2018 Most Interesting Car Design Features and Add-Ons, Part 1: Aftermarket

Even the most innovative in-house car design studio is still part of a corporation, so there’s only so crazy they can get before the accountants start reigning them up. Aftermarket manufacturers, however, have considerably more leeway to innovate. Here are some of the most interesting aftermarket car design features and add-ons we saw this year.

German company Volkner’s sports-car-deploying mobile home feature lets you continue to flee your troubles, ad infinitum.

If you want to sleep on the road but can’t afford a mobile home, there are more budget ways to accomplish in-vehicle snoozing.

Of course, if you’re so keen to sleep in your car, you’re probably some kind of fugitive from the law. In which case you’d better watch out for this police vehicle add-on that brings car chases to a swift halt.

For motorists in snowy climes who are tired of clearing off their cars, check out Lanmodo’s self-deploying umbrella for your car.

If you need a boost to access your vehicle’s roof rack or truck bed, here’s a variety of add-on step products on the market.

Got a 2WD car, but covet all-wheel functionality? Orbis created these hubless electric wheels that let you turn your 2WD car into 4WD.

If you’ve already got 4WD yet still find yourself getting mired, here’s a simple, portable object that easily frees your stuck car.

But if that device doesn’t cut it, you may have to resort to more extreme measures, like this.

Speaking of extreme measures: We don’t recommend this at all, but it turns out that making a spare tire by wrapping duct tape around a bare rim actually works.

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