30 Private Texts Accidentally Being Sent In Group Chats That Are Cringy To Look At

The only thing that can be worse than sending a private message to the wrong number is sending that message to a group chat. You see, a group chat is called “group” for a reason. There is not just one set of eyes for whom the text was not meant, but plenty of them. The more the wrong addresses, the bigger the cringe.

So today we’re diving into some of the most awkward situations when a private text landed in a group chat and trust me, it’s a hell of a roller coaster ride. Call this list the ultimate cringetopia, but you gotta admit, nobody is immune to such mishaps. In fact, the chances are it has happened to most of us, although not many would like to admit it.

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Without further ado, please scroll down and upvote the most entertaining screenshots as you go!

#1 Some Random Number Just Inspired Me To Turn My Life Around

Image credits: CurryStreetJay

#2 It’s Great That My Parents Still Love Each Other After 30 Years, But I Wish My Mom Knew How Group Messaging Works

Image credits: mstarrbrannigan

#3 Why Texting All Your Tinder Matches At Once Is A Bad Idea

#4 Wow You So Beautiful. Wow Message Didn’t Send Separately. Wow Leave Group

Image credits: ddh85

#5 Breaking Up With 4 Dudes At Once

Image credits: magnetometers

#6 When You Send Something To The Wrong Group Chat …

Image credits: allicatttx

#7 That Awkward Moment When You Mean To Text Your GF But Accidentally Text Your Parents In Group Chat….

Image credits: Josh Carroll

#8 Daughter Caught In Mom’s Group Chat Crossfire

Image credits: 3yronF1ve

#9 Family Group Chats – Sometimes, They’re Not A Great Idea

Image credits: diariesofpierce

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#10 Most Unfortunate Boss-Inclusive Group Text Ever

#11 I’m In A Group Chat With Some People I Don’t Know Super Well And Now I Feel Awful

Image credits: ThePhyrexian

#12 “Stuff Coming Out Of 3 Places” Accidental Group Text From 60 Y/O Coworker To Entire Department

Image credits: geezytron

#13 When Your Coworker Texts The Wrong Group Chat

Image credits: tiffasauruz

#14 Got This Text From My Neighbor In A Group Chat With His Wife

Image credits: idkreddit47

#15 My Parents In The Family Group Chat

Image credits: anubysmal

#16 When You Accidentally Text The Wrong Group

#17 Send A Sappy Accidental Personal Text To Someone In A Group Chat

#18 Accidentally Sending A Screenshot To The Person That’s In It….

Image credits: blake-n-bake

#19 Ouch…

Image credits: AdultButters

#20 When A Guy Accidentally Adds All The Girls He’s Tried To Date To A Group Snap Chat

Image credits: kaumudi

#21 Coworker Texts Awkward Message To Group Text And Blames It On His Brother

Image credits: jmor893

#22 I Sent This Meme To The Wrong Group Chat… My Mother Was Not Amused

Image credits: semraw23

#23 Accidentally Sent This In My Family Group Chat…

Image credits: TwentyandTired

#24 When You Realise Your Boy Is Extra

#25 In A Group Chat With My Conservative Mom And Brother Who Is In The Military. He Accidentally Sent His Location

Image credits: Mashed_Adams

#26 When U Accidentally Text In The Group Chat Instead Of Your Girlfriend Still Another 30 Min Till We Get There Too

Image credits: BallinMatt

#27 When All Your Friends Can Do Is Laugh

#28 Step Dad Doesn’t Understand The Group Message Concept

Image credits: MauriceGh

#29 I Thought I Was Texting My Girlfriend. Instead I Texted My Class Group Chat

Image credits: BleachyMartini

#30 This Is My Tennis Teams Group Chat When We Were Trying To Order Team Gear

Image credits: Jondoeyes

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