2022's Wild New Automotive Designs and Concept Cars

The design of car concepts and new production models is getting weirder and wilder. Both old, established manufacturers and upstart brands are, like social media, competing for our attention, and it shows with what they’ve been rolling out; digital modeling tools and advanced production techniques are yielding vehicles (for better or worse) that would have been impossible to imagine just a decade ago.

Here’s what came across the transom in 2022:

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Volkswagen’s GEN.TRAVEL concept vehicle, with modular interior.

Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 EV with their new “Electrified Streamliner” design language.

Genesis’ EV Speedium concept.

Citroën practically broke the design mold with their Oli EV concept.

Lincoln revealed their new electric design direction

…and also unveiled this wild-looking autonomous EV concept.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Mini’s Aceman EV concept is also swinging for the fences.

Polestar’s New O2 concept has an onboard drone that can be deployed while driving.

Volkswagen unveiled an ID.4 with an on-board drone, and a landing pad up top.

Even some non-car-companies got into the concept game. Industrial design consultancy Seymourpowell unveiled their Lean Auto Design concept.

Robotics startup Astrolab revealed their FLEX Rover, a vehicle with no design predecessor.

Apple supplier Foxconn unveiled two new EVs, including a pickup truck.

Here’s a strange one: Pininfarina designed an iPhone case inspired by the famous Ferrari Modulo concept car.

Aside from concept cars, a number of eye-catching new production (or small-batch production) models also hit the road this year.

Rolls-Royce treated us to some design sketches and build shots of their latest Boat Tail model.

With their My Ami Cargo, Citroën answered the question: What should a one-person car designed for tradespeople look like?

Startup Electric Brands’ XBUS is a promising modular EV (featuring one terrible design decision).

Canadian startup Potential Motors’ Adventure 1 recreational off-road EV is barely five feet wide.

Chinese off-road automotive luxury brand Dongfeng unveiled their crazy-looking debut model.

The EV “skateboard” platforms by U Power will bring a wave of fresh (not necessarily good) automotive designs.

This brutish, if workable, flying car by Xpeng has gigantic unfolding rotors slapped on top.

Lastly, these only have two wheels, but I had to include them for eye candy’s sake:

An incredible custom aluminum-clad BMW motorcycle by FabMan Creations.

This beautiful stainless steel electric scooter by Bandit9.

This deconstructivist electric scooter and an Akira-like bike by Horwin.

Assuming vehicle design mirrors, to some extent, the times we live in, I assume this roundup will get weirder every year.

Source: core77

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