25 Of The Most Devastating Thanksgiving Fails This Year

There are so many things we can be thankful for this year—family, friends and, of course, insane amounts of food. Thanksgiving is a cheerful holiday that’s supposed to be loaded with great conversations with your loved ones and full stomachs. Unfortunately, in real life, the pressure is high. Even if everyone’s in a good mood, if your timing is perfect and the turkey turns out delicious, there’s no way of knowing if bad luck won’t come knocking down your door.

Whether it’s shattered ovens, mashed potatoes scattered all over the living room floor, or awkward first times meeting your partner’s parents, there’s plenty of room for error. To show you just how bad things can get, we’ve gathered some of the most hilarious Thanksgiving fails.

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After seeing this, you will definitely want to express your gratitude and acknowledge that your own Turkey Day was, in fact, not as bad. Continue scrolling and make sure to leave a comment if things did not go according to plan for you as well.


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My daughter and I decided to try to make these chocolate covered strawberries that are supposed to look like turkeys. So after breakfast we watched a YouTube video and thought “that looks easy!” “We’ll whip these out in no time.” Well…

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Thankful for many laughs and memories this year

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Thanksgiving, a tragic story

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I’m ready for Black Friday!

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Something a little alcohol can’t fix…

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This will be me in about 25-30 years! ??‍♀️ Dirty old bird

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When you’re only supposed to use 1.5 cups of cake mix and you use the entire box instead

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Thankfully, a minor disaster that we recovered from w/o burning the house down. The yams ended up tasting very yummy once we scraped off the burnt marshmallows

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