19 Things <i>The Matrix</i> Predicted About Life in 2019

It’s been twenty years since The Matrix revealed that we are all living in a computer simulation. The film’s combination of science fiction, action, and philosophy scored big with moviegoers, and The Matrix won four Academy Awards and spawned two sequels. It also became an avatar for life in the 21st century.

It’s not that the film was prescient. It didn’t anticipate our world. But it anticipated — and probably created — a new way of viewing that world. Since 1999, the real world has provided ample opportunity for people to turn The Matrix into the foundational text of a frighteningly thorough and self-adoring denial of whatever was in front of their noses, which roughly translates as, Reality is fake and I don’t have to listen to anyone about anything (plus maybe I know karate despite never having studied it).

The Matrix didn’t just anticipate the future, it also influenced the future. Vulture drew together more than a dozen writers and editors to list 19 ways that elements of The Matrix are a part of life today. Many of the ideas listed have links to expanded explanations. -via Digg

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