29 Artists Are Showing Their Support For Ukraine By Expressing It Through Their Works

We live in anxious and heartbreaking times, where things we eagerly believed were finally behind us suddenly come true. Despite our innocent and sometimes even naive beliefs, enraged and cruel men have frankly chosen to decide our future for us. It seemed like our world was on the right track to finally becoming better; things have changed dramatically for the past few decades, as we’ve become more acceptant and loving of each other, though, turns out, it doesn’t change a thing as we’re all just pawns in someone else’s game.

It’s crucial to remember that no matter how uneasy and terrifying these days are, sooner or later, we will finally get that clear sky above our heads. And maybe, just maybe, a time will come when there will be no more life-taking conflicts. For now, if you would like to support Ukraine during these horrific times, you can donate by clicking right here.

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Bored Panda has gathered a few powerful artworks that folks around the globe so lovingly dedicated to Ukraine and its people in support of the ongoing crisis. 


Image credits: strautniekas

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine that began in February 2014 has sadly turned into something that ordinary people were so afraid of. Governments decided to get into a bloody fight, selfishly ignoring the well-being of innocent citizens, while focusing on achieving god knows what. All of us who so purely believed that, these days, events like that could’ve been easily avoided were, once again, proven wrong.

It appears that nothing we do or say can influence the actions of the folks above us, though it doesn’t mean that we should tolerate it and wait for the storm to pass. People and politicians are two completely contrasting things that could never be compared, which is why it’s crucial to stand and fight this evilness together.


Image credits: dovold

As people of the world, it’s important to support our neighbours however and whenever we can. Undoubtedly, at times it might feel like everything is impossible; some folks might get arrested for voicing their support, others might end up dealing with even worse consequences. It’s painfully upsetting to think that in 2022, conflicts that put ordinary families at risk are still real, and it all feels like a fever dream that you’re trying so hard to wake up from.

Knowing that there’re people out there that simply do not care about anything or anyone other than their own power is truly bloodcurdling.


Image credits: illustration.ankita


Image credits: camrynpaige.illustrations

Fighting for the sake of portraying your leadership is the coldest and most inhumane thing one can do. It’s simply beyond any belief and impossible to grasp that, in this day and age, country leaders haven’t really tried to find a method to solve and communicate without destroying so many lives. It’s a fact that our world is, unfortunately, suffering in so many other ways that we’ve been taking for granted and having folks that, in reality, take over our everyday lives shouldn’t even be a real thing.


Image credits: onamore_stories


Image credits: va.le.ria.art

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Bored Panda browsed the internet and collected the most inspiring and powerful art dedicated to Ukraine and its citizens. In these uncertain times, when nobody knows what tomorrow is going to bring, it is significant to show empathy towards those who were affected by the hand of this horrible attack, as together we’re much stronger and are capable of putting an end to such an unnecessary but spine-chilling event. It’s crucial to believe and stick together, as with love – there’ll be peace.


Image credits: saskia_diederichsen


Image credits: m.art.ellle


Image credits: ja.visual.design

Nobody could ever foresee what the next day, the next month or the next year will bring to us. However – nobody ever “wins” a war, you can’t win something that killed thousands of people, or frightened thousands of innocent children. There is only losing. No amount of power can ever justify these horrific battles, and all we can do is fight back – with our voices, with our support and empathy.


Image credits: chrischuckry


Image credits: mirakazumi


Image credits: bazgramsobie

Once again, the National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If you would like to support Ukraine and its people, you can donate right here by clicking on this link.

War can never be won.


Image credits: kedvtelek


Image credits: tata_pisze


Image credits: afelandra_dic


Image credits: marginai_


Image credits: stephff_art


Image credits: jescryp


Image credits: aleksandrabirch


Image credits: nataschepy


Image credits: kaysonarts


Image credits: romelcartoons


Image credits: eatwithadrianna


Image credits: disciplina_lina


Image credits: cloooodles


Image credits: urteartwork


Image credits: grafomila


Image credits: donlowcomics


Image credits: ema___art

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