198 Ridiculously Stunning Maine Coon Cat Pics That You Just Have To See

Mother Nature has a thing for making some of its creatures… big. Big trees, big flowers, big fruits, and last but not least, big animals. Nature doesn’t like to be outdone by anything else, so when she decided to make an animal that could become a potential candidate for “Everyone’s Favorite Pet Award,” she went all out and made it as big as possible. Enter: the Maine coon cat!

Maine coon cats are known for their size — they were considered the largest domesticated cat breed before the introduction of the Savannah cat and still hold the title as the largest non-hybrid breed! And if you’re wondering how they got their name, as you’ve probably already guessed, their origins lie in Maine, where they have been the official state cat since 1985. That’s right — this breed is native to North America!

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But don’t let their huge size fool you — these big cats are so sweet-tempered and loving that they’re recognized as exemplary lap cats and fantastic playmates for kids. Moreover, they’re very easygoing animals who don’t mind sharing their space so long as they get enough attention every now and then. The nickname “gentle giants” fits them like a glove!

Despite their big fluffy size, Maine coons have squeezed their way into our hearts and said, “Hey, look, it’s free real estate.” So if you also share an insane love for these big felines, this is your lucky day: we decided to dedicate a whole post to Maine coon pics! Let’s take a closer look at what makes coon cats different, so you’ll get why our hearts go pitter-patter whenever we see one!

#1 9-Week Old Maine Coon Kittens, Waiting For Their Vet Check

Image credits: PloverLover

In order to learn more about these big cuties, Bored Panda got in touch with a couple of specialists in Alabama: Melissa Heigl, a professional animal trainer and a cat specialist, and Mitzi Guess, who has been breeding Maine coons for more than thirty years.

First things first, we wanted to find out more about their characteristics. “I fell in love with the doglike personality of coonies. They were so different from any cat I had ever been around. Very personal, and in your personal space! They are always up for any activity, which makes them great for a family with children. They love company and attention, always ready for a game of tag or chase,” said Mitzi.

#2 Tried To Catch A Mouse. Caught Autumn Instead

Image credits: timconnery

The question was also addressed by Melissa: “A Maine coon’s temperament depends on a lot of factors, which include (but aren’t limited to) genetics, socialization, overall health, and the environment. A good breeder has control over these factors. While every Maine coon has a different personality and its own quirks. They should be friendly, outgoing, playful and curious. Some are more clingy and enjoy being lap cats, while others are more independent. Some Maine coons are very chatty, while others can be very quiet. A good breeder can help match each family [to] their perfect kitten.”

We also couldn’t help but wonder how big Maine coons grow to be. “Thanks to social media and a lot of photo manipulation, there is a lot of misinformation about Maine coons. Males rarely exceed 25 lbs., while females are generally much smaller. It isn’t unusual for a female Maine Coon to be between 10-15 lbs.” – Heigl added.

#3 He Looks Like Both, Lion And A Cat

Image credits: Mira_Naceren

#4 Made An Iron Throne For My Maine Coon. He Slipped Right Into The Role!

Image credits: nikers93

Because Maine coons are known to be rather sociable, we also asked if they get along with other animals, and Mitzi responded as follows: “Maine coons love dogs; they seem to think the dog belongs to them. And size doesn’t matter, the bigger the dog the better the play.”

“They are a very amiable breed and seem to adapt to any environment or household. Many are owned by truckers and travel the country, laying on the dash for a better view of their world.”

Melissa also commented on the matter and said that: “If socialized properly, Maine coons generally enjoy other animals and will even befriend and play with other resident dogs and cats.”

#5 A Majestic Maine Coon

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Image credits: memezzer

#6 Meet Ophelia, My Twelve Week Old Maine Coon Kitten

Image credits: mindyourbehind

We then wondered whether there are any fun facts about the breed.

Mitzi replied with: “Maine coons have a tendency to like water. One factor into their names, the coon cat. They love to play in water like a raccoon, make a trill sound like a raccoon, and have the ringed tail like a raccoon. But that is an old wives’ tale; raccoons cannot mate with cats. With a coonie you have the chirp and trill sound instead of the meow, that some might find aggravating.”

The woman then added: “My favorite thing about a coonie, besides the personality, is the tipping on the ears. ‘Lynx Tips’ is the name of this striking feature. It gives them a very wild look and is very impressive if they are thick like a paint brush.”

#7 My Sister’s New Maine Coon Kitten Is Absolutely Freaking Adorable

Image credits: WiseScratch

#8 Mio Has Such Intensely Orange Eyes

Image credits: 95102

Lastly, Melissa also responded to the question, and said that “Maine coons come in a variety of colors and not just black or brown tabby. Some Maine coons have polydactyly, which means that they have extra toes on each foot!”

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning a few interesting facts about Main coons, as well as this collection of 198 heartwarming images. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

#9 Kefir, The Giant Maine Coon Cat Is So Big Many People Think That It’s A Dog At First

Image credits: yuliyamnn

#10 Big Boi

Image credits: mainecoonofday

#11 Meet Dusty, My Girlfriend’s 3 Legged Maine Coon

Image credits: Alcideas

#12 This Is Princess! She’s A Maine Coon And Loves Twisting! Her Smile Is Also 10/10

Image credits: Penguinfreek5

#13 Cassidy, She’s A Maine Coon

Image credits: raceystacey69

#14 Meet Alaska!

Image credits: frankoflumperdink

#15 Our Ferdinand At 19 Weeks

Image credits: HollySnow3

#16 3 Months Vs. 6 Months, Maine Coons Grow Super Fast

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#17 My Maine Coon Compared To My 5’5″ Girlfriend

Image credits: Paradisity

#18 This ? Oh Just A 33lb Maine Coon(15kg)

Image credits: FlashTheorie

#19 I Present, Our Maine Coon, Oliver

Image credits: hill2cm

#20 Size Comparison Of My Maine Coon To My American Shorthair

Image credits: DefinitelyAverage

#21 Omar The Maine Coon Is A Beautiful Boy!

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#22 My Cream Maine Coon Growing Bigger And Bigger

Image credits: 7777zahar

#23 My Mom’s Maine Coon, Leo

Image credits: alex_h_19

#24 There Is Not Always Signs Of Intelligent Life. But He Sure Is Cute!

Image credits: Lexidh

#25 Titiyo, Always Well Dressed

Image credits: phantera65

#26 My Favorite Photo Of My Maine Coon

Image credits: eXon91

#27 Meet My New Maine Coon: Mosby, There’s No Running In His Lobby

Image credits: YMS-03

#28 Beelzebub, 7 Months Maine Coon On The Shelves We Just Built Him

Image credits: Inner_Environment745

#29 This Is Our Too-Smart-For-Her-Own-Good Maine Coon Who Turns 8 Next Month. She’s Almost Smiling In This Picture. Meet Ginger

Image credits: spydercrystal

#30 Cuteness And Floof Levels Off The Chart. Meet Buddy The Maine Coon!

Image credits: jambon75

#31 Sleepy Boy

Image credits: ALPHA_Ragnar

#32 Daddy’s Girl

Image credits: DontStartNothin

#33 Giuseppe Is 3, Despite That Baby Face, And Is Also Just The Best Boi

Image credits: knittensarsenal

#34 He Keeps Growing! My Big Boi Almost 2 Years Old

Image credits: Chainsaw_Montoya

#35 A Little Present

Image credits: bramenpluk

#36 White Miracle

Image credits: metatroneyes_maine_coons

#37 He Thinks He Is A Statue

Image credits: TimMalloy

#38 Meet Nana

Image credits: mLui

#39 My Maine Coon Town Crier!

Image credits: CityGirlSass

#40 Everyone Say Hello To My Big Boy, LJ! He’s A Maine Coon, Gonna Be 3 This May And He’s 21lbs, Still Growing!

Image credits: jeremy_moss

#41 Our Neighborhood Friendly Main Coon

Image credits: AdolfHasselhoff

#42 My Baby Girl!!!

Image credits: Admirable-Common-665

#43 How Am I Supposed To Get Anything Done Like This?

Image credits: 5giantsandaweenie

#44 My Handsome Boy

Image credits: awesomebubblet

#45 “Y’all Want A Beer Or Anything?”

Image credits: kmr2928

#46 Huge Maine Coon At The Vet

Image credits: roto

#47 Our Neo

Image credits: afterglow_mainecoons

#48 She’s Little Now But One Day Mingus Will Be A Full Grown Maine Coon

Image credits: 0tls

#49 Apollo My Maine Coon Cat When He Was A Kitten Many Years Ago

Image credits: atxdevdude

#50 Meet Apollo, Our Sweet Maine Coon Kitten (10wks)

Image credits: Odedoralive

#51 My Maine Coon Named Mek

Image credits: Matthieunc

#52 Leo The Maine Coon Is Magnificent, And The Vet Says He Was Such A Good Boy!

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#53 Mid-Century Mainecoon

Image credits: timconnery

#54 Bucky Is Very Proud Of The Pumpkin He Grew This Summer

Image credits: emilylauralai

#55 Adopted This Lovely Girl

Image credits: wourder_Leone

#56 And This Is Smaug, 11 Months

Image credits: Grouchy_Animal

#57 Stoli And Marci

Image credits: tyner100

#58 He Refuses To Accept That He’s Too Big For The Tree!

Image credits: unknownbattle

#59 I Love His Massive Stompers

Image credits: aevhri

#60 Breaking News: Local Ebi Cat’s Breakfast Is Late, Bonus Treats To Be Given Immediately

Image credits: FlaxxtotheMaxx

#61 My Trio Of Coons

Image credits: mainecooncatsfamily

#62 Baby Ira

Image credits: palmiracoon

#63 Meet Biffa, My 8 Month Old Maine Coon

Image credits: earysbitch

#64 Snoozing Maine Coon Cat

Image credits: findigo_mainecoon

#65 My Friend’s Fabulous Maine Coon

Image credits: saucyremix

#66 My Majestic Maine Coon, Beowulf

Image credits: temppics

#67 Meet Maeve The Maine Coon

Image credits: Johnoisprettycool

#68 Our Maine Coon Cat Ajax Is A Tall Boy

Image credits: katzewerfer

#69 Ragnar, Little Maine Coon

Image credits: AyatollahJones

#70 Meet Our New Maine Coon, Hades, Terrifying God Of The Underworld

Image credits: cuorebrave

#71 I Volunteer With Shelter Cats And We Just Got A Maine Coon Kitten. Meet Sebastian The Cute

Image credits: lauradiamandis

#72 Our Little Maine Coon Likes To Cuddle With Us Like A Real Derp

Image credits: Phoibass

#73 Saint Kira. My Beautiful Main Coon

Image credits: Tom_Noir

#74 Shooting With My Beautiful Maine Coon Model Lucy

Image credits: motherofcoons

#75 Roger The Maine Coon, He’s 3 Months Now

Image credits: howunoriginal2019

#76 Jesper, My Maine Coon Tomcat And His Pretty Look When He Wants Something. Who Can Say No?

Image credits: Carinox

#77 My Handsome Maine Coon Helping Me To Pot My Plants

Image credits: Living4themoment

#78 Sunday Cuddles

Image credits: metatroneyes_maine_coons

#79 My Dad And His Maine Coon, Buba!

Image credits: CoolestBurrito

#80 My 9 Week Old Maine Coon Kitten!

Image credits: stephu

#81 My 9 Y/O Maine Coon

Image credits: Malfeitor94

#82 My 8mth Maine Coon Is Bigger Than My 7yr Old Russian Blue

Image credits: Mareeswan

#83 My Tiny Main Coon Loaf

Image credits: ProfessorHughJanus

#84 This Is What My Maine Coon Looks Like When My Wife Pulls In The Driveway

Image credits: diggeriodo

#85 My Wife Wanted A Cat, I Said “Absolutely Not” Anyway, Here’s Our 14 Week Old Maine Coon

Image credits: copeinked

#86 Coco, My Maine Coon Kitty

Image credits: CokeySmurf_

#87 Totoro – Our 4 Month Old Maine Coon

Image credits: PrometheanOblation

#88 Here Is My 5 Month Old Main Coon Kitten Odin

Image credits: Wolf_the_Quarrelsome

#89 All Thumbs, Our 13 Week Old Maine Coon Bigelow

Image credits: brainjam60

#90 Maine Coons Are Such A Majestic Breed

Image credits: ToyboxTyrant

#91 Maine Coon Kitten, 10 Weeks Old

Image credits: gthdhg

#92 Blue The Maine Coon In My Fruit Bowl. There’s An Apple In There Somewhere

Image credits: Aceymo

#93 My Maine Coon Lily Went Full Rainbow

Image credits: theneverendingstoryy

#94 My Mother’s Handsome Maine Coon, Gaston (Around 4 Months Old)

Image credits: grodylarude

#95 Two Best Friends. My Maine Coon Is Larger Than My Dog

Image credits: spice_taster

#96 Road Trip: Three Golden Retrievers And Bruce, The Maine Coon

Image credits: marknpablo

#97 The Girls…

Image credits: bigcatbetty

#98 This Is 7 Month Old Angel

Image credits: EverlyEevee

#99 This Is Ferdinand 14 Weeks Old

Image credits: HollySnow3

#100 Some Toe Fluff For You Guys. He Insists On Drinking Water From A Proper Glass On A Table

Image credits: mopene

#101 Waiting For Them To Lose This Winter Coat Already So I Can Stop Vacuuming 3 Times A Day

Image credits: mopene

#102 My Fancy Neighbor

Image credits: whiskeyscribbles

#103 We Really Should Have Named Them Copy And Paste

Image credits: emmawentworth

#104 Get Yourself Someone Who Admires You Like Lore Admires Hex

Image credits: jvnjsh

#105 Say “Happy Birthday” To Bigelow, He’s 2 Today!

Image credits: brainjam60

#106 Majestic Miss Orange. My Big Cuddly Teddy Bear Cat

Image credits: DontStartNothin

#107 When You Love So Much Water That You Take A Nap In It

Image credits: _Motorcycle_Guy_

#108 Odin Takes Up Most Of The Sink But He Still Loves It

Image credits: OpenKnowledge6218

#109 He Has Such A Human Expression Sometimes

Image credits: nerdsnuggles

#110 There Are Rules In This House And One Of Them Is No Cats On The Counter!!!

Image credits: moeliza12

#111 Beautiful Boy Even With The Tooth That Pokes Out

Image credits: gandalfsguff

#112 Tarzan

Image credits: phantera65

#113 Big Dale Is Eight Months Old Today. His Murder Mittens Are Massive

Image credits: Bucksy83

#114 He Was Mad I Wouldn’t Turn On The Sink

Image credits: MedicineGirl125

#115 Bigelow Doing A Pose

Image credits: brainjam60

#116 9 Month Old Mainecoon Vs 9 Year Old Niece

Image credits: AFeast

#117 When You’re Getting Big, But You’re Still Your Mom’s Little Baby

Image credits: jordsbr

#118 Magnificent Silver Vasya

Image credits: mainecoon_wildcatstyle

#119 Gustav The Maine Coon

Image credits: ultrarunningawayfromyou

#120 Our Snow Tiger

Image credits: mycat_cattery

#121 15 Weeks Old Maine Coon

Image credits: Weronika9

#122 My Absolute Unit Of A Maine Coone

Image credits: BubbleDaPanda

#123 Boyfriend’s Maine Coon Has Come Down With A Case Of Fancy Feet

Image credits: thisismyusername5891

#124 My Mom’s Maine Coon Fell Asleep In A Wreath Before They Could Hang It Up. Guess They Can’t Now

Image credits: Jreffrey

#125 My Maine Coon Has Missed Being Outside/Grass In Our New Apartment. I Tried To Get Him Some Grass On The Porch, But I Clearly Underestimated The Amount He Wanted

Image credits: Foreman5707

#126 My BF Didn’t Want Me To Adopt A Cat. Guess Who Called Me To Tell Me We Would Soon Have Another Adition To The Family?

Image credits: AnnaRocka

#127 My Handsome Maine Coon

Image credits: leithmotiff

#128 My 26 Pound Maine Coon, Sable

Image credits: IndubitablyRaven

#129 It Took A Little While, But Maine Coon Big Brother (5yr) And Rescue Kitty Little Brother (3mo) Are Best Buds Now! They Like To Hug Like This After They Play

Image credits: Louzig

#130 My Friend’s Absolute Chonk Of A Maine Coon

Image credits: DietSodaPlz

#131 Tillamook 1 Year Old Maine Coon, 20lbs

Image credits: 11exgreib

#132 Maine Coon Problems

Image credits: michaelm44

#133 Sunday Afternoon With A Sleepy Maine Coon

Image credits: mcguirl2

#134 Dante The Maine Coon Kitten, Regal As Ever

Image credits: BigEvilDoer

#135 Meet Thor, The Murder Mitten Kitten. Paws The Size Of My Palms. 28 Toes. 6 Mos Old, Maine Coon

Image credits: blackunycorn

#136 Just Adopted This Two Fellas, Gino And Chester (Main Coons)

Image credits: h0rus27

#137 My Girlfriend And Her Maine Coon Baby

Image credits: nclast

#138 My Beautiful 6 Month Old Maine Coon Kitty!

Image credits: sarahdyer94

#139 Our Maine Coon Kitten At 7 Weeks Old

Image credits: foodnfury

#140 Maine Coons: The Classiest Of Pets

Image credits: fireflycities

#141 He Loves The Basket. He Doesn’t Fit, But Such Petty Details Don’t Stop Him

Image credits: Semiotic_sprout

#142 Granville Is Not A Morning Cat

Image credits: DontStartNothin

#143 My Two Fur Buddies

Image credits: wireless_Bob

#144 Big Dale Is Just Over Five Months Old And Is Already More Than Half The Size Of The Average Adult Maine Coon!

Image credits: Bucksy83

#145 5 Months Old Baby

Image credits: luffelse

#146 Stretching After Nap… Only To Sleep Again

Image credits: aevhri

#147 She’s Really Into Lap Time And Cuddles Now (5mo)

Image credits: stinkusmink

#148 90% Floof And 10% Eyes

Image credits: Themothgirl

#149 Big Boy, Sad He Got Too Big For The Sink!

Image credits: WashCapsFan

#150 Dad Is Playing Pokémon, I’m Being Stared At By Lias

Image credits: aevhri

#151 She Is Obsessed With My Husband’s Feet

Image credits: TheKitchenKnifee

#152 Lias Looks Exactly How I Feel After I Took A Nap

Image credits: aevhri

#153 Check Out These Xl Murder Mittens!! Orion Was Posing Like A Pro

Image credits: stephm22

#154 Zahzu The Maine Coon

Image credits: stinkylinkydingdong

#155 Max, My 4 Month Old Poly Maine Coon Sitting In Front Of The Christmas Tree

Image credits: Lilnoo

#156 Maine Coon Vs Siamese Size Comparison

Image credits: AJSTOOBE

#157 My Maine Coon Cat Teddy Showing Off How Tall He Is

Image credits: beck207

#158 This Is How My Wife Is Greeted By Our 20lb Maine Coon Every Morning

Image credits: Rgnxsupreme

#159 My Maine Coon Snuggle Bunny

Image credits: Faynecat

#160 Maine Coons Sunshine & Sundance

Image credits: -sambuel

#161 Sonic The Maine Coon. He Bleps A Lot, He Had His Teeth Taken Out. He Also Has Very Bad Asthma So He Won’t Be Around Much Longer. We Are So Lucky To Have Had 10 Years

Image credits: nitrogenousbases

#162 This Is Wookie, My Grandparents 21 Year Old Maine Coon

Image credits: metal-over-plastic

#163 My Nephew’s Gorgeous Maine Coon Kittehs

Image credits: CatPooedInMyShoe

#164 I Work At A Cat Cafe In London Where We Have Two Incredible Maine Coon Floofs (Flooves?) ! Here’s Jasper Looking Majestic As Per Usual

Image credits: tomatopasta666

#165 Meet My Adorable Maine Coon, Simba. His Tail Is Like A Feather Duster

Image credits: BloodStalker52

#166 The Ginormous Maine Coon That Lives At My Vet’s Office

Image credits: pissychrissyinspain

#167 Our Maine Coon Webster Enjoying Autumn Leaves

Image credits: Gunslinger1969

#168 Here’s Manny, As You Can Guess, The Maine Coon. He Doesn’t Often Pose So Patient, But When He Does, The Result Is Outstanding

Image credits: shyrest

#169 My Maine Coon Girl. Thought You Guys Might Like Her

Image credits: ArkansENT

#170 When Your Maine Coon Thinks She’s A Baby, You Let Her Be A Baby

Image credits: Chelsae99

#171 My Large Maine Coon Luna Is Getting To Know The 6 Week Old Kitten Found On The Side Of The Road

Image credits: ladymierin

#172 22 Lbs Of Maine Coon – Meet Bronson

Image credits: ace72ace

#173 Tarzans Canvas Print Arrived

Image credits: phantera65

#174 Luna Lovegood

Image credits: Pixi3boo

#175 Such A Graceful Creature!

Image credits: reddit.com

#176 3 Maine Coons… In Case I Even Think About Getting Lonely In The Bathroom…

Image credits: Ns4200

#177 Our Pretty Girl

Image credits: loves_piii

#178 Gorgeous Girl

Image credits: abbott94

#179 Last Of The Lavender Before Autumn

Image credits: SweetRollCollector

#180 I’m Tired Of Owning A Cat That Looks Better Than Everyone Else In Our Household

Image credits: Uhhlaneuh

#181 Long Boy On His Favorite Spot On The Sofa

Image credits: 95102

#182 I Was Mauled By A Tiger This Morning

Image credits: rasta__mouse

#183 How To Put Your Maine Coons In Timeout

Image credits: lowspeed

#184 Our Biggest Guy With Our Littlest Guy!

Image credits: everyoneisflawed

#185 My Beautiful Baby Church

Image credits: Miss_autistic17

#186 Yummi Stretching Her Front Legs

Image credits: bichthatsmycat

#187 My Maine Coon Supervising As I Make Dinner

Image credits: Yolodolo

#188 He Claims To Be A Maine Coon But I’m Pretty Sure He’s Never Even Been To Maine

Image credits: Flea_Biscuit

#189 Meet My Gentle Giant Indy, Our Adopted Maine Coon

Image credits: caseyssong

#190 My 5,5 Year Old Maine Coon, Loke, Makes Sure That My Oldest Daugther Doesn’t Feel Cold When Going To Sleep At Night. He Is Such A Gentle Giant

Image credits: yarncupcake

#191 Local Hardware Store Has A Maine Coon. Meet Cooper!

Image credits: ej4

#192 Meeko, My Maine Coon Baby

Image credits: Nicoleaulettoart

#193 Size Comparison Of A Maine Coon And A Normal House Fat Cat

Image credits: chongas

#194 My Maine Coon Giving My Dad The “I Love You, Human,” Look

Image credits: lolcat_wrangler

#195 My Maine Coon Waltzed Right Through The Maze Of Staring Kids And Planted It Right There. She’s Got A Presence

Image credits: RedJorgAncrath

#196 Mainecoon Trio

Image credits: starsky6055

#197 Having A Snooze While I Watch TV

Image credits: 95102

#198 Say Hi To Leo, My Spoiled Red-Silver Maine Coon

Image credits: CaptainFatBad

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