21 Y.O. Homeless Woman Is So Happy She Got A Job After Months of Looking, She Dances Like Nobody’s Watching, Gets Caught On CCTV

Ever been so happy that you started dancing? You know, so happy that you got a job after numerous months of searching for one and then getting it and celebrating with a dance in the middle of a parking lot like nobody’s watching?

Well, someone might still be watching, despite you checking if anyone is around or not. This is what happened to Kayallah Jones, a 21-year-old woman who had just found out she landed a job and a video of her like-nobody’s-watching happy dance in the parking lot has gone viral.

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Ever felt so happy after nailing an interview that you simply burst into dance to celebrate?

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So, a video of 21-year-old Kayallah Jones has hit the internet and has been making headlines and going viral on the internet. In it, she’s seen celebrating her employment in a parking lot just outside The Spot, a sports bar and restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia that she just got employed at.

According to CBS, Jones had been homeless for two years and, as if looking for a job wasn’t hard already, the pandemic has made it even harder as Jones has lost several jobs because of it.

Ms. Jones definitely has, as seen in CCTV footage of her shaking it after getting a job at a restaurant

Image credits: dakara_spence

The video of the very excited dance soon found its way online and went viral

Image credits: dakara_spence

The owner of the restaurant, Dakara Spence, explained that she hired Jones because she had great energy and that she felt her positivity as soon as she walked in. She is now working there as a server.

After seeing her dance in the parking lot, Spence called Jones: “I said I’m going to hire you and I’ve seen your happy dance so you can continue dancing. She was just screaming through the phone and it was just a beautiful moment for me.”

It got over 1.2M views on Instagram alone, with another 1.5M on TikTok and Twitter

Image credits: dakara_spence

Spence also posted a video of the CCTV footage of Jones doing the happy dance. In the dance, she raises her hands and feet and goes flailing side-to-side. At first, Jones is seen taking a look around to see if nobody’s watching, then goes nuts with the dance, and then continues walking away nonchalantly like nothing happened.

Given the hardship and struggles that Jones was going through, landing this job was truly an ecstatic experience that led to the now-viral dance. She explained that she felt excited and somewhat overwhelmed by how happy this positive change in her life was.

Watch the video of Jones’ now viral post-interview dance in the parking lot


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The excited dance was prompted after months of searching and hardships Jones was going through

Image credits: dakara_spence

And the internet felt her happiness and excitement as the video went viral online. It managed to get over 1.2 million likes on Spence’s Instagram alone, but soon found its way onto Jones’ Twitter with another 700,000 likes and another 865,000 likes on TikTok. It also found its way onto numerous social media like Reddit and Imgur.

Journalist Jamie Kennedy also interviewed Jones and Spence and asked her to teach the lovely people of the internet how to do the dance. When asked when people should do the dance, Jones said “Anytime they’re happy, anytime you get a blessing, anytime you had a great opportunity and you have something that you were working towards for years or months, or praying for.”

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Dakara Spence, the owner of the restaurant, said she hired Jones because she had great energy and that she felt her positivity as soon as she walked in

Image credits: Jamie Kennedy News

Image credits: Jamie Kennedy News

People cheered her on in the comments, saying that Spence won’t regret hiring her as she’s passionate and that she’s well on her way to making it. Another commenter joked that she deserves to get an extra dollar added to her pay for the excitement, while an entrepreneur said that moments where they as business people get to create meaningful opportunities for people to pursue their dreams are one of the biggest highlights of their life.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a happy dance? Let us know in the comment section below!

In one interview, Jones quickly shows how to do the now viral dance

Here’s how people online reacted to Jones’ little post-interview happy dance

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