2 Asteroids the Size of 100 Pugs to Pass by Earth on Tuesday

How does one measure the size of asteroids? The Jerusalem Post is using a pug as a basic unit. If you stack 100 pugs together with paws on shoulders, then two particular asteroids are 100 pugs in width.

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NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies warns that these two pugalicous asteroids, which are named 2019 BO2 and 2019 BZ4, will pass by Earth on Tuesday. BZ4 is traveling at approximately 36,261 MPH.

By my calculations, this is about 1,727 to 4,029 times faster than a pug can run. If this particular asteroid would ram the Earth at full speed, it would probably be an adorable apocalypse.

-via Dave Barry | Photos: State Farm, Jina Lee

Source: neatorama

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