20 People From Math Problems That You Probably Never Thought You’d See In Real Life

Joe bought 500 apples for 1 dollar each and 400 bananas for 2 dollars each to make a huge fruit salad because he was feeling incredibly hungry that day. How much did Joe end up spending at the Incredibly Expensive Fruit Shop in total? We’re all used to seeing similar math problems pop up in school.

However, what if we were to tell you that these people who buy huge quantities of things aren’t just a figment of the imagination of somebody who prints math textbooks. These people are, in fact, real. They live among us. Your neighbor might be one. Bored Panda compiled this list of people with math problems who were spotted in the wild. So get ready to see some stuff you’ve probably never seen before. Upvote the pics that made you go ‘oh wow,’ and share with your family and friends because you know they’ll enjoy this post.

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#1 The Guy My Math Teacher Was Talking About

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#2 My Friend Purchased 28 Industrial Sized Clear Bags Of Cheetos. Each Bag Cost Him $65. What Was The Amount He Paid In Total?

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#3 Danny Has 1,496 Bananas Protecting Him From Outside Forces. If He Eats 1,369 Of Them, How Many Are Left?

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We can’t imagine what went through somebody’s head when they decided to buy 600 bottles of soda, a bajillion bananas, or so many Cheetos that you could comfortably survive in a post-apocalyptic world for several hundred years. While thoroughly impressive (and expensive to boot), the question that pops into our minds is: Why? Were you that thirsty/hungry/bored?

#4 I Was The Kid From Your First Grade Math Problems With 87 Watermelons And 132 Cantaloupes

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#5 I Always Wondered How Many Bananas It Would Take To Fill A Car

#6 Example From A Math Textbook

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While math problems about somebody named Sarah buying 300 gallons of milk might seem like a waste of time to some, learning math is actually very important. Pi Day writes that learning math helps improve your brain and might even help you make good decisions faster.

#7 The Moment The Cashier Found The Person From The Math Problems

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#8 I Think About Him Every Day. Why Did He Need The Bananas? Why Did He Need The Milk?

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#9 Soda For 6 Cents. The Obvious Course Of Action. I Think, They Got 600 Bottles. They Are Definitely People From Math Book

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What’s more, math helps you tell time: a surprising number of kids (and adults) can’t read the hands on an analog clock, and it’s a useful skill to have, even if we are living in the digital age.

#10 Math Problems Never Been This Real

#11 The Man From Our Math Problems

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#12 Met One Of Those Guys From The Math Problems Tonight

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Math has some serious applications in real life when you grow up as well. It helps you balance your budget, make sound financial decisions, and avoid debt.

#13 He’s The Guy From Your Math Problems

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#14 If Brian Buys 2000 Bananas And Eats Half Of Them In One Sitting, How Many Loaves Of Banana Bread Can He Make With The Remaining Bananas?

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#15 A Guy Buys 38 Watermelons, He Can Take 2 In Both Hands, How Many Times Will It Take For Him To Bring All Of Them Home?

There’s even a place for math in the kitchen — basics like adding, subtracting, multiplication and division help modify recipes to fit the number of people you’re treating to a delicious dinner. Let’s just hope that dinner isn’t going to be a fruit salad made up of 500 apples and 400 bananas.

#16 This Is The Person You Learned About In Math Class: “Sally Bought 1000 Bags Of Chips”

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#17 Found The Car From All The Middle School Math Problems

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#18 I’m The Guy From Your Math Books Who Has A Ton Of Pizzas In Their Car

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#19 I Found The Guy From All Those Elementary School Math Problems At Walmart

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#20 Found The Guy From The Math Problems

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