29 Times People Were Triggered By Something Extremely Infuriating And Just Had To Share The Pics

It’s just part of human nature when things infuriate us all of a sudden. There’s even this whole phenomenon known as “Mildly Infuriating” and we previously wrote about it here, here and here.

However, in some cases, we experience a more severe kind of infuriation that is beyond mild. You can blame anything from a car that won’t start, annoying flight passengers sitting right next to you, a surprise call from tax inspection, a morning that started on the wrong foot, or yourself, it doesn’t change anything.

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This subreddit “Infuriating” is a safe place to talk about your infuriation, so no wonder its 10.1k members have already taken that opportunity.

#1 I Thought We Where In This Together?

Image credits: @TweetyMctwat

#2 Surrendering A Dog Because It Behaves How It Was Bred To

Image credits: TangledInk

#3 Food-Share Bags That Starbucks Supposedly Donates Found In A Dumpster In Grand Prairie, Texas

Image credits: @lailaddaltonn

#4 Passagers From A France – Dominican Republic Flight

Image credits: StalinSmokedWeed

#5 I Ordered A Caesar Salad And This Is What I Got

Image credits: melx3carm

#6 This Would Have Taken 2 Minutes To Drop At My Door. Instead I Have To Work For 15 Minutes To Get It Out. Thanks, Canada Post

Image credits: New-Link2527

#7 OMG Everyday

Image credits: quellimone

#8 I Woke Up To This, Great

Image credits: spekterr_homo_jeff

#9 A Sign That Has Been Posted In My Hometown

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Image credits: calf347

#10 Why?

Image credits: Tomcattfyeox

#11 Stray Bullet Cracked My Solar Panel

Image credits: TortillaShips

#12 Wasting Emergency Services For A Prank!

Image credits: CoolManVan

#13 A Landlord Evicting A Paramedic In The Middle Of The Coronavirus Epidemic, Just Because He Works At The NHS

Image credits: MayonaiseRemover

#14 Fact-Checking Is Futile

Image credits: ConSelfOwns

#15 America: Abortion Banned And Baby Formula In Locked Steel Cages

Image credits: TomatoOptimal626

#16 An Entire Gallon Of Glossy Black Garage Floor Paint. There Goes My Day

Image credits: kittypr0nz

#17 Samsung’s Live Chat Support Everybody! I Waited Almost 40 Mins For Her Last Reply That Never Came

Image credits: dancingbanyanya

#18 Ad Disguised As A Missing Person Poster

Image credits: Bohaska

#19 The Original Post Is Just-

Image credits: kitsune900

#20 Can’t Pay Your Rent Because Of An Epidemic You Cannot Control? That’s Your Problem

Image credits: MayonaiseRemover

#21 No, Just No

Image credits: Aleoooopps223

#22 48 Minute Youtube Ad

Image credits: AtomicHeart75

#23 The First Time I Actually Need The SD Port Someone Does This

Image credits: BIG_NERD-Bn

#24 Why Can’t Hollywood Get It Through Their Skulls That The Military Doesn’t Wear Hats Indoors?!?!?

Image credits: GateCityGhouls

#25 This Parent On Quora

Image credits: a_taken_username69

#26 Guy Mowing The Lawn Shot A Rock Through My Window

Image credits: Subtle_Demise

#27 The Sign Says “Illegal Dumping On The Public Highway Punished With A Fine Of 135€”

Image credits: TheMarvelousPef

#28 Okay What??!!

Image credits: ItsmeHaven

#29 Oh. Oh No

Image credits: blasphomeme

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