2024 Core77 Design Awards Autodesk Fusion Prize – Adæpt by Zexi Ye

Adæpt is a modular, multi-function device that helps with computer interaction. The tool is designed to helping people with cerebral palsy who face challenges with lack of fine motor control. The device allows for customization by the end user to best fit their interests and abilities, and improves their ability to use the computer for socializing, entertainment, and work purposes.

Zexi Ye, the designer, is a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. The judges at Autodesk were impressed by the attention to detail in the project, and especially how it really showcased the entire design and make process.

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Equally impressive was the the integration of Autodesk Fusion from start to end, where with one product/project the designer was able to work on all aspects of the product, including modeling, rendering and managing multiple file formats for different production methods such as CNC cutting and 3D printing. The result is a beautifully designed, efficient and novel product.

Autodesk Fusion Prize

Check out the full project entry here.

Source: core77

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