2018's Best Self-Tests for Designers

Never mind those silly online quizzes that tell you what your spirit animal is. Here are some online tests that measure useful abilities designers should have, like visual acuity, memory recall, the ability to eyeball and more. (Most are from 2018, but we’ve thrown in a few from earlier years.) Try not to brag about your scores.

Which Colors Are You Bad at Detecting? Try This Test.

Test Your Visual Acuity With the Eyeballing Game.

How Accurately Can You Draw Famous Logos From Memory?

A Fun Eye Test for Designers: Which Color Doesn’t Fit?

A Fun Eye Test for Designers, Part 2: Spot the Visual Inconsistencies.

Three Quick “Can You Draw This Without Lifting Your Pencil” Tests.

The “Bitten Biscuits” Puzzle: Can You Figure Out How to Arrange These Three Pieces to Form a Symmetrical Shape?

(Not Quite a Test, But) What on Earth Do You Think This Japanese Warning Sign Means?

Source: core77

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