2022 Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 8: Bloc Osma

When I scratch myself while working, the worst part of the whole process is waiting for the blood to stop flowing so I can get back to work. We are serious about workshop wound care (see our latest title on the topic). And I’m always looking for anything to give me an edge when I do something stupid with an edge.

Bloc Osma is a product used for stopping cuts and scratches while shaving. It’s a small astringent brick of alum. When you nick yourself, clean the wound. Run the block under a little cold water. Then apply it to the wound. It will sting. But that will subside quickly.

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I have found it stops the bleeding from minor cuts almost instantly. Then I apply a bandage and get back to work.

If you’d like to experiment with the stuff, which has been used for centuries, try out a small block of it. It is available from many retailers for less than $10.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Source: lostartpress.com

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