2019 Gift Guide: Handmade

2019 Gift Guide: Handmade

The best gifts given and received are often handmade, and if you’re looking to shop small this holiday season it’s definitely the road to take. Not only can you be just about certain that no one else in your inner circle will be gifting any duplicates, you can also feel warm and fuzzy knowing you’re supporting people who are giving their all to their businesses. We’ve pulled together 10 handmade items that would make for wonderfully thoughtful gifts.

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Thislexik Ceramic Planter \ $55
For the plant lover in your life, this ceramic planter juxtaposes a seemingly pliable bag-like object with a hard surface. Sophisticated kitsch, if you will, this piece will be equally at home living with your minimalist neighbor or your maximalist relative.

Richard Clarkson’s Constellation Incense Burner \ $210
This limited edition incense burner, nicknamed Launch, uses a backflow incense pod to create a stunning launch-like effect. A backflow incense pod pulls smoke downward thanks to the shape of the pod itself. The smoke is then funneled through the body of the rocketship and out of an exhaust port, while the used pod acts as the nosecone.

Fort Makers’ Large Hex Pebble Cutting Board \ $140
Handmade by Noah Spencer, and inspired by smoothed over, water-worn rocks, Pebble Cutting Boards are a beautiful study in organic forms. Whether hung on a wall or set on a counter, these useable sculptures will add artful beauty to the lucky recipient’s home.

AR.M’s Cupola Black Necklace \ $139
Handmade using Corian, brass, and leather, the Cupola necklace is a thoughtful design that’s been developed through responsible sourcing. It’s sure to make a distinguished addition to a loved one’s collection.

Capra Designs’ Terrazzo Dome Keepsake Box \ $45
Whether you’re 7 or 77, it’s always nice to have a sweet little spot to keep your treasures. This handmade terrazzo resin and cork keepsake box would make a great spot for someone to keep their special things.

Malka Dina’s Marbled Cone Sculpture \ $88
This Brooklyn-made stoneware object features a black satin glazed interior with a raw marbled clay exterior. While it could simply be used for what it is – a beautiful piece of art – it also offers plenty of room for creativity left entirely up to who you gift it to.

Base Modern’s Modern Spoon Rest \ $35
Surprise your favorite chef or baker with a simple yet modern stainless steel spoon rest this December. Its sleek form and easy to clean material will help keep cooking utensils supported and stovetops and counters clean.

Fin Design Shop’s Tea Light Holder No. 2 \ from $17
Help set the mood with these holders that have been designed to hold a tea light in a polycarbonate or metal cup (not votives). Their clean design makes them a nice addition to tabletop dining, bathtub relaxing, and overall coziness.

Craighill’s Enameled Wilson Keyring \ $18
Made in both Ohio and Maine, this efficient brass keyring can hold more keys than its owner will ever possess, has a supremely strong and secure closure, and will make mundane tasks like opening the door to a home or office a little nicer.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Esque Studio’s Salt Bubble \ from $70
Designed by Andi Kovel, these glass spice shakers fit perfectly in the hand and are finished off with a cork stopper. Every creative person or art lover would be thrilled to have this on display in their kitchen or on their table.

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