30 People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Eat In A Restaurant

Anyone who’s ever worked in the food service industry is bound to have met one of these—an extremely rude customer who shouldn’t be allowed back into the restaurant. Or to order food ever again! The sad part is, rude customers aren’t even that rare.

They’re pretty darn common and make the lives of waiters, restaurant employees, and baristas a waking nightmare. Bored Panda wanted to show you some of the things service industry personnel have been through with rude customers, so we collected some of the best posts by servers from all over the net. As you scroll down, upvote the posts that made you feel for these workers, and be sure to leave us a comment with your own experiences serving food in the comment section. Would you like fries with that?

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Alexander Kjerulf, the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of ‘Woohoo inc.’ told Bored Panda that if your workplace is causing you to forget that you’re a human being who’s worthy of care and humane treatment, you shouldn’t work there anymore. “Quit, and find a better place to work, where they actually care about their staff,” he told Bored Panda. “And quit sooner rather than later. The longer you stay, the more they will grind you down until you lose all the energy and optimism you need to move on and find a better job.”

Alexander actually made an entire video about quitting a bad job. Meanwhile, you’ll find the rest of the insights that he shared with us below. Anyone who’s working in the service industry, whether you’re a server, a cook, or a manager, should have a read.

#1 Math Is Hard

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#2 I Can’t Believe People Can Be This Stupid

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#3 Left On My Co-Workers Table

Image credits: dagregory

Alexander was upfront that employees should expect and demand support from their managers. “I know that it’s common for restaurants to treat their customers like kings and their employees [badly], but that doesn’t mean it’s OK,” he said.

“99% of people are nice, but the occasional rude client is unavoidable,” Alexander from ‘Woohoo inc.’ said that there’s no avoiding rudeness in the long run. “You can learn tricks to deal with them, and that’s great, but no one should have to put up with mistreatment.”

For Alexander, working in the service industry doesn’t mean that others can walk all over you. “Having a service job does not mean that other people get to demean you or belittle you and managers must be willing to step in and protect employees’ dignity and mental health.”

#4 Latina Waitress Received Racist Note Instead Of Tip

Image credits: EpicTwinkieGamer

#5 This Was Posted In A Restaurant Group

Image credits: somnifacientsawyer

#6 A Group Of Kids Filled It Up And The Parents Shouted At Customers Attempting To Complain

Image credits: ya-boi-445

Tipping’s either a sore subject or a complete non-problem depending on where you live. In the United States, for example, tipping at a restaurant or a cafe is nearly ubiquitous. You’re bound to get some weird glances and questions if you refuse to tip or if you don’t tip enough.

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#7 Decades Of “The Customer Is Always Right” Has Created The Most Entitled Idiots In Human History

Image credits: CMCXCV

#8 My Friend Waited On Two Underage Kids Who Tried To Order Drinks. Stiffing Servers Has Always Made Someone A Bad Person, But During A Pandemic When Benefits Have Run Out And Restaurant Employees Are Struggling More Than They Already Did? Despicable

Image credits: bortsimpsonson

#9 My Aunt And Her Friend Took Me To Dinner. These 10 Lovely People Sat Next To Us, And Didn’t Even Leave A Tip!

Image credits: MaryStarBlazer

I’ll be frank. The US tipping system… is a bit weird. It’s on the same plane of existence as not posting the full price of a meal or a product with the tax included. However weird forced tipping might be (and how it essentially makes customers, not the employers, pay a large chunk of the workers’ wages), it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a cultural thing in the States. You just do it.

#10 My Cousin Just Posted This On Facebook. She Is A Waitress At Outback And This Was Left Behind

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#11 The “Tip” My Friend Got

Image credits: gutsandhoney

#12 A Feeble Attempt To Get Out Of Tipping

Image credits: Harryhood23

So not tipping someone or even poking fun at a server who expects a tip isn’t the way to go. Sure, the entire system should be overhauled so that tipping isn’t mandatory, but until that utopian moment, we’re stuck with what we have.

#13 Seen On A Facebook Post On How People Should Tip Their Servers 20%

Image credits: ImAKraken

#14 You Can Just Picture The Trashiness From This Customer

Image credits: IWriteForTheFunny

#15 Wouldn’t Let Him Underage Drink So He Didn’t Tip

Image credits: Xenologon

Rudeness, however, isn’t just linked to tips. Customers from hell find all sorts of ways to belittle servers. From namecalling and ‘flirting’ to acting like spoiled, entitled children (no offense to spoiled and entitled kids). However, employees shouldn’t rise to the provocations while also protecting their own dignity.

#16 What My Coworker Was Given Tonight

Image credits: _ellesdee

#17 Stop Tipping And These Folks Will Land Better Jobs

Image credits: TheLatinGerman

#18 Displaying Your Bare Feet In A Restaurant

Image credits: boozinBanthony

Earlier, I’d had a chat with Alexander from ‘Woohoo inc.’ about what people should do when dealing with rude customers. “Keep your cool and remember that whatever abuse they’re giving you is no reflection on you as a person,” he said.

#19 Worst Tip Ever

Image credits: thepugdc

#20 This Family Let Their Kid Crawl All Over The Restaurant Floor, Nearly Tripping Several Servers

Image credits: langleywaters

#21 At Least He Used The Proper Form Of “You’re”

Image credits: danasaurus_rexx

“That customer doesn’t even know you, so there’s no way it could be you. But on the other hand, don’t be subservient. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and tell customers that abuse is not tolerated. And if it persists, hand them over to a manager as soon as you can and let them deal with it,” Alexander explained how we should deal with problematic people. It’s all about striking a balance between being professional and having a spine.

However, Alexander pointed out that not all customers who behave badly are bad people in and of themselves. There’s a bit of nuance there! “It can be a good person having a bad day and that’s why they’re acting out.”

#22 Please Don’t Leave Fake Tips I’m Trying To Go To College

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#23 “Why I Have Not Tipped!!!”

Image credits: oblivionkiss

#24 Smoking In A Non-Smoking Restaurant Because You Do What You Have To

Image credits: cahabaham

Though that doesn’t change the fact that some customers really are rude because they thrive on it and know that being bullies works (sometimes). “The sad truth is that some customers act this way because they’ve learned that it works and will get them discounts or preferential treatment,” Alexander, the Chief Happiness Officer at ‘Woohoo inc.’ said.

#25 My Sister Got This While Waiting Tables

Image credits: RekNepZ

#26 From My Friends’ Server Group. This Was Given By A 6 Top Instead Of A Tip

Image credits: californiagovernor

#27 Your Tip Is That Because Of Me, You Still Have Yuor Fredom™

Image credits: ALasagnaForOne

What’s more, Alexander added that rather than thinking that the customer is always right, we should go for something more down-to-earth like “be nice.” Or at least avoiding being rude. Of course, this goes for customers and employees alike! “Whenever I’m a customer anywhere, I always try to be kind and positive to the staff—even when occasionally I have to complain about something. It’s literally the least I can do.”

#28 Guy Left A Negative Tip To Subtract From The Total After Calling The Restaurant While Inside To Rush His Order

Image credits: Kanye-Westicle

#29 Someone Keeps Stealing The Tip Jar At My Local Donut Shop

Image credits: opvuuu

#30 A Customer Decided To Tip Their Server Like This

Image credits: RainbowDash118

We’d love to hear your stories about the rude customers you’ve had to deal with, dear Pandas. What’s your go-to strategy for somebody who’s acting entitled and ruining your day? Do you stay professional and diplomatic all the time or do you confront them when they’ve overstepped your boundaries? Let us know what you think below.

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