25 Room Designs From The BBC Show ‘Changing Rooms’ That Didn’t Age Well

There are many ways to renew your room. A trip to Ikea or a call to your mom are the most popular options. Other times, a new furry carpet will do the job. Rarely will you need some assistance from the outside world, and in that case, dad and Home Depot may be the only option.

But you never, ever entrust your room’s makeover to your neighbor. Below, we’ve got a fair amount of evidence to back up this claim. If you’ve ever heard of the BBC show Changing Rooms from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, and its American variation Trading Spaces, you’d know what it’s all about.

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‘Cause swapping houses to redesign the room of the person next-door sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. From covering the floor in strips of silver tape to casually hanging birch trees from the ceiling, these are just a few examples of letting your neighbor think outside the box. And your room is the one getting the hit.

#1 This Room, Apparently Inspired By Safari Adventures

Designer’s explanation: “It just all fits together.”

Owner’s reaction: [screams] (clarification: in excitement)

Image credits: tlc

#2 The Designer Mentioned An “All-Black” Room. Here Is The “All-Black” Office In The Other Couple’s House

Presenter’s explanation: “I knew they would be up for a dramatic change. I’m very, very proud of this room.”

Owner’s reaction: “It’s [friggin] amazing.”

Image credits: tlc

#3 Room Where They Painted It All White

Designer’s explanation: “We thought it would be interesting to see what an all-white and an all-black room would be like.”

Owner’s review: “I hate it. Get this mic off me.”

Image credits: tlc

#4 “Touch Of Art” Bedroom

Designer’s review: “It’s quite a statement.”

Owner’s review: “Good grief.”

Image credits: BBC

#5 Room Decorated With The Designer’s Actual Face

Designer’s explanation: “I wanted to throw in an element of fun.”

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Owner’s review: “How…………….random.”

Image credits: tlc

#6 Bathroom Decorated With More Than 6,000 Flowers

Designer’s explanation: “All rooms look great with flowers.”

Owner’s review: “There’s so many.”

Image credits: tlc

#7 “Romanto Panto”

Designer’s review: “They needed somewhere to escape from their three children.”

Owner’s review: “What a change. Crikey.”

Image credits: BBC

#8 Room That Was Decorated With Hanging Lamps

Designer’s explanation: “I love the way that they are suspended because it brings the ceiling to the level of the bed and the floor.”

Owner’s reaction: “Look at it. It hangs.”

Image credits: tlc

#9 “Very Strong Black And White Themed” Room

Designer’s review: “I think it is very classy.”

Owner’s review: “Bloody hell.”

Image credits: BBC

#10 “Tribute To All Things Circular” In Doncaster

Designer’s review: “I absolutely love it. I like circles.”

Owner’s review: “Am I in the same room? This is amazing.”

Image credits: BBC

#11 “Love Nest” Bedroom

Designer’s review: “They like spending a lot of time in the bedroom.”

Owner’s review: “It is red, isn’t it?”

Image credits: BBC

#12 “Hot Purple Passion”

Designer’s review: “It’s very passionate.”

Owner’s review: “This is absolutely brilliant.”

Image credits: BBC

#13 “Out Of This World” Sexy Room

Designer’s review: “This is a sensual, sexy room.”

Owner’s review: “I don’t like the bed.” “The colour is horrible.”

Image credits: BBC

#14 The “Tenthouse Penthouse”

Designer’s review: “They love being outside…so I went along with that.”

Owner’s review: “Not what I expected.”

Image credits: BBC

#15 This Room That Was Decorated With 1,800 Cds. That’s Cds On Every Single Part Of The Walls

Owner’s reaction: “Oh cool” [the child]. “Ohhhhhh my god” [the parent].

Image credits: tlc

#16 Room That Was Decorated With A Paintball Gun

Designer’s explanation: “I wish the paintballs would have stayed, but in this heat.”

Owner’s review: “I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.”

Image credits: BBC

#17 “Funky Family” Room

Designer’s review: “We have to see how it looks at the end.”

Owner’s review: “Oh no, it’s horrible.”

Image credits: BBC

#18 “New York Gallery Sitting Room”

Designer’s reaction: “It’s very serene, isn’t it?”

Owner’s reaction: “There is nothing I would change. This is fabulous.”

Image credits: BBC

#19 Room Where Metal Was Not The Answer

Owner’s reaction: “…”

Image credits: tlc

#20 “Art Gallery–inspired” Living Room

Designer’s review: “It’s Tate Modern mixed with ’70s chic.”

Owner’s review: “Barbara, it’s gorgeous.” “Look at the wall.”

Image credits: BBC

#21 Kimono-Inspired Room Decorated With Actual Rust.

Designer’s explanation: “These people needed some change.”

Owner’s reaction: “Look at the wall! Look at the WALL!”

Image credits: BBC

#22 Playroom For A Baby, Decorated With Hay

Designer’s explanation: “I really wanted to bring out the straw colour of the sofa as the whole room has been designed around the sofa.”

Owner’s reaction: “It smells great in here.” [opens their eyes] “Oh god… oh [crap].”

Image credits: tlc

#23 Red Or Dead

At least the floor could double as a chessboard.

Image credits: BBC

#24 Tumbleweed

This western themed room is certainly not the best. The room appears to have shrunk down from its former size.

Image credits: BBC

#25 “Prisoners Of Love” Solitary Confinement Bedroom

Designer’s explanation: “I wanted to do something really interesting.”

Owner’s reaction: “Hahahahahahaha… This is WILD.”

Image credits: tlc

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