208 Creative, Witty, Or Straight Up Funny License Plates People Have Spotted On The Roads

Car plates are government-issued documents and, as such, are a very boring combination of letters and numbers. But hey, who said they have to stay that way? As long as it follows a couple of rules, the said combination can be literally anything. And this is how custom license plate ideas started to emerge.

Some people try to include their lucky numbers or spell their first or last name, but the really creative license plates go one step further. From your favorite character to your nickname and even your mood, car owners come up with so many variations that collecting photos of clever license plates has now become a real hobby. 

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But humankind wouldn’t be what we are if we didn’t have our sense of humor. So, of course, it was only a matter of time before funny license plates began appearing on the roads. Only limited by the number of characters on the plate, they poke fun at current events or politics, while the bravest might even joke about themselves. 

The biggest drawback behind custom-made license plates, also known as vanity plates, is that you need to pay extra to have one issued for you. And although they are not allowed everywhere, more and more authorities are opening up to the idea of issuing customized cool license plates. A survey was conducted in 2007, revealing that among the US states, Virginia had the largest percentage of registered customized plates, while Texas had the lowest. 

If you or your friends are considering getting funny vanity plates for your vehicles but can’t figure out how to fit into the regulations established by the authorities in your country or province, we have collected some custom license plate ideas to inspire you. And if you already have a vanity plate, don’t forget to share it in the comments.

#1 The Licence Plate On His Hearse

Image credits: blargsnarg

#2 I Was At The Right Place At The Right Time

Image credits: Papi_Queso

#3 This Car Outside My Hotel

Image credits: Freeornothing

Bored Panda reached out to license plate collector, trader, and the man behind LicensePlateTok Ethan Craft to talk about all things license plates.

Ethan has been interested in license plates since he was a kid. He recalls his dad and him driving for what felt like hours—just too long for the then 3-year-old—so he decided to keep himself busy by pointing out the different license plates he saw on the road.

“I guess it worked a little too well and now I’m still interested in plates more than 20 years later,” joked Ethan. The seemingly very innocent game quickly turned into a passion and eventually into an entire TikTok channel.

#4 Very Appropriate License Plate

Image credits: SelectAll_Delete

#5 “Not OJ” License Plate

Image credits: Working4TheSkinTrade

#6 These 2 Cars Had Some Pretty Identical License Plates

Image credits: BanginBananas

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#7 Tops My Interesting License Plate List

Image credits: Captain_Chaos7

Besides regular license plates that don’t usually say anything worthwhile unless you get lucky, there are also vanity license plates. And this is where humankind’s creativity blossoms. Sure, you have your personal names or nicknames, but you can be crazier than that. The only limits are the space you have on the plates themselves and quantity of words available in whatever language you use, minus all the words your mom told you never to say.

“Almost everyone likes to show a little personality when they can, and custom personalized license plates are a great way to do that,” elaborates Ethan. “One reason they seem to be becoming more common is that now they’re all over the world in Europe and Australia and the Americas, whereas they were once pretty limited to the United States. But seeing a funny or interesting plate on the road, that always makes my day.”

#8 Best Tesla Vanity Plate

Image credits: ivegot2legs

#9 Do License Plates Get Any More Metal?

Image credits: T_Money22

#10 Couldn’t A Ford The New License Plate?

Image credits: myopinionstinks

#11 Smart Lad

Image credits: LaziestUsernameEver

#12 Drunk Drivers Hit My Car And Fled The Scene. I’d Be More Upset If I Didn’t Have The Best Vanity Plate

Image credits: Schmorgus-borg

It’s been roughly 20 years that Ethan has been collecting license plates at this point, and it has been growing exponentially ever since he kicked off @LicensePlateTok.

“I haven’t done a full count recently but I must have hundreds, maybe even over 1,000, mostly from the U.S. and Canada, but I really want to expand my international collection and hopefully get a plate from every country in the world one day,” said Ethan.

According to PD insurance, it is estimated that there are roughly 1.45 billion cars out there in the world. Double that and that’s how many license plates there should be in theory. And hence you can imagine just how much room is there for creativity if you account for all the different countries and states with all of their different designs matched with people’s ingenuity for shoving witty puns and one-liners into an average of 6 to 8 characters.

And Ethan’s favorite license plate is also one of the more unique ones in the world: “It’s hard to pick just one favorite but I really love the license plates of the Northwest Territories in Canada, which are cut out to be in the shape of a polar bear.”

#13 This Car Cut Me Off. I Was Mad Until I Looked At Their License Plate

Image credits: PrestoMovie

#14 This License Plate With All B’s And 8’s

Image credits: Inconspicuousperson

#15 License Plate Checks Out

Image credits: Veraciouz

#16 This Guy’s License Plate

Image credits: aescobar_1005

#17 Number Plate Of A Van Delivering Portaloos

Image credits: Andy_Cohen_1979

Now, you might think that something as simple as a license plate—a metal rectangle with the most basic of automotive identification information on it—will stay just that and that there isn’t much room to innovate.

There is.

Ethan shared with us, as well as in one of his videos, that there is such a thing as “digital” license plates. They have actually been a thing for several years at this point, being run as a pilot test in California. Basically, they are “an iPad on the back of your car that shows the plate number”, as Ethan put it.

And while the novelty and technology sounds cool, providing a tad bit more customization and even acting as a safety feature (notifying if a car was stolen), it comes at a much steeper price. Besides that, it’s only a matter of time until someone hacks them and uses the built-in GPS to track people and do other sorts of invasive maneuvers.

“California has also recently launched wrapped plates for the front of peoples’ cars only, which are basically stickers for people who don’t want to drill holes into their front bumper,” added Ethan.

#18 My Mom Caught This Bear In Front An Appropriate License Plate In Lake Tahoe

Image credits: South_Lake_Taco

#19 This Is The Best License Plate I’ve Seen Yet

Image credits: geekyspacegirl420

#20 Mike Tyson’s Tesla

Image credits: thobbie4

#21 My Wife Said This License Plate Made Her Think Of Me

Image credits: BetterGuesser

#22 Just Saw This Bad Boy On The Highway. Zoom In On The License Plate

Image credits: cvbrown98

Ethan hopes people take more time to look at and appreciate license plates as they really have a lot to offer, despite their simplicity.

“There’s so much history and so many variations, no matter what you’re interested in or where you are from, there is bound to be a cool plate or two in your area. But I’ve heard from some of my followers that my account has helped get them interested in plate collecting, and that’s really my only goal. I’m thrilled to be ‘the license plate guy’ and the public face of the hobby I love so much.”

You can check out more from Ethan on his TikTok channel, where he talks about all things license plates—delivers the latest news, breaks down the history, reviews the different designs, and just straight up educates folks on license plates.

#23 This Is Officially My New Favorite License Plate And Holder Combination

Image credits: chibstah

#24 Small Pee Pee

Image credits: Footdeep_milelong

#25 Lamborghini Aventador The License Plate Gave Me A Good Laugh

Image credits: -WeepingAngel-

#26 Came Across This Cheeky License Plate Today

Image credits: iLoveCalculus314

#27 What A Great Vanity Plate

Image credits: TeeWrecksArms

#28 My License Plate Has Never Been So Fitting

Image credits: rikkinn

#29 Two 666 License Plates In A Row

Image credits: irizzle24

#30 Best Number Plate Ever

Image credits: WhatTheMart

#31 Decommissioned Police Interceptor

Image credits: Shubamz

#32 Fitting License Plate

Image credits: Sire777

#33 Finally Got My Personalized Plate

Image credits: ThorThimbleOfGorbash

#34 I Would Not Have Posted… Except For The Vanity Plate

Image credits: kdigity

#35 This Driving School Has A Car With Vanity Plates Saying “Noob”

Image credits: the_dokter

#36 Old Lady Drove By. This Is Her License Plate

Image credits: RocksAndSoup

#37 When You Tell Me It’s Friday

Image credits: ghost_tropic

#38 What A Jerk

Image credits: krunchyLeaves

#39 My 65 Mustang Next To My Dad’s. Dad’s License Plates Would Have Been Popular Now. (1965)

Image credits: La_Lanterne_Rouge

#40 My Plate Is On The Right Saw His Plate And Had To Get This Shot

Image credits: tylera61

#41 Meeoooww

Image credits: ContactHorror

#42 Baby Yoda

Image credits: TK-Pickles

#43 DMC Delorean The License Plate Says Outatime Just Like The Delorean From Back To The Future! Northern Illinois

Image credits: BMoney8600

#44 The License Plate On A Police Car In My Hometown

Image credits: shawnmichael666

#45 My Response When People Say, “So Are You Planning To Leave Your House Now?”

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#46 This Guy Decided He Didn’t Need A State License Plate, He Just Needed To Rep Blue Lives

Image credits: Witchfingers

#47 Watsgas

Image credits: QuotidianQuandaries

#48 Solid Advice

Image credits: Aggravating_Web_9467

#49 Passionate About Snacks

Image credits: Daisy716

#50 Read The License Plate

Image credits: yismeicha

#51 Saw The Best Vanity License Plate Ever Today

Image credits: myv6

#52 Lunch Break Vanity Plate Sighting

Image credits: TheAmnesiacKid

#53 Best License Plate Ever

Image credits: mini_nova

#54 I Was Getting Really Irritated At This Old Man Driving Incredibly Slow In The Left Lane Until I Saw His License Plate

Image credits: katiedoodles8

#55 Imagine Hating Science So Much That You Paid For A Custom Plate To Express Your Displeasure

Image credits: mexicaitlin

#56 Clever Saab Owner

Image credits: StarInkyness

#57 I’ve Been Holding Onto This One

Image credits: hammermal19

#58 Gotta Go, Gotta Go!!

Image credits: ednasmom

#59 Omg Yas

Image credits: ahippybaby

#60 Spotted This Descriptive License Plate

Image credits: Randomshoelace

#61 It’s The License Plate That Sells It

Image credits: macguy9

#62 Saw This License Plate Today

Image credits: dudestownusa

#63 Perfect License Plate For This Park Job

Image credits: thuggronald

#64 I’m Embarrassed At How Long It Took Me To Read The License Plate

Image credits: groovypenguin

#65 Check The License Plate

Image credits: MrDuttles

#66 Also An Appropriate License Plate

Image credits: bobby_g3

#67 Saw This Old Couples License Plate… Clever

Image credits: careerpathlost

#68 I Was Looking At The Car And Then I Saw The License Plate

Image credits: shannleestann

#69 The License Plate Makes It! Pic Taken In Petoskey Michigan

Image credits: alikissjoy

#70 The Perfect License Plate Doesn’t Exi…

Image credits: Pursuit_Of_Justice

#71 Lamborghini With A Funny License Plate

Image credits: Scandi07

#72 Saw This License Plate When I Was Walking Out Of Walmart Today

Image credits: imgur.com

#73 Bob Marley’s Car??

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#74 Hmmmm

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#75 Grateful

Image credits: snowchel

#76 Thanks For Telling Everyone

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 He’s Bald

Image credits: patgotee

#78 Now That’s A Clever One

Image credits: deltadeltadawn

#79 Ultima RS Randomly On The Freeway. Very Appropriate License Plate!

Image credits: Bananablackmp

#80 Lamborghini Huracan Performante In Sky Blue With License Plate “Litt” Spotted On I95 In Massachusetts. Very Rare To See Anything Nice Around Here

Image credits: Daboss985

#81 Perfect License Plate

Image credits: W0LFPAW

#82 Cheeky License Plate

Image credits: vaheg

#83 A Tesla With A Bitcoin License Plate

Image credits: arends33

#84 Model X In Her Natural Habitat

Image credits: Apple_TNT

#85 Noticed A Limo At The Zoo Today And Wondered Why Someone Would Drive That To The Zoo. As I Was Leaving I Noticed The License Plate

Image credits: Tacosys

#86 A Jeep Wrangler With A Vanity Plate That Looks Like The Wrangler Front

Image credits: kisi1234

#87 Best Vanity Plate I’ve Seen

Image credits: xXx420BlazDatShitxXx

#88 Him: “Do You Want Custom License Plates?” Her:

Image credits: Willtotheumm

#89 I Saw This License Plate On The Way In To The Office Today

Image credits: DJBootstrapBill

#90 Now That’s A Statement

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#91 Now That’s A Number Plate

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#92 Please Pull Me Over

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#93 I’m Freee DJ Dave

Image credits: vanity_of_maine

#94 I Wonder How Does The Inside Of The Car Smell

Image credits: vanity_of_maine

#95 Probably The Best License Plate

Image credits: SquishyBatman64

#96 I Saw My Favorite Purple Heart License Plate

Image credits: Haunt12_34

#97 I Know If Anyone Would Appreciate My New License Plate, It’d Be You Guys

Image credits: Raptix546

#98 The License Plate Agrees. Bucedesatti

Image credits: Gozertank

#99 As A Hobby, I Collect Pictures Of Unique License Plates. Spotted Yesterday Afternoon

Image credits: nicknackie

#100 New License Plate Came Today!

Image credits: SandwichTsunami

#101 Dora Tha… Explorer

Image credits: suri_not_siri

#102 Ppl Suck

Image credits: 4bsarrexbn

#103 Screaming Because Of The Potholes In Pennsylvania

Image credits: cinnamonpoptartfan

#104 He Has Got A Point

Image credits: oppai_senpai

#105 Water Lover

Image credits: starryeyed702

#106 Tells Alot

Image credits: 7kmiles4what

#107 I’m So Glad You Exist

Image credits: parkerjstevencent

#108 The License Plate Says It All

Image credits: imgur.com

#109 Saab 96 With A Great License Plate. Spotted On Woodward Ave In Michigan

Image credits: Trev9667

#110 Lamborghini With A Fitting License Plate

Image credits: sahibjot

#111 BMW M4 Clever License Plate

Image credits: xTunez

#112 Inconspicuous License Plate

Image credits: noneofyourbusiness98

#113 Just Your Everyday License Plate

Image credits: Silienbi

#114 Somebody Thinks Their Personalized License Plate Is So Clever

Image credits: MBMN

#115 Saw This License Plate Today

Image credits: eddie0wnz

#116 A Really Passive Aggressive License Plate I Saw Today

Image credits: Arbeter3

#117 Saw This License Plate Today At The Light Gotta Love It

Image credits: macmite

#118 My Grandparents License Plate

Image credits: Necon0

#119 This Vet’s Purple Heart License Plate Is A Commentary How He Qualified For It

Image credits: juddbagley

#120 “$20 Says You Can’t Get The C Word On Your License Plate” Challenge Accepted

Image credits: imgur.com

#121 I Actually Like The Mach-E, So What’s Up With The Custom Plate

Image credits: techplughd

#122 Just Wanted To Share My Custom Plate

Image credits: Itsschadenfreude

#123 The Rick And Morty Sticker Is Bad On Its Own But The Plate Restores Balance, I Bet He’s A Funny Dad

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#124 Weird Flex But Ok

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#125 Reynolds???

Image credits: vanity_of_maine

#126 Gas, For Laughing Out Loud

Image credits: funnyoddlicplates

#127 Ironically, I’m On The Phone With My Wife Right Now

Image credits: kevinsju

#128 Miami Vice Vibes

Image credits: emkaz_

#129 My New License Plate Arrived Today!

Image credits: AwesomeSauceDL

#130 1.6 GPA

Image credits: reddit.com

#131 Porsche 959 From A Few Years Ago In Tucson AZ. I Love The License Plate

Image credits: SrgSomething

#132 Land Rover Defender Nice License Plate

Image credits: Rawrawdenims

#133 Friend Snapped Me This Because They Thought The License Plate Was Funny

Image credits: porschephile13

#134 I Live In New Zealand. First Time Seeing A Model S. License Plate Did Not Disappoint

Image credits: Sassafras_albidum

#135 So Glad Emperor Palpatine Let Us Choose Vanity Plates For Our Civilian Speeders

Image credits: AirMail77

#136 Maybe The Most Clever License Plate I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: AnalyzePhish

#137 My Vanity Plates Finally Came In And I’m In Love

Image credits: smolbean11

#138 I Bet This Hun Thought She Was So Clever Snagging This Vanity Plate Up!

Image credits: YoureGoddamnRight-

#139 Always Nice When The Vanity Plate Ya Want Is Available. Lovin My New Plate

Image credits: XGothWolfX

#140 Saw An R8 With The Best Vanity Plate

Image credits: MrLuppie

#141 Best Use Of A Vanity Plate In Texas I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: dcdttu

#142 My Husband And I Got Drunk And Ordered A Vanity License Plate… I Do Not Regret It

Image credits: cam295

#143 We’re Doing License Plates Today? Am I Doing It Right?

Image credits: Oblaskins

#144 Who Needs Ok Cupid When You Have License Plates

Image credits: pietya

#145 License Plate On A H2 Hummer

Image credits: aToastForYou

#146 This Truck And The License Plate I Drove Home Behind Today

Image credits: kmwilson02

#147 This Mini Cooper’s License Plate

Image credits: RarScaryFrosty

#148 So I Saw A Cobra Today… The License Plate Nearly Killed Me

Image credits: gooberonymous

#149 Found A Very Low License Plate Number Today

Image credits: StarFoxN64

#150 Saw This License Plate Yesterday; It Gave Me The Jitters

Image credits: imgur.com

#151 Saw This Awesome License Plate Yesterday

Image credits: giraffemurse710

#152 That’s An Interesting One

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#153 Yeah Bro

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#154 Strong Men Also Cry

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#155 America Is Not Something Worth Celebrating This Year. So I Don’ Wanna!

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#156 Is That The New Variation

Image credits: ghost_tropic

#157 What A Coincidence, I Myself Am A Pickle Freak

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#158 Californian Climate Makes You Feel Like

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#159 The Sticker Makes It Better

Image credits: vanity_of_maine

#160 In Pain In Maine

Image credits: vanity_of_maine

#161 I Love Bacon But This Guy Took It To Another Level

Image credits: funnyoddlicplates

#162 Hi There

Image credits: Teeth4321

#163 Texas Is Big

Image credits: RavenReisinger

#164 Thank You Domino’s Delivery Guy

Image credits: MarvinParanoAndroid

#165 I Can’t Be The First To Take A Pic Of This Personalized Plate

Image credits: FrankieMint

#166 The Most German License Plate

Image credits: Joe_Statelopski

#167 A True German License Plate

Image credits: deutschbag17

#168 Spotted A Rare Icelandic Model S In Reykjavík With A Great License Plate

Image credits: dancole42

#169 Saw This License Plate The Other Day

Image credits: iamsaad2

#170 An Office-Themed Vanity Plate And My New Plate Arrived Today!!

Image credits: Cweev10

#171 Best License Plate Ever

Image credits: Flexible014

#172 I Got My Colorado License Plates Today And This Is What My Randomly Generated Plate Was

Image credits: spektr89

#173 Good Use Of License Plate Frame And Personalized Plate. Barney Would Have Been Proud

Image credits: shadowvox

#174 Indiana License Plate Approval Office Staffed Entirely By 15-Year Old Boys

Image credits: fahq1977

#175 My Uncle Peter And Aunt Phyllis Got A Custom License Plate. It Didn’t Turn Out The Way They Thought

Image credits: sutlive

#176 My Uber Drivers License Plate

Image credits: yontbont1

#177 Things You See On The Interstate… Pay Attention To The License Plate!!

Image credits: hairylobster531

#178 MC Ribs

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#179 Nobody, Literally Nobody, Tesla Owners:

Image credits: vanityplates42069

#180 If You Insist

Image credits: xordis

#181 Bad Mobile

Image credits: Teeth4321

#182 100% True

Image credits: theendisnich

#183 Someone Has Been A Busy Bee

Image credits: vickywong710

#184 This Bear Shaped License Plate

Image credits: Seezus

#185 License Plate Checks Out On This Viper ACR

Image credits: discodonson

#186 Good Looking Porsche With A Great Vanity Plate

Image credits: legitteddybear

#187 Just A Random License Plate I Saw The Other Day

Image credits: Greyhame888

#188 Saw This Cringe Personalized License Plate In The Wild

Image credits: cghtx

#189 I Know It’s A Novelty Plate, But Still Funny

Image credits: rr4242

#190 Just Spotted In Classy Lexington, Kentucky

Image credits: thanosmissed

#191 Fatboyy

Image credits: Kramit2012

#192 SpongeBob’s Jeep

Image credits: rr4242

#193 Corn Star

Image credits: shumaibaby

#194 This Is Cute

Image credits: Lmfaooliliana_

#195 Glad Dad

Image credits: KingofAmarillo17

#196 Oh The Irony

Image credits: Runningsilly

#197 Hi

Image credits: astrobrite_

#198 A Big Mac Crossed The Road… No That Wasn’t A Joke, A Big Mac Really Did Cross The Road

Image credits: vickywong710

#199 Having Fun

Image credits: realscodoublet

#200 We All Have Issues, Some More Than Others

Image credits: just.lozza_sign.spotter

#201 Ready To Cry

Image credits: ejburritos

#202 Be Patient When Driving

Image credits: funnyoddlicplates

#203 Meow

Image credits: Kramit2012

#204 Time Machine

Image credits: Kramit2012

#205 Dolly!

Image credits: darbs-face

#206 Exactly. Question Everything

Image credits: just.lozza_sign.spotter

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