29 Moments People Facepalmed At The Plight Of These Unlucky Kids

Childhood days are meant to be fun and carefree. But sometimes bizarre behavior by adults can ruin the early years of a person’s life. From getting raw chicken bones as chew toys to being puked on, kids occasionally suffer due to the stupidity of grown-ups.

Today, the Bored Panda team has compiled some amusing posts from the r/facepalm subreddit. These questionable, peculiar images will make you feel sorry for the kids involved. So, Pandas, keep scrolling to learn a thing or two about what not to do around kids.

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#1 Why Would He Do That To His Poor Kids

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#2 Poor Kid

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#3 Imagine Being This Kid. ?‍♀️

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As kids, many of us looked up to adults in our lives as role models. It is possible that you were inspired by your parents or grandparents or wished to be like your teacher when you were younger. Children often follow things adults do because we aspire to be like them.

However, what happens when grown-ups behave in an irrational manner? Their actions can impact a child’s overall growth and development. As per a recent study published in the journal Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, negative experiences that occur between the ages of 0 and 18 years cause cognitive deficits, particularly in the area of decision-making.

#4 Chew Toys

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#5 Home Schooling

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#6 Poor Kid

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When parents experience unpredictable mood swings frequently, they might create a hostile environment for their little ones. Children feel anxious when they don’t know how their loved one will react from one moment to the next.

Imagine a child who is super excited to show their good grades at home. However, when they enter the house, they can hear the adults arguing. In such a situation, chances are the mom or dad might initially show affection but later act irritable or withdrawn, projecting their anger on the child. This state of uncertainty makes kids feel stressed in their own homes.

#7 The Best Way To Treat Your Son’s Depression

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#8 Son Died From Vaccinable Disease So Husband Forcibly “Filled Our Daughter With Poisons And Cancer”

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#9 I Don’t Think 50 Shades Is A Movie Your Very Young Daughter Should Be Watching

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The American Society for the Positive Care of Children points out that poor parenting can also lead to misdemeanors amongst kids.

“Children who are rejected by their parents, grow up in homes with considerable conflict, and are inadequately supervised are at greatest risk of becoming delinquents. There appears to be a cumulative effect such that the presence of more than one of these negative family attributes further increases the likelihood of delinquency.”

#10 Well He’s Gone Now

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#11 Pro-Tip: Don’t Do This To Your Kids

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#12 That Poor Kid

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Parents play a crucial role in shaping a child’s future. When they are overprotective, they may be able to shield their little bundles of joy from all potential harm. But in the process, they also prevent them from learning important life skills.

If you want a kid to be independent, you must let them have their own experiences and form their own opinion.

#13 I Feel Sorry For The Kid

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#14 That Poor Child

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#15 Nowadays People Sexualize Everything

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There are times when adults just neglect the emotional or physical needs of children. Yes, you are trying to make them strong, but you must also pay attention and support them whenever needed. If your kid comes to you with a problem, you should address it. Don’t just brush them off instantly with a quick “Deal with it yourself” statement.

#16 4-Year-Old Girl Was Denied School Enrollment Because “She Had Poor In English Language”

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#17 Sueing Son Because He Stopped Paying Daily Parenting Fees

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#18 Your Daughter Likes Mermaids? I’ve Got Some Bad News

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If you have felt unloved or unworthy of attention as a kid, it can quite possibly lead to attachment issues as an adult.

Clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly, PhD from Santa Rosa, California says, “Given that children look to their parents and caregivers for a sense of who they are, parents who do not show their children genuine, unconditional love tend to create lasting harm to their children’s sense of self.”

#19 C’mon, Stop Laughing At The Poor Kid

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#20 She Should Probably Check If Her Daughter Is Breathing

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#21 His Daughter Got A Short Haircut And He Loses His Mind

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Forcing your opinions and views on a vulnerable kid is never a good idea. As adults, you have seen the world and formed your own thoughts based on your experiences.

For instance, if the parents belong to the science field, they shouldn’t burden their son or daughter with picking the same stream. You shouldn’t pressure them. Show some trust and faith and let them make their own choice.

#22 Breastfeeding Sons Only

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#23 These Are The Same People Who Go To The Er When They Have A Cold

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#24 I Will Not Success!!

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When you were little, influential adults in your life mostly included your family and adults at school. Teachers also influence the way children think. They help motivate students to discover their passions. Beyond imparting knowledge, they are also mentors for young, impressionable minds.

#25 Will They Break Up ?

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#26 Not Every Parent Deserves A Child

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#27 A Review For The Movie ‘Saw II’ On Common Sense Media

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While it’s okay for adults to act kiddish, they should understand the impact of their actions on kids. It’s important that adults behave maturely and set boundaries. They can try to put efforts into being better individuals for their little ones. One way to do this is by gathering facts before making decisions. You can weigh the pros and cons and then decide what’s best for the children.

These posts show how sometimes our stupidity can cause emotional harm to kids. What are your thoughts on this? Which of these pictures did you find the most infuriating or idiotic?

#28 I Don’t Think That’s How It Works…

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#29 Lol

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