2018's Best of Cool Tools, Part 1: Powered

Rather than cover the shop and homeowner tools that most of you already know, this time we’re going to focus primarily on the unusual specialty tools you’ve probably never heard of.

Getting right up to the edge of obstacles with a lawnmower is slow and often requires multiple passes. So this amazing German lawnmower attachment that cuts around poles and fenceposts looks pretty goshdarned amazing.

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Another incredible landscaping tool: This Italian machine cuts perfectly spherical shrubs!

These two enterprising farmhands invented a brilliant repair machine that straightens old fenceposts.

Here’s a high-tech tool for firefighters: The Pyrolance, a handheld waterjet cutter.

An Australian engineer came up with a brilliant tool that makes removing notoriously difficult parts a quick, easy process.

Production line time: Check out the overhead automatic screwdrivers that factory workers use.

Festool came up with this clever Bluetooth system for triggering your vacuum from the nozzle end of the hose.

Invented by students, the Rhino Rotary Hammer Attachment makes short work of masonry repointing.

Check out what you can do with some sheet metal and a beading machine.

In a blackout, what’s handier than a flashlight? This Panasonic flashlight, which can use whatever size battery you happen to have on hand.

Source: core77

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