“25m2 of Syria” project from IKEA and Red Cross

There is another half of our population in this world that is not free to live happily and safely in their warm homes. The most urgent calls come from Syrian refugees that are forced to live in the improvised shelters. Currently, these are the homes for many thousands with no place to call home. What can we do about it?

IKEA has recently partnered with Red Cross and decided to call its customers to take an active part in the story. They did this by featuring the room of a Syrian family as one of their showrooms. The project is called 25m2 of Syria and represents the recreation of a real Syrian house just outside of Damascus. The installation was created by advertising agency POL.

IKEA customers are allowed to enter the room and taste the reality of this Syrian family life. Big companies such as IKEA are able to spend powerful messages to the society. The first step to every change is empathy.


Source: designfaves.com

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