2017 Gift Guide: Travel

2017 Gift Guide: Travel

When I’m traveling I try to take a moment and appreciate the fact that I even get to travel to some pretty amazing places. However, travel annoyances like lost luggages, delayed flights, and seat mates with poor travel etiquette can make even the most exciting trip seem like a chore, at least until I get to my destination. Here’s a round of items that will make anyone’s time in transit a little more comfortable, enjoyable and efficient – some of which I always have on stand-by before a trip, all of which make a great gift for the jet-setting friend or family member in your life.

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Skincare Travel Kit by Peet Rivko \ $46
Created by Joanna Peet and praised by her childhood friend Aubrey Plaza, this natural skincare set helps you cleanse, balance and moisturize your skin when you’re on the go. I really enjoyed using the entire line because it’s made without the usual troublemakers (like parabens, sulfates, silicones and petroleums) but also harsh ingredients that seem beneficial but can actually be problematic (like essential oils and floral extracts). The set also comes with a travel-sized Baggu pouch for easy storage and transport.

m37 Watch by Uniform Wares \ $335
Carrying a watch is essential in-flight when you’re trying to align yourself with your destination’s time zone. While I do have a few trusty watches, Jaime shared this one on Instagram and now I want one too.

Mini Suitcase with The Field Set by Away \ $45
I own two of these little guys and they’re kind of like a mini version of my regular-sized suitcase. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how many toiletries + cosmetics I can fit in here (although I am practically sitting on it like my normal suitcase to fit as many things as I can). This Essential Set comes with a few items you’ll enjoy while traveling, like a pillow spray and grapefruit face cleanser.

Cruz Scarf by Block Shop Textiles \ $120
I never ever leave for the plane without a scarf packed. They have a permanent place in my carry-on because they keep me warm and can be rolled up as pillow. I am also slightly germaphobic so I like draping them across hotel pillows just for a piece of mind. This one from Blockshop Textiles is hand block printed by 5th generation master printers in Bagru for a unique touch.

Leather Backpack by Moop \ $397
Traveling is just easier with a backpack than a bag, especially when you’re hauling a laptop, chargers and cables, a camera and lens. This Backpack no.2 is made in small batches in Los Angeles with a leather exterior (which mean it’ll gradually develop a nice patina) and lined with water resistant Cordura® nylon to keep your contents dry.

Duffle by KILLSPENCER \ $600
If you want more space, KILLSPENCER’s newest utilitarian bag, the Duffle, is a luxurious gift to splurge on for your favorite globetrotter. It comes in leather, waxed canvas, nylon, Korean War era waxed canvas, and tarpaulin, and can be customized with a monogram.

Le Sud Overnight Weekender by Cuyana \ $215
Jaime and I both have this weekender by Cuyana that we love using for quick trips. There’s just enough space for a quick Friday-Sunday trip which is exactly why I love it. It prevents me from overpacking. I added a monogrammed leather charm to mine for some extra flair.

Packing Cubes by Wit & Delight for Target \ $20
I need another set of packing cubes since my husband took one of my two sets. This striped option in mint green looks great and is just malleable enough for me to try to stuff five sweaters into (did I mention I have an overpacking problem?).

Sleep Well Travel Pillow by HAY, available at MoMA Design Store \ $45
A travel pillow kind of seems like a dorky, cumbersome thing to carry before you board the plane but once you’re seated, it’s the kind of item you are so glad you packed. This one by HAY is filled with tiny polystyrene balls to keep you ergonomically comfortable on those 14 hour flights.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Stainless Steel Bottle by Cheeky \ $23
Staying hydrated is important in places with recycled air so this bottle is always nearby. I like it because it’s affordable, keeps my drinks cold for 24 hours and comes in a few cool designs like this black and white paint stroke option.

Reboot Travel Kit by The Nue Co. \ $160
This new travel kit is launching just in time for the holidays. The kit was created to help you before, during, and after traveling include: prebiotics + probiotics to take before travel, sleep drops, a magnesium spray to help you relax, deference drops for an immune boost, and a caffeine boost for when you get to your destination.

Arlo Skye x Sight Unseen Luggage Collection \ From $375
Luggage (Arlo Skye) meets art (Antti Kekki) meets design (Sight Unseen). This collaboration brings together three different worlds to create luggage that will be unmistakable on the baggage carousel. Learn more about it here.

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