22 Tweets About Barbie’s Ryan Gosling That Have The Best Kenergy

Everyone who got to hit the cinema over the last couple of days are still catching their breath after one of the biggest double bills in recent years. And no matter how great Greta Gerwig’s bubblegum comedy or Christopher Nolan’s dark second world war period piece was, it was Barbie’s hunky male sidekick Ken, played by the one and only Ryan Gosling, who stole cinemagoers’ hearts. 

Besides a plethora of rave tweets by fans praising the actor’s ability to instill life in a character made out of plastic that you can see for yourself down below, this 42-year-old two-time Oscar nominee also got his fair share of acclaim from the critics. Vanity Fair, for example, called Gosling’s Ken “his best work yet.” While British GQ affirmed the praise by saying, “He should honestly be nominated for an Oscar.” 

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Greta Gerwig, the Oscar-nominated actor-turned-director, has achieved a historic milestone with “Barbie,” as it raked in a remarkable $377 million during its opening weekend worldwide. This impressive figure cements its position as the highest-grossing debut ever for a movie directed by a woman, which definitely plays surprisingly well with the female-empowerment theme of her bubbly hit.


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