19 Unwritten Rules That Everyone Seems To Follow

There are some things that everyone just does, even though they’ve never been told you, and certainly they’ve never been told why. I always let people take what fries they want from my plate, because that’s a lot of potatoes, and the hamburger will fill me up by itself. But if I order onion rings, suddenly everyone wants one, and there aren’t that many in a serving!   

Well, of course I’m going to get nervous even though I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m nervous because a team of strangers is going to put me in a machine to see what my body looks like under my clothes, or else they will grope me. Or like the last time I went through security, both. (My teenage daughter got neither, because that would be “wrong.”) However, there are a couple of “unwritten rules” in this list that you WISH people would follow.

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Source: neatorama

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