25 Movies and the Magazine Stories That Inspired Them

Magazines give us news, features, essays, feel-good stories, and all kinds of information in a digestible length. Some articles win Pulitzer prizes, while others kind of fade away… until they inspire some screenwriter to adapt it into a full-length feature film, which may or may not resemble the original article. For example, the 2001 movie The Fast and the Furious was based on a 1998 feature article in Vibe titled Racer X.

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    “The excitement of going fast is like nothing else,” says Javier Ortega, a Columbian-American who screeches his blue Honda Civic to a halt in front of the store. “Another group gets excitement from doing drugs or whatever. Speed excites us.”

    Few know that excitement like Estevez. Six feet tall with stooped shoulders and a healthy gut, he writes his own rules. Forget about valor, compassion, honor; in his book, that’s all synonymous with second place.

    “People say I cheat all the time,” explains Estevez, a Huck Finn grin spreading across his face. “They say I jump the line, I do this, I do that. Drag racing is war. If you bring a knife, and I bring a machine gun, you’re dead. That’s it.”

Who could imagine that Ortega and Estevez would inspire an entire series of movies? You can read that original article online, and 24 others that inspired big movies, linked in a list at Longreads. -via Metafilter

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