250 Design’s Twin Fan Doubles up on Summer Relief

250 Design’s Twin Fan Doubles up on Summer Relief

Summers in Seoul, Korea can deliver a brutal combination of blistering temps accompanied with shirt-drenching humidity. I know, I just got back from the Korean capital with the sweat stains to prove it. During my stay I noticed locals and tourists alike carry small electric fans to keep themselves cool on public transportation, or while queuing in line for their favorite store and food stand. If one fan provides relief, two should be twice as good, right?

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Portable electric fans are common during summer in Seoul. \ Photo: Gregory Han

Korean design firm 250 Design’s slim and pocketable Twin Fan trades in one fan for a dual microblade assemblage, each operable separately or in combination depending upon cooling needs. With a shape and lanyard evocative of a Wii controller, the Twin Fan spins up relief at 3000 rpm (comparable to that of a quiet computer fan), blowing out up to 20.3 km/hour of a breeze. After a 3.5 hour charge, the Twin Fan delivers up to 8 hours of use when used in single fan mode, and about 2.5 hours with both blasting away.

Don’t expect a cooling effect like an air conditioner, but I can attest even the slightest bit of wind on a hot and humid day is immensely welcome, and the Twin Fan’s double tier design should hit face and neck at once without the need to wave it around.

At just a little over $20 USD, the Twin Fan comes with a clear matching stand, transforming the handheld and purse-friendly device into an upright standing cooling device for the desk, an ideal gift for anyone who has to endure hot and sweaty commutes from home to the office during the summer. Count us convinced!

Source: design-milk

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