200 Of The Most Brilliant Design Ideas From This Online Group That Is Crazy About Design

There’s nothing quite like a good design that sticks with people. Just think of it… Imagine Apple without its half-bitten apple, or McDonalds with no golden arches, or the never-changing look of Leica camera, which shows that when you keep being different from everything, changing makes no sense.

These are some of the best design examples of our times, but that doesn’t mean it stops here. There’s a whole Reddit community dedicated entirely to design goodness of all kinds, whether it’s graphic design, advertising, architecture, furniture, or product design.

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From a really cool design made for the Tokyo Olympics to animal pics made from as many pixels as that of the endangered species’ population, these are some of the most creative ideas that prove just what an art a good design can be. Scroll down, upvote your favorites, and let us know which ones you like the best in the comment section!

#1 A Bench In The Library Of Alexandria

Image credits: squid50s

#2 “Safety Glasses” That I Made For My Wife’s Optometry Office.

Image credits: alanbrendan

#3 If You Put All The Mexican Coins Together They Turn Into The Aztec Calendar.

Image credits: Roxxo5500

In order to find out the secret to timeless, captivating, and game-changing design, Bored Panda reached out to Emanuele Abrate, an Italian graphic designer who specializes in creating visual identities and brand logos. We previously wrote on two of Emanuele’s projects, where he recreated blank logos in a sleeker way and revealed the fonts behind the world’s most iconic brand logos.

Emanuele told us that the key aspect in timeless design is simplicity. “A simple logo is easily memorable, it enters people’s minds and sticks to them.” However, it may be easier said than done. “Obviously, creating something simple is not easy at all, because it must be simultaneously engaging, non-trivial, and suitable for the context it has to represent,” the designer explained.

In order to do so, one has to study good concepts. “Think of the Nike logo. It’s such an extremely simple sign that virtually anyone could reproduce it. At the same time, it conveys the concept of dynamism and speed.”

#4 This Ad

Image credits: Evershine_1564

#5 Poster For Better Shark Culling Laws

Image credits: mladish

#6 Really Great Minimalist Billboard Ad

Image credits: ibmwatsonson

In order for a project to go viral, it has to have features that will make people share it. There are some techniques to follow.

“First, the sense of humor is key. Secondly, any project that aims to become viral should have something that’s well-known to people. And thirdly, it should feature a collection of images.” In other words, a low-volume project with a single image which has nothing recognizable or universal in it for people to relate to is unlikely to go viral.

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However, Emanuele believes that every designer has their own method of coming up with unique designs, and it’s up to the creator to decide which way works the best for them. “The beautiful thing about this creative field is that everyone always has something to learn from other creators.”

#7 I Thought This Volkswagen Ad Belongs To Here.

Image credits: bringeroftherain

#8 The Spines Of These History Books [1280×960]

Image credits: DIA13OLICAL

#9 Each Picture Is Made Of As Many Pixels As That Of The Endangered Species Population- Designed By Yoshiyuki Mikami

Image credits: hpolsek

#10 Very Direct Ads From The City Of Toronto Against Littering

Image credits: the_ravenant

#11 Vietnam’s Daring Golden Bridge

Image credits: conorthearchitect

#12 Daring Add By A Company That Sells Hats

Image credits: fake_guccii

#13 Eraser That Turns Into A Tiny Mount Fuji After Some Time Of Use

Image credits: MarshallTan

#14 This “Seatbelts Save Lives” Campaign

Image credits: harschil

#15 All The Hooks And Shelves You Need!

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#16 Time Magazine Covers From 2017, Early 2018, And This Week.

Image credits: moby323

#17 This Swiss Bottled Water

Image credits: RocketSquidFPV

#18 Literally The Logo Of The Year

Image credits: imgur.com

#19 Perfect

Image credits: ajlion_10

#20 Saw This On Facebook, By Invisible York

Image credits: juddzilla69

#21 This Alzheimers Awareness Ad

Image credits: hiimcoleman

#22 This Japanese Restaurant Logo Is Simultaneously A Japanese Crane And A Hand Holding Chopsticks

Image credits: all-night

#23 Studio Ghibli Designed This Dvd Case So It Looks Like The Characters Are Checking Their Reflection In The Water.

Image credits: FrostedCrow_FC

#24 Adidas Sandals Ad

Image credits: akstyll

#25 Minimalism Is King

Image credits: TheSupremeNu

#26 Milk Box Design Of Vera Zvereva.

Image credits: peguipa

#27 This Frosted Mirror Display For A Squeegee At IKEA

Image credits: flawierbarbie

#28 The New National Geographic Cover

Image credits: Crazylyric

#29 A Clever Way To Show What Ancient Ruins Looked Like… [600×400]

Image credits: terchon

#30 Tp Holder

Image credits: dittidot

#31 These Piranha Plant Slippers W/ Tube Holder

Image credits: yeezuhzz

#32 Let Us Make This International Fixed Calendar Work

Image credits: BanX

#33 Elevator Kick Buttons

Image credits: rastroboy

#34 This Shop Has A Option To Shop Alone Or With Assistance.

Image credits: TheMinimob

#35 Ad For An Eyewear Company

Image credits: Potle09

#36 New Iceland Sports Team Logo Depicts The Four Mythological Protectors Of The Country. Landvættir.

Image credits: Pieroo1

#37 I Really Like The Privacy!! :))

Image credits: FourAM-Throwaway

#38 A Campaign Ad For Universal Design In Hong Kong

Image credits: DubeDuba

#39 Surfrider Foundation Sushi Ad

Image credits: Palaceboy100

#40 This TV Poster [1066×1500]

Image credits: Ferrari5746

#41 Ben&jerry’s Call For Participation In Youth Climate Change March

Image credits: king-inthenorth

#42 I Found This Bird Table Quite Charming.

Image credits: ViddyDoodah

#43 2020 Is The Year Of Mouse, This Is The Best Red Envelope Design I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: thankyou9527

#44 Space Exploration Monument In Moscow. 100m Tall.

Image credits: bakedmarx

#45 A Repurposed Church [1000×1491]

Image credits: spawbad

#46 Dank Bird Scissors

Image credits: TheKingOfThePin72901

#47 Ignoring The Politics, This Anti-Gun Pro-Adoption Poster Design

Image credits: Bless-You

#48 Anti-Smoking Poster [499×666]

Image credits: Panda_911

#49 A Satisfying Use Of Space

Image credits: imgur.com

#50 Highlight The Remarkable [1130×1600]

Image credits: Spanholz

#51 The Picture Of The Japanese Movie Advertisement Is Printed On Two Sides Of The Newspaper, So The Full Picture Could Be Seen Under Light

Image credits: joona_pimia

#52 Really Cool Design Made By Daren Newman For The Tokyo Olympics

Image credits: gilgalad_

#53 This Tie Has Mice Of Both The Rodent And Computer Species

Image credits: squid50s

#54 This Ad For The British Shoe Maker Clarks.

Image credits: ViddyDoodah

#55 Black Mirror Advertisement

Image credits: catetheway

#56 This Unbelievably Creative Logo!

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Floor Tiles At The Us Postal Museum

Image credits: ligbag4

#58 Mouthwatering Booth Design From Krispy Kreme

Image credits: samwise-is-cooler

#59 George Orwell 1984, Becomes Less Censored Overtime

Image credits: MUTAN5F

#60 Social Distancing Article

Image credits: Mohamadil

#61 The Barcode For This Pasta Product

Image credits: peateeksamal

#62 This Mercedes Christmas Ad

Image credits: calebvetter

#63 The Cover Of 1984

Image credits: logangrey123

#64 The Origins Of The Bluetooth Symbol

Image credits: jacksback88

#65 Chess Designed By Bauhaus In Which Each Piece Symbolizes The Direction Of Its Movement

Image credits: hashamean

#66 This Shirt Has Buttons On The Inside That Prevent The Dreaded Boob Gap!

Image credits: kalimoo

#67 What A Fantastic Advertisement Idea.

Image credits: CactusFire451

#68 Jeep: Explore The Great Indoors

Image credits: Somali_Pir8

#69 LEGO Advertisement

Image credits: squid50s

#70 Perfect Head Placement

Image credits: AngryPupperNutter

#71 I Designed And Built This Squirrel Bar From Scratch. Anything You Would Change?

Image credits: DukeHarmon

#72 9/11 Memorial Piano Concert 2007 Advertisement

Image credits: SollarAce

#73 Continuos Banister

Image credits: MrMxypyxm

#74 Beautiful Example Of Design

Image credits: shanghailoz

#75 1920s Perfume Holder

Image credits: Ra505

#76 Hexagonal Paper For Drawing Organic Compounds

Image credits: Zekeroonie

#77 McDonald’s Valentine’s Ad

Image credits: HackerTyper_

#78 These Measuring Cups Are Designed To Visually Represent Fractions For Intuitive Use!

Image credits: blaizzze

#79 The Way They Made The Entrance To The Building

Image credits: unknown

#80 An Adidas Ad Warning Against Fake Products.

Image credits: DEATHLENDER123

#81 This Poster

Image credits: UnlikelyMarionberry

#82 Hair Product Billboard

Image credits: lfcmig21

#83 This Pasta Packaging.

Image credits: dwbrick

#84 This Collaboration Between Two Breweries

Image credits: Waterhou5e

#85 This Jbl Add

Image credits: Nipz58

#86 When The Plane Won’t Fit

Image credits: brandon9582

#87 This Smart Business Card

Image credits: adorubi

#88 This Coffee Advertisement

Image credits: likelyculprit

#89 The Hardwood Floor Grew A Table.

Image credits: sloppyFarts

#90 This Tree Needs Money For Its Family

Image credits: chocolatchauud

#91 This Jaws Poster.

Image credits: dimebake9

#92 Soundtrack Cover For The Game Firewatch

Image credits: cla7997

#93 This Cap [944×944]

Image credits: Panda_911

#94 This Durex Add

Image credits: Leviathan_XX

#95 This Cover From Sports Illustrated

Image credits: jaapgrolleman

#96 Tokyo Olympics

Image credits: ondageist

#97 Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Bound With Striking Paper And A Match

Image credits: MattCloudy

#98 Maybe This Is A Paradox, I Think This Is Great Design.

Image credits: FF3

#99 This LEGO Bag Makes It Look Like You Have LEGO Hands

Image credits: Supah_McNastee

#100 Interesting Redesign Of U.s $20 Bill

Image credits: jhonsdon

#101 Happy Holidays

Image credits: pman555

#102 “Now You See Him, Now You Don’t” – Brazilian Anti Drunk Driving Poster [2014]

Image credits: TheUnAustralian

#103 Amazing Campaign Aimed To Potential Organ Donors

Image credits: mycostel

#104 Posters For Deaf Awareness

Image credits: aurelienne

#105 The Snowflakes On The Los Angeles International Airport (Lax) Sign Are Made Out Of Airplanes

Image credits: CJ-TheGolden

#106 Advertising Flights To Other Countries Who Are Hidden In The Norwegian Flag

Image credits: Neekzorz

#107 This Magazine Cover

Image credits: fishsticks40

#108 Local Artist, Rudolf Kohn, Transformed A Mangled Car Into An Emoji As An Anti Texting & Driving Psa In Miami

Image credits: MobilePeasant

#109 Found In Twitter

Image credits: IIphilipII

#110 A Silly Light [470×606]

Image credits: unknown

#111 I Repurposed My Broken Imac, Touch Controlled Dimmable, Even The USB Ports Works As Phone Charger.

Image credits: ydw1988913

#112 Great Combo Of Color And Shape – Mosque In Iran [2500×1667]

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#113 Logo For A Wine Company We Carry

Image credits: TopThrillT

#114 This Door Handle At A Butcher’s

Image credits: Roomystatue

#115 Rassen Chopsticks By N. Meister In Collaboration With Hashikura Matsukan For Nendo [581×969]

Image credits: bigmeat

#116 This Is Awesome. Campaign For Animal Adoption

Image credits: blek_side

#117 Time Magazine Cover

Image credits: amoow

#118 The Oreo Logo Has Extra White (Cream) Behind It On The Double Stuf Package.

Image credits: LambSauce26

#119 New Yorker Cover For Coronavirus

Image credits: william_o

#120 A Skate Shop & A Butchershop Are Located Next To Each Other. They Share One Sign.

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#121 This New Zealand Remambrance Plaque In Flanders

Image credits: coendelange

#122 The Way The Name Of The Arctic Monkeys Album ‘Am’ Is Hidden In The Album Art

Image credits: catfoottoe

#123 Advertising Their Pens And Razors Simultaneously.

Image credits: wiggum4hire

#124 Royal Mail’s New Electric Delivery Van Is Just The Cutest [1956×2200]

Image credits: Bigiottiur

#125 A Lamp I Made Out Of A Skateboard

Image credits: keuerle

#126 “A Different Point Of View” – A Print Advertisement Created By Tbwa, Argentina For Dos Miradas, An “Online News Medium That Proposes A Different Point Of View From The Traditional Newspapers.”

Image credits: ThePoorAlwaysLose

#127 Does This Qualify? A Fictional Space Travel Holiday Agency.

Image credits: qwqwopop

#128 A Bench Built Into A Wall

Image credits: Import

#129 Apologies For The Slightly Political Post, But This Bloomberg Cover Looks Pretty Neat

Image credits: Lieselotte32

#130 Putramp

Image credits: NSFW_PORN_ONLY

#131 Good One

Image credits: ValenB

#132 I Saw One Of These Ads On The Way Home, It’s Too Good To Not Share Here.

Image credits: KieranD9503

#133 The Way These Headphones Look In Their Box

Image credits: ATrueAlpha

#134 Best Condom Advert Ever ?

Image credits: Bot_Sneil

#135 Cookie Packaging

Image credits: squid50s

#136 Park Exhibit

Image credits: unknown

#137 This Graphic That Depicts Both The Bottom Half Of A Woman And The Chest Of A Suited Man By Graphic Artist Noma Bar [1817×1772]

Image credits: Mr-Klaus

#138 City-Themed Coffee Table

Image credits: squid50s

#139 This Rooftop Office In NYC’s West Village…

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#140 A Driving Safety Poster

Image credits: IDontGenuinelyExist

#141 This Ramen Cup Has A Hidden Message When You Recycle It Responsably ?

Image credits: Sylver_knee

#142 Hole Punched Cinema Ticket That Shows Row And Seat Number In The Dark, Designed By Li Peitong

Image credits: Shirlm8

#143 Took A Trip Out To Peabody Essex Museum Last Weekend. This Exhibit Didn’t Disappoint.

Image credits: SnapneckLife

#144 Spartan

Image credits: RonValhalla

#145 Imagine When It Rains

Image credits: DeanMachineYT

#146 This Packaging For A Digital Polaroid Camera

Image credits: AedynRaven

#147 This Economist Cover – Look At That Smile!

Image credits: william_o

#148 The Economist’s Latest Cover

Image credits: xubuntu2

#149 A Clever Argentinian Awareness Campaign To Encourage Organ Donations.

Image credits: hoopderscotch

#150 This Advertisement

Image credits: InvisibleBryan

#151 Pretty Cool Way To Deconstruct A Clock

Image credits: coddywhompus

#152 A Sofa That Makes You Want To Dive Into It

Image credits: Thyphan69

#153 This Brick Looks Like Wood To Me

Image credits: reddit.com

#154 They Clearly Know What They Are Doing

Image credits: philipgoffinet

#155 Grill Logo

Image credits: unknown

#156 This Nat Geo Cover

Image credits: unknown

#157 Turning Industrial Loft Into Living Quarters

Image credits: sacrecoeur1206

#158 This Jeep Ad During The Covid-19 Lockdown

Image credits: WizzlyG33

#159 This Mcdonalds Father Day Ad

Image credits: rakan21

#160 This Store Sign

Image credits: rowdt

#161 This Condom Ad

Image credits: afg500

#162 A Logo I Made For My In Game Name, Midair

Image credits: yehsper

#163 This Logo.

Image credits: Nori1337

#164 Trident Gum Packaging [1240×877]

Image credits: coexistentialist

#165 New York City Chess

Image credits: squid50s

#166 Slurpee And Chupa Chups‘ Ad For Their New Slurpee Flavour

Image credits: ericoryan

#167 Frame Clock By Nazar Sigaher

Image credits: DareDandy

#168 North Korea’s Hall Of Science

Image credits: slightlysadist

#169 Does This Staircase Qualify?

Image credits: humanbean86

#170 Local Northeast Ohio Chicken Joint’s New Logo

Image credits: kelnjam

#171 I Heard You Guys Liked My Sign? Pics And Construction Details In Comments.

Image credits: unknown

#172 Editorial Illustration Reflecting Upon The Opioid Epidemic

Image credits: dittidot

#173 This Tent Logo

Image credits: OMGitisaBean

#174 This Swimming Pool Ceiling

Image credits: humanbean86

#175 Lagoon Table

Image credits: swwZ

#176 This Distillery’s Logo

Image credits: brentologist

#177 Jbl’s Ad For Their Noise Canceling Headphones

Image credits: eazymoney68

#178 What A Bottle Of Coke Looks Like In Galaxies Edge

Image credits: Mike_DiGreg

#179 This Ashtray Picturing The Damage Of Smoking

Image credits: mosedalemagpie

#180 This Pro-Bike Sign

Image credits: henr_u

#181 The Logo For Fort Worth Texas Tourism.

Image credits: elmozord

#182 Minimalist Poster Design For Cinderella.

Image credits: Posaune_III

#183 The WiFi Signal Makes A Burger

Image credits: 21000lemons

#184 The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool Y-40 [1000×979]

Image credits: preetangad

#185 Designer Mahmoud Tammam Transforms Arabic Words Into Illustrations Of Their Literal Meanings (Album In Comments)

Image credits: MagnusPI

#186 The Tables At This Foodcourt Have Built In Wireless Charging.

Image credits: sozazac

#187 This New Zealand Swimming Logo

Image credits: magicturtle369

#188 This Poster

Image credits: freidavs

#189 Pizza Place On Hollywood Blvd.

Image credits: profound_whatever

#190 The Paris 2024 Logo Design

Image credits: big_boii27

#191 This Awareness Ad About Ocean Pollution

Image credits: snap_wohoo

#192 Newest Team In The Nhl, Seattle Kraken, Revealed Their Logos. Anchor Is The Space Needle.

Image credits: zerohubi

#193 Though A Truely Brilliant Design, ‘The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire’ Book Spines Should Be Henceforth Banned Since It Is Reposted Here Sooo Much!

Image credits: LukeWilson59

#194 This Ad Against Cyberbullying

Image credits: IdFuckStephenTries

#195 Adidas Campaign For Fake Shoes!

Image credits: ILIJAC

#196 This Banner For The TV Series “Penny Dreadful”

Image credits: LordSatanHimself

#197 Minimalist Frosted Flakes

Image credits: NotVeryOrganic

#198 Orwell’s 1984

Image credits: demilp

#199 Electric Zebra Boat By French Designer Dimitri Bez [736×1233]

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#200 The Floor Tiles At The Us Postal Museum

Image credits: Bdadl3y

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