30 Of The Best Worst Architecture Pics That Showcase “Ugliness In All Its Glory”

Time and again we hear about stunning architecture, mesmerizing buildings from around the world, and breathtaking structures that seem to defy gravity. Well, this article is about none of that.

Quite on the contrary, today, we take a look at the outsiders of architectural skill that challenge our perceptions of aesthetics, practicality and common sense.

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Thanks to these two online groups, the “Ugly House” and “Ugly Architecture” subreddits, we have rounded up quite a collection for you to scroll through. Don’t forget to upvote your favorite posts as you go!

#1 Seems Like This Was A Mis-Steak. Okay, I’ll See Myself Out

Image credits: Z9312300

#2 Classical Style That Seamlessly Blends Into The Original Structure

Image credits: U-GO-GURL-

#3 This Building I Saw The Other Day Kinda Looks Like A Bad Sims Starter House

Image credits: nyhqux

If you’ve ever spotted a weird-looking building and thought to yourself “jeez, this thing is ugly,” you can be sure you’re not the only one. There’s something about particular architecture that makes our eyes almost physically sore.

According to architectural historian Timothy Hyde, the author of “Ugliness and Judgement on Architecture in the Public Eye,” “ugliness is an undertheorized dimension of architecture, given how common that critique is.” Hyde has seen numerous people commenting about ugly buildings to him so naturally, he took notice.

#4 Boy Do I Love Modern Belgian Architecture!

Image credits: Tsyron

#5 It Seems So Innocent At First

Image credits: aicrooster

#6 What Would You Even Call This Color? Fugly Fuschia?

Image credits: sovereign217

Hyde argues that people always think buildings are ugly. “Particularly as a historian of modern architecture, I encounter any number of people who say ‘Oh, you’re a modern architectural historian, can you explain why would an architect ever think to do a building like that?’”

In the early 19th century, the architect Sir John Soane filed a long series of libel cases against critics who criticized his creations. “There was a prevailing assumption at the time that a work of architecture, a work of art, a work of literature, was an embodiment of its creator,” says Hyde. In those years, a critique of a building, something we experience on a daily basis, was seen as a personal attack on its creator.

#7 “Venezia” Mega Outlet In Istanbul

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Image credits: kuntokinte

#8 This Is Horrendous

Image credits: QueenMedina

#9 It Was A Bold Choice. That’s About All I Can Say About It

Image credits: iamtwinswithmytwin

Things have changed beyond recognition today. “Now what we take for granted, this modern idea that one can criticize a work of architecture or book without necessarily saying its creator is a bad or immoral person, begins to emerge as a legal concept,” Hyde explained.

#10 In Loganville, GA – Overseas Money Built An Entire Subdivision Of Tacky Mega Mansions. The Builder Didn’t Use An Architect And Built These All Based On His Own Vision… And Went Bankrupt

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Built The Ugly Houses From Across The Street

Image credits: AxleSpark

#12 Someone Paid To Build This Monstrosity

Image credits: Captain__CheeseBurg

#13 Looks Like It’s Stomped On

Image credits: pnw-techie

#14 Who Thought This Window Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: harperv215

#15 Do Ugly Townhouses Qualify?

Image credits: da_k-word

#16 Holiday Home In Near Balatonszemes, Hungary

Image credits: GucciMatty

#17 Zurich, Switzerland (No, It’s Not Abandoned)

Image credits: paulusblarticus

#18 The Epicenter, Seattle, USA

Image credits: esplendidus

#19 When You Let Your 5 Year Old Design Your Custom Home

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 This Is Just

Image credits: IAmFreski

#21 Church “Saint-Pierre” In Pau, France

Image credits: Hassage

#22 If U Wanna Have A Big Building In The Middle Of A Hill At Least Put Some Facade

Image credits: Pretty_Track_7505

#23 Someone Lied On Their Resume

Image credits: Chikinpatty

#24 This House Is Furious It Exists

Image credits: woodiegutheryghost

#25 You Like Big Windows? I Got Big Windows!

Image credits: WhatTheHosenHey

#26 Torre Insignia, Mexico City

Image credits: DrStranger2022

#27 Miltifunctional Center aka The Cappuccino Cup (Quartucciu, Sardinia, Italy)

Image credits: WhoReplyToMeWillDie

#28 Fugly

Image credits: DeandraReynolds_

#29 Romsås, Oslo. These Buildings Are Horrible

Image credits: NaeNaeGod2

#30 Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia

Image credits: esplendidus

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