2019's Best of Tools & Hardware Design

You’ll find no laser levels and internet-connected “smart” tools here. This section is purely about those who have manipulated metal, plastic and other materials into useful, non-techy hand tools and hardware.

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This dental industry tool for getting the last drop of product out of a squeeze tube looked so useful, my wife tracked down the source design and bought one. (The one in the link above is $40; the missus found a different version on eBay for $4, marketed to painters.) This tool is freaking amazing–you cannot believe how much toothpaste is left in a tube that you think is nearly empty.

While a nail file will get confiscated by the TSA, this cylindrical multifunctional nail file from Japan won’t. It’s an interesting take on the object, offering three functions–filing, rounding, and cleaning out the underside of the fingernail. Japanese overdesign FTW.

On the power tool front, Bosch rolled out their improved X-Lock system for quick angle grinder accessory changes. Bonus: The promo video is narrated with an awesome German accent. Next best thing to having Werner Herzog flog the thing.

I’ve had to learn to use a chainsaw down here on the farm, and it gets pretty tedious. I learned that professional trimmers use this crazy backpack chainsaw by Husqvarna, as it gets a lot of the weight off of your arms.

I had a devil of a time trying to figure out what this mystery tool used by Yellowstone workers to clear seven feet of snow from a roof in chunks was, but as you can see, it yields impressive results. If you hit the link there’s more (blurry) shots of the tool, if that helps you any.

The genius company Stress Indicators Inc. invented SmartBolts, which have a red dot in the center of the head. Once you tighten it to the proper torque, it turns black!

Speaking of bolts, we had fun looking at a wide variety of nut and bolt thread checkers, both manufactured and DIY. This is the kind of object you think you don’t need in your workshop…until you do.

Another hardware post that did surprisingly high traffic showed this cool specialty hinge that allows you to turn an ordinary door into a no-flap, disappearing cat door. (I swear, man, put anything on the internet involving cats and you get eyeballs.)

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Lastly, tools are no good if you don’t have them on you. So we applaud Dero’s FixIt, a small-footprint bicycle repair station meant to be installed by municipalities near bike racks.

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