191 Photos That Show Just How Differently Schools Feed Their Students Around The World

Kids can form better eating habits when schools provide them with healthy food, but unfortunately, not all of these establishments are capable of doing so.

There’s a notion that students from the US or the UK usually walk to their cafeteria in disdain while their Asian peers (especially, South Koreans) are getting served mouth-wateringly fresh and varied meals.

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But is this always the case?

To show you that not everything is black and white, we at Bored Panda put together a list of photos that reveal what schools from all over the world put on their plates. Bon appetit! (Or not.)

#1 My School Serving Almost Raw Pizza

Image credits: omlette_11

#2 The Vegetarian Option For Bolognese At My School Is Literally Just A Bag Of Ketchup

Image credits: tovarischlastname

#3 What A School In UK Calls A Hotdog

Image credits: moocha10

#4 Mashed Potatoes We Got At School Today

Image credits: martinjagr

#5 Here’s My Awesome Korean School Lunch! Schools Have A Qualified Nutritionist To Plan The Lunch Menu

Image credits: StiffCrustySock

#6 My School Meal

Image credits: 18429796543455789964

#7 Raw Chicken In My International School In Thailand

Image credits: ChanseyLordMatt

#8 The Cheese They Put On Our School’s Hamburgers

Image credits: shadowlanpasalan2

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#9 My Korean School Lunch Of Udon, Egg And Pork Cutlet Deopbap, And Various Banchan

Image credits: darkrealm190

#10 Public School Lunch In Minnesota

Image credits: DatSota

#11 My School’s Free Turkey Lunch For Christmas

Image credits: Anti_akwardtheturtle

#12 This Is What Swedish School Lunch Looks Like

Image credits: Davidek

#13 Pizza From Our Local School. And It Cost 3€ (Slovakia, Eastern Europe)

Image credits: Baldovski

#14 Apparently A School Lunch

Image credits: localh81

#15 Food In One Of The Moscow Schools. It’s Macaroni And Cement I Guess

Image credits: sharksalad

#16 “Sausages” (I Think) At My School

Image credits: essequattro

#17 School Food. I Am From Sweden

Image credits: Crackingbison26

#18 My Korean School Lunch Of Jjajangmyeon, Jjampong Soup, And Various Banchan

Image credits: darkrealm190

#19 My Mate’s Lunch At School In Australia. And Yes, That Sandwich Is Just Buttered Bread

Image credits: glarian_birds

#20 My School Lunch In Beijing, China

Image credits: Altruistic_Dog445

#21 Public School Lunch In Sweden

Image credits: johansantana17

#22 My School’s Idea Of Dessert Is Three Pieces Of Cereal In A Half Cup Of Yogurt

Image credits: cinnamonbinh

#23 Today Was Veggie Burger And Sweet Potato Fries For Lunch In The School’s Cafeteria In Germany

Image credits: caseyy89

#24 “Food” At My School In America. Spaghetti And Emptied Balls

Image credits: MrChioDust

#25 Sliced Ham In A Beautiful Bread Served By My School’s Cafeteria. Near £2 For This, Could Get A Ready Meal For Cheaper

Image credits: yiffwhore

#26 A Single Cauliflower In A Single Use Plastic Wrap From A School Lunch

Image credits: McNoobens

#27 This Hotdog My School Was Selling For £1.85 (UK)

Image credits: RealAndGay

#28 Chicken Parm Sandwich At My School

Image credits: KevyEm

#29 A Hamburger Patty At The Local High School

Image credits: Averuncate

#30 My Korean School Lunch Of Crab Soup, Braised Chicken And Potatoes, And Various Banchan

Image credits: darkrealm190

#31 My School Lunch. Paid $3.25 For This

Image credits: jordan150000

#32 I See Your Korean Private School Lunches And Give You Maryland Public School Lunch

Image credits: Trhodes009

#33 Typical School Lunch In South Korea

Image credits: seacobs

#34 Are We Still Doing Lunch? This Is The Teacher Lunch At My School. All This Was For $4.50

Image credits: stefaniemarie21

#35 My School Serves The Highest Quality Cuisine

Image credits: RobbyFowl123

#36 Happy National Cereal Day From My School

Image credits: TheSnifflyOne

#37 School Lunch At Its Finest

Image credits: jonislav007

#38 Our Breakfast At School This Morning. Yes That’s One Piece Of Bacon Folded. No, There Were No Alternatives, And Any Sides Cost Extra

Image credits: Taco_Austin

#39 My Swedish School Lunch (100% Free)

Image credits: Sir-Alfonso

#40 School Christmas Lunch In Finland (Free)

Image credits: Meatballerina

#41 School Lunch Today Was Chicken Nuggets In A Hotdog Bun

Image credits: OneHotCoffee

#42 Complaining About School Lunches? Here’s My School’s “Philly Cheese Steak”

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 My Kid’s School Lunch Today. Pancake Sausage Burger With Cheese

Image credits: HostileBiscuits

#44 My School’s “Mashed” Potatoes

Image credits: Ch1k3nMan

#45 My School’s $7 Take On Avocado Toast

Image credits: meegsbear

#46 My School’s Egg Salad

Image credits: kissyoursister

#47 Here’s A Quesadilla. It’s A School Food

Image credits: ElBlackbox

#48 Raw Chicken At School

Image credits: SNEK-BOI-004

#49 The Sandwiches Our School Sells

Image credits: reece1210

#50 My School Served Moldy Bread Today

Image credits: wxps-800

#51 Since My School Is Going Online, The School Provides Weekly Lunches. Here’s One Of Them

Image credits: YobSizler

#52 Depressing School Lunch

Image credits: wazman2222

#53 Pizza From My School. Not Gonna Lie, It Was Alright

Image credits: Cheddar_Shreddar

#54 School Lunch

Image credits: Jwaapi

#55 School Cafeteria Lunches In Finland

Image credits: worldbeyondyourown

#56 Bread

Image credits: chees46

#57 My Finnish School Lunch (Vegetarian)

Image credits: JizzPimple

#58 My School Lunch. It Was Very Nice. UK

Image credits: Interesting-Sock-223

#59 Refried Beans

Image credits: Shiningleopard27

#60 My Free School Lunch Today In Finland

Image credits: eizei

#61 Zucchini Quesadilla With Sour Cream And Salsa, Courtesy Of High School Cafeteria. Tasted Okay No Bamboozle

Image credits: TrainDriving101

#62 School Lunch From My Country. Where Am I? France

Image credits: Phylanara

#63 Wtf Is This

Image credits: Few-Car-5618

#64 Lunch At A Korean Elementary School

Image credits: kimchi_weather

#65 This Is The Syrup Bowl At My Boarding School In UK Breakfast. They Call Me Crazy For Bringing My Own Bottled Syrup But Now They Understand Why

Image credits: challenger370

#66 My School Lunch Expected To Keep 15-18-Year-Olds Fed For The Whole Day

Image credits: hamie14

#67 Genuinely How My School Packages Their Chips. They Just Gave Me Four. I’m In The UK

Image credits: scratchyjoshy

#68 School Lunch In Sweden

Image credits: Puckpaj

#69 The School Lunch From A Elementary School In Colombia

Image credits: buckeyespud

#70 My Schools Lunch Today

Image credits: thefinestrt

#71 The Pickle Sushi That My School’s Dining Hall Served Has LED Me To Reject My Faith Because No Benevolent God Would Ever Let This Abomination See The Light Of Day

Image credits: pseudo_potatoes

#72 This Corn Soup With Popcorn We Had In Our School This Week

Image credits: UniqueUsername014

#73 Ordered A Grilled Cheese From School’s Dining Hall

Image credits: ohstahp

#74 ‘general Tsos’ School Lunch

Image credits: stumpy1991

#75 My School Likes To Do Fruit Water In Our Dining Hall. So Today We Got Jalapeño And Pineapple Water

Image credits: BringerOfLemonade

#76 My American School’s Lunch. It’s “Steak And Cheese”

Image credits: locke_5

#77 “Tuna Pizza” From My School Lunch Today In Japan. I Feel Like This Belongs Here

Image credits: TitusBadAssAdronicus

#78 My School’s Mac And Cheese

Image credits: i-like-tortoises

#79 Some Kid’s School Lunch

Image credits: DimitriTooProBro

#80 My School’s Ramen

Image credits: Tf2-Pinkie

#81 Beef And Cheese Casserole At School

Image credits: b5437

#82 Our School Canteen Last Week – Fish Fillet With A Lentil Salad. Czech Republic

Image credits: KNECHTIK2006

#83 My School Cafeteria’s Attempt At Chicken And Waffles

Image credits: thematterasserted

#84 My School Lunch. Chicken Nuggets And Mashed Potatoes

Image credits: PersonNumber277353

#85 Mmm School Lunch

Image credits: LegitCorgi38910

#86 “Scrambled Eggs” At My School’s Cafeteria

Image credits: mencerm

#87 My School’s Pizza. It’s Basically Just A Piece Of Bread With Tomato On It

Image credits: tunablepizza

#88 Whoever Thought That A “Cheese Sandwich” Would Be A Nourishing Meal For The Low-Income Kids (Who May Rely On School Meals) At The School I Work At

Image credits: WittyTurkey715

#89 “Pizza” My School Served Us On The Morning Of SAT Testing. It’s Meat, Not A Mold. The Plastic Just Makes It Look Worse Than It Already Is

Image credits: Lucio-BALL

#90 The Waffles At My High School Can Break Forks. All I Did Was Try To Cut It. It’s The US And They Don’t Allow Plastic Knives Here

Image credits: 1992_Civic_SiR_

#91 My School’s Excuse Of A Burger

Image credits: Ill_Sheepherder_4189

#92 School Lunch In America Since We’re Posting School Lunches

Image credits: saphiresgirl

#93 School Is Giving Out Free Frozen Lunches. Turkey With Gravy And Sweet Potatoes

Image credits: Althunter_man86

#94 School Lunch In Sweden, Fish And Cornflakes

Image credits: DaForce

#95 Lunch Is A Little Disappointing At My School In Ohio

Image credits: Financial_Guess4943

#96 My School’s Chicken Nuggets

Image credits: Seabearomega

#97 The School Lunch

Image credits: xsaucez

#98 School’s Turkey Looks Like Cat Food

Image credits: Smartpeep03

#99 One Of The Chicken Sandwich At Our School Is Hollow From The Inside

Image credits: edgymofo95

#100 Is School Lunch Considered Cheating? Because School Lunch Should Be Considered Cheating

Image credits: jlee98

#101 Schools Lunch. Grilled Cheese And Baby Carrots

Image credits: SightlySteam130

#102 My Friend’s School Lunch. I Saw The Other Post And Thought I Would Post My Own. It’s A Pizza Bagel Thing

Image credits: Revali3000

#103 My Kid’s School Lunch (US)

Image credits: DrPennybags

#104 School Lunch, Didn’t Leave A Crumb

Image credits: Swagspongebob5742

#105 School Lunch In Kentucky

Image credits: KaKaShI69——–

#106 Since We’re Posting School Lunches (USA)

Image credits: BennyTwoToes_

#107 This Was The Lunch That My $40k Per Year School Served Today (Private High School In USA)

Image credits: Victrola_User

#108 My School’s Lunch

Image credits: OfficialGameCubed

#109 Our $5.00 School Lunch Today (North Eastern Ohio)

Image credits: JbluGaming

#110 Served This At Lunch Today At My School. Tasted Like Paper

Image credits: Derp_Man3

#111 School Lunch Today. USA

Image credits: breakfastgod12345

#112 Gotta Love School Lunch Fries

Image credits: pandaxplossion

#113 My School Had This Good Looking Sandwich Until

Image credits: pigbomb42

#114 Here’s One Of My Nutritional School Lunches

Image credits: Anberlin_

#115 My School’s Attempt At “Meat” (South Eastern PA)

Image credits: drewmisk

#116 Elementary School Lunch In Chesapeake, VA (Minus The Cupcake I Brought)

Image credits: narcissisticnancy101

#117 School “Burger” With Potatoes And Peanut Butter (California)

Image credits: xXEndMiiXx

#118 “Vegetarian Sub” At My High School

Image credits: aborteddinosaur

#119 Amazing Entree From My School

Image credits: reddit.com

#120 This Ruined Pizza For Me

Image credits: HelpPlz4

#121 My Lunch Was Called A “Chunky Monkey”

Image credits: TheCreeper10

#122 My School’s Pizza

Image credits: Klunko52

#123 Grilled Cheese

Image credits: WynterWolf63

#124 Elementary School “Green Eggs And Ham”. This Is USA, It Was For Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

Image credits: danstecz

#125 My School Put Out A Bowl For You To Put Your Fruit Into If You Aren’t Going To Eat It. They Put It Back Out The Next Day. I’d Imagine This Came From There

Image credits: Neon775

#126 This Is Supposed To Be A Hamburger

Image credits: reddit.com

#127 Today’s Lunch At My Child’s Elementary School

Image credits: wolfnbasti

#128 And You Thought Your School Lunch Was Bad

Image credits: DerpyDinoXyX

#129 Some Pictures Of My School Lunch In Japan. Nutritious And Delicious, Japan Knows How To Feed Their Kids

Image credits: corner

#130 School Lunch At My High School In Mid-Western America (Free)

Image credits: PegAkira

#131 Yo Wtf?

Image credits: Patkillpeople

#132 Breakfast At A Public Charter School, Austin, Texas

Image credits: Mr401blunts

#133 This Is The Lunch My School Makes Me Pay For

Image credits: leviplayz2019

#134 Middle School Lunch (Hawaii)

Image credits: LynnsFriedRice

#135 School Lunch In Denmark

Image credits: SpoochDK

#136 My Wife Forgot Her Lunch Today. The School Cafeteria Kindly Gave Her, A Teacher, A School Lunch

Image credits: FireBetAlwaysWorking

#137 How About Lunch At A Hong Kong Secondary School?

Image credits: rogerwilco99

#138 A Slice Of Pizza From School

Image credits: SpookyGhost5623

#139 University Cafeteria Serving Something For The Crust Lovers Today

Image credits: SolidCake

#140 What Free School Lunch Looks Like

Image credits: der_Franks

#141 Ladies And Gentlemen, My School Lunch (Tasted Worse Than It Looks)

Image credits: Fanta_the_soda

#142 My School’s Take On “Grilled Mac’n’cheese”. And Yes, It Was As Dry As It Looks

Image credits: conman1112

#143 Nobody: “…..” School Lunch:

Image credits: Somber_Strat

#144 Saw A Pic Of School Lunch, Here’s Mine, A Bag Of Chips With Non Melted Cheese. I’m A Senior In High School

Image credits: Monkey_Bingo

#145 Did Someone Say American School Lunch?

Image credits: mikelovesbarb

#146 My School Cafeteria Calls This The Walking Taco, Beef, Cheese, Salsa, And Fritos Tossed Up In The Bag

Image credits: iamaboredman

#147 My School Lunch

Image credits: Smirkz_XIX

#148 $4.50 Well Spent. Thanks School

Image credits: Jamocus

#149 What My School Thinks Is An Acceptable Lunch For High School Kids. USA

Image credits: reddit.com

#150 My School Lunch

Image credits: tyingdanger279

#151 Got Pizzas For An Event At School. This Is The Vegetarian Pizza

Image credits: ScrubBucket

#152 My School’s Attempt At “Grilled Cheese”

Image credits: savannah_1_0

#153 My School Lunch, Processed Cheese And A Square Of Mystery Meat

Image credits: NoopSauce

#154 My School Calls This “French Toast With Sausage”

Image credits: Joecasta

#155 “Philly Cheesesteak”. My School’s On The Southern Border In The US

Image credits: ObiJuanKenobi3

#156 Chicken Fingers Served At My School In Alabama Recently

Image credits: sxxphixx

#157 My School Served Queso Mashed Potatoes Today

Image credits: Gapplesauce37

#158 School In Gave Us “Hotdogs” For Lunch, Which They Reheated From Last Week. This Is Disgusting And Not Healthy For Anyone. New Jersey

The color had gotten dark and the hotdog was wrinkled and stale.

Image credits: MrYabba

#159 “Chicken & Waffle” At My School

Image credits: FalseSecurity

#160 My Roast Beef And Cheese Sandwich For School Lunch

Image credits: AppleK47

#161 Another School Lunch Delicacy. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Image credits: mashedgreenturnip

#162 Ham And Cheese “Sandwich” At My School

Image credits: FidgetSpinnerKid

#163 My School Strikes Again With Its 5 Star $2.30 Grilled Cheese

Image credits: Mcswaggerton426

#164 Mold In School Food. They’re Feeding This To Kids

Image credits: UltimateXChoco

#165 My School Ran Out Of Chicken For Orange Chicken, So They Used Chicken Nuggets Instead

Image credits: Soupmaster44

#166 My School’s Chicken And Waffles

Image credits: _xX_Memelord_Xx_

#167 BBQ Chicken With Buttered Corn

Image credits: vsnowball

#168 School Food In New Jersey

Image credits: mamifvl

#169 This Was Today’s NYC Public School Lunch

Image credits: Rococococococo

#170 I See Your Finnish, And Swedish School Lunch, And I Raise You Our USA School Lunch

Image credits: ewwsusie

#171 I Present, The Average Lunch At My School In Us That’s Supposed To Last Me 6 Hours. It’s $3.50

Image credits: TheSwoodening

#172 Somehow, This Is Considered A Lunch

Image credits: Tomcat5

#173 My School’s Rendition Of Chicken And Waffles

Image credits: zachandcodeine17

#174 I Was Told This Belongs Here. My School Served This “Pizza” Yesterday

Image credits: woahjoe

#175 School Lunch Is A Beautiful Thing. Real-Life Mystery Meat. It Was Supposed To Be A “Burger”

Image credits: Danny_Donut

#176 My School’s “Pizza”

Image credits: pvh0601

#177 School Lunch

Image credits: lambtp1182

#178 My School’s Lunch. It Costed 8$. Montreal, Canada

Image credits: tiganimebitties46290

#179 School Breakfast

Image credits: sunkissedada

#180 Christmas Dinner At School In Britain. I Paid Money For This

Image credits: Apprehensive-Ebb7647

#181 My School’s Christmas Lunch (US)

Image credits: sheriffmartymoe

#182 My School’s Try At Making Burgers. Netherlands

Image credits: superpowersam

#183 Glistening School Pizza

Image credits: Azorbus

#184 School Mac And Cheese Topped With Pulled Pork

Image credits: ihate-Everythingx

#185 School Pizza

Image credits: Ice_Cream_Igloo

#186 Pizza From My School

Image credits: Capital_Panic9567

#187 The Quality Of Everyday Free School Lunch In Finland

Image credits: eizei

#188 Not As Bad As Others But My School’s Quesadilla

Image credits: Chemical-Copy-3083

#189 Saw Someone Post Their School Lunch So I Thought I’d Share Mine. NC, United States. For Reference Those Are Cheese Sticks

Image credits: RaidenFanClub

#190 This Was My Lunch At An American School Since We’re Doing Photos Of School Lunches Now

Image credits: dylan000o

#191 The Quesadillas They Served Us During Lunch In School

Image credits: CommunistDancefloor

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