2017 Best of Auto Design, Part 2: Retro-tastic

Auto design is one of those fields where we can learn just as much looking backwards through time as we can looking forward to the future. Here are our favorite auto design stories from 2017 with a retro-tastic twist:

We got to see a wicked animated visualization of the Porsche 911’s design evolution:

And a similar animation of the long-lived Honda Civic:

Speaking of the Civic, Honda showed off their old/new retro-electric version of the car:

And speaking of Porsches, Singer Vehicle Design optimized this 27-year-old 964:

We asked you what the best model year was for the venerable Pontiac GTO:

Another classic muscle car whose evolution we looked at was the Chevy Chevelle:

Infiniti’s retro-futuristic auto design experiment was a real socks-knocker-offer:

We learned the surprising history of the Porsche Boxster, “Made by Mazda, built by Toyota, in Finland:”

German car, Roman candles, American yuks. We saw a couple of nutjobs turn an old BMW 3-class into a rolling Fourth of July celebration:

We sang the praises of the interior design brilliance of the much-loved Honda Element:

And incredibly, a bunch of enthusiasts managed to re-launch an updated production version of Pontiac’s defunct Trans-Am:

Source: core77

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