30 Delightful "I Don't Work Here" Stories

Bored Panda culled some entertaining stories from the subreddit I Don’t Work Here Lady. They vary greatly, but all involve someone who completely misunderstood the role of a stranger. In one of them, redditor Billiam201 recalled how he got a new phone number in a new town and discovered it once belonged to a business. The business owner had dropped one phone line, but still had the number on the receipts he gave to customers. That led to many callers who thought Billiam201 worked for that business, so he found and confronted the owner.

“You guys are still giving out my home phone number on your receipts.”
“Yeah. So?”
“Well, f*****g stop it. It’s been at least a year since you haven’t had that number. At least cross it out or something.”
“That’s a pain in the ass, I’m not making my employees do that.”
“So you’re the manager?”
“I’m the owner.”
“So let me see if I have this right. You, what was your name again?”
Let’s call him Fred.
“You, Fred have decided that it’s too inconvenient to cross my home phone number off of your receipts, so you’re just going to keep giving it out?”
“Yup. What are you gonna do? Sue me?”

He didn’t sue, but what he did was much more satisfying. Most of the stories involve bullies getting their comeuppance, but a few are wholesomely sweet. Like the time redditor somethingwithatwo2 had a guy get in his car thinking it was a taxi. He was going that way anyway, so he played along.  

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We drove off together and he peered out the window, smiling.

He said “You taxis are much quicker these days! Ah it’s a beautiful day for a train ride, don’t you think?”

He looked at me, still with this big smile and said:

“I’m Jerry, lovely to meet you. I’m meeting my friend for breakfast today! I’m so excited. I haven’t been on the train in years. All my friends have passed on and I don’t really need to go out of town. Well, not until I made a new friend recently. It’s funny how life goes isn’t it? An old codger like me with a breakfast date! Can you imagine.”

You could easily spend an hour reading all thirty wonderful stories posted at Bored Panda, even if you have to bookmark it to get to all of them.

Source: neatorama

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