2022 Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 2: Hockey Tape

I’m not a sporty lad. So I was clueless about hockey tape until Rob Cosman wrapped some around my fretsaw’s handle many years ago.

The high-friction tape is a lot like gaffer’s tape. Heck – it might be a different version of gaffer’s tape. It sticks to stuff quite well. And it offers a grippy exterior. 

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Earlier this year I wrapped all our clamp handles with the stuff (it’s inexpensive) to see if it improved our grip. Many of our clamp handles are slick painted wood. And when my hands are wet from cleaning up glue, it can be difficult to get a good grip on a slick wooden handle.

I am happy to report that the hockey tape greatly improved things, even when my hands were wet. 

If you want to become an aficionado of hockey tape, check out Cosman’s website. He has a special way to wrap the tape that makes the grip even grippier.

Also, the stuff is cheap. I bought a package of six rolls of the Ruban brand of hockey tape for about $20. I wrapped all our clamp handles and still have three rolls left. Been thinking about wrapping the tail of the next cat that pees on my coffeemaker….

— Christopher Schwarz

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Source: lostartpress.com

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