26 Intelligent Solutions People Thought Of To Fight The Coronavirus Outbreak

With 339,645 confirmed cases around the globe, 35,224 of which reside in the US, the coronavirus outbreak is now in full swing. As entire nations are on lockdown, staying strong may be easier said than done.

But humans are a bunch of tough nuts to crack. To show you just how responsible, conscious, and united we all can be, Bored Panda has compiled a list of ideas designed to fight the virus. From rearranging exhibition displays so everyone can see them from the outside, to inventing a DIY ventilator that saves not just one but multiple lives at the same time, nothing’s impossible when it comes to life in crisis.

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#1 A Mobile Pickup Point In The Hospital Store Where Healthcare Staff Can Pick Up A Food Bag Specially Created For Them After Their Hard Work

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#2 Art Museum, Closed Due To Virus Outbreak, Rearranged Exhibition So It Can Be Seen From Outside Day Or Night. Salo, Finland

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#3 Supermarket In Denmark Came Up With A Brilliant Pricing Trick To Stop Hand Sanitizer Hoarding

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Events of a scale like coronavirus are known to reshape societies in fundamental ways. This is what happened during 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, or the 1918 flu pandemic.

Among many possible shifts, the current crisis could mark the end of hyper-individualism and resurrect our lost sense of community. Eric Klinenberg, a director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at NYU, believes that after the storm calms down, “we will be better able to see how our fates are linked.”

Most importantly, “in the long run, it could help us rediscover the better version of ourselves,” explained the professor.

#4 Playing Bingo With Social Distancing

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#5 Hand Washing Stations For The Homeless

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#6 Keep The Kids Busy While At Home

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The current crisis has also resurrected long-gone scientific concepts like pandemics, germ theory, and exponential growth. As a result, scientific truth is gaining more and more trust from people every day. Sonja Trauss, the executive director of YIMBY Law, believes that public respect for expertise will be restored. “Unlike with tobacco use or climate change, science doubters will be able to see the impacts of the coronavirus immediately,” she stated.

#7 Canadian Doctor Turns One Ventilator Into Multiple With Some DIY Mechanics

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#8 Using Toothpicks To Avoid Touching The Elevator Buttons

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#9 Australian PSA

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#10 Distancing Solution In A Danish Supermarket

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#11 Due To COVID-19, I’m Having To Go To All Of The Grocery Stores In My Area And Install Plastic Sneeze Guards On The Check Stands

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#12 This Ad By Saudi Health Ministry “Thanks To Every Person Who Didn’t See This Ad. Stay Home”

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#13 The Way My Local Grocery Store Started Double Wrapping Bread To Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus

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#14 He Comes To Talk To His Dad Every Day Since The Nursing Home Is On Lockdown

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#15 News Outlet In Canada Is Taping Their Microphones To Hockey Sticks To Maintain Social Distance

Image credits: the-d-man

#16 Someone Placing Random Hand Sanitizer Station Around In Public Places

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#17 My Work Got New Key Rings

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#18 Taking Social Distancing To New Levels

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#19 They Took The Furniture Out Of Starbucks So People Won’t Gather Here

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#20 NZ Supermarket

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#21 Good Socializing Etiquette In The Era Of The Coronavirus

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#22 The Waiting Room At My Doctor’s Office Today

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#23 If You Don’t Have A Stand-Up Desk At Home, This Might Be A Solution

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#24 Road Maintenance Doesn’t Stop, I Made A Hand Washing Station For My Crew

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#25 The President Of Slovakia Showing Up In Her Hand-Tailored, Matching Fabric Surgical Mask

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#26 Every Other Table Is Closed To Ensure Distance Between Customers And Avoid Spread Of Coronavirus

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