30 Of The Most Interesting Answers To “What Are People Stupidly Proud Of?” Posted In This Online Group

Pride is a feeling that can be both constructive and destructive. Healthy pride often inspires positive behavior, however, the unhealthy aspect of it can make one arrogant and self-centered. Appreciating one’s own growth and achievement is definitely a self-esteem booster, but overindulgence and comparison may lead to unpleasant consequences.

Usually, people’s upbringing and surroundings are huge factors that affect what they feel proud of. For instance, some pandas are proud of sharing their bamboo because they are taught to value kindness more, while other pandas are probably proud of cunningly acquiring bamboo because they value cleverness more.

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Whatever the case is, pride is just another feeling and it can arise in the strangest scenarios for a variety of reasons! Recently, a Redditor asked a question, “What are people stupidly proud of?” The viral thread received lots of responses revealing the strangest and most ridiculous reasons why people feel proud of themselves. 

Bored Panda has compiled some of the most interesting answers from the thread, scroll below to read them all, and let us know what you feel about people who just love bragging about their trivial achievements. Lastly, keep celebrating your achievements pandas, and be proud of the good things you do! 

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#1 Not Changing A Diaper

My dad, a father of 7, brags that he’s never changed a diaper. Like, congratulations on being no help?

Image credits: Porrick

#2 Failing Students

Teachers being proud that their classes are hard and their students are always failing.

Image credits: GreatXs

#3 Not Reading Books

Not reading books. Actually boasting about it.

Edit: So far, the most tragic comments have been those defending TV watching as “taking just as much effort as reading”.

Image credits: PicardTangoAlpha

#4 Fake Mental Illnesses

Fake mental illnesses. Depression/anxiety/OCD are not cute and quirky, they’re debilitating af to people who actually suffer them

Image credits: JoHalley

#5 Unhealthy Dogs

That their dog weighs so much but really it’s an obese sausage with legs who can’t even take three steps without running out of breath.

Image credits: whiskybidnus

#6 Willful Ignorance

Willful ignorance. Example: pride in not knowing how to do basic math.

Image credits: stupidlyugly

#7 Speaking Their Minds

How sensitive people don’t get along with them because they’re “not afraid to openly speak their mind.”

(aka they are a**holes who always have to share their questionable opinions very loudly)

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Image credits: Butalo

#8 Skin Color

Skin color. You fell out of your mother like that. It’s not a personal achievement.

#9 Not Missing A Day Of Work

“I haven’t missed a day of work in years.”

This usually means you went into the office while really sick, at least a couple of times.

Image credits: 44035

#10 Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty,

If you’re not getting paid to exclusively use Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo, Nike, Adidas, Chanel then why are you going so a hard for them?

Image credits: SpareAd2794

#11 Drunk Driving

Drunk driving.

They say it like it makes them a super cooool dude. Wait until you hit and kill a child and then see how cool you think you are. Bellends.

Image credits: Consistent_Pie_7408

#12 Internet Followers

Internet clout.

Image credits: French_Window

#13 Being Cruel

being cruel.

My ex actually said, “Yeah, I saw this guy in a pub yesterday who tried talking to us so I basically burned his stupid shirt for an hour lol,” which is one of the main reasons I broke up with him.

Image credits: AnyCurrency6027

#14 Opinions Based On A Single Thing

Holding or Acquiring Believes or Opinions based on a single thing about yourself,

to say you will or won’t do something because it’s the (Alabama Way). Supporting everything America does because you’re American. Supporting EVERYTHING a political party does because they’re your political party. Supporting everything a woman does because you’re a feminist.

Image credits: SpareAd2794

#15 Long Working Hours

Long commute times and working hours.

Image credits: KyotoGaijin

#16 Vroom Vroom Car Sound At Red Lights

The vroom vroom sound their car makes at red lights. Like dude. Cook it. You’re in a Mazda.

Image credits: RosemaryGoez

#17 Not Knowing Something

Not knowing something.

I have a coworker who, whenever they saw me replacing the paper towels, would loudly and proudly declare they have never done that in the five years they worked there, and that they didn’t even know how. I certain he thought it was some amazing “look how smart I am” moment in his head, but all I could think of was, “I’d be embarrassed to not know something so basic, and certainly not proud to be that lazy.”

Image credits: n00baka

#18 Teenage

Teens who think that are gangsters.

Image credits: _sth1

#19 Being Religious

Being religious

Image credits: anon

#20 Bragging About Trauma

How bad they have it. I’ve seen people borderline brag about how much trauma they’ve been through like it’s some kind of contest.

Image credits: anon

#21 Being An A*****e

How much of an a*****e they can be

Image credits: This_Is_My_93

#22 Ancestral Roots

Their “roots” in a country that their great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was from.

#23 Not Listening To Experts

1. Not reading books.
2. Not listening to experts.

Image credits: ConnieLingus24

#24 Working 60+ Hours A Week

Working 60+ hours a week

Image credits: bee-sting

#25 Alcohol Drinking Capacity

How much alcohol they can drink.

#26 Unearned Wealth

Unearned wealth.

Genetic assignments.

Their place of origin.

Image credits: tealtermite

#27 Political Views

Their political views.

It’s not just one side doing this c**p either. It’s just as annoying to be berated and talked down to by a “woke” person as it is a “MAGA” person. You’re both being annoying, and taking pride in it. Just stop, f**k.

Image credits: Wizard_Elon_3003

#28 Everything Related To Oneself



The ability to consume stuff like alcohol

Their sexual activity (no matter if being a virgin or being sexually very active)

Lack of sleep

How much hours they get exploited/work

Image credits: AlHazard33

#29 IQ Tests

Those IQ tests people share but they dont know how to read their results. Had some guy just so proud that he was in the top 90%

Image credits: 7grendel

#30 Not Cheating In A While

“I’m proud of myself, I haven’t cheated in a while”

Me: “it’s been 2 months and I’m not f*****g proud of you”

Image credits: Pufferfish4467

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