: xamlax

#172 Happy Halloween

Image credits: rcj8341

#173 Halloween Themed Pizzas For A 4-Person Party In My Garage

Image credits: Oh_DragonsGotMe

#174 Warm Cider + Pumpkin Spice Whip + 62f

Image credits: Boogachoog

#175 First Cake Of The Halloween Season

Image credits: sagee127

#176 Halloween Meat Cake

Image credits: Obviously_oliverus

#177 Pumpkin, Cranberry And Pecan Baked Brie En Croûte For Halloween

Image credits: doorshock

#178 Trick Or Treat. Give Me Something Good To Eat

Image credits: jessievtattoos

#179 Pizza Skulls

Image credits: peterpatter12

#180 Halloween Prosciutto-Wrapped Skull Antipasto Platter

Image credits: Scoobydoolish

#181 My Wife Made Brownies. Yes, It’s On A Lid. We’re Sophisticated

Image credits: KuilowKeyBreh

#182 My (Too Late For) Halloween Pizza

Image credits: G00bre

#183 Check Out My Zombie Brains Cakes

Image credits: JawaKat

#184 Halloween Oreo Midnight Brownies Are An Easy, Fun To Make Treat To Kick Off Spooky Season

Image credits: fatbottomgirlbakes

#185 Spooky Sugar Cookies

Image credits: marissaxschissler

#186 Halloween Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

Image credits: goat_princess707

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