207 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores (New Pics)

They’re cheap. They help the environment. And they might just make your eyebrows jump into your hairline. That’s right, folks, I’m talking about all the weird secondhand finds that people uncover in thrift stores. And garage sales. Not to mention in strange shops (there one day, gone the next) with mysterious and eccentric owners who offer you items that will make all your dreams come true for free (all you need to do is sign a simple contract). [Cue goatee twirling and totally-not-suspicious laughter.]

The Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group is a seemingly endless well of eccentric oddities, and we’ve collected some of their newest and most intriguing finds. Scroll down, have a good chuckle, and upvote your faves.

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When you’re done feasting your eyes and your curiosity on this list, make sure you check out Bored Panda’s previous articles about the awesome community right here, here, and here for some delicious visual desert. Oh, and let us know about the most peculiar secondhand things you’ve ever found in the comments.

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#1 I Am An Animator And In 1987 I Animated Super Mario Brothers 3 And Well… Then This Happened Today!

Image credits: Rivka Schaffner

#2 Duckie Mirror Absolutely Came Home With Me

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#3 My 100% Thrifted Push Pinned Tape Wall. I Collected Just Over 4,000 Cassette Tapes To Put This Wall Up In My Studio For My Grand Opening

I am unsure of where I came up with the idea, but I had it in my head since the beginning and it was paramount to me that it be up for my opening. After reno’ing for three months it came down to the wire and we started the wall at 11:00am, pushing in every thumbtack. It started with 4 of us, 2 survived awhile, then my husband said “F this noise” at 1:00am and took our 3 year old home. At 2:30am ish I fell asleep briefly in a pile of my own blood, sweat, tears and broken thumb tacks. I severely damaged my nails, and I looked like something out of a zombie flick once 10am rolled around for my opening. But it was fn glorious. I woke up after the brief nap, got up the last 17 tapes, ripped the paper off the windows and the people lined up outside lost their damn minds. I’ll never forgot it. This tape wall went on to be in a few movies, people stop to check it out, and the locals who started to call me “the cassette chick” come in to view the wall and see if any of their old mix tapes are on the wall. One person did find one, with his full name on it and showed me his drivers license to prove it. I asked him if he wanted it back and he said, “no, it’s perfect just where it is, I’ll come visit it often.” And he does, with friends. Heartwarming. This wall has become a part of my soul and I just wanted to share it with you all cuz I knew you’d appreciate it. These are what my dreams were made of as a kid and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to make some of my dreams happen and so many others have enjoyed them and been inspired! Chilliwack, BC, Canada Tapes all sourced locally in Chilliwack. Cleared every single thrift store out. It cost me a fortune but luckily, most of the thrifts out here are for charity, so that in itself is pretty rad. With the extras we went on to make tables and chairs and all sorts of weird ish lol

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

“Getting your quirky items through secondhand shopping is a much more sustainable and harmless pastime than shopping new on the internet for a whole host of reasons,” Alden Wicker, a sustainable lifestyle blogger and fashion expert, told Bored Panda.

“You’re keeping something out of the landfill, you’re reducing the climate impact that comes from producing and shipping products, and if you’re shopping locally, you’re circulating your dollars in your local economy instead of supporting a far-away factory that is potentially a sweatshop,” she pointed out.

“I think secondhand is great! The problem is that it takes a little more work and creativity, and people increasingly don’t want to leave their computers and do the digging and face-to-face interaction it requires.”

#4 I’m A Boudoir Photographer In Indiana And I Made The 4 Hour Drive For These Beauties

Image credits: MacKenzie Bates

#5 I Did Not Need A Cookie Jar But There Was No Walking Away From This Silly Gal. A Good Friend Recommended I Make Her A Tutu, So I Did, Of Course. Now The Hippo Has A Name – Stella – And Has Taken Over The House

Image credits: Jennifer Kingman

#6 Regret Not Buying This

Image credits: Yadira Castillo

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We’ve previously written extensively about the benefits of secondhand shopping. You save cash. You help Planet Earth because you’re reducing the number of new goods that need to be manufactured and transported across the world. You strengthen the ties between yourself and other community members. All of that seems obvious enough. But!

And there is a big “but!” As obvious as it might seem, the benefits of living with ecological responsibility on our minds may not have the huge impact that we crave. At least, according to Wicker’s interpretations of the flaws in our conscious consumerism strategies. (Note that this isn’t meant to discourage you, our ecologically conscious Pandas; this is just to widen your perspectives by asking the tough questions.)

Wicker writes on Quartz that “small steps taken by thoughtful consumers—to recycle, to eat locally, to buy a blouse made of organic cotton instead of polyester—will not change the world.

“Making a series of small, ethical purchasing decisions while ignoring the structural incentives for companies’ unsustainable business models won’t change the world as quickly as we want,” Wicker points out. “It just makes us feel better about ourselves.”

“We pat ourselves on the back for making decisions that hush our social guilt instead of placing that same effort in actions that enact real environmental change. On its face, conscious consumerism is a morally righteous, bold movement,” Wicker continues.

“But it’s actually taking away our power as citizens. It drains our bank accounts and our political will, diverts our attention away from the true powerbrokers, and focuses our energy instead on petty corporate scandals and fights over the moral superiority of vegans,” she writes.

#7 While Cleaning Out A Old Farmhouse My Girlfriend And I Found A Trunk Full Of Early 1900’s Clothing. This Dress Was On The Bottom And In The Best Shape

Image credits: Patrick Treece

#8 As I Walked Through The Aisles On My Weekly Hunt, I Was Expecting Nothing. I Turned The Corner, & There It Was. I Saw The Eyes Staring Back At Me, As If To Say, “Why Am I Here? ” As I Pulled It Off The Rack, & Caressed The Cotton/ Spandex Blend, I Whispered Back, “I Don’t Know… But You’re Safe Now

Image credits: Katie Rodriguez

#9 This Amazingly Odd, Tshirt Came Into Salvos! I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It But I Absolutely Love It

Image credits: Dallyce Brown

“So if you really care about the environment, climb on out of your upcycled wooden chair and get yourself to a town hall meeting. If there’s one silver lining to the environmental crisis facing us, it’s that we now understand exactly the kind of work we need to do to save the planet—and it doesn’t involve a credit card.”

Which makes our battle to save the environment even harder than it first appeared. But no worries, buying things secondhand can certainly be a part of the solution (even if it’s not the entire solution).

#10 That Time I Found Two Winnie The Pooh Costumes. One Fit Me And The Other Was A Dog Costume That Fit Betty, Our Boston Terrier

Image credits: Downhome

#11 I Found This Little Birb Thimble At An Antique Store In Gatlinburg And Fell In Love. Now I Just Walk Around With It On My Finger And Peck At People Because I’m Clearly An Adult That Has Their Priorities Straight

Image credits: Kelli Dunn

#12 This Was And Is My Favorite 2nd Hand Find

It is a solid Sterling Silver articulated dragon ring. I found it a few years ago at a furniture consignment store (of all places?!?!). I had wanted a ring like this for 10+ years and the 2nd hand Gods decided I was worthy. Now I have armor, fashion AND a weapon all in one cool glorious piece!

Image credits: Kelly Rodgers

#13 Socks I Found At Goodwill, It’s Literally My Dog!! Who Gets Rid Of Socks They Put Their Dog On? Such An Amazing Find! A Whole 3.99

Image credits: Ryleigh Roden

#14 Went To Thrift For Dresses, Came Home With A Mini Cast Iron Stove

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#15 Biggest Backpack I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: Francis Kaufman

#16 Y’all Wanna See My Adorable French Bulldog On A Tiny Thrifted Victorian Sofa, Yes? The Moment I Brought It Home, He Knew It Was His

Y’all wanna see my adorable French bulldog on a tiny thrifted Victorian sofa, yes? The moment I brought it home, he knew it was his.

Edit! I added a few pictures for context. I originally included just the first two, and that first picture makes him look HUGE. Here’s my husband buying it, for proof of size, and my other pets joining him.

My precious Frenchie is named Bouchon. It’s the French word for cork, and the French also make chocolate bouchon, which are little cork-shaped brownies. My dog is a little French brownie.

We bought the couch so he’d have somewhere to sit while I cook. He never leaves my side. He’s like Baby Yoda in his little pod, following me wherever I go.

Finally, I added a pic of Bou sitting on our human couch in our funky, weird, secondhand Victorian home

Image credits: Carrie Obry

#17 Snow White, Geroge Clooney And Hulk…in One Poster. Found At A Local Thrift Shop $5. Edited: Found The Artist Sacaro

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#18 Animal Butt Backpack. It Did Not Come Home With Me, Because I Have My Own Butt And I Carry A Wallet. Too Adorable Not To Share. Found, Oddly Enough, In The Dishes Section

Image credits: Tina Sheppard

#19 I Am One Of The Many Hundreds Of People Who Have Lost Their Homes In The Australian Bushfires

 I went out for the first time to see it all yesterday – because it was a firestorm more than a bushfire everything is incinerated opposed to burnt – except pottery things. They are smashed and destroyed BUT i found my little house hippo amongst the ruins and brought her back to where we are staying

Image credits: Norah Yess

#20 I Found A Chaise Lounge At Good Will For My Cat! She Almost Fits

Image credits: Kelly Classen

#21 We Have A Grumpy Kitten That My Son Named Gracie. We Found This Little 4 Poster Blue Velvet Bed For Our Princess At A Store In Collingwood Ontario For A Great Marked Down Price From Its Original Cost. Needless To Say, Our Grumpy Gracie Loves Her New Bed. She Is Ameowsed With It

Image credits: Melinda Mimi Cousto

#22 Dogcatbear Came Home With Me From The Eureka Rescue Mission Thrift Store

So today I went to pick my brother up for lunch. Tobias has schizophrenia, and lives in a group facility. He had just gone out to lunch and eaten a huge meal, so we went thrifting before going out for coffee instead. He was having a pretty lucid day, as sometimes he thinks he is speaking another language that sounds to most just as “duhh duhh duhh” repeated quickly. I found a coin-bank which he referred to as “DogCatBear”. I told about this group as I took a picture of it on the shelf. He then offered to model the piece, taking a first photo he deemed as too serious, then decided to have me take a “happy” one. When I debated bringing it home he asked if I had a piggybank and when I said “no” he responded “then you need one.” DogCatBear came home with me from The Eureka Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Eureka CA.

Image credits: Rebecca Stevens

#23 I Found This Rather Odd Clock In A Charity Shop In Newton Abbot, Devon

Image credits: Francesca Lawrence

#24 Wasn’t Expecting To Find Bendryl Cabbagepatch In My Local Sue Ryder Shop… Found In Bristol, UK

Image credits: Emma Brown

#25 Some Good Advice Found At The Goodwill In Port Orchard, Wa

Image credits: Claire Gowdy

#26 Told My Kids I Wasn’t Buying Them Anything Today, But Then My Boy Found This Homemade Mask The Was Assembled And Painted From Various Parts And Painted. For $4 I Folded

Image credits: Kevin Sosbe

#27 Y’all, I Am About To Go Full On Dolores Umbridge In My Living Room! Found At Goodwill In Ne Ohio

Image credits: Randi Wheeler

#28 Definitely Came Home With Me

Idk what someone was thinking but my 12 year old daughter recently asked for a bunch of these little baby dolls in a bulk package on amazon and I whole heartedly told her no cause this sounded ridiculous.

Is this really a thing kids are doing?

Image credits: Eric Kurfess

#29 Sometimes You Just Know A Good Thing When You See It

I work for my local theatre community as a costumer, and in the midst of purging the 1800’s section of the costume department this dress appeared as a torn, stained mess on a hanger. The ribbon on the bodice was falling off, there was a sizeable hole in the back and the skirt had a few tears in the chiffon. It was thrown in the garbage pile, and I am so thankful that I pulled it out.

It still needs to be dyed to cover the stains (there’s dark green splotches all around the hem) but it only took a few hours to tack the ribbon back on and to repair the holes. Once garbage, it is now one of my favourite dresses in my personal collection. Absolutely worth the work!!

Image credits: Hanna Ellis

#30 Found This Cross Between The Famous Joy Division Shirt And Marie Kondo. It Was $1.99 And While I Held It For About 10 Minutes While I Looked At Other Things, It Just Did Not Spark Any Joy In Me To Entice Me To Bring It Home

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#31 Because Who Doesn’t Want An Underwear Purse. These Did Not Come Home With Me. Lol Found At The Montgomery Antique Mall In Fort Worth Tx

Image credits: Amy Denise

#32 Rain Poncho/Hood Thing From The Local Chazza. I Think It Was Made For A Child-Sized Person, Not An Adult With The Mind Of One

Image credits: Charlotte Sherwin

#33 What Else Would You Expect To Find At A Goodwill? Of Course A Legit Armored Gauntlet

Image credits: Clint Moxley

#34 Found This Poor Guy Stressing About The Prom! Stoughton Wi-Goodwill

Image credits: Kayln Schremp

#35 I Seriously Look Forward To This Local Yard Sale That’s Held Every Year In Order To Raise Money For A Service Project To Guatemala. This Year’s Top Find …. These Amazing Body Suits That Will Be Me And My Husband’s Matching Halloween Costumes!

Image credits: Abbie Stiff Miller

#36 Finally I Am The Proud Owner Of A Weird Secondhand Find Worth Mentioning: My Own Antique Porcelain Mortuary Table!

Purchased from Necropolis in Garfield NJ, they’re going out of business and practically gave it to me! I wish I had a funny story but I don’t know a lick of history on this thing. Just that it was used to drain goop out of leaky dead people and now it’s going to be my new dining table!

Image credits: Angie Perez

#37 Passive Aggressive Postcard From An Unknown Year. Found At An Antique Mall In A Binder Of Vintage Postcards

Image credits: Victoria Seader

#38 I Found This Beautiful Unicorn Braclet At A Thrift Store. I Love It Everyone Else Thinks Its Ugly

When I brought it home with me I did some research (with the help of google lense) and discovered that it seems to be from the late 70’s early 80’s and it is called a cloisonne braclet. This information made me love it even more!! There seems to be one in blue too so now I’ll forever be on the hunt to find it.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#39 Look At This Crazy Purse I Found At Goodwill Brand New For 5 Bucks! It’s Bendy And Reflective!

Image credits: Heather HC

#40 Third Generation Jewelry

In March of 2018 my boyfriend had some serious dizziness and vertigo issues that had been going on for months. Finally we brought him in the day after Mother’s Day to the E.R after he couldn’t take it anymore.

They found a large mass on his brainstem and immediately referred him to a local hospital for further testing. About a week went by of testing, biopsies, waiting…it seemed to be no end. Then we got the news that they were referring us out to another hospital two hours away that is the best in the country; they weren’t equipped to handle a complicated case like his.

We had just been talking of getting engaged and the future and he had remarked to me that he couldn’t exactly go ring shopping for me from a hospital bed.

On a break from the hospital I was at my grandma’s house and mentioned it to her. She looked me with a smile and told me to go into her jewelry box in the bedroom and take whichever one my heart desired; she couldn’t wear them anymore and they deserved a second chance instead of languishing in a box gathering dust.

Ring in hand, we rushed back to the hospital. He asked me to marry him with a smile in his eyes and heart and I tearfully agreed.

This fairy tale does not have a happy ending though.

We lost him two and a half weeks later to that brain cancer. Before he passed away, we had a small wedding ceremony with as many friends and family we could muster on very short notice. We said our vows and he slipped my ring back on my finger. There was no time for anything else. No marriage license. No bridesmaids. No music or wedding cake.

I had his heart and he had mine. This ring symbolizes the vows we said and even though death has parted us, just like the flower that the cluster of diamonds on the ring portrays my love for him will always bloom eternal.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#41 I Asked The Price. The Man Said $20. I Was Shocked. I Thought He Meant $120. He Told Me He’d Gladly Accept More, So I Threw The $20 At Him And Ran. No Joke, I Literally Ran Away With This Beauty Like I Stole It

Image credits: Tommie Taylor Alexander

#42 I Found This Aladdin Barbie Doll At An Antique Store That Looks Exactly Like My Fiancé!

Image credits: Amy F Wolkis

#43 I Present To You A Plastic Canvas Needlepoint Barbie Kitchen Set! Found At An Estate Sale In Bloomington

Image credits: Dawn Johnson

#44 I Had A Lot Of Special Toys Growing Up, But This Is My Favorite One. I Thought He Was Long Gone, So Having Him Back In My Possession Is Very Special

Last week, I got a text from my mom telling me that she had found Little Guy.

Who’s Little Guy, you may ask? Well, when I was younger, about 4, I went to the dentist. He had this awesome toy box in the waiting area. After you were done, you got to pick out a toy. For some reason, I felt compelled to grab this “little guy”. He has popsicle stick-like arms that allow him to hold on to anything that you position him on. I believe he’s probably made to go around a pencil.

Around that time, my dad was being deployed to Kuwait. He took Little Guy with him, and sent us back photos of him doing things at the base (3rd photo). This was special to me as a child who missed dad so much while he was gone. I was so happy to have them both back when he came home! In the second photo, my dad has just gotten back. I went into his room and put his uniform on to be funny. You can see me holding Little Guy, after he too, had made it back from Kuwait.

I had a lot of special toys growing up, but this is my favorite one. I thought he was long gone, so having him back in my possession is very special. He will hang somewhere in my apartment, I’m not sure where yet!


Image credits: Rio Grassmyer

#45 I Found This Glorious Duck Umbrella For 3€ In My Local Charity Shop Near Paris In France!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#46 An Actual Stephen King Autograph!

It is a first edition

I’m honestly super stoke to share this with you guys! I’ve never shared this with anyone.

A couple years ago, roughly 3 years ago, I went to our local church garage sale. It’s a huge rummage sale, with things of all sorts. You never know what you’ll find.

We were close to ending our venture there and I made my way to the books, wondering what I could add to my library for my new place. I found a bunch of Stephen King books and some Dean Koontz. I grabbed all the Stephen King and Koontz, they were all together in a bundle, all I saw was their spine. I just grabbed them. Heck, for 25 cents each, why not, even if they werent in great condition, I only wasted a quarter. The lady ended up giving me a deal and sold them to me for a nickel each. Score!

I got home, put them by the bookshelf and didnt get a chance to put them away. I forgot about them for a month, and when I came across it, I realized I needed to put them away. As I was going through them, I saw this book, and saw what the cover said. I honestly didnt think it was legit until I opened it up.


One of the coolest finds I ever got! I couldn’t believe someone gave it to the church to sell in a garage sale, let alone no one noticed it!

Any other Stephen King fans out there? Anyone else got any cool finds like this?

Image credits: Nessie Brown

#47 I Work In A Thrift Store, And Behold – A Bubble Wrap Jacket It Has Not Come Home With Me Yet Because I Cant Buy Stuff Until After My Shift, But You Bet Your Ass It Will If Its Still There!

Image credits: Shan Skye Ross

#48 My Favorite Find! This Beautiful Lady Table Was On The Side Of A Country Road With Free On Cardboard Under Her. I Spun Around As Fast As I Could!! Not Sure What’s She’s Made Of But She Is Heavy!

Image credits: Brittany Nicole

#49 Holly Hobbie Cake

My mom patiently made me a Holly Hobbie cake for my 5th birthday in 1978….it was exquisite!! One of those cakes I’ve always, always, always remembered.

A few weeks ago, I walked into Goodwill, hunting for Pyrex…..and there it was!!! A vintage Holly Hobbie cake pan, lovingly hand-wrapped in decades old saran wrap, in mint condition, with the original instructions still glued down!

For $3 I scooped her up!!! I asked my mom, now 72, to make me another Holly Hobbie cake but so far, I’ve gotten no commitment (I’ll keep you posted, I’m not giving up)

Image credits: Mary Pat

#50 I Could Not Believe My Luck! I Found An Original 1920s Perm Machine For Free In Portland, Me! It Now Lives In My Hair/Makeup Studio

These didn’t work so great; a lot of people got electrocuted.  Here’s to hoping it’s haunted! 

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#51 I Live A Mile Away From This Store And Couldn’t Turn This Awesome Dino Down! I Love It!! I’m Thinking Of Putting It In My Son’s Room. He Is 3 And He Will Love Looking At It!!

Image credits: Chris White

#52 I Found This Plate Of Food That I Thought Somone So Rudely Shoved Onto A Shelf. When I Tried To Pick It Up I Realized It Was Some Sort Of Ceramic

Image credits: Gina Chiro

#53 I Re-Did My Grandmother’s Bathroom And Found This Hidden Under The (Awful) Antique Mirror Tiles! My Brother Promptly Salvaged What He Could And Framed A Piece For His Own Bathroom!

Image credits: Ashton Bekkers

#54 Get Ready To Die Of Envy… Today I Found A Gumby Shirt In Salvation Army For $3 In My Size! So, Eat Yer Hearts Out

Image credits: Lorri R Mendelsohn

#55 Can I See Everyone’s Collection Of Odd Finds! Here’s My Wall Of Antique, Secondhand Pieces!

Image credits: Elizabeth Prall

#56 Found At Savers In Wisconsin, You Bet Your Ass I Bought It. Also Promptly Put It On My Cat

Image credits: Heidi Odden

#57 I Love Being A Manager At A Thrift Store I Get To See Everything Before It Goes Out. These Big Bird Heels For Instance

Image credits: Blaine Anderson

#58 My Friend Bought A House That Has Only Had Two Owners. Built In 1908. Upon Inspection They Found A Tiny House Of The House In The Closet. One Of The Previous Owners Even Tried To Update The Paint, As It Was Originally White

Image credits: Victoria Rose Most

#59 Picked This Up At A Flea Market In Oldsmar Fl. I Could Not Pass Up Van Gough’s Gotham City

Image credits: Jenny Stuntebeck

#60 Trying To Find A Dress For Lez Prom In Austin And I Found This Sequined Monstrosity

It’s heavy as hell, somehow shines gold, green, and pink and also…. Fits like a glove. I guess it’s coming home with me. What in the world am I gunna wear on my feet?

Image credits: Kyna Byrd

#61 Possibly The World’s Largest Cat Painting For $15

My sister in law loves cats, happens to be out of state on vacation and I have the code to her house. She will be coming home to this beauty.

It wouldn’t fit in my SUV without removing 3 carseats. Luckily my friend with a mini van stepped up and gave this beauty a ride home.

Image credits: Heather Shape

#62 Item: Beauty And The Beast Leggings Where: Good Will, Franklin Tn Purchased?: Hell Yeah. Papa Needed Some New Pajama Pants To Embarrass The Whole Neighborhood. Cost: $2.49

Image credits: Aaron Mishler

#63 Found This Amazing “Phrenology Cat”. Immediately Fell In Love And Knew He Had To Come Home And Be Part Of My Eclectic Mix In My Art Studio!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#64 Keanu Reeves Pillow. Goodwill In Seattle

Image credits: Ravin Grimm

#65 At First, I Found The Bolt Of Fabric Guy All Alone And Brought Him Home To Me, But Sadly Couldn’t Find The Rest

For Valentine’s Day the hubby gifted me the collection!! Ironically, in this set the fabric guy was broken but the rest are perfect. So my solo piece replaced the broken one and all is happy in the weird sewing piece collection.

Image credits: Chris McCanlies

#66 I Want To Party With These Gals. Hilarious That They Took It So Far

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#67 Found This Gem For $8 At My Local Thrift Store!

Image credits: capnjackbrown

#68 A Dr. Finkelstein Cookie Jar

Image credits: Amber Wait

#69 I Feel Pretty Lucky To Have Found This Vintage Handmade Hungarian Kalocsa Cutwork Lace Tablecloth For $14.99 At The Red Deer Ab Value Village. Amazing Work

Image credits: Libby Whittall

#70 Found This Iridescent Track Suit At A Local Thrift Store, Now Ive Got Something To Go To The Club In

Image credits: Anthony Biondo

#71 Our New Post Box Is A Giant Fishing Lure Nearly Bigger Than My Wife! Picked Up At The Toowoomba Swap Meet In Queensland

Image credits: Charlie Batmanwell

#72 Found This Bar Cart On The Sidewalk. Someone Was Throwing It Away!!! It Says It Was Made In Italy In The Bottom. I Tried To Look Up Who Could Of Made It. Wayfair Sells A Kind Of Knock Off Version For $200 But I Have Seen Others Go For Like $400-$600 That Were Made In Italy

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#73 Emotional Second Hand Find

My grandma passed away last year January. Today she would have been 94, while antiquing today I came across this Bat Sheba perfume bottle. Not expecting the liquid inside to smell like anything I opened it and it’s her scent. A little reminder that she’s still with me. Happy Birthday Grandma

Image credits: Terāce Mignogna

#74 Got This Unusual Lightbulb As Bonus To A $5 Lamp At Value Village In Fairbanks

Image credits: Sarah Olga Thomas

#75 I Closed On My First Home Today. However, I Need A Lot Of Practice In Observation For The Next Time I Buy A House. This Is In The Main Level Bathroom

Image credits: Ivy Lindsey

#76 It Did Not Come Home With Me But It Does Continue To Haunt My Nightmares. It Was Labeled “Cataldo Sheep Bench” And Based On A Quick Search, The $1,030 Price Tag Apparently Wasn’t That Unreasonable

Image credits: Sarah W.

#77 Who Doesn’t Need A Periodic Table Of Elements Cuff Bracelet In Their Life Found At The Goodwill Bulk Outlet In Oklahoma City And Yes It Sure Did Come Home With Me

Image credits: Joshua Smith

#78 Say Hello To Our Newest Family Member Stubby The Turtle! We Named Him Stubby Because Of What Will Eventually Happen To Our Toes. He’s A Rescue From Goodwill

Image credits: Pau Solem

#79 Found This Pretty Vintage 1920’s Whiting & Davis Silver Mesh Purse At Valley Thrift In Ohio (For $1.99). It’s An Accordion Style That Opens Up To Store Items

Flappers carried these and it was just big enough for their cigarettes, lipstick and money. Someone donated granny’s things and didn’t realize that granny used to carry this purse to speakeasies! So I’ll take care of it for her.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#80 This Is The Most Fabulous Thing I Ever Found In A Thrift Store And You Bet Your Sweet Arses It Came Home For Just 8 Eur!! It’s Made From A Real Deer Skull. I Literally Squealed!

Image credits: Anne Marie

#81 Found This Fake Book Titled “How To Get Along With Your Mother In Law, But It’s Actually A Flask With Two Shot Glasses. I Found It At The Vv In Kamloops Bc

Image credits: Regan Shultz

#82 He Said We Had A Clock That He Thought Looked So Familiar, He Had Seen It Many Times And A Few Weeks Ago He Looked Inside The Clock And Saw His Mother’s Note

Want to hear a great story? Today one of our customers told me he had a boring story to tell me. It was not boring btw!! He said we had a clock that he thought looked so familiar, he had seen it many times and a few weeks ago he looked inside the clock and saw his mother’s note. It was her handwritten note on how to wind the clock. He took the note and thought of buying it but let it go. He thought about how he had looked at this clock in his childhood home growing up and when he came in today he didn’t see it hanging. He told me the story and that he was glad it went to a good home. I thought…hmmm wait a minute let me look in one spot…I looked behind some mirrors and it was still there. I handed it to him and said you should take this home and treasure it! It found its was home to its rightful owner. He said this was donated or sold back in the 50’s in Boston and how it ended up here is a mystery!! It was one of his parents wedding gifts. What a beautiful story and it’s journey back to his family!! This is truly a treasure!!!

Image credits: Chris Crane

#83 Lder Lady Was Hauling These Out Of Her Garage. I Stopped To Help, I Thought She Needed Help To Get Them In Her Car…she Was Going To Drag Them To The Curb!

 I asked if I could have them and she said YES. I asked why she was getting rid of them and she said she had them when her sons were small (her sons are now in their 40’s) and they no longer live here or come home for Christmas. I tried to pay her and she would not take money. I gave her a hug and they will grace either side of my front door. I had to do some minimal repairs, but I love them. I can’t find anything online about them except that they are considered to be “jeweled”.

Image credits: Debbie Porter

#84 I Wanted To Take A Moment To Share My Retro Mushroom Kitchen Collection. My Husband And I Travel All Over On Antiquity Excursions Hunting For Vintage Sears And Arnel’s Mushroom Pieces

Image credits: Stephanie Fisher

#85 Found At House Of Vintage In Portland, Or For $28. And Yes, I Wear It Out In Public

Image credits: Kelsey Turnbull-Pedrazzini

#86 Aside From Metal Detecting, Privy Digging Is Another Hobby Of Mine. By Using A Probe Rod I Can Find A Privy From The 1700s To The 1800s (Or Newer Which I Prefer Not To). This Is An 1840s Whisky Scroll That I Dug In The Fall

Image credits: Jason Clifton

#87 So I Found And Bought This Vintage Magic Mushroom Lamp Today Made From Coral And What I Presume Is Burl Wood

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#88 I Collect Bizarre Taxidermy And Own A Barber Shop Where I Showcase It In Arkansas. This Past Weekend I Found This. Might Be My New Favorite Piece! “The Bird”

Image credits: Bruce Hayden

#89 My “Flipper” Tp Holder. Perfect Addition To My Basement Beach Bathroom. Found At Savers In Ri $5.99

Image credits: Sarah Gingras

#90 Been Looking For A New Desk Chair. I Love The Purple Velvetiness Of My Current One, But It’s Not That Comfortable 40hrs/Week Working From Home. Not Sure This Will Be Much Of An Improvement Since It’s A Wee Bit Too Small, But Here’s Hoping

Image credits: Beth Stokinger

#91 It Felt Like Elton John Meets The Muppets And I Had To Bring It Home With Me

Image credits: Iris Marlowe

#92 Hope This Makes Everyone Say ‘Ahhh’

I found this at an antique store in Columbiana, OH called The Rustic Birdcage. I asked the owner of the store if she knew anything about it, and unfortunately she did not. Priced at $129, was ‘biting off more than I could chew’

Image credits: Lisa Weingart

#93 We Found This Lil Chipmunk At The St Clair Antique Mall In Fairview Heights, Il For $325. He Did Not Go Home With Us, But I Put Up A Fair Argument. Boyfriend For Scale

Image credits: Mady O'Reilly

#94 Jacket I Designed And Sewed For My Mom Over 45 Years Ago

After my husband died I was going through my storage unit and became overwhelmed with old letters and such by my deceased mother and grandmother wondering how they weathered all their losses as I was stuck in a dark world of grief. The next day I headed to the valley and passing through Sandy Oregon three hours laterI decided to whip through a favorite Goodwill. I found a couple of treasures and standing in line I glanced over to the clothing racks. Hanging on an end cap was this jacket I designed and sewed for my mom over 45 years ago! I scooped it up and was overcome with the feeling she was reaching out to tell me I’d get through this hard time. I have no idea how it ended up there but treasure it dearly

Image credits: Marina Nichols

#95 Found This Awesome 1970s Brooch At A Flea Market In Arlington, Va For $10. I Absolutely Love It! When It Opens Up, It Reveals The Woman In A Superhero Suit! Girl Power!

Image credits: Sirena Dib

#96 Dropped $50 On This Morgue Sign As A Birthday Present To Myself. It Now Rests Proudly On My Mantle. My Husband Is Not A Fan, But I Love It

Image credits: Stephanie Marie

#97 I Saw This Fun-Destroying Sign For $2.99 At The Value Village In Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It Did Not Come Home With Me Because Singing, Dancing, And Swearing Are My Three Greatest Passions In Life

Image credits: Allison Ursula Smith

#98 Found This Chestburster Model From The Movie Alien At A Cool Garage Sale That Had Some Movie Memorabilia For $20

Image credits: Todd Cameron

#99 I Bought This Cute Stuffed Cat At Our Local Thrift Store For .10 Because It Looks Just Like My Cat Sonsoles. Well, Now I Just Can’t Stop Collecting Them!

Image credits: Ivet Sanchez Flexon

#100 Found This Scary Hello Kitty At An Antique Store. She Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Savannah Gober

#101 My Great Grandmother Came From Sicily In 1907. This Is Her Cast Iron Pasta Machine. With Cutters For Spaghetti, Linguine And Tagliatelle. Still Works Fin

Image credits: ‎Deborah Molnar Eldredge

#102 Found This Amazing Gem At A Small Secondhand Shop With A Few Other Christmas Story Stuff. I’m 6’4 & Beyond Happy It Fits. I May Or May Not Of Worn It Outta The Store

Image credits: Frank Holnagel

#103 Framed Snake Skin Treble Clef. Good Life Super Thrift, Bradenton Fl. Got It!

Image credits: VJ Silver

#104 For Those Really Big Headaches In Your Life. Found At Goodwill 2 Years Ago. I Seriously Regret Not Buying It

Image credits: Christin Graff

#105 I Heard You Guys Liked Tiny Couches. Garbanzo Enjoys His Tiny 90s Couch Too

Image credits: Sara Sinclair

#106 My Grandmother Was One Of Those “Collectors” That Ordered Things From “Clubs.” You Know…those Obviously Overpriced Order Form Inserts In Magazines

When she died, everything was in boxes already, and knowing it was junk, it went straight into my mother’s storage. The unboxing began today. Maybe grandma wasn’t crazy after all?

Image credits: Marie Summers

#107 Last Weekend, As I’m Going Into This Antique Store On A Whim, I Jokingly Tell Myself “Maybe There’s A Lenox Spice Village In Here Just Waiting For Me To Take It Home.”

I explore about 3/4 of the store and look over at a junky shelf of stuff while squeezing past it and ***squeeeeeal*** I spot adorable little ceramic houses thinking “COULD THIS BE IT?”

IT WAS A SPICE VILLAGE, complete with the original paperwork and shelf!!! I immediately run to get a hand basket and gingerly place all the houses inside and sprint to the checkout counter to purchase my FAVORITE antique store purchase EVER!!

It ended up having one jar missing, but I found it on Etsy and snatched it up so fast!

Also, I only have one tiny wall in my tiny kitchen, and would you believe this beauty fits perfectly on it?!?!?

Image credits: Heather Eck

#108 This Is My Most Treasured Secondhand Item (The Ring)

My youngest brother found it on the ground when he was around 6 years old and gave it to me as a gift. He and I were very close, and it was precious to me. When he took his life at the age of 21 we were all devastated. I once nearly lost it when I accidentally included it in a garage sale with other jewelry. A man tried to buy it, and I had to tell him I’d made a terrible mistake. He was pretty upset and didn’t want to let it go, but I kindly insisted, and he grudgingly handed it back. He didn’t know. I don’t know if the stone is worth anything, but it’s set in silver. Most of the rhinestones have fallen out, but it’s a piece of heaven to me, and I wear it more often than not. It reminds me that his love was/is real and true, and that he died because of his torment, not because he didn’t love us.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#109 These Are My Ladies

Image credits: Pea Warr

#110 This Afternoon, My Mother Brought Out Her Button Basket To Show Her Granddaughter (My Toddler)

Some of these were HER grandmother’s and her mother’s, and she added her own, and buttons from my sister and me. She remembers every article of clothing these were from: an uncomfortable Easter dress, her brother’s lederhosen, a blouse she wore to a friend’s wedding…I remember looking at these when I was little, and now my daughter is sorting through them, enthralled.

Image credits: Lara Ehrlich

#111 We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1955

Image credits: bevans052

#112 I Saw This Little Vinyl Chair At Value Village And Sent A Pic To My Wife. $4.99 Didn’t Buy

That same day on the way home from work, she stopped at one of our fave shops and saw the large one. Needless to say, we bought the large one, called value village and the little guy was still there. Our son loves his and we love ours!

Image credits: Stephen Roy Weir

#113 My Parents Got Married In 1982. My Grandmother Made My Mom’s Wedding Dress. The Dress Is A Bit Wrinkly From Storage, As We Didn’t Have Time To Get It Professionally Pressed, But Who Cares

Image credits: Jessica Carew Rauseo

#114 So I Thought I’d Share With You All My Vintage Jewellery Collection

I’ve been collecting for 10 years now and the majority is on my mannequin because it’s too pretty to hide away!

Oldest piece is around 1810 then up to the 80’s!!

I find them at carboots and charity shops and see it as an investment for my children when ive croaked it

Image credits: Laura Smales

#115 We Live In And Have Been Renovating My Grandparent’s Old House. The Downstairs Bathroom Was Added In 1970 And Had This Awesome Wallpaper

Unfortunately a lot of it was damaged due to a pipe bursting so we thought we’d have to trash it. Imagine my surprise when I was cleaning the basement out and found a whole new unused roll! So happy we were able to keep this bathroom just how my grandfather did (minus the orange carpet)

Image credits: Brandon Farr

#116 It Took All Of My Will Power To Not Bring This Home With Me. A Ronald Mcdonald Light!! It Has All The Characters On It!!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#117 Dobby Needs A Sock! Found At Salvation Army In Belleville Il. Yes He Came Home With Us. He’s Free

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#118 I Headed Straight To The Book Shelves Like An Amateur, So Lucky For Me These Were Right Next To Them And Now They Are All Mine To Do The Timewarp With Again And Again And Again And Again

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#119 A Lovely Dumbell With A Crochet Cover. I Guess It Belonged To A Buff Grandma

Image credits: Sessely McCarty

#120 Weird And Awesome Beetlejuice Clock That I Found Today At A Salvation Army In Brockton Ma! I Love It So Much And It’ll Fit In Great With My Beetlejuice Pops!

Image credits: Ashley Dackers Azzola

#121 We Might Have Bought Our 1855 Farmhouse Mostly Because Of This Amazing 1970s Wallpaper. There Was Even An Extra Roll In The Attic, Which We Definitely Included In The Offer

Image credits: Heather Q Hay

#122 Husband Was Not Amused But After A Little Coaxing It’s Now Up On Our Wall

Image credits: Mary Willhite

#123 Saw This Monstrosity On My Run This Morning. I Don’t Know What It Is Or What It’s Supposed To Be. I Crossed The Street Promptly And Took My Pic From A Good Distance Away. I’m Sure It’s Haunted. It Absolutely Did Not Come Home With Me

Saw this monstrosity on my run this morning. I don’t know what it is or what it’s supposed to be.

I crossed the street promptly and took my pic from a good distance away.

I’m sure it’s haunted.

It absolutely did not come home with me.

ETA: I did try to go by and see her yesterday evening. She was already gone. I had planned to take more pictures for the photoshop police. So I suppose it’s possible she’s gone to haunt me now.She’s photoshopped or edited in anyway. I zoomed in with my iphone and snapped a pic, that is all. I posted a photo not zoomed in somewhere in the comments. Also someone kindly did an accurate artist rendition in the comments too.

Image credits: Leila Holmes

#124 When My Husband And I Were Looking For A House, I Told Him I Wanted An Old House That Told A Story

Unfortunately, I didn’t get that… so I decided to fill it with items that told a story. This was my favorite find after we bought our house. This is an actual US Postal Service Mailbox. I found it at Restore in Lawrenceville Ga. We have 4 kids so it’s perfect for when I find their knick knacks around the house… I just put it in their mailbox!

Image credits: Jessica Nelson

#125 Just Hit The Motherlode Of Veggie Animals At A Goodwill In The Detroit-Ish Area. Had To Snap Them Up, There Are Some New Ones I Haven’t Seen Before! Sadly, There Was An Empty Box That Contained A Rabbit Carrot, Couldn’t Find It Anywhere

Image credits: Becky Dege Stewart

#126 I Found This *stunning* 1970s Tapestry Coat At A St. Louis, Mo Goodwill The Other Day. When I Got Home, I Checked The Pockets And Found A St. Louis Blues Hockey Ticket From 1974!! 45 Years Later, The Year The Blues Won Their First Stanley Cup, This Lil Ticket Finally Saw The Light Of Day Again!


Image credits: Kaitlin Kelly

#127 A Year Ago His Jungle Chicken Came Into My Life, His Owners No Longer Wanted Nor Could Take Care Of Him

I got him for free and love him with all my heart!! Found this bottle holder that looks just like him at the Forney thrift store for $3.00 it definitely came home with me!

Image credits: Amy Graves

#128 Leather-Bound Table. The “Books” Are The Door That Opens. Just Says “Made In Italy” In The Bottom. I’m In Love With It! $10 Oxford,ohio Goodwill. Definitely Came Home With Me!

Image credits: Shyla Brisco

#129 My Parents Removed Some Layers Of Wallpaper About 20+ Years Ago From An Upstairs Closet And Found This Amazing Vintage Sleeping Beauty Wallpaper Under A Few Layers Of Other Stuff

It looks original but we cant figure out when the paper would have come from. I’ve done some searching over the years but was never able to date it.. I’m guessing around 1959 as that’s when sleeping beauty came out but I honestly have no idea. I think If anyone could help it would be this group though! Can anyone help me date this?

I want to eventually remove a small section from the closet and preserve it, and I’d love to include a original date. This pattern reminds me so much of my childhood.

Image credits: Rebekah Gidley

#130 Momma And I Found The Exact Same Shirt She Was Wearing At The Coats Thrift Store In Archdale, North Carolina

Image credits: Shelia Leonard

#131 Picked Up This Little Silver James Avery Ring At A Thrift Store Today. It’s Also Inscribed With The Words…”You’re Ugly”

Image credits: Pete Pitchford

#132 I Bought These Cardboard Cutouts At An Estate Sale In Rhode Island For $20

They were in a basement of a home surrounded by old community theater billboards and signs, so I think they may have hung in the lobby of a theater.

I had to wrangle them up a narrow staircase (theyre 6 separate pieces) while throwing elbows to keep the other buyers at bay.

While waiting to pay, people kept asking me what the heck I was gonna do with them. But I knew exactly what I would do.

Also, the most important thing I have learned about buying vintage is this, if you love something. Like audibly gasp, raise the roof, do a heel kick love something. You never ever ask, “but what will I do with it.” Buy what you love and don’t question your instincts.

Image credits: Ryann Brown

#133 When You Own A Giant Disco Ball, Everyday Is A Disco Party. This Disco Ball Was The Orginal Disco Ball At Our Local Skating Rink In Berryville Va. I’ve Had Soooo Many People Tell Me They Had Their First Kiss Under This Thing! It’s A Big One….circumference Approx. 70″! I Found It At Sale At A Yard Sale For $20. It Definitely Came Home With Me


Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#134 For As Long As I Can Remember, My Grandma Kept This Wiener Whistle By Her Phone For When Perverts Called

One time she got a heavy breather on the phone and blew on the wrong end of the whistle, adding more heavy breathing to the call. Makes me chuckle every time I think about it. I’m so happy the masher whistle is mine now.

Image credits: Nicole French

#135 As Someone Who Suffers From Anxiety Disorders And An Affection For Panic At The Disco! I Had To Have This Shirt. $8 From Future Shock, Portland

Image credits: Betty Putney

#136 A Few Months Ago, I Snatched Up This Nike Wrestling Singlet With China Emblazoned Upon The Front (As Well As Chn Above The Tooshie)

Curiosity piqued after getting it home. I had questions. Why China? Why is a sample at Super Thrift? Where did this delightful new snug Super Mom getup come from? Some questions will never be answered, but what I DID find out is that this exact design was one of 2 official uniforms worn in the 2012 London Olympics by the Chinese Wrestling team, men’s and women’s! There is a pic attached of a female competing in it at those very Olympics. We may be a world apart in physical strength, prowess, dignity and discipline, not to mention the language barrier, but when I don this spectacular blue and gold spandex, I can’t feel anything but a kinship and camaraderie with my sisters out there killing it, pushing their limits, breaking barriers across genders. Doing dishes and mopping have become ceremonial, and I may even shoot for a takedown every now and then on my 7 and 4 year old sons. They have GOT to work on some defense…but as of now…I’m on an undefeated streak. In my city. More specifically, on my street. Ok, my exact address, but STILL…it brings me a great deal of pride

Image credits: April Harrison Driskel

#137 I’m Still Confused About What Exactly It Is, But It Was Really Cool! The Second Hand Markets In Europe Had Some Weird Stuff

Image credits: Ben Maude

#138 Strawberry Toilet Seat I Found At Goodwill In Portland, Oregon

Image credits: Rebecca Wells

#139 Branson West Thrift Stores Are Amazing. I Saw This Bad Ass Piece Of Pastel Perfection And I Could Hear It Calling Out To Me. “Misty, You Need Me. I’m Only A Quarter…”

I beelined to this monstrosity so damn quick.. the lady at the register said “You can slow down, no one is knocking down the doors to buy that… thing.” How can anyone even donate this? It’s the Creme de la Creme of baby fat face hats… I mean… I know you’re probably jealous, it’s only natural to feel that way… As you can tell, it came home with me.

Image credits: Misty Starr Cenobio

#140 Did A Random Stop At The Antique Market Place I’m Hammonton Nj. These Are A Box Of Hand Tumbled Geode Marbles…. 10 Dollars For The Entire Box. Needless To Say… They Are Mine Now

Image credits: Ashley Grist

#141 Anxiety Mug Found At Goodwill. It Definitely Stayed There

Image credits: Jenneth Teri‎

#142 I Guess Theyre Carolers. I Found Them Horrifying!! Lookit Dems Teefs Port Clinton, Oh Goodwill

Image credits: Ila Ramone

#143 I Have A Tacky Gift Exchange Every Year And This Years Winner Is This Four Eyed Stuffed Puppy My Son Spotted Through A Thrift Store Window In Toronto

The gag gift got even better when you look at puppy straight on, it has four eyes. I have been strategically placing around the house just to freak people out.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#144 Found The First Half Of The Shrek 1 Script On A T Shirt At Savers. Extremely Tempting, But Did Not Come Home With Me. Gave It Two Girls My Age Who I Think Were Sourcing For Their Depop Store

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#145 I Found This Beauty In The Woods And Despite The Protests Of The Children He Came Home With Me. No Regrets

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#146 Grandma’s Apron With Pockets For Lollipops, Pennies, Bubblegum, Safety Pins, Bandaids And Tranquilizers

Image credits: Toni White

#147 Found A Signed Gabriel Iglesias Action Figure At Goodwill And He Confirmed It Was His Signature On Twitter

Image credits: texastechtanner

#148 Imagine Me, A Total Book Nerd, Driving Through An Alley In Minneapolis, About 10 Years Ago. I Saw A Woman, Working In Her Garage, With At Least 4 Library Card Catalogs Just Sitting There. I Drive By Again, Like A Stalker. Then I Park My Car And *casually* Walk Down The Alley

“Hi ma’am, sorry to bother you, are those old library card catalogs?”


“Wow! Would you ever consider selling one?”

She shows me a light wood, midcentury one and says $600. I don’t love the finish and my husband will kill me, but…

“Do you have any others that might be a bit less?” (Like the two right next to me)

She pulls a tarp away and there are at least 7 other card catalogs. I’m in disbelief.

She grabs a base, 2 sets of drawers, and a top and says “$250 sound good?”

I try to act cool as I’m like, “yeah, I guess.” I practically skipped to my car, drove to the closest gas station and got cash.

When I returned, I asked how she got all these card catalogs.

“Oh, I used to clean at the University of Minnesota, and 2 years ago they were THROWING THEM OUT IN THE TRASH, so I came back with a truck and saved, maybe 20 of them.”

OMfG I contacted the U of M to ask their age (there was a range of late 1800s through 1962), them called about 40 other community libraries and University libraries to check if ANYONE was planning to dump theirs, but most had been removed in the 2-5 years previous.

She’s moved house house apartment house house house and still in Amazing shape. The most used drawers are scissors, tape, lip stuff, and sharpies

Image credits: McKenzie Brickl

#149 Behold The Alien Abduction Of An Armadillo

Image credits: Donovan Walmer

#150 We Renovated Our Home That Was Made In The 1920’s But Badly Renovated In The 1970’s. While Removing Tacky Laminate Flooring We Found Newspaper Underneath From The 70’s That They Used As Insulation. I Saved It And Used It As Wallpaper For Our Wc

Image credits: Mieke Naphegyi

#151 Found This Sword At My Local Thrift Shop. Took It Home With Me And I Knighted My Dog. “Rise, Sir Arwen Grace, Protector Of The Realm”

Image credits: Cristina Pereira

#152 Tin Can Lid Christmas Tree

Image credits: Diane Luder

#153 Is It Part Human? Part Flag? Is It Staring At Me? Found At An Estate Sale. I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Sleep Again

Image credits: Brianna Waltman

#154 Possibly The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Found. It’s A Vintage Disney Coat. It’s The Same Coat As Cruella Deville, But Has Mickey Heads

Image credits: Rachael Hojara

#155 I Saw This Years Ago And I Have No Clue What It Is

Image credits: 戴泠宜

#156 Why Are These A Weird Find? Because Iron Fist Aren’t Making These Shoes Anymore And They Aren’t Your Typical Design.

Yesterday there was a post here showing these amazing Iron Fist shoes, OP was not interested in them so she left them there and stated where they were, this happened to be close to me and I LOVE Iron Fist shoes. I stated how far away I lived and she AMAZINGLY got the store owners to hold them for me ^_^ I think my comment about how much I wanted them got around 1600 comments? So here they are, in all their glory!

Image credits: Emily Eddy

#157 Found This Dresser Decorated With Scripts From Rocky Horror Picture Show And Silence Of The Lambs At The Goodwill In Parker, Co. It Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Jacquie Schoeggl

#158 These Fuschia-And-Lemon-Colored (Yet With An Oddly Incongruous, 70’s Cop Showesque Brown Vinyl Seat), Foot-Bathing (And Presumably, Hair Snuffling) Bears Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Rob Lineberger

#159 I Found This Super Cute Purse At The Local Goodwill. I Showed It To My Daughter And She Couldn’t Stop Laughing. She Had Just Donated It To That Store Last Week

Image credits: Cherrie Mooney

#160 Sometimes, You Just Need A Working Pencil That’s The Length Of Your Entire Forearm. 14″ Pencil Found At An Unidentified Resale Shop In Mchenry Country, Il. Banana For Size Reference

Image credits: Aren Hogue

#161 Found While Stationed In England In A Charity Store Or Auction. I Did A Lot Of Both While We Were There And Can’t Remember Where I Picked Them Up. I Am A Doula (Birth Worker) And Was Drawn To Them. They Sit In My Book Case Of Birthy Books

Image credits: Susan K Mossman

#162 What Would You Call This Print? Goodwill North Idaho For $2.99 Did Not Come Home With Me *shudder*

Image credits: Britney Strey

#163 Picked Up At Goodwill In Yorktown, Va. Help Me Solve This: What Am I? Am I A Table? A Chair? A Desk?

Image credits: Chelsea Brennan

#164 I Don’t Even Have The Words. I Found This Hand Rake (?) At The Salvation Army On Penn In Okc For $1.99, You Bet It Came Home With Me. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It And It Makes Me Feel Like A Giant Lobster When I Use It

Image credits: Mitch Davis

#165 Found At The Creamery Antique Mall In Stevensville, Montana. Out Of Our Budget To Take Home And Reminded Me Too Much Of The Aliens In Mars Attacks!

Image credits: Nancy Walker

#166 Found This Rather Interesting Couch At Underground Vault In Hooksett Nh. My Husband Immediately Said “That Would Look F***ing Amazing In A Tattoo Shop”. I Showed My 10 Year Who Said “That Thing Is Hideous And Is Not Coming Home W/ Us”

Image credits: Rebecca Blair

#167 Just Had To Share This $5 Yardsale Find. I Saw It And Messaged The Lady Because I Had To Have It.. It’s Just So Weird And Awesome. It’s Already Hanging Up In The Living Room For Our Non Existent Guests To Enjoy

Image credits: Kara Grauberger

#168 Got It Home, Planted A Piece Of Our Succulent In It And Touched Up Some Chipped Places With Black, Glossy Nail Polish. I Think I’m Going To Glue Some Emerald Gems On The Eyes. It Will Be A Gift For My Daughter. Her 1st Plant In Her 1st Apartment

Image credits: Lisa Schell Keown‎

#169 So My Dad Cleans Out Old Businesses Or Houses For A Side Job. Last Week He Cleaned Out A Shriners Building. He Called Me And Said ‘Hey I Found A Clown I Think You Might Want For Your Collection, It’s 6 Feet Tall.’

I thought he was exaggerating but here I am with a 6 foot 5 clown in my living room. I have a decent collection of thrift store clowns but this one scares the crap out of me

Image credits: Kasia Hagen

#170 You Never Knew You Needed Plastic Heinz Pickles On A Safety Pin. Till Well You See Them

Image credits: Richie Eikenburg

#171 I Acquired My Grandmothers Cloth Calendar/Dish Towel Collection When She Passed And I Wanted To Do Something Special With Them And Thought What A Wonderful Way To Preserve Them By Having Them Made Into A Quilt. It’s One Of My Most Favorite Possessions

Image credits: Valarie Skillings

#172 When I Googled It, Its Called “Spongebob Eyeball Speakers”. 5 Bucks At The Goodwill In Lutz Fl. Did Not Come Home With Me, Because I Like Not Having Something Stare Into My Soul Like This

Image credits: Jazmine Wright

#173 Found The Best Needlepoint Ever At Value Village Today. I Took It Home

Image credits: Mo Hertz

#174 Sometimes Your Outfit Needs To Reflect Your Mood, I Guess

Image credits: Kristen Leffler

#175 A Couple Of Years Ago I Found This Amazing Piece At A Thrift Store In Lexington

A couple of years ago I found this amazing piece at a thrift store in Lexington, Kentucky. It was a skirt made out of vintage ties! Whenever I wore the thing out in public I got some strange looks but that didn’t stop me from my being proud of my find….I figured folks from Kentucky just weren’t with the times!

One day I posted a photo of it on Facebook and someone informed me that it wasn’t a skirt for humans but rather a skirt for Christmas trees. A light bulb moment for me…that explained why the skirt didn’t have a zipper but rather just two strings to tie it together in the back with a gaping hole where a zipper should have been had it been a human skirt. It also explained why the waist was so small. I always just wore a super long shirt with it to cover up the hole and with the strings barely being long enough to tie around my waist.

I think they actually do make tie skirts…but this most definitely was a tree skirt.

Image credits: Stephanie Buechler

#176 Someone Donated The Front Bumper Of An Eclipse. Found At Goodwill In Mesa, Az. It’s Stayed There. I Was Tempted To Buy It And Use It To Attach To The Bathroom Key At Work… Because I’m Completely Ridiculous

Image credits: Lisa Fritsch

#177 Found This At The Goodwill In Bangor, Me. $6 And Did Not Come Home With Me For Two Reasons: My Name Is Not Dotti And My Casserole Game Is Weak

Image credits: Amy Roeder

#178 Damn Right I Bought Bell Bottom Track Pants! I Found These Groovy Slacks At The Lancaster Goodwill In Salem Or. And This Disco Queen Is Going Dancing Tonight!

Image credits: Amanda Lynn

#179 Hubby Found This At Goodwill In Mount Dora Fl Today. When I Saw Him Walk Up With It I Thought It Was A Curling Stone. Nope! It’s A Hat! Who Knew Curling Hats Existed Or That We Needed This In Our Life. Perfect Find For My Step Dad Who Loves Curling

Image credits: Jennifer Hayward

#180 I Suppose It Is Secondhand. This TV Was Next To Somebodies Bin So I Brought It Home And It Works Perfectly

Image credits: Charlotte Rose

#181 Not Found In A Store But I Am Sure Itwill End Up In One When I’m Dead And Gone

I know my kids think it’s creepy. This is a pair of my mother’s false teeth, she found the perfect place for them, this little frog sponge holder!! My husband loved it and just before my mom passed she said, “ take that to Mike, I think he’s the only one who really likes it”. It now resides at our house!

Image credits: LaDonna Hanel-Hughes

#182 I Found This Beauty At My Local Thrift Store. I Was Checking Out With My Vintage Jewelry Find When I Spotted It In The Corner. I Literally Told The Cashier…”Wait. I Need That Chair.”

Image credits: Kris LaBelle

#183 Uploaded A Picture Of My Dog Wearing Her Collar

Image credits: Angela Cruz

#184 Ran Across This Little Gem At My Local Goodwill. Don’t Know Who Or What This Is Supposed To Be. All I Know, Is It’s Not Every Day You Find A Robust Lady Holding A Chicken For $0.99

Image credits: Robert Slack Jr.

#185 I Bought A Hamburger Bean Bag For $4 From Goodwill Today

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#186 Paid $200 For This Rad Couch On Craigslist

Image credits: _zatoichi

#187 When A Lady On Here Mentioned That She Saw This Ugly Thing By Her Dumpster And Didn’t Bring It In The House, I Contacted Her And Told Her That I Really, Really Wanted To Own It. She Was So Sweet That She Got It For Me And And Sent It!

It is a “planes of the head” model for artists. I will be doing lots of sketching of this thing that is now named “Max”.

Image credits: Melanie Limb Elkins

#188 I Saw This Quirky Little Coloring Book… I Couldn’t Leave It

If not for thrift shops, this sort of book would never get its big break, a second wind. I love that the puffs aren’t overly cartoony, or that the animals aren’t doing odd things, there’s no big deal being made; they’re just animals, doing their thing. Farting. They all seem serene and happy to pass the time, and allow you to color them in as you will.

Image credits: Lucas O'Willey

#189 I Found This Vintage Leather Clutch/Travel Wallet/Purse At A Thrift Store In Southern New Mexico. It Came Home And Then I Found This Sweet Little Note Inside

Image credits: Raven Arbuckle

#190 Here Is My Holy Grail Find

The dog on the right is my most prized possession. His name is Spot, and I got him for Christmas when I was 2. He quickly became THE stuffed animal in my life who got me through good days, bad days, and worse days. Never went anywhere without Spot. He got his own collar, he got Christmas presents and tiny sweaters and all that! To this day, he still goes on trips and vacations with me and my family. Heck, he has his own Instagram now with photos galore who he shares with my 10 year old son’s favorite toy, Zombie Steve (a Minecraft toy)!  He is almost a 30 year old plush that still gets as much love today as he got in 1992, as you can see from his HIGHLY worn appearance. He’s got popped seams and worn fur, half a nose and chipped eyes and his head has been sewn back on more times than I can count.

The one on the left is also a “Spot” plush. I found him in a second hand vintage store out of town, and almost lost it when I saw it! It’s not every day you come across a second treasure, and especially one that means so much! My mom paid $5 for Spot back in the day and I gladly handed that lady $25 for this one. She was super happy to sell him to me after telling her Spot’s story and showing her a photo, and even follows him on Instagram! . May not mean a lot to some, but this is by far my favorite ever “weird” find and I still cant believe I found it. And still with all the original tags, hat and bow!

Image credits: Hannah Shrader

#191 After My Reunion With My Grandmother On My Father’s Side, Things Got Much, Much Worse. But In The End I Have Always Felt I Received The Strangest Of Gifts; If I Wasn’t Who My Family Said I Was, I Had The Freedom To Be Who I Really Was

So, long story here…when I was 39 years old I found out that the man who raised me was not my biological father. Everyone in my family knew it (well, except for my brother…my half brother…because he was the kid who could NOT keep a secret).

My uncle finally told me the truth after my long term relationship fell apart, and so did I.

It turns out, my mother desperately wanted as far away from her family as she could get. She was my grandmother’s first child from an unhappy marriage, and after World War Two, my grandmother, freshly divorced from my grandfather, reunited with a soldier she’d met just before he shipped off to Europe.

As a young woman in 1957, from a blue collar family, my mother had two choices. Marry…anyone…or stay home until someone married her. I grew up being told my “parents” had to marry twice, once off base, and then, again when the Marine chaplain married them on the base. In truth, my mother married the man who raised me before her divorce from my biological father was final.

I tracked my biological father down. He had an unusual last name, which helped. By then he was a widower, from his second marriage.

He told me, when we met, that his mother (my grandmother on his side of the family) never gave up believing he and I would find one another again. The day I went to meet her, she gave me this doll. She bought it for me for Christmas the year I was about to turn three. She made a new outfit for the doll, but mother took me away when I was 2 1/2. For the next 38 years, my grandmother refused to throw this doll away no matter how hard anyone tried to convince her I was gone forever.

Two years after we were reunited, she died. Not because she was old. But because she told my biological father, now that I was back in his life, she could go. He died in a car accident four years later.

I have this, to remind me that some family stories aren’t what they seem. And sometimes, if you are really lucky, the universe bides its time until the lengths to which you were loved can be revealed.

Image credits: Denise Meyers

#192 This Is A Vintage Westinghouse Water Fountain, Almost Antique, From An Old Elementary School

My mother in laws, father, saved it when the school was being torn down, it was his, then hers; and now it’s ours. It works perfectly, freezing cold filtered water. I love it. It’s installed in our living room.

Image credits: Erin Matejowsky

#193 I Found This Ring At Mustang Betty’s Antique Store In Newport, Ky Last Weekend. I Collect Hands And Had Just Said That I Hadn’t Bought A New Hand Item In Awhile! My Addiction Is Curbed For A Moment

Image credits: Beau Lynn

#194 This Nail Art Has Been Hanging On The Wall In My Grandmother’s House For Longer Than I’ve Been Alive. I Have Always Loved It For Some Reason. Well, She Is Starting To Pass On All Of Her Treasures So This Now Belongs To Me!!!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#195 My Husband Brought Me This Home Today After A Trip To A New Charity Shop Near By! Light Up Coffee Table That Ruby Has Claimed As Her Quest Giving Spot!

Image credits: Victoria Baxter

#196 My Grandmother Passed Over 20 Years Ago. Her Collection Of Antiques Went To Me. I’m Not Sure Why, But I’ve Carried This Little Guy Around With Me Ever Since Without Knowing What It Was

Image credits: Tracy Renee

#197 I Did Buy This Mug With A Buff Ginger Beard Man Baking A Single Gingerbread Man Cookie, For .79 Cents At The Thrifty Shopper. Because, Life Is Too Short For Boring Coffee

Image credits: Seth Hibbard

#198 Picked Up A Helping Hand For My Students At A Yardsale In The North Georgia Mountains For $1.00. My Students Said It Was Creepy, So I ‘Her’ Some Nails And A Ring. Makes Me Think Of Thing On Addams Family

Image credits: Sonja Gordy

#199 Found This Bad Ass “Spacesuit” For A Cool $7 At Salvation Army. Of Course I Grabbed It!! The Next Morning In Laughlin, I Donned This For My Coffee Mission, Asking Anyone I Could If They Knew Where The Good Space Coffee Is

Image credits: Erin Fennessy

#200 I Found This Lovely, Coffin Shaped Wall Curio Today At An Estate Sale In Norcross, Georgia For Like $25! It Most Certainly Came Home With My Creepy Self! It Will Be Perfect To Display My Collection Of Specimens In Jars That I’m Slowly Building!

Image credits: Leelee Hawkins

#201 When The Phone Rings. This Happens Every. Single. Time, Found At Local Thrift!

Image credits: Kathy Cooper

#202 A 36 Foot Boat Anyone? Found At Goodwill. It Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Debbie Craft

#203 You Know How You See Something That Just Grabs You Immediately? The Moment I Touched This Staircase-On-The-Moon Shelf, Jumbled Among The Baskets At Value Village, I Was Smitten

It’s roughly done, and the diagrams for building it are written on the back. I suspect it was made from plans in one of those woodworking magazines back in the 50’s or 60’s. I brought it home, gave it a quick clean, and hung it in my living room. Playmobil figure on it for scale until I decide what to put on it. It’s my new favorite thing!

Image credits: Betty Jones

#204 I Found This Shell Necklace In A Thrift Store In Maryland

I remember seeing tiny dyed strung seashells that were sold to tourists in Hawaii (I lived there as a kid). These reminded me of them, but were so much richer in hue. Not my normal style of jewelry, but what the heck…

I had to do a little internet browsing, but discovered that these shells occur *naturally* like this – they are not dyed or altered…..What’s really weird about this find is that these shells are only found in Tasmania, off the coast of Australia. I found them approximately 10,000 miles from where they originated!! They are made by Tasmanian Aboriginal women by hand (and apparently for centuries) and are often featured in museums. The shells and the work(wo)menship are *amazing*!

Image credits: Drennan Lindsay

#205 1980’s Gold Metallic Dress With Shoulder Pads From Gw In Dallas, Texas. I Always Wanted To Dress Like The Ladies On Dynasty Show

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#206 The Keys Are All Corkscrews! The Corkscrews Are In The Barrels Of The Keys. Each Key Is Roughly The Size Of My Hand!

Image credits: Sandy Lynne

#207 This Evenings Entertainment Brought To You From Sos Thrift In Parksville Bc Canada

Image credits: Laura John Wood

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