207 Of The Most Epic Snowmen People Have Built

If you’re someone who drives a car, it’s quite likely snow is your biggest enemy this time of the year. But you gotta admit, building a snowman can be exciting.

So, let’s put all of the grouchiness aside and let’s check out the most epic (on one scale or another) snowmen and snow sculptures the internet has ever seen.

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Bored Panda has scoured the ether for the best of the best, and compiled the curated list below. And why not vote and comment on the submissions you adored the most, or share your snowman adventures and ideas in the comment section at the bottom of the article!

#1 Mailbox Snowman My Wife Made While I Was At Work

Image credits: majlem

Snow sculpting is a form of art, usually considered performance art as it’s very much like sculpting using ice or sand—mostly practiced outdoors and often seen by many.

You often see people use anything from just bare hands to shovels, hatchets, and saws, depending on the characteristics of ice. We’re talking about proper snow sculpting, though—building a simple snowman, on the other hand, doesn’t require more than just enthusiasm and manpower.

But in context, pro-level snow sculpting involves blocks of snow that span 6 to 15 feet (1.8 to 4.6 meters) on each side and weigh between 20 and 30 tons. That’s about 3 to 5 elephants in weight.

#2 Awesome Snow-Dragon

Image credits: umth

#3 A Snowman I Built An Hour Ago To Honor The Year 2020

Image credits: a_sta_ces

#4 A Dog

Image credits: Moffs_06

Bored Panda got in touch with Ivan Nastić, an illustrator and calligrapher from Serbia who’s passionate about fantasy characters and socially-engaged art, and the man behind this snowman, which is also featured in this article.

“I love the winter and the snow so much. The snow is so pure and serene, so my idea is to make something completely opposite out of it,” said Ivan about the inspiration behind his bloodily-spooky snowman. “My initial idea was to make something that will represent the year 2020, some kind of evil spirit snowman.”

#5 Woman

Image credits: xvmir

#6 This T-Rex Chasing A Snowman Snow Sculpture

Image credits: knownothingwiseguy

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#7 A Snowman I Should Not Have Created

Image credits: fudgebringer

#8 This Lord Of The Rings Snowman

Image credits: bigjoelmountain

“I woke up and saw that a lot of snow fell during the night, so I just got dressed and ran out and started making the basis of the Snowman,” elaborated Ivan.

“While I was attaching the head onto the body the idea of a gaping mouth just appeared in my mind and I thought ‘that’s it, the neighbors are gonna love this one.’”

“This particular Snowman didn’t require anything special, so I didn’t have to use any supports. The snow was just perfect for sculpting.”

#9 I Was Unable To Make A Floppy Hat From Snow, But I’m Still Rather Proud Of My Sculpture Of Lady Dimetriscu (Big Vampire Lady) For Scale, I’m 5’10”

Image credits: FjotraTheGodless

#10 With The Huge Snowstorm In Madrid I Made A Moai. Instead Of A Snowman

Image credits: fegm22

#11 A Few Days Ago I Saw My Neighbor, A Deaf Man, Building What I Thought Was A Snowman. Yesterday He Finished His Masterpiece

Image credits: ChanceyGardener

#12 We Made This Snowman Today, And I Don’t Think He’s Going To Make It

Image credits: TheN3rd

Fun fact, some of the most amazing things have actually been created using snow (and any of its other counterparts, like ice). There’s the ice maze at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, there’s the Hotel of Ice in Balea Lake, Romania, there’s the ‘Mother Earth‘ sculpture in Quebec. The list goes on and on.

This is besides ice chapels, tombs, classic snow castles, and other structures built using what is essentially crystallized water.

#13 For Some God Forsaken Reason It Snowed In Utah Yesterday. My Friend Took He’s Already Made Halloween Pumpkin And Built A Snow Golem

Image credits: Kdogred

#14 I’m Gonna Have My Own Frosty The Snowman Movie, With Blackjack And Hookers

Image credits: brrumbumbum

#15 Do You Think The Watterson Estate Is Going To Sue

Image credits: Whoneedstruth

#16 My Among Us Snow Sculpture (Took 1st Place)

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 I Challenge Y’all To A Calvin Snowman-Off

Image credits: Cashewfingeredorange

But sculpting doesn’t come easy, and even building a traditional snowman can become a bit of a challenge. And Ivan was no exception, as he explained:

“The most challenging part is the same for every snowman I made–finishing everything before the evening frost. When the temperature drops, the snow becomes powdery and impossible to work with, and I work alone so the ticking of the watch is what makes the adrenaline go.”

#18 Big Hero 6

Image credits: _hanao_h

#19 So My Uncle Made This Snowman

Image credits: thanoski

#20 Snowmen

#21 A Dragon

Image credits: lithuania.travel

#22 Totoro

Image credits: lucyco73

Now, if it just so happens that you’re in an area that’s experiencing snow, sufficient amounts of it, then why not go and build a snowman, and keep in mind some words of wisdom who’s built his fair share of snowpeople:

“My advice for the snow enthusiast out there would be: imagine the craziest Snowman and try to build it, but keep in mind that gravity is the enemy and the snow is fickle. Use whatever tools you can find to shape the snow–knives, spoons, gardening tools.”

“I always use two sets of gloves, thick for rough sculpting and thinner ones for details. And be sure to clean the snow around the Snowman because it gets super slippery from all the walking around and you don’t want to fall and ruin your work. Happened to me once.”

#23 It Snowed Today In South Carolina. My Papa Made A Snowman

Image credits: lcblangdale

#24 Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Image credits: littlelexi7

#25 Giant Marshmallow And Fire Snow Sculpture

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 The Small Town Where I Commute For Work Has A Guy Who Builds Snow Sculptures For All To Enjoy As They Drive Past. He Really Outdid Himself With This Most Recent Storm

Image credits: ChaseObserves

#27 I Made A Very Round Snowman

Image credits: FarGoose

You can get to know Ivan and check out his work on Instagram and ArtStation.

But remember that you’re on Bored Panda, so that means, of course, there’s more snowman ideas for you to check out in the form of a curated list here.

Or, if you haven’t had your fill of snow yet, why not check out everything that Bored Panda has ever done on snow here.

Or keep scrolling. You’re bound to find something!

#28 Octopus

Image credits: lithuania.travel

#29 I Made A Fire Keeper Snow Sculpture

Image credits: lettieliekki

#30 Snow Dogs

Image credits: Ferlinka Borzoi

#31 Minions

Image credits: mokomoko_2015

#32 Funny Snowman

Image credits: marolien2

#33 Snoopy And His House

Image credits: sumikko mofu

#34 Funny

Image credits: mpburrows

#35 Graveyard Snowmen

Image credits: Proteon

#36 This Snowman

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#37 Snow Mounds With Glow Sticks In Them

Image credits: iBleeedorange

#38 My Uncle Visiting From The Philippines Has Never Seen Snow. This Is What Happened Today

Image credits: little_houses

#39 Probably Won’t Get To See It In Real Life So I Built My Dream Car Out Of Snow

Image credits: simas1014

#40 Snow Ghost

#41 This Cute Snowman I Made

Image credits: uninpressedpanda45

#42 This Full Size Tractor Made Out Of Snow Not Far From Me

Image credits: jeffQC1

#43 Heavy Snow Tokyo

Image credits: mokomoko_2015

#44 Snow Sculpting


Star Wars AT-AT Snow Sculpture I learned with powdery snow that the trick is to pile it up into a mound and just let it freeze. Once it’s packed and dense after a week or so of the sun during the day and cold temps at night, it’s ready for shaping. This AT-AT I created using a Fiskars tree saw for the shape and a flat head screwdriver for the detailing.


Lumos! We took a crack at sculpting Hogwarts from the Harry Potter films with all of this snow!


Rock Mining Locomotive Snow Sculpture. This one was great fun. I had a long mound of snow that I’d shoveled and just left for a couple of weeks so it would freeze and pack down. The kids riding past on school busses played guessing games while it sat there as to what it was going to be. Most thought a dragon. In the end I made a long train with a bunch of mining carts. The carts are all full of rock that was pretty fun to shape with the Fiskars tree saw. Was hysterical, this one. It was right near the end of our driveway and the road, and people would stop and take pictures in front of it.

Image credits: PeteKotsonis

#45 IKEA Snowmen

Image credits: wiz93

#46 Snowman Totoro

Image credits: Powerful-Wheel-7094

#47 I Made A Pikachu Snow Sculpture

Image credits: Pew_Pew_Pikachu

#48 Panda

Image credits: ph.long_

#49 Every Year, These 3 Brothers Make A Giant Snow Sculpture In Their Front Yard

Image credits: Austin Bartz

#50 How We Build Snowmen On Hoth

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 At Least Buffalo Still Has Its Sense Of Humor

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 After The Recent Snow Storm Here, Some Crew Decided To Make Snowmen Out Side Of The Ambulance Bay

Image credits: gil_beard

#53 Raising The Bar On Snowmen With A 9′ LEGO Guy

Image credits: Zalek1n

#54 This 6 Ft Baby Yoda Snowman

Image credits: kdub10s

#55 It Didn’t Snow Enough For Snowmen Here In Texas, So My Friend Got Creative

Image credits: fraghawk

#56 I Tried Making A Snow Golem

Image credits: DarkReaperXx

#57 Totoro And His Children Snow Sculpture

#58 How To Build A Snowman

Image credits: nippyrox

#59 This Is My Sister. She Created A Snowman-Dalorian And A Baby Snowda During The Recent Freeze And Record Snowfall In The South/Midwest

Image credits: serendippitydoodah

#60 I Saw Another Big Snowman

Image credits: macronek0

#61 A Snow Sculpture I Found In My Hometown

Image credits: Danamaganza

#62 Godzilla

Image credits: chiiiiiko1980

#63 What Should We Name This Snow Pup?

Image credits: creatorup

#64 I Am Not A Snowman

Image credits: SameSambutdifferent

#65 Me And My Friends Made A Snowman

Image credits: Lylahh

#66 This Snowman In Finland

Image credits: Sampo

#67 Made The Most Unsettling Snowman I Could So It Can Stare At My Family Through The Living Room Window

Image credits: ChiefLazarus86

#68 Say Hello To Olaf The Danish Snowman

Image credits: Lashj

#69 I Recently Moved To The US From Australia And Made My First Snowman, Ever

Image credits: MrSamKing

#70 My Neighbor Made Among Us Snowmen

Image credits: PM_popcorn_toppings

#71 I Told You My Love That When It Snows We Will Make A Snowman Together

Image credits: Marcial Rivas

#72 This Guy Built A 25 Foot Snowman To Raise Funds For A Local Food Bank

Image credits: superfleh

#73 Today We Lit A Snowman On Fire

Image credits: RowdyD

#74 A Friend’s Younger Sister Just Posted This Masterful Snow Sculpture She Made Today. The Caption Said Simply, “I Did This”

Image credits: huthercv

#75 A Snow Sculpture Of A Diglett

Image credits: PapiGrim

#76 Baby Shark?

Image credits: elnuevodia

#77 In Montana We Get Creative With Our Snowmans

Image credits: jakery642

#78 I’m 23 And I Just Made My First Snowman

Image credits: KarateSoulRice

#79 In Honor Of The First Snow I Had To Re-Create Some Calvin’s Snowmen

Image credits: CeonSun

#80 Snowman Laying

#81 My Roommate Assembled This Committee To Welcome The People In The Hood Outside Our Apartment Building

Image credits: lantichristo

#82 Police

Image credits: West Midlands Police

#83 Many Hours In The Snow Building These Awesome Sculptures

Image credits: hedylynn

#84 Guy Standing Next To A Ripped Snowman

Image credits: FidgetSpinnetMan

#85 So We Are Doing Awesome Snowmen? Here Is A Chain Chomp Me And Some Friends Made A Few Years Ago

Image credits: humanman42

#86 My Friends Made The Snowmen From The Christmas Special! It’s Creepily Accurate

Image credits: zarcade

#87 I See Your Snowmen, And Raise You My Friend’s Spray-Painted Snow Giraffe

Image credits: saberwing

#88 I Remember When I Was Younger My Parents Would Say “Don’t Put That Nasty Snowball In My Freezer! You Can Do That When You Get Your Own!”

Image credits: vonbraski

#89 Made This Fabulous Snowman From Our Blizzard In South Carolina

Image credits: liquidthc

#90 We Made A Snowman For Our Roommate

Image credits: pistols_for_pandas

#91 Attention All Of Florida: I Just Made A Snowman. In My Backyard. He Needs A Name

Image credits: rockthewaves33

#92 So My Neighbor Built A Snowman

Image credits: coolon23

#93 My Neighbours Made The Biggest Snowman We’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: LoveSoap

#94 Snowman In Front Of My University’s Art History Building

Image credits: tisitwon

#95 My Snowman Started To Sag In The Sun And Now Looks Like He Is Petting His Snowdog

Image credits: feralFarrell

#96 We Built A “Snoo Man” This Year Instead Of A Snowman

Image credits: Mmodeman

#97 So I Told My Daughter To Make A Snowman, This Is What She Created

Image credits: diasehstahwstaht

#98 My Friend Casually Mentions He Spent The Afternoon Making A Batman Snowman

Image credits: MyCrookedTeeth

#99 Snowman With An iPhone

#100 A Bear

Image credits: lithuania.travel

#101 Snow Sculptures

Image credits: keith.tanabe

#102 Gravelord Nito

Image credits: nottossik

#103 I Made A Snowman, Thought Y’all Might Like It

Image credits: Arttukaimio

#104 My Neighbor’s Snowman

Image credits: Train3rRed88

#105 A Friend Made This Gyrados Snow Monster

Image credits: A_zuma2007

#106 Someone Built A Snowman Around This Statue

Image credits: ocarinamaster64

#107 This Cubed Snowman A Neighborhood Kid Made

Image credits: Burnin8r55

#108 Totoro Snow Sculpture Somewhere In Finland

Image credits: Litra

#109 A Kangaroo Snow Sculpture

Image credits: KaleBrecht

#110 Big Hero And Olaf

Image credits: M0RNING_CHILD

#111 Melted Snow Woman Sculpture

Image credits: kataoka

#112 2021 Snowman

Image credits: DraXMasterM

#113 Ripped Snowman

Image credits: Alpopo

#114 It Snowed A Ton In Portland Oregon Last Night. That Was Good News For The Kids (No School!), But Bad News For The Snowmen

Image credits: irrational_design

#115 My Neighbour Built These Incredible Snowmen

Image credits: freenrich

#116 Since We Are Posting Snowmen… Spotted On A Walk

Image credits: what-the-what24

#117 This Snowman Won’t Leave Us Alone. He’s Creeping Us Out

Image credits: Unsadtrousers

#118 Just Moved To U.S.A. From India. Is My Snowman Sikh

Image credits: mallu_guy

#119 I’m Pretty Impressed With This Snowman My Brother In-Law Made Today

Image credits: migraine_boy

#120 My Sisters And I Made This Upside Down Snowman 6 Years Ago Today

Image credits: meshaffer

#121 The Kids, The Wife, And I Made Olaf For Our Snowman This Year

Image credits: SelfDeludedFool

#122 Snowmen Under Attack

#123 Came Across These Snowman That Felt Like They Could Be Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons

Image credits: voncasec

#124 Recreated A Snowman From My Favorite Comic This Weekend

Image credits: jgsnow

#125 My Neighbors Built A 12 Foot Tall Snowman

Image credits: BelowZilch

#126 Me And My Family Carved This For A Snowman Contest. We Named It “The Abominable Snow Tank And Its Strangling Soldiers”

Image credits: 0Tryzona0

#127 Me And My Friends Made A Snowman

Image credits: mcilhone

#128 A Snowman My Dad And I Built When I Was A Kid

Image credits: blueridgerose

#129 I Made A Snowman After Our Last Good Snow. Its Been A While, And Since Then, We’ve Had A Few Warmish Days. Today I Updated My Snowman

Image credits: Buck_Thorn

#130 This Unit Of A Snowman Made In Central Arkansas

Image credits: Gmoneyboiswag69

#131 My Dad’s Snowman/Snow Sculpture. He Spent Some Good Time Making It

Image credits: prnnydood

#132 This Olaf Snow Sculpture My Neighbor Made

Image credits: MrMcDrew

#133 Made This Snow Sculpture Thing With My Friends After The Big Storms We’ve Had In Southern California Lately

Image credits: bizcat

#134 Snowmen, Lord Of Living Ice And Snow

Image credits: Coonor342

#135 When It Snows In October

Image credits: InconspicuousLampshade

#136 My Son Made An Angry Snowman And Somebody Gave It Slaves I Still Don’t Know What Happened

Image credits: Koda_Keenan

#137 Alien Snowman

Image credits: Chaserivx

#138 My First Snowman This December

Image credits: Ar00v

#139 Snowed So Much In Texas We Were Able To Make A Giant Snowman. Abuelita For Scale

Image credits: Ana2442

#140 Creative Snowman

Image credits: Melissa Wentarmini

#141 Upside Down Snowman

Image credits: lassotheflavor

#142 My Snowstorm Trooper

Image credits: mrpinkypickles

#143 Snow Sculpture Done In My Home Town

Image credits: pologreen94

#144 Hey Brian, Remember The Time I Became A Snowman? Remember The Time?

Image credits: Always_lying_Man

#145 Door Of The Future

Image credits: kcar_joshi

#146 I Had A Go At Making ‘The Snowman’

Image credits: britishtwat

#147 I Made A Snowman For My Kid

Image credits: Professor226

#148 My 63 Year Old Mother Made A Drunken Snowman

Image credits: beachcaster95

#149 You Cleared Your Hydrant And Made An Epic Snowman? As A Firefighter In Ct Going On His 25th Straight Hour Of Work This Made Me Very Happy

Image credits: Nixons_BACK

#150 Angry Snowman

#151 Cozy Snowman

Image credits: erin

#152 Big Snowman

Image credits: Heather Sunderland

#153 Snowmen And Horses

Image credits: Juste

#154 My Dad, My Fiancé, And I Built A Snowman Today (In April). Banana For Scale

Image credits: Nekedladies

#155 20ft Snowman

Image credits: KanyesSideFish

#156 Cat Snowman

Image credits: thatsalittlegay

#157 Tiny Snowman

Image credits: ronnielighto

#158 So I Attempted To Make A 7 Foot Tall Snowman Last Week. This Is The Snowman Today

Image credits: MammothTechnician451

#159 I Thought You Guys Might Appreciate This Snowman My Friend Found In Chicago

Image credits: MY332782

#160 This Beast Of Snowman In My Neighborhood

Image credits: ObjectiveAgent

#161 A Kid Took His Grandma’s Dentures To Build The Snowman

Image credits: Fiammettaa

#162 My Snowman Froze At A Funny Angle And Now He Looks Really Bummed Out

Image credits: Scotts_Tottss

#163 Happy Holidays Everyone. Here Is A Lovely Snow Pikachu I Made

Image credits: gmretro

#164 So My Cousins Made A Snowman

Image credits: CalmGameshow

#165 My Snowman Looked A Lot Friendlier During The Day

Image credits: mackeastman

#166 My Joseph Snowman

Image credits: stirret

#167 Just Drove Past This. The Biggest Snowman I’ve Ever Seen In Real Life

Image credits: McCHitman

#168 My Friend Made The Most Perfect Snowman I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: dhbroad

#169 My Mom Found This Tiny Snowman At The Store, So She Added One Of Her Baby Carrots For His Nose

Image credits: ms_fackernoy

#170 My Friend And I Made A Snowman

Image credits: Hoodi3Guy

#171 Pretty Snowman

Image credits: erin

#172 Panini’s First Snowman

Image credits: AnemicBanana

#173 Tried To Make A Happy Snowman. Turns Out It Was As Apathetic As I Am About Its Existence

Image credits: daniimorah

#174 An Absolute Unit Of A Snowman I Built With My Kids. Estimated 8’3″

Image credits: TYKOB

#175 Our Snowman Has Been Off Its Center Of Gravity For Several Days And Has Not Fallen

Image credits: kduluth

#176 My Brother Built A Snowman On The Roof

Image credits: _benjaninja_

#177 My Snowman (Maurice) Has Melted To Look Like Some Weird Alien Creature

Image credits: nwskeptic

#178 A Snow Sculpture Of A Fox/Puppy My Aunt Made

Image credits: ZoqfotWasTaken

#179 The Front Door Of My House Looks Cute

Image credits: project_eevee

#180 You’ve Seen Baby Yoda But Now Prepare Yourself For Baby Snowman

Image credits: ZanyStudios

#181 This Morning I Built A Snowman And It’s Too Heavy To Unbuild

Image credits: britishpianoboi

#182 She Nailed Her First Attempt At Building A Snowman, Right Down To The Facial Expression

Image credits: Sharronstaint

#183 Saw This Massive Snowman On A Drive This Morning

Image credits: klax0

#184 Our Teens Made A Snowman, Complete With Swag

Image credits: justabutternut

#185 Australian Snowman

Image credits: brotheranansi

#186 Snowmen Tanning

#187 An Art From Snow

Image credits: MariyanaRahkova

#188 Lil Bros Got Creative With Their Snowman This Year

Image credits: MattTheElbow94

#189 First Snowman

Image credits: attackOFwaffle

#190 Mickey

Image credits: YlDWEfFCJimfbdv

#191 Disney Show

Image credits: madoka_kawano

#192 Snowman With A Cat

#193 Punk Snowman

#194 Big Snowman

#195 Dabbing Snowman

Image credits: RedEgg16

#196 I Didnt See One On Here Before So I Thought Of Sharing My Fall Guy Snowman

Image credits: CrYTGaming

#197 The Kids And I Made A Calvin And Hobbes Inspired Snowman Scene

Image credits: reddit.com

#198 Peppa The Snow Pig

Image credits: Pilot_Harris

#199 That’s A Creative Way To Build A Snowman

Image credits: 1flakeflake1

#200 Creepy Snowman

Image credits: AsASymbol

#201 Buff Dudes

Image credits: buffdudes

#202 Our Snowman Is A Little Sus

Image credits: tlam19

#203 Futurama Inspo

Image credits: TheUltimateWorrier

#204 Are We Still Doing Our Best Snowmen?? 21-Footer

Image credits: DScooter55

#205 My Daughters Made Finn And Jake Snowmen. I’m So Proud

Image credits: M00se1978

#206 Got Tired Of Snowmen. Made Snowbear

Image credits: too_generic

#207 My School Makes Snowmen Differently

Image credits: DancesWithMoths

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